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Indian artist Ella Prakash has called Bahrain home for the past 48 years. She has exhibited her work at numerous local and international exhibitions and successfully collaborated with global interior designing companies. The Ambassador of Arts For India, she realised her long-time dream of launching her online art gallery in 2004. Melissa Nazareth talks to Ella about her new brand due to release worldwide by the end of 2016.

Ella Prakash

What is ‘Ella Impressions’?

Ella Impressions is my clothing and accessories line. I came upon the idea while learning about and understanding the various art media available to portray my designs through the fashion world. Art and fashion collaboration gave me a new

26 Bahrain Confidential August 2016

ELLA Bounded with Love III and Sage Cushion

perspective in terms of business and an opportunity to reach a more mainstream audience.

How is painting for oneself different from painting for a corporate interior design house? Tell us your experience.

My signature works are collaboration of figurative contemporary art. Creating a painting for any corporate interior design house is one of the verticals that would enhance an art business like mine. Creativity is the underlying statement of every artist. While I create a painting for myself, I have the ability and sole authority to decide the theme, color scheme and the message I intend to deliver. My experience in painting for corporate interior design houses hasn’t been any different. I am thankful to have dealt with clients who have given me the flexibility to use my ideas. BoConcept (London) is one of the clients I work with. It approached my gallerist Debut Contemporary in London and now displays my art pieces in its outlet.

How has Bahrain inspired and encouraged you as an artist?

I have always been well received and valued by art collectors in Bahrain, and have the deepest gratitude for this country where I

was born and raised. The Kingdom has embraced progression throughout the years, which has enabled artists like me to pursue our passion. I’m a member of the Bahrain Arts Society and it was during one of their exhibitions that my painting ‘caught the eye’ of the Saudi Ambassador to Bahrain. That was when I realised my potential as a professional artist.

Tell us about Ella Art Gallery.

I grew up in an environment where I had to fight to pursue my passion, art, because I am a woman. I longed to create an identity for myself as an artist. In 2004, launching Ella Art Gallery helped me realise my dream. I understood the nittygritty of operating an art business. It was challenging, nonetheless, crucial for me to grow as both, a person and an artist.

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