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First of all... The month of April is very exciting for us as we announce our latest collaboration with Victoria’s Secret! Scroll through this issue and admire the beautiful photoset we’ve crafted – just in time for Ramadan. Elsewhere, we also feature exciting activities and culinary adventures you can enjoy this month. As always, the April issue is brimming with the best in Bahrain’s lifestyle scene. Do read on and have a blessed Ramadan!

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APRIL 2021 Issue 218

10 18 Scents and Sensibilities: Victoria’s Secret Bombshell Oud

Ramadan Guide




Scents and Sensibilities: Victoria’s Secret Bombshell Oud

Ramadan Specials


Ramadan Guide


Where to buy sweets


Where to buy dates


Ramadan Health Tips


An Opulent Ramadan at The Ritz-Carlton, Bahrain


Ramadan in a box


Ramadan at Elite


Where to dine this Ramadan



Meal Boxes Starting from BD5 net

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Scents and Sensibilities An ode to Victoria’s Secret new Bombshell Oud fragrance.

Victoria’s Secret unveiled the launch of Bombshell Oud, an enchanting new scent, this Ramadan. Sensual and intriguing, the new fragrance has the boldness of Bombshell with a deep, exotic twist with the Gulf’s signature scent, oud.

10 Bahrain Confidential April 2021


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16 Bahrain Confidential April 2021


Location: Al Areen Palace & Spa Photography: Yulia Trubnikova Models: Victoria Mohammad, Reem Baqeri, Angie Achkar Hair and Makeup: Joz Salon, Toni & Guy Production: Angelo Jose, Angela Acosta

Bahrain Confidential April 2021 17

Ramadan Special

The Ramadan Guide Ramadan is a celebration of faith and introspection; it is also a great time to keep fit and healthy in spite of the lavish feasts during this month. Bahrain Confidential’s Ramadan Guide will provide information and advice on maximizing health gain during the fast. The month of Ramadan is a great opportunity to focus on bringing back a balanced and healthy lifestyle in your life. Always remember: health is the key to happiness! Make this Ramadan the turning point in your life.

18 Bahrain Confidential April 2021


How does fasting affect the body? Fasting is the willing abstinence or reduction from some or all food, drink, or both, for a period of time. For many people the key question regarding fasting is whether it is good or bad for your health. What happens to you body during a fast? During fasting hours when no food or drink is consumed, the body uses its stores of carbohydrate (stored in the liver and muscles) and fat to provide energy once all the calories from the foods consumed during the night have been used up. As the Ramadan fast only extends from dawn till dusk, there is ample opportunity to replenish energy stores at pre-dawn and dusk meals.

Through fasting you begin to learn how to manage your eating habits, how to improve self-control and discipline.

Benefits of fasting Through fasting you begin to learn how to manage your eating habits, how to improve self-control and discipline. Aside from this, it can also: • Can help you beat addictions. • It gives the digestive system a rest. • It is a great way to start a healthy diet. • Normalizes insulin sensitivity. • Promotes the detoxification process. • Can reduce your hunger levels • It can boost the immune system. • Can reduce high blood pressure.

Bahrain Confidential April 2021 19

Ramadan Special

Possible remedies for side effects


Depending on the weather and the length of the fast, most people who fast during Ramadan will experience mild dehydration, which may cause headaches, tiredness and difficulty concentrating. Here’s what you can do if you’re experiencing the following:

Headaches during a fast could commonly be due to dehydration or hunger, inadequate rest, or due to the absence of habits like coffee and cigarettes.

Heartburn (Indigestion)

REMEDY: A healthy and balanced diet, adequate quantity of fluid, not exposing oneself to direct sunlight.

The stomach is an acidic environment, designed to digest food and kill bacteria. Fasting usually reduces the amount of acid produced, but thoughts of food or the smell of it makes the brain order the stomach to produce more acid. Hence if there is a net increase in acid, heartburn could be a problem during the fast.


REMEDY: Eating in moderation, avoiding oily, deep fried or very spicy food. Reducing caffeine intake and/or stopping smoking can also be of benefit.


