What in the World: Moving to the Country - Fall 2020

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he Covid-19 pandemic has changed our lives in so many ways, from how we work and live, to where we work and live. Since most of us are working from home instead of our offices today, proximity to work is no longer the primary factor in determining where we live. Many of us are enjoying this new way of living – no rush hour traffic, more time with our kids, less business travel, and learning that we can be as productive working from our homes. This new reality has created surging interest in new ways of living our lives. Interest in gardening, baking, owning a pet, boating, and camping have risen to unprecedented levels. Now that we are untethered from living where we work, many have decided to move. In fact,

according to a recent Harris poll, as many as 39% of Americans have indicated that they are making plans to move. And many are choosing to move to the countryside. A recent article in the Wall Street Journal titled “Escape to the Country – Why City Dwelling is Losing its Appeal During the Pandemic” highlighted the migration from cities to countryside, including the story of the Gambey family who recently moved from their Paris city apartment to a farm in the French countryside. The article showed them photographed with the newest family members – their pet horses! And an article in Modern Farmer magazine in July titled “Back to the Land” highlights how realtors across the country are seeing huge spikes in numbers of people wanting to

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purchase rural property to establish a new way of life. In that article, Mike Duffy, President of United Country Real Estate which has 500 offices in the U.S. focused on selling only rural properties, commented, “Realtors across the country have experienced a five-fold spike in demand for rural properties,” as city dwellers seek to establish a new way of life. Duffy comments that the trend is largely driven by a desire to “own more land, have more space, focus on outdoor recreational activities, and even start their own farm.” The interest in country living is reflected in consumer spending. For example, interest in growing our own food is up significantly, as is interest in converting to solar power, and even in raising backyard chickens. An NPR story in April highlighted how companies that supply baby

chicks to those who want to keep backyard chickens could not keep pace with demand this year – their most successful year in sales ever. Perhaps this trend is an opportunity to share how living with horses can contribute to a family’s quality of life. Those of us who know and love the personable and versatile Arabian horse, know that they can deliver the ultimate equine experience. Whether for recreational riding or competition, or to engage the family in the breeding of Arabians, or even as a beloved family pet, the Arabian horse is the one that families should consider first. I have been lucky to have discovered my passion early and enjoyed the Arabian horse lifestyle for much of my life. Today, few people know anything about the Arabian horse and how

their lives can be transformed. I can’t imagine a life without Arabians – it’s a life that initially included my parents and siblings, and now extends to my immediate family with four children. My first Arabian was a $3,000 gelding purchased in 1982, and it was this horse that led me to enjoy a life with Arabians. Today, the market for recreational Arabians hasn’t changed that much. This is a great moment to shift our focus back to the simple but exhilarating joy that an Arabian can bring to one’s life. I know that anyone reading this great magazine is passionate about Arabian horses. Let’s seize this moment to create a wave of interest in Arabian horse ownership among new enthusiasts who are eager to embrace the lifestyle that Arabian horse ownership offers.

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