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Above: Maleeha Al Rashediah (Tammam Albadeia x Maghribia by Imperial Mashhar), 2009 Saqlawi Jidran mare. â– On the cover and facing page: Jamil Al Rayyan (Ansata Hejazi x Dana Rayyan by Alidaar), 2006 stallion.

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The small nation of Bahrain sits amid the turquoise waters of the Arabian Gulf. On the northeastern corner of the island, the warm breeze blows across the Strait of Hormuz from the desert sands of Saudi Arabia. The breeze is moist with the tang of brine, swaying the fronds of the date palms on shores of one of the Arabian breed’s unique farms. P h o t o s

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It was here, eight years ago, that Mr. Rashid A. Rahman Al Jasmi decided to make his mark on the Arabian breed and founded Al Rashediah Stud. The aesthetic result is nothing short of startling — beautifully laid out with fountains, courtyards and a beautiful majlis cloaked in marble and filled with rare and unique Arabian artwork. From the view of a functioning farm, it is an equine paradise equipped with 50 stalls, enclosed round pen and walking machine, full-size riding arena, presentation arena, and ten turnout paddocks. The farm also hosts stallion collection and six official government quarantine stalls. The path that led Mr. Al Jasmi to the Arabian horse was a passion nurtured since he was young. “I have always loved horses from childhood,” he remembers with a warm smile. “I was going with my uncle to the races with Sheikh Isa. It was my dream to have horses. Some boys dream about owning Ferraris, I was always dreaming about having a horse.” It was a quirk of fate that led Mr. Al Jasmi to a particular type of horse, the straight Egyptian Arabian. “I got into straight Egyptians by coincidence. Once I was organizing a calendar for a company where I was working, and they asked to find a theme. I said, at once ‘horses!’ Once there was a visitor from Kuwait, a breeder of straight Egyptians. When we finished discussing business, he invited me to his stables in Kuwait. I went there and he showed me all of these beautiful straight Egyptians. In Kuwait, they have a strong community of straight Egyptian owners and breeders. They also do not like to mix the blood of straight Egyptians with other purebreds. I went there many times and continue to do so. I fell in love with these horses and bloodlines.”

Top left: Al Rashediah Stud owner Mr. Rashid A. Rahman Al Jasmi with his daughters. ■ Right: The 2001 mare Farid Nile Dream (Farid Nile Moon x Imperial Maysama by Imperial Madheen), one of Mr. Al Jasmi’s favorite mares.


Above: Maleeha Al Rashediah (Tammam Albadeia x Maghribia by Imperial Mashhar), 2009 Saqlawi Jidran mare. ■ Bottom left: The maternal half-sister to Maleeha Al Rashediah, Mabrouka Al Rashediah (ZT Faa’iq x Maghribia), 2014 Saqlawi Jidran filly, with farm manager Gerard Paty. ■ Bottom right: NK Nadine (NK Nadeer x NK Nabeelah by Nahaman), 2009 Hadban Enzahi mare.


Top left: Kamla Al Rashediah (ZT Faa’iq x Kareymah Ezzain by NK Hafid Jamil), 2013 filly of the Dahmah Shawanieh line. ■ Middle left: Nadeer Al Rashediah (ZT Faa’iq x NK Nadine by NK Nadeer), 2014 colt of the Hadban Enzahi line. ■ Below: Dreem Al Rashediah (Ansata Nile Echo x Farid Nile Dream by Farid Nile Moon), 2011 Hadban Enzahi mare.


Despite Mr. Al Jasmi’s passion for the straight Egyptian, he developed a pragmatic view as regards his breeding philosophy with straight Egyptians, recognizing some of the errors that other breeders in the straight Egyptian community were making. “From the beginning, we wanted to produce a special type of horse with our own unique philosophy,” he says. “There are a lot of straight Egyptian breeders that suffer from an emotional attachment to certain lines or a favorite stallion. There are studs that use sons of a stallion on that stallion’s daughter. From the very beginning, we decided that we needed to find a better way, to search and utilize new blood.” The first step was to develop the foundation for the program: broodmares. “I use horses that have mostly descended from Nagel and Ansata breeding. These are the biggest two schools of thought and gene pool that are available today,” says Mr. Al Jasmi. Finding those right mares for Al Rashediah is always an imperative.