The body continues to lose water and salts through physical activities, weather conditions, and drinking habits. REMEDY: Prevention is always better than cure. Adequately re-hydrate before a fast.

Lack of food and water, changes of routine and shorter periods of sleep can all collude to increase stress levels. REMEDY: Address any potential sources of stress in order to minimize harmful effects. This can be helped by not taking on more than you can reasonably handle, not playing sports in the hot sun and controlling your anger in advance.

20 Bahrain Confidential April 2021


Foods that harm and foods that benefit The fasts of Ramadan can improve a person’s health but - if the correct diet is not followed - can possibly worsen it! A sufficiently balanced will keep a person healthy and active during this month…

Suhoor Suhoor, the pre-dawn meal should be a wholesome, moderate meal that is filling and provides enough energy for many hours. It is therefore particularly important to include slowly-digesting foods in the suhoor.

Iftar Iftar is the meal which breaks the day’s fast. This meal could include dates, following the traditions. Dates will provide a refreshing burst of much needed energy. Refreshing ruit juices will also have a similar, revitalizing effect. The meal should remain a meal and not become a feast! Try to minimize the rich, special dishes that traditionally celebrate the fast and keep to the advice included in the table above.

T Foods to Avoid • Deep fried foods like samosas and fried dumplings • High sugar foods and sweets • High fat cooked foods and greasy pastries


Alternative Foods • Whole grains like chick peas, baked samosas instead of fried and boiled dumplings • Milk-based sweets and puddings • Baked meats or home-made pastries

Bahrain Confidential April 2021 21

Ramadan Special


Places to Buy Ramadan Sweets

Ramadan is right around the corner, and along with the wait as our Muslim friends fast this Holy Month, comes some delicious treats to have after Iftar! Here are 10 great places to buy traditional Ramadan sweets:

Saadeddin Pastry


First opened in Riyadh back in 1976, Saadeddin Pastry sure has the years of experience to deliver quality sweets. It's been 28 years of great Arabic sweets from them in Bahrain today, since opened their first branch in 1993.

Lugaimaty add their own twist to the lugaimat, traditionally covered in date syrup and/or sesame seeds, by covering the bitesized treats with melted chocolate, or even pistacio syrup. It is a go-to for Ramadan sweets.

22 Bahrain Confidential April 2021

Ramadan Special

Al Halwachi Al Halwachi or Bayt Alhalwachi knows that Bahrain sweets are one of the most popular in the Gulf. And they want to provide their customers just that! Try their Bahraini traditional halwa.

Khulood Showaiter Sweets

Tawazo Sweets

Showaiter is one of the widely-known names in Bahrain when it comes to traditional sweets, Khulood Showaiter Sweets is a great place to buy a Ramadan gift.

Tawazo Sweets have all the traditional and non-traditional Arabic sweets, dried fruit, and nuts — perfect for a post-Iftar meal dessert!

Bahrain Confidential April 2021 23

Ramadan Special

Leaves When we hear Leaves, our first thought would probably be some delightful milk chocolates which they are most popular for. But did you know they serve some of the best traditional sweets too? Their style is quite unique, and their Ramadan offers are definitely ones to try!

Murooj Almuharraq Murooj Almuharraq specialises in traditional Arabic sweets, perfect for Ramadan and family gatherings, or just an afternoon tea! Apart from sweets, they also sell spices (great for Ramadan recipes), candies, pickles, herbal water, Arabic coffee, nuts, the list goes on!

24 Bahrain Confidential April 2021

Ramadan Special

Tariq Pastries Tariq Pastries is the first Oriental sweet maker in Bahrain. They first opened in 1982 and for over 36 years, they have been preparing delicious, all-natural sweet and savory foods baked fresh daily.

Jamal Showaiter Sweets

Sweet Bahrain by Um Abdulla

Another widely-known Showaiter — Jamal Showaiter Sweets. Great for celebrations or to just enjoy on normal day! They make sure their sweets are freshly prepared, well-balanced and cooked to perfection.

Um Abdulla, meaning mother of Abdulla, delivers all the popular Bahraini traditional sweets. What's Ramadan without some tamr?

