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SCOTTSDALE February 14-24 WestWorld, Scottsdale, Arizona


THE VIEW FROM CENTER RING BY GARY DEARTH Every February we make the pilgrimage to Scottsdale, Arizona, for “The Greatest Horse Show on Earth.” Extraordinary Arabian horses and spectacular performances are assured. For many it is also a mid-winter escape to a desert paradise. This year there were great horses, but the record low temperatures and rain were not what we dreamed of when we mailed our entries in December. While the weather presented challenges and discomfort, the show went on, and everyone adapted to the circumstances. “In spite of the weather, the horses were turned out beautifully,” said judge Gail Grubb. “And they performed really well. Because they were so well trained, they were able to perform in tough conditions.” Judge Joan Palelek noted, “The trainers did an outstanding job preparing and getting their horses into the arena. The way those horses came in, you’d never know about the mud and rain and the total mess that was outside.” (continued on page 30)

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Top left: Champion Western Pleasure AATR Elite and Champion Western Pleasure MONACO JULLYEN V (*Jullyen El Jamaal x Misti Morn), owned by Shamrock Farms LLC, Mansfield, Texas, and shown by Leslie Sommer and Joe Reser. Top right: Champion Western Pleasure Junior Horse KOLA J (Khaja J x Jer-Koko), owned by Larry Jerome, Jerland Farms, Barron, Wisconsin, and shown by Stanley G. White III. Middle left: Champion Western Pleasure AATR 19-39 Select POSSESSION PGA (*Khadraj NA x RA Po Okela), owned by Nan Harley, Newnan, Georgia, and shown by Katie Burr.


“It was Rob Bick’s idea to team Possesion with Katie Burr,” says Nan Harley. “Katie is an excellent rider but had never shown western pleasure. It just shows the confidence that Rob has in Possesion to do his job regardless of the rider’s experience. Possesion displayed one of my favorite characteristics of the Arabian horse — an excellent disposition, as he carried Katie to the winner’s circle. I was proud of everyone involved!” Middle right: Champion Scottsdale Signature Stallion Western Pleasure Maturity and Reserve Champion Western Pleasure Junior Horse KHOHINOOR MW (Kharismatic PGA x Ladys Dan), owned by Marta Wasiak, Alachua, Florida, shown by Kendyl Modrich and Brett Becker. Bottom right: Champion Western Pleasure AATR Choice and Reserve Champion Western Pleasure AAOTR 36-54 ENZPERATION XX (Enzo x Olivia D), owned by Shamrock Farms LLC, Mansfield, Texas, and shown by Carrie Fritz. A H W > 29 < 0 4 . 1 9

SCOTTSDALE PERFORMANCE With over 2,000 horses entered, here are a few performance horses that stood out to the judges. “HA Toskcan Sun (Baske Afire x Matoska) was balanced and charismatic and drove off his hocks extremely well,” said judge Mike Miller. “It was a happy well-done performance that was not forced. He looked like he wanted to do his job.” Previously a National Champion in English Pleasure, HA Toskcan Sun was the unanimous Pleasure Driving Champion in his debut in the division. He was shown by Jim Stachowski for owners HA Toskcan Sun LLC, and Scott and Michelle Harris. Co-owner Michelle Harris says that it was her idea, not Jim’s, to show HA Toskcan Sun in Pleasure Driving at Scottsdale. “We agreed that since it had been several years since Toskcan Sun had been out in the public eye, we should

Right: GIOLEENA (MPA Giovanni x Psyleena Bask), Champion Western Pleasure JTR 14 and Under Select, owned and shown by Addison Thompson, Fort McDowell, Arizona, and trained by Cari Thompson-Maritz. “The Arabian horse is such a magnificent animal and a versatile breed,” says Cari Thompson-Maritz. “I believe that their athleticism and willingness to do what we ask of them contribute to their success in the hunter and western divisions. They are naturally intelligent, kind, and loving animals which make them exceptional youth horses.”