Bottom right: The full sister to Dreem Al Rashediah, Deem Al Rashediah (Ansata Nile Echo x Farid Nile Dream by Farid Nile Moon), 2011 Hadban Enzahi mare. ■ Below: The 1997 stallion ZT Faa’iq (Anaza El Farid x ZT Jamdusah by Jamilll).


Daughters of another stallion also caught the eye of Mr. Al Jasmi, and he knew he wanted that blood within his herd. “Imperial Madheen,” he says. “This is a stallion that I worked very hard to find mares by, and I got a few. I love to have his blood. Imperial Madheen is a legend in straight Egyptian breeding. Maybe it is because he is no longer available.” One of these mares tracing to Imperial Madheen is Maghribia (Imperial Mashhar x Khemisset). “One of my most valuable mares. She was bred by Amid Abdelhamid of Bouznika Stud in Morocco. Maghribia is a very Saqlawi mare, and has established a very nice family for me,” says Mr. Al Jasmi. “I have six fillies from her — all of them are special.” Another mare who incorporates the blood of Imperial Madheen is one of Mr. Al Jasmi’s favorites. “I also have a dream, Farid Nile Dream,” laughs Mr. Al Jasmi. Farid Nile Dream was bred in the United States and was Supreme Champion at the Egyptian Event. “I like her as much as Maghribia. Farid Nile Dream won nine championships in the U.S. I bought her from Hank DeShazer, but only to add to my breeding program. Unfortunately for him, she only gave him colts. But for me, she gave me two fillies. It was a difficult negotiation, but I finally got her. It was not easy.”

Left and above: Hala Al Rashediah (NK Qaswarath x NK Hebbattollah by Ibn Nejdy), 2009 Obbayan Om Jurays mare.


Above and below: NK Hebbattollah (Ibn Nejdy x NK Hallah by Adnan), 2002 Obayyan Om Jurays mare, with her 2016 colt by Nahar Al Rashediah. â– Top right: Joud Al Rashediah (Rashdan Al Rashediah x NK Jamila by NK Hafid Jamil), 2011 Obayyan Om Jurays mare.


Bint Katya (Ansata Hejazi x Katyah by Imperial Imdal), 2000 Dahman Shahwan mare.

Farid Nile Dream (Farid Nile Moon x Imperial Maysama by Imperial Madheen) is type, balance, and strength tempered by graceful femininity — a reflection of two of the most famous straight Egyptian breeding programs in the world — Ansata and Imperial. “I needed this blood,” Mr. Al Jasmi states emphatically. “And again, her sire is Farid Nile Moon, outcross of blood for us. It is as good an outcross as we could find.” “My son is close to Farid Nile Dream, he would sleep with her in the box when he was emotionally tired. When he is lying down, she won’t move because she doesn’t want to wake him. And I have pictures of that,” says Mr. Al Jasmi. “When we sent her to Italy to be bred, we went to visit. Dream was coming across the pasture to us, but didn’t see us. She was relaxed, very calm, until Rashid whistled for her, suddenly she came running with her tail up, and called for him. My son had tears in his eyes. That moment will always be a part of me.”

Top left: Sallamah Ezzain (Nooreddine Ezzain x Salma by Royal Colours), 2005 Dahman Shahman mare, with her 2016 filly by Suhal Al Nasser. ■ Top right: The 2016 colt Suhail Al Rashediah (Suhal Al Nasser x HF Sinanana by Ansata Sinan). ■ Bottom right: Suhal Al Rashediah’s dam HF Sinanana (Ansata Sinan x Bo-Mars Dashira by MFA Mareekh Amir), 2003 Kuhaylan Jellabi mare.


With a stellar group of broodmares in place, the first step was to find the right stallion that would help Mr. Al Jasmi achieve his long-term goals. “I needed a stallion to fix some of the general problems that I had: legs, topline, movement, and each mare has her own shortcomings, as well. Frozen semen was not allowed in Bahrain, and the stallion needed to be standing in Bahrain. This created a challenge for us,” he says. The answer came in the form of a bay stallion foaled far from the desert sands of the Middle East, ZT Faa’iq (Anaza El Farid x ZT Jamdusah). Zichy-Thyssen Arabians in Argentina bred the athletic bay sire, who possessed the structural correctness that Mr. Al Jasmi needed. “We brought in ZT Faa’iq, and a lot of my friends that are big breeders didn’t like Faa’iq. But really, they just didn’t know him very well,” chuckles Mr. Al Jasmi. “It was very different blood from what they were familiar with. Faa’iq was in Argentina a long time, and not being used very much. We knew that we would not get the end result from Faa’iq, but it was an important first step. We got some foals we liked, others we were not happy with, but a stallion cannot give everything. We knew, however, Faa’iq would supply us with the foundation to get where we wanted to go eventually.” ZT Faa’iq was used on a broad assortment of mares in the Al Rashediah broodmare band, and as Mr. Al Jasmi says, “Faa’iq did what he was asked to do. Next year and the year after we will see the first foals from ZT Faa’iq daughters.”

Above and right: The 2016 filly Mona Al Rashediah (by Suhal Al Nasser), and her dam Moniet Al Rashediah (Ansata Almurtajiz x NK Momtaza by Ibn Nejdy), 2010 Saqlawi Jidran mare.


The next step for Al Rashediah after using ZT Faa’iq for structure, was to add back the exotic beauty the straight Egyptian is known for. The perfect candidate was found in a sire bred in Egypt, Jamil Al Rayyan. The beautifully balanced grey stallion is by Ansata Hejazi and out of Dana Al Rayyan. “We were hoping that Jamil Al Rayyan would put that beautiful head on the great structure of the ZT Faa’iq daughters,” Mr. Al Jasmi explains. “The head, the face … it is a beautiful head on this horse! Jamil will be considered one of the great Egyptian breeding sires. It comes from the great blood of Jamil’s dam Dana Al Rayyan and her sire Alidaar. This is not Ansata blood, and is very valuable as an outcross.”

Desha Nile Queen (Amaar Al Rayyan x Ansata Nile Silk by Ansata Halim Shah), 2009 Dahman Shahwan mare, right, and her 2016 filly Henna Al Rashediah (by Suhal Al Nasser), above.

Left: Salma Al Rashediah (Suhal Al Nasser x Sallamah Ezzain by Nooreddine Ezzain), 2016 filly.


Above: The young stallion Shahm Elkuwait (Ansata Hejazi x Ansata White Nile by Prince Fa Moniet). â– Right: The 2016 colt by Shahm Elkuwait and out of Talah Al Rashediah (by NK Hafid Jamil).


For Mr. Al Jasmi, it was the first real test of what he had envisioned would be realized on the ground. “The use of Jamil will give us our first proof of our philosophy. We need to maintain the straight Egyptian horse, but with the capability to go and compete in the main ring shows like Dubai, Aachen, and Paris. Jamil Al Rayyan has just started his breeding career here, but most of his offspring have been champions. This is the gift of Jamil.” Last year, Al Rashediah added Gérard Paty as farm manager. In addition to his own training operation in the U.S., Gérard has worked at prestigious Janów Podlaski Stud in Poland and for the King of Morocco’s Royal Stables. Gérard is also an experienced international judge and travels extensively. This was precisely the expertise that Al Rashediah was looking for. “We needed his international experience, especially his experience in Poland,” explains Mr. Al Jasmi. “The Polish breeders were so successful, and he was able to be there and experience that. He will add a lot of valuable perspective for us at Al Rashediah. We are already seeing many more visitors coming to Al Rashediah than before. It really opens a lot of doors for the stud.”

Bottom left: Zaki Al Rashediah (Shahm Elkuwait x Desha Payton by Ben Malik), 2015 Koheilan Rodania filly. ■ Bottom right: The dam of Zaki Al Rashediah, Desha Payton (Ben Malik x Alfabia Salaa by Adnan), 2006 Koheilan Rodania mare.


In addition to Gerard Paty, Al Rashediah has recently taken another step that will greatly facilitate the farm’s advancement. As mentioned previously, Bahrain was not open to using frozen semen, but that has changed under the lobbying of Mr. Al Jasmi. “Just recently His Majesty has allowed frozen semen to be used in Bahrain,” he explains. “This will mark a great change in our approach. Now we are able to bring many of our horses home from farms in Europe to be bred as we wish. These horses were only in Europe for that reason, or perhaps to sell. This is a most important step to make a program as efficient as possible and make the breeding operation successful.” Since Mr. Al Jasmi began Al Rashediah Stud in 2009, its progress as a breeding operation has been rapid and success has come very quickly. Probably the best proof to date is the recent multi-champion Naseem Al Rashediah. The grey colt recently won his class at the European Egyptian Event in Düsseldorf and went on to be named Gold Champion Colt and Best in Show Male, as well as, Gold Champion Straight Egyptian Colt in nearby Bruges, Belgium. By Al Adeed Al Shaqab, Naseem Al Rashediah hails from one of the reigning queens of the Al Rashediah broodmare band, Nabaweyah Ezzain (Ansata Almurtajiz x NK Nakeebya). Gerard Paty does not mince words on the young colt’s potential. “If you ask anyone in the industry, he is destined to be a legend. There are multiple farms right now trying to purchase him, but he is the future of the farm.” Naseem Al Rashediah is currently preparing for the World Cup for Egyptians, but there may be other plans for the young colt.

This page and facing page: Jamil Al Rayyan (Ansata Hejazi x Dana Rayyan by Alidaar), 2006 stallion, is the head sire at Al Rashediah and the ideal outcross for Al Rashediah’s ZT Faa’iq daughters. He is pictured above at the farm entrance with Gerard Paty.



Mr. Al Jasmi and son Rashid Al Jasmi.


It is exactly this type of potential that is at the heart of Al Rashediah’s strategic breeding vision. Mr. Al Jasmi is adamant about his commitment to breed straight Egyptians, but he is just as adamant that the success not be confined to the straight Egyptian world. For Mr. Al Jasmi, the dream is much larger. “Inshallah, we will have an Open Champion: Menton, or maybe Paris. I want to win one of the big ones.” With that, Mr. Al Jasmi smiles broadly and laughs. Al Rashediah’s journey is only beginning, driven by the passion and compelling vision of Mr. Al Jasmi. “I am not young, but I feel like a teenager,” he says.

Left, top, and facing page: Naseem Al Rashediah (Al Adeed Al Shaqab x Nabaweyah Ezzain by Ansata Almurtajiz), recently named European Egyptian Event Gold Champion Colt and Best in Show Male, and Gold Champion Straight Egyptian Colt in Bruges, Belgium. ■ Above: Nadirah Al Rashediah (ZT Faa’iq x NK Naeema), also recently crowned Silver Champion Yearling Filly at the European Egyptian Event, both presented by Giacomo Capecci.


Mr. Abdul Rahman Al Jasmi and Mr. Rashid Al Jasmi Kingdom of Bahrain Manager: Gerard Paty ¡ Phone +973. Email:

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Al Rashediah Stud  

The breeze is moist with the tang of brine, swaying the fronds of the date palms on shores of one of the Arabian breed’s unique farms, by Je...

Al Rashediah Stud  

The breeze is moist with the tang of brine, swaying the fronds of the date palms on shores of one of the Arabian breed’s unique farms, by Je...