Bahrain Confidential April 2021 25

Ramadan Special


Places to Buy Dates The Middle East isn't the Middle East without dates! During Ramadan, dates and water or milk are a traditional first meal to break a fast. Here are five places to buy dates to have when breaking your fast this Ramadan:



Bateel dates promise quality in each chewy and sweet bite! They also offer date chocolate truffles and date chocolates.

Tamarat is great if you’re planning to gift your friends and family with delicious dates this Ramadan.

26 Bahrain Confidential April 2021

Ramadan Special

Manama Central Market At the end of the day, the Manama Central Market is the go-to place for all Bahrainis and expats alike. They offer fresh produce daily and this is a great place to find fresh, raw dates.

Nabtat Ali

Al Sarhan Dates

Nabtat Ali has all kinds of traditional dates and nuts — give one of their shops a visit.

Al Sarhan Dates specialises in providing premium dates in Bahrain, from fresh and raw dates, to the sweet dried dates.

Bahrain Confidential April 2021 27

Ramadan Special

Health Tips Here are some ways you can stay hydrated if you just can't get yourself to drink lots of plain this Ramadan.

Have soup

Eat watermelon

Soup is an essential starter at any iftar table. If you have the option, choose a clear soup rather than a creamy one and start your meal with a nice hot bowl. It’s a great way to boost your water intake and energy levels and will keep your body full of water.

A watermelon is made up of 92 per cent water, and 8 per cent fruit. The fluids that are found in the watermelon include salt, calcium and magnesium, which are perfect components to re-hydrate the body after a long day. Pair watermelon cubes with some sharp feta cheese and a sprig of mint for a more exciting dish.

28 Bahrain Confidential April 2021

Ramadan Special

Make some smoothies Pick some fruit with high water content such as oranges, watermelon, apples, pineapples, and peaches and make a smoothie! Instead of adding yogurt or milk, try adding water and some ice instead. It will keep you hydrated for longer and you can make a large batch and drink it during suhoor.

Skip fried food

Tea time

Easier said than done. A diet based around processed, salty foods can really dehydrate your body, which your body doesn't need. Our bodies usually only need a small daily dose of salt, which we can get naturally from veggies and some fruits. So try and skip the fried food, like salty fries or that burger you had your eye on. Instead have some coconut water, apple slices or some baby carrots.

It's a no brainer. Tea is 100 per cent water, but flavoured with herbs. Try not to add sugar, so you can enjoy the benefits. Herbal teas are best. n

Bahrain Confidential April 2021 29

Going Out

An Opulent Ramadan Celebrate the spirit of Ramadan with The Ritz-Carlton, Bahrain!


he holy month of Ramadan marks the start of timehonored traditions at The Ritz-Carlton, Bahrain. In partnership with stc Bahrain for the 2021 Ramadan festivities — families, corporate groups, and couples alike are invited to experience the month-long celebration at the resort’s alfresco venues by the beach. A combination of Thai and La Plage is offered for individual bookings and Nikmati for group bookings of up to 30 guests. Guests are welcomed to the resort's Iftar, from sunset to 8 PM, for BHD 26, and the Ghabga dinner from 9 PM to 2 AM, for BHD 29.

30 Bahrain Confidential April 2021

Going Out Private booking under the stars starts from BHD 200 for up to 6 persons. A family-style sharing menu will be set up with aromatic dishes encompassing flavors of traditional Arabian cuisine, along with modern fare from the Eastern Mediterranean, Asia, and Mexico regions. New this year is a selection of specialty rice dishes from different parts of the world including Dum Biryani from India, Paella from Spain, Tahig from Iran, and Koshari from Egypt.

Ramadan desserts and gourmet sweet delicacies will also be served at the end of each meal.

Ramadan desserts and gourmet sweet delicacies will also be served at the end of each meal. A traditional ghawa Arabic coffee will be served with the RitzCarlton’s Ladies and Gentlemen. Shisha service will be available nightly from sunset to 2 a.m. The Ramadan Family Package is offered at BHD 750 net, including an overnight stay in one of the private seaside villas, Suhoor served in-villa and Iftar or Ghabga for up to 6 persons. n For further information, please call our dining expert at +973 1758 6499, the hotel directly at +973 1758 0000 or visit https://www.ritzcarlton.com/bahrain. Follow the hotel on Facebook and Instagram at @ ritzcarltonbahrain and join the conversation using #RCMemories.

Bahrain Confidential April 2021 31

Going Out

Ramadan in a Box Remember Gulf Suites Hotel Amwaj’s meal boxes? This Ramadan, the hotel takes this concept a step further!


hile we are all still social distancing this time, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a fantastic Ramadan! Whether you fancy breaking your fast with traditional dishes or are craving for something more contemporary, you will now be able to indulge in an Iftar or Suhoor menu in one box at Gulf Suites Hotel Amwaj. There are several options available for the Iftar and Suhoor boxes but all are with soup, appetizer, main course, dessert and of course, dates. The boxes are packed with all the dietary essentials but are only priced starting from BD5!

32 Bahrain Confidential April 2021

Going Out Meanwhile, if you’re looking for a meaningful opportunity to share the spirit of Ramadan with people in need, those special boxes are definitely a great option. Ramadan can never be more convenient and wonderful than this!

Ready to order or donate? Call +973 3356 0468 In other news, Gulf Suites Hotel Amwaj has another promotion prepared for you. The hotel has a “Workation” offer for short and long-term guests.

Gulf Suites Hotel Amwaj has another promotion prepared for you. The hotel has a “Workation” offer for short and long-term guests.

A change of scenery is the ideal inspiration for creative work. It is also great for solving problems differently. Immerse yourself in somewhere new and the ideas will start flowing again. “Workation” aims to give guests distance by providing a space without everyday distractions. This means that everyone can change their perspective and focus on the task at hand. At the hotel, you can take advantage of the convenience of serviced apartment within a 4-star hotel with all amenities. Rooms are inclusive of WIFI, free OSN channel, unlimited water and electricity consumption in a modern ambience. n Daily, weekly and monthly rates are available. Please call 16030001 for further information.

Bahrain Confidential April 2021 33


Learn to play golf at the Royal Golf Academy! Learn to play golf with one of The Royal Golf Club’s PGA Professionals. Golf lessons specifically tailored to suit your ability. The Royal Golf Academy The Royal Golf Club boasts Bahrain’s only golf academy. Members and visitors alike can make use of the indoor tuition suites, the latest golf tuition aides, shaded driving range bays and immaculate practice putting greens and bunkers. The facility is staffed by a team of friendly PGA professionals who provide instruction, support and inspiration to anyone wishing to learn the basics of golf from scratch or seeking to improve a specific aspect of their game. Club fitting and club repair services are also available from the Academy.

34 Bahrain Confidential April 2021

Feature Lessons & Coaching Whether you are looking for a one off lesson or a long term program to improve all aspects of your game, they have a package to suit your needs. Their PGA Teaching Professionals will work with you to help you achieve your goals.

provide unrivaled tuition experiences for all. Their friendly PGA professionals are on hand to provide you with instruction, support and inspiration. Using a variety of teaching aides and state of the art technology, they can help you understand and implement the changes that will enable you to improve your game.

Lessons are individually tailored to suit your level of experience, whether you’re a complete beginner or a more seasoned golfer wishing to improve specific aspects of your game.

Group lessons are available for men, ladies and juniors and run through a six-week program.

Lessons are open to people of all ages and all levels of experience from beginner to advanced. The Royal Golf Academy has been meticulously designed to

Lessons are open to people of all ages and all levels of experience from beginner to advanced.

Corporate Golf There’s no better way to entertain colleagues and staff than providing them with a Corporate Golf Experience at the Royal Golf Club.

The Corporate Golf Experience can be tailored to your exact requirements, with their PGA Professionals giving guests the opportunity to try elements of golf while finishing with a fun team competition on the course. This experience is great for staff team buildings, birthday parties and special occasions or just a group of friends wanting to try something new. Two full-time PGA Teaching Professionals, Darrow and Rory, provide a variety of different programs and classes that are suitable for all ages and golfing abilities. The club can provide equipment for all golf lessons which are included in the package and program prices. n Contact their PGA Teaching Professionals at academy@theroyalgolfclub.com

Bahrain Confidential April 2021 35

Going Out

A true Ramadan experience


his Ramadan, Elite Resort & Spa invites their guests to overlook the Arabian Bay while dining at the Al Naseem pool side restaurant from Futoor until Gagbha.

The Elite Resort & Spa is a luxurious all-suite 4-star resort which provides all the contemporary facilities to accommodate you and your family this Ramadan with their Iftar and Ghabga menus.

Guests will also be able to enjoy Bahraini Traditional Ramadan dishes such as Thareed and Harees. Al Naseem pool side restaurant will feature a deluxe traditional atmosphere with a large array of Arabic cuisine as well as rich Ramadan food items and juices. The feast will be accompanied with authentic Arabian tunes to further accentuate a true Ramadan feel under the sky and looking over the calm Gulf waters. Guests will also be able to enjoy Bahraini Traditional Ramadan dishes such as Thareed and Harees.

36 Bahrain Confidential April 2021

Qamar Al Deen, Jallab, tamarinds and laban will also be served with refreshing special drinks. Elite Resort & Spa promises their guests a new dimension of dining experience all while abiding with the social distancing measures and following the health regulations. Elite Resort & Spa is a preferred destination for many families and corporations for its proximity to Bahrain International Airport and commercial district. During the Holy Month of Ramadan, the Resort offers special room packages with Iftar set menus. The Iftar set menu is priced at BD 9 net per adult and BD 4.5 net per child, starting from Maghreb prayer until 8:00 PM. The Ghabga set menu is priced at BD 7.9 net per adult and BD 4 net per child, starting form 9:00 PM. Elite Resort & Spa also offers takeaway boxes at BD 9.900 net for two persons. n For individual and corporate booking requests at the Noor Tent, please call: +973 3888 4415. For more information on the special packages, please visit www.elitegrouphotels.com



Elite Resort & Spa welcomes you to a lavish & scrumptious Ramadan at Al Naseem Poolside.

Iftar & Ghabga Set Menu at BD 9.000 per adult & BD 5.000 per child inclusive of taxes

Call: +973 3888 4415 www.elitegrouphotels.com

Going Out

Where to dine this Ramadan Bahrain is known for its lavish buffets and set menus during Ramadan. With people staying home this year, things might be a little different but that doesn’t mean you can’t indulge in some top-notch food!

38 Bahrain Confidential April 2021

Going Out

Al Areen Palace & Spa Ramadan Early Bird Package Timings: Sunset to 1AM Price: BD25 net ‘Buy 1 get 1’

Be surrounded by a traditional ambiance featuring an Arabic band and tastefully selected traditional dishes during Ghabga. For more information: +973 1600 0111

Welcome Ramadan with Al Areen Palace & Spa’s specially crafted Iftar and Ghabga menu celebrating the spirit of the season. Dine in the lush Keizo garden paired with live entertainment.

Crowne Plaza Bahrain

For more information: +973 1784 5000

Join The Backyard at Crowne Plaza Bahrain for an Iftar with your friends and family. Enjoy wide array of international and Bahraini Ramadan favorites curated exclusively for you. In the spirit of sharing, they are serving a 5 course family feast of amazing culinary delights.

The Art Hotel & Resort Iftar Timings: Sunset to 8:30PM Price: BD22 net This holy month of Ramadan, honour Iftar with your family and friends around The Fountain at The Art Hotel & Resort. Ghabga Timings: 9:30PM to midnight Price: BD18 net

The Backyard Ramadan Timings: Sunset to 1AM Price: BD18 net

Ramadan Iftar Boxes Timings: Sunset to midnight Price: BD20 net per meal (serves 2) Whether for corporate events or an authentic Iftar meal with your family, Crowne Plaza’s delivery boxes

Bahrain Confidential April 2021 39

Going Out

allow you to focus on what is truly important this Ramadan by replacing preparation time with family time. For more information: +973 1753 1122

Downtown Rotana

For more information: +973 3360 5070

Elite Grande Hotel Iftar Buffet Timings: 5:30PM to 7PM Price: BD7.5++

Iftar Timings: Sunset to 8:30PM Price: BD15 net

Enjoy an Iftar buffet at Julio’s restaurant. All Covid-19 protocols will be implemented while you’re having a great time with friends or family.

Gather with your family, friends, and colleagues during the Holy month of Ramadan over a vibrant spread of extravagant Iftar at Downtown Rotana for only BD 15 net. Indulge in a combination of vibrant live cooking stations along with extravagant delicacies served at your table Including live grills and traditional Ramadan dishes, drinks, and desserts.

For more information: +973 1756 5888

Ghabga Timings: 9:30PM to midnight Price: BD15 net Enjoy a group Ghabga for only BD15 net per person, with a minimum of 20 persons. Special discounts for group bookings of 10 or more guests. The unique Ramadan decorations and ambience will add some more magic to your lovely evenings.

40 Bahrain Confidential April 2021

Elite Resort and Spa Iftar and Ghabga Timings: 5:30 onwards (Iftar), 9M-11PM (Ghabga) Price: BD9 Elite Resort & Spa welcomes you to a sumptuous meal to break your daylong fast. Admire the outdoor deck Area overlooking the scenic Juffair skyline while listening to in-house music. For more information: +973 1731 3333

Four Season Hotel Bahrain Bay Ramadan by the Bay Timings: 5PM to 12MN

Going Out Price: Iftar sharing menu from BD17.5 | Ghabga minimum spend BD15 Retreat to the beautifully transformed poolside venue overlooking Bahrain Bay and Manama’s glistening skyline for a lavish experience surrounded by traditional décor in a relaxing atmosphere. Spend Ramadan evenings under the night sky, with live entertainment from Arabic musicians. Chef Hassan Ahmed and his culinary team will be serving a selection of popular Iftar and Ghabga dishes and global specialities. Ramadan at Home Timings: 5PM to 12MN Price: Takeaway set menu from BD12.5 | minimum BD20 spend Guests may treat families and loved ones to an unforgettable Iftar, Ghabga or Suhour in the comfort of their homes with a tailored Four Seasons Ramadan delivery menu available from 5:00 pm to 12:00 midnight. Each dish is a celebration of authentic flavours and cultural heritage, crafted by the skilled culinary team. For more information: +973 1711 5000

InterContinental Regency Bahrain An Indulgent Iftar Timings: Sunset to 8:30PM Price: BD18 Break your fast with Selections Restaurant and experience a culinary adventure! A Lavish buffet on your table with live BBQ station alongside traditional delicacies and international cuisine. Iftar in Your Space Timings: Sunset to 8:30PM Price: BD9.9 Enjoy the comfort and ease of a homemade Iftar and Ghabga spread delivered directly to your door. Our Ramadan menus include soft drinks or juice, cold and hot mezzeh, soup, main course and sweets. Ghabga Under the Moon Timings: 9PM to 1AM Price: BD16 Indulge in a combination of vibrant live BBQ stations along with extravagant delicacies served at your table including Chef's traditional & international selections and enjoy unlimited shisha for your evening Legendary Steak Iftar Timings: Sunset to 8:30PM Price: BD24

Bahrain Confidential April 2021 41

Going Out

Celebrate the spirit of Ramadan with our daily steak Iftar from legendary signature menu serving unforgettable flavors along with Arabic favorites on your table. For more information: +973 1722 7777

Royal Golf Club Iftar Set Menu Timings: From sunset Price: BD16 Enjoy a 3-course set menu this Iftar, available from 12th April to 12th May at Links Restaurant and Slice Restaurant. For more information: +973 1775 1262

The Ritz-Carlton, Bahrain

Arabian cuisine, along with modern fare from the Eastern Mediterranean, Asia, and Mexico regions. New this year is a selection of specialty rice dishes from different parts of the world including Dum Biryani from India, Paella from Spain, Tahig from Iran, and Koshari from Egypt. Ramadan desserts and gourmet sweet delicacies served at the end of each meal will also satisfy the most discerning palates. A traditional ghawa Arabic coffee station will be set at the entrance with the RitzCarlton’s Ladies and Gentlemen welcoming guests to the festivities of the night. Shisha-service will be available nightly from sunset to 2 a.m. For more information: +973 1758 6499

Sofitel Bahrain Zallaq Thalassa Sea & Spa

Iftar & Ghabga at Thai & La Plage Timings: From sunset to 2AM Price: BD26 (Iftar) | BD29 (Ghabga)

Layali Al Zallaq Ramadan Garden Experience Timings: Sunset to 8:30PM | 9:30PM to 12:30AM Price: From BD12 net

A family-style sharing menu will be set up with aromatic dishes encompassing flavors of traditional

Savour divinely delicious Iftar and Ghabga indoors or al fresco, with a spectacular setup extending out to

42 Bahrain Confidential April 2021

Going Out the terrace and the lush green gardens of Saraya and Fiamma. Explore the grand, delectable spreads from the Arab and Levant regions, international live cooking stations and relish traditional desserts as well as handcrafted French pâtisseries. Ladies Ghabga Night Timings: 9:30PM to 1AM Price: 50% off for all ladies Experience enchanting Ghabga evenings every Monday at Sofitel Bahrain’s dedicated weekly Ladies Night. Avail a 50% discount at Layali Al Zallaq Ramadan Garden. Enjoy a wide array of delicious traditional Ramadan dishes with your friends in the beautifully decorated Saraya and Fiamma environs, and sway to the melodic live Arabic entertainments. Gentlemen’s Ghabga Eve Timings: 9:30PM to 1AM Price: 50% off for all husbands and fathers All Fathers and Husbands, Wednesdays at Sofitel throughout the month present an exceptional treat especially for you. Enjoy a 50% discount on Ghabga during Gentlemen’s Ghabga Eve. Savour the grand fare, infused with timeless Ramadan hospitality featuring abundance of specialties; complemented with live entertainment. For more information: +973 3888 5789

The Westin City Centre Bahrain Iftar at Furn Timings: Sunset to 9PM Price: BD19 net Enjoy a family sharing Iftar menu available from sunset to 9PM at Furn Bistro. A special rate of BD15 net per person for group bookings, minimum of 10 persons. Groups reservation should be done at least 24 hours in advance. Ramadan at Salero Timings: Sunset to 10PM Price: BD20 net Indulge in Salero’s Ramadan set menu from sunset to 10PM for BD20 net per person. Enjoy a special rate of BD17 net per person for group bookings, minimum of 10 persons. For more information: +973 1717 1000

Bahrain Confidential April 2021 43

Ramadan Special


Delicious Ramadan recipes to try yourself Especially during Ramadan, families love to cook Iftar meals together.

Whether you are cooking with family or on your own, here are 3 common Ramadan recipes you can try:

Sheer Khurma


Aloo Pakora

Sheer Khurma is a festival vermicelli pudding typically prepared for Ramadan and Eid Al-Fitr and Eid Al-Adha. It is a traditional Muslim breakfast and dessert.

Harees is a porridge-like dish commonly served in Muslim homes during Ramadan. It consists of boiled, cracked, or coarselyground wheat, mixed with meat and seasoning, and topped with olive oil.

Aloo Pakora is a popular Indian snack made with spiced potatoes and gram flour. It is a common side-dish served in the Arab world during Ramadan and other times of the year.

44 Bahrain Confidential April 2021

Lana Peters, Osteopath N.D. (Dip. in Naturapathy). Grad Dip (Animal Chiropractice) A.A.O.A. (Registered Osteopath). M.A.V.C.A

Relief from back pain, joint or muscle pain, sports injuries

+973 7730 0600 about osteopathy and how we can help you, visit our website:

w ww.backonthemove.com Email: enquiries@backonthemove.com



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BD 8,950*


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BD 6,900*


BD 4,500*

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Bahrain Confidential April 2021  

Bahrain Confidential April 2021  


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