bring him to Scottsdale. Jimmy felt we should show him in some presentations, but not exhibit him at the show. I’m glad I was able to convince him that Toskcan Sun should be shown.” “The AEPA Country English Pleasure Futurity had great depth of quality,” said judge Rhein Standish. “Lindsay O’Reilly won with Oh Dancing On Heir (Afires Heir x DD My Dance), a true country horse. It was soft and easy going and had a ton of quality. She rode her impeccably. Every time I looked up she was great.” Judge Mike Miller said, “It had the most depth of all the classes that my panel judged. The horses were presented very well.” Owner and exhibitor Lindsey O’Reilly enjoyed the class as well. “It was a fun class,” she said. Dancing is willing to please and has an eagerness to show. She loves to do it!” Judge Jody LaSalle was pleased with the country English pleasure classes overall. “I felt that the country English pleasure division was exceptional,” she said. “The horses were softly bridled with nice motion. I think exhibitors are understanding how we want the country horses to go. We didn’t see horses that belonged in the English pleasure division.” In the English pleasure division judge Rhein Standish was particularly impressed by RGT Mercury Rising (Afire Bey V x Styling Time). He and owner/rider Joe Kinnarney won the Half-Arabian English Pleasure AAOTR 40 and Over. Meanwhile, in the Western Pleasure arena, a multiNational Champion had great goes. “The Arabian Western Pleasure Championship is Friday night, and there is a lot of energy and excitement in that arena, and it caused problems for some horses,” said Judge Alan Clanton. “Every time I looked at Monaco Jullyen V (*Jullyen El Jamaal x Misti Morn V), he was calm and very workmanlike. He showed

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SCOTTSDALE PERFORMANCE Right: Champion Half-Arabian English Trail ATR, High Point Reserve Champion Overall Working Western, Reserve Champion Half-Arabian Western Trail, Champion Half-Arabian Western Trail AOTR, Reserve Champion Half-Arabian Western Trail AATR, Reserve Champion HalfArabian Limited Reined Cow ATR WGA IMA COPY KATNIC (High Roller Nic x Zee Kit Kat), owned and shown by Sandra Augustine, Elizabeth, Colorado. “Arabians and Half-Arabians are well suited to the working western disciplines because they are athletic, agile, inquisitive, and smart,” says trainer Jim Hitt. “Many of the horses in our barn, including WGA Ima Copy Katnic, compete in both open and amateur trail, reining, reined cow horse, herd work and ranch riding. They are truly capable of being all-around horses. “The Scottsdale show is special because it’s Scottsdale in February! This year was certainly an exception (worst weather ever), but for many of us exhibitors, the excuse of a prestigious horse show in Arizona for two weeks is very welcome in the middle of winter. Secondly, it is a very well run horse show, with a high level of competition that has helped the Arabian horse industry and the value of our show horses for many years.”

like it was a work session and was unfazed by what was going on around him. He moves great, and it looks easy for him, coupled with being handsome.” Monaco Jullyen V, shown by Joe Reser for Shamrock Farms LLC, won the Western Pleasure Championship unanimously. He has also continued his dominance in the amateur division winning the Arabian Western Pleasure AATR Elite Rider with rider and owner Leslie Doran Sommer. “We believe that Monaco had his best showing to date in Scottsdale,” said Leslie. “He is just hitting his stride. The fact that he can be an amateur horse and then rise up to the level for open speaks volumes about this horse.” In 2018, he was Scottsdale Reserve Champion Western Pleasure Open, and Champion Western Pleasure AAOTR 36-54. Judge Laura Gault was impressed by both the purebred and Half-Arabian western pleasure divisions. “There were so many good horses in the purebred class that some horses who were good enough to go top ten at U.S. Nationals did not get a prize,” she said. (continued on page 34)

Champion Showmanship AATR 40 and Over, Reserve Champion Western Horsemanship AATR 19-49, Reserve Champion Half-Arabian Reining Horse AATR 19-44, Reserve Champion Half-Arabian Reining Horse AAOTR, and Reserve Champion Half-Arabian Ranch Horse Riding SS A NOBLE STAR (Starlights Starbrite x Al Aleen), owned and shown by Michelle Pease-Paulsen, Tacoma, Washington.

Champion Half-Arabian English Trail, Champion Half-Arabian English Trail Select ATR, Champion Half-Arabian Trail Select ATR, and Champion Half-Arabian Trail, SH DOCS BUCKAROO (Bardon Docs Mocha x Kdar Holliw), owned and shown by Amber Winans Adams, Escondido, California, and shown by Amber and trainer Lou Roper.

“What I love about the Scottsdale show is the fact that it’s the only show where you have every discipline captured during a dedicated point in time,” says Michelle. “I also love the way the show partners with the community to bring people in and educate them about our beautiful horses. The Arabian is truly the family horse ... it’s diverse and giving, gentle and kind nature makes it a great amateur horse.”

“I think the biggest reason that Arabians are so well suited for the both the English and the western trail divisions and amateurs is because, simply put, Arabians have a lot of heart,” says Lou Roper. “Scottsdale is so special because of the three Cs: competition, camaraderie, and collaboration. We always come back from the Scottsdale show better than we arrived.”

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SCOTTSDALE PERFORMANCE Top left: High Point Champion Overall Working Western, Champion Half-Arabian Ranch Riding, Champion Half-Arabian Ranch Riding AATR 19-59, Champion Half-Arabian Reining AAOTR, Champion Showmanship AATR 19-39 DUN WALTZIN (Walla Walla Dun It x Francheska), owned by Amanda Golestani of Seattle, Washington, and pictured with McKenna Bein of Scottsdale, Arizona, High Point Champion Working Western Junior Exhibitor. Top right: OPALESSENCE (TA Glacier x Miss Hillbilly Joe) and High Point Champion Adult Amateur Exhibitor Sport Horse and Reserve Champion Adult Amateur Working Western, Liz Dagnall of Canyon Creek, Montana. Middle left: Reserve Champion High Point Performance and Reserve Champion High Point Gelding, Champion Western PLeasure JTR 15-18, Reserve Champion Western Pleasure JOTR 15-18, Champion Western Side Saddle JTR, Champion Western Side Saddle H VERDYKT H (Versace x Ekzotyka), owned and shown by Rebecca Marr.


Middle right: Champion HalfArabian Western Pleasure LA TRIGGER HAPPY (Rodan LTD x First Class Blu), owned by Steven Freeman, Stockton, California, and shown by Brett Becker, right. Pictured here at the 2018 Canadian Nationals.

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SCOTTSDALE PERFORMANCE Top left and right: Champion English Pleasure AAOTR 19 and Over SD GRACELAND (Vegaz x Empress of Bask), and Champion Country English Pleasure AATR Elite and Champion AEPA Conway Arabians $20,000 Country English Pleasure AOTR Maturity OH DANCING ON HEIR (Afires Heir x DD My Dance), both owned and shown by Lindsay O’Reilly French. “Arabians are well suited for amateurs because of their heart,” says Lindsay. “There is a strong desire to give and please the owner/ rider from every Arabian I’ve ever ridden. “Scottsdale is the best show of the year because it kicks off the show season with a bang. The city of Scottsdale supports the show strongly and brings fresh faces to the fairgrounds every day, who are eager to be a part of the Arabian breed. It’s fun to see and be a part of!”

Bottom left: Champion Half-Arabian Show Hack, and Reserve Champion Half-Arabian Pleasure Driving, SF STONEWOODS N COOK (SF Specs Shocwave x Doubletrees Lady of Intrigue), owned by Amazing Horse Woman LLC, Montecito, California, and shown by Jim Lowe. “A show hack horse must be extremely disciplined with immaculate manners and fluid motions in its walk, trot, and canter gates, including all of its extensions,” says farm manager Jill Kramer. “And that is exactly what multinational champion SF Stone Woods N Cook exhibits every time he enters the show arena. And winning the open Half-Arabian show hack class at Scottsdale this year was no exception. This magnificent bay gelding continues to show what an exceptional athlete he is and proves how versatile our breed can be. ‘Cookie,’ as he is affectionately called at home, is as sweet as they come — a gentle giant who loves his scratches and carrots.” Bottom right: Champion Country English Pleasure Junior Horse TOSKCAN PRINCE V (HA Toskcan Sun x Calendar Girl V), owned by Krystal McCulloch, Springfield, Missouri, and shown by Shannon Beethe.

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SCOTTSDALE PERFORMANCE Top left: Champion Scottsdale Signature Stallion English/Country English Pleasure Futurity RA EXTRAORDINARE (HA Toskcan Sun x GSF Exclusive), owned by Helen Lacey Reed, Rancho Santa Fe, California, and shown by Peter Stachowski. Top right: Champion Half-Arabian Country English Pleasure AATR 40-59 RA HEART TSPECTACULAR (HA Toskcan Sun x A Lady At Heart), owned by Hawk Haven Farms LLC, Scottsdale, Arizona, and shown by Cathy Vecsey. Middle: Champion Pleasure Driving HA TOSKCAN SUN (BaskAfire x Matoska), owned by HA Toskcan Sun LLC, Temecula, California, and shown by Jim Stachowski.

Bottom: Champion Scottsdale Signature Stallion Hunter Pleasure Futurity, and Reserve Champion Hunter Pleasure Elite AATR TN KHALIENTE (SF Veraz x TN Khemarie), owned by Thomas Hansen, Duvall, Washington, and ridden by Tom and trainer Justin Cowden. “Hunter pleasure is just one of the ways Arabians show off their versatility. The hunter division is so popular because it best shows off the Arabian in its most natural gaits,” says Tom. “The Scottsdale show has an aura of excitement because it is the first big show of the year and it brings the Arabian community together. You get a chance to visit and cheer with friends from afar, enjoy the sun, see what’s new, and celebrate the Arabian horse.”

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“And the Half-Arabian junior horse class was nearly at the end of the show, and I was floored when all of those nice horses came in. Stanley White III’s horse was really special in the purebred class. He’s a soft mover and he exudes quality. I love that horse. And Cynthia Burkman’s Half-Arabian that took second place was terrific.” The championship was won by Jay Z (Zefyr x Venessa EQ) shown by Jody Strand for owner Cedar Ridge Arabians. Alan Clanton was also impressed with Stanley White III’s Kola J. “Kola J (Khaya J x Jer-Koko) was super soft moving. He is round and quiet. Stanley didn’t need to fiddle with him at all,” he said. “The SSS Western Pleasure Futurity class that we judged (continued on page 36)

SCOTTSDALE PERFORMANCE Top: Champion Scottsdale Signature Stallion Hunter Pleasure Maturity ATR BARRITZAR (Barritz SF x Essabella), owned and ridden by Jill Kramer, Porter Ranch, CA.

“Barritzar ... powerful, bold, balanced; natural, long, free-moving strides, pushing from the hindquarters, reaching forward with ease,’ says Jill. “All descriptors of the ideal purebred Arabian hunter pleasure horse, and Barritzar, the 2019 Scottsdale Signature Stallion Hunter Pleasure Maturity

ATR Champion. I have shown Barritzar for less than a year, but he is making huge strides in the hunter pleasure discipline. His calm manner and easy disposition make him my perfect partner. He has such a willingness to learn and gives me his all every time we are together. We have a unique bond and just naturally connect. I am so excited for our show career. He is only five years old, and we have a huge future ahead of us. Look for me and ‘Barry,’ as we continue in the hunter pleasure amateur division.”




As part of the Scottsdale show’s emphasis on education, several “Meet an Arabian Horse” opportunities were scheduled during the show. Here’s one, and he happens to be one of my Arabian heroes: the 2000 gelding Auli Farwa (FV Aul Fancy Free x Winchester Silke by Farlanes Pride), owned by Rusty Toth, pictured, and bred by Donna Dean. Auli Farwa, is the 2017 100-mile Tevis Cup winner, ridden in that race by Tennessee Lane, pictured. He won the Haggin Cup for Best Condition at the 2015 Tevis with Jenni Smith riding. His AERC record is 77 starts and 77 finishes, including sixteen 100-mile races. He completed most of his races in the Top Ten, and without a single pull. In Arabian Horse World’s coverage of the Tevis in the September 2017 issue, Tennessee had this to say about her ride with “Far.” “We had been training hard together for months but honestly ... we hadn’t had that perfect moment yet. I can’t explain it, but finally we came together. There was a drastic change in how we moved together on the trail at speed. We became very efficient and fluid ... We knew we could trust each other completely. That’s a huge deal because at Tevis, Far’s life is literally in my hands and my life is in his. To be able to gallop, not a little canter, but a gallop, on a single-track trail with a sheer drop off on one side in the pitch black dark is amazing trust between horse and rider. There is zero room for error. Far was absolutely flawless.” I am in awe of horses and riders like that.

AULI FARWA (FV Aul Fancy Free x Winchester Silke by Farlanes Pride), owned by Rusty Toth, right, with Tennessee Lane, left, who rode him to win the 2017 Tevis Cup.

AULI FARWA and Tennessee Lane climbing Cougar Rock in the 2017 Tevis Cup.

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SCOTTSDALE PERFORMANCE Top left and right: Champion Half-Arabian Hunter Pleasure AATR Elite LIGHTNING MCQUEEN CRS (Mariachi WA x Jasperina), and Champion Hunter Pleasure AATR Elite and Champion Hunter Pleasure AAOTR 55 and Over JAGGER JULLYEN BV (*Jullyen El Jamaal x Adelaida V), both owned by High Point Adult Amateur Exhibitor 55 & Over Katie Russell, Pasadena, California. “Arabians are well suited for amateurs because they are so versatile and they have the biggest hearts,” says Katie. “Arabians have incredible personalities, too. Their huge hearts, willingness to try (and forgive), coupled with their versatility, make them the perfect mount and companion for amateurs of any age. “The Scottsdale show is such a huge success and so special because it is a blast to show at! The stands are full, the arenas are awesome, and typically, the sun is shining. It’s the perfect show to introduce newcomers to the breed. The high energy, extensive shopping, and great food make for a great experience for all.”

Champion Hunter Pleasure Junior Horse TAMAR DARK VADER (Afterdark H x Tamar Mais Tango), owned by Tamara K. Hanby, Weatherford, Texas, and shown by Josie Gillespie. Pictured at the 2018 U.S. Nationals.

out in the tent was a tremendous class,” said Joan Palalek. “The conditions weren’t great to judge, but it was an excellent group of horses.” Gail Grubb added, “Judging the Scottsdale Signature Stallion Western Pleasure Futurity class in the tent was a challenge. We had twenty-four horses, and it was a great class, but it was not a good situation for the exhibitors or us as judges. I would suggest the Scottsdale Signature performance classes always be scheduled for the Equidome, that way if the

Champion Half-Arabian Hunter Pleasure Junior Horse, and Reserve Champion Hunter Pleasure AATR 19-39 ELEGANCE FX (Klaas Fan Gemini x Alesia), owned by Wava Baker, Reno, Nevada, and ridden by Cari Thompson-Maritz.

weather is poor, they show inside. It was an outstanding class that deserved better conditions.” One of the most impressive aspects every year at the Scottsdale Show is the attendance. We have become accustomed to minimal spectator involvement at our other Arabian events. Scottsdale is the exception. Even this year with lousy weather, attendance numbers were huge. “I continue to be impressed with how the Scottsdale club, through their horse show, promotes the Arabian A H W > 36 < 0 4 . 1 9

horse,” said Gail Grubb. “Not only are the stands full during significant sessions, there are thousands of people exploring the stabling, being exposed to Arabian horses, often for the first time. It is impossible to resist the almost gravitational pull of an Arabian horse, and the Scottsdale club, along with their army of volunteers, annually creates the circumstances for that to occur.”

SCOTTSDALE PERFORMANCE Top left: MAGICO (Guapo Chico x LC Felicia), owned by Roland Lewis, Kemmerer, Wyoming, and shown by Michelle Mahoney and Paris Mahoney, won Champion Jumper, Champion Gamblers Choice Jumper, Reserve Champion Jumper ATR, Reserve Champion Regular Working Hunter, Champion Regular Working Hunter ATR, and Reserve Champion Sport Horse In-hand Stallion Hunter Type. Top right: AM ZIPY SHARP SHOOTER (AM Power Raid x AM Zippy Handsom), top right, owned by Michelle Mahoney, Watsonville, California, was named High Point Sport Horse, Champion Modified Working Hunter, Champion Jumper ATR, Reserve Champion Gamblers Choice Jumper, Reserve Champion Western Dressage Basic Test 4 ATR, Reserve Champion Jumper, Champion Hunter Hack, Reserve Champion Hunter Hack ATR. Shown by Paris Mahoney, Cavan Smith and Tesi Pickett. “I love the Scottsdale show because I get to show in so many different disciplines,” says Michelle Mahoney. “The Arabian has so much personality, and opinions about everything. It’s amazing how capable they are at doing all the different disciplines, and on doing it with so much style and grace. And my family has been coming for generations and it’s so fun to be part of that experience.” Middle left: Champion Reining JTR 14 and Under and Champion Reining Seat Equitation JTR 14 and Under VLQ FRIENDLY FIRE (Forelocks Petja x Polka Jane), owned by Silver Aspen Ranch and shown by Siena Krueger. Pictured with Siena at the 2017 Youth Nationals. Middle right: High Point Reserve Champion Junior Exhibitor and Champion Reining Seat Equitation JTR 15-18 Trentyn Powell riding MY MAJEC MOMENT (DA Napitov x Majestic Ancestry), owned by Silver Aspen Ranch. Pictured at the 2017 Region 7 Championships. Trentyn also won Champion Half-Arabian Ranch Riding JTR with WHIZ AFIRE (What Whiz That x Heavenly Flower). “Arabians are well suited for amateur riders, and if treated right, you will develop a bond with your horse that tops any other breed,” says trainer LaRae Powell, owner of Silver Aspen Ranch, “They are smart, willing to please, and are very durable horses, which lends them to be capable of excellence in multiple disciplines.”

Bottom left: Champion Ranch Riding AATR 60 and Over and Reserve Champion Limited Reined Cow Horse ATR NSPIRING FORTHE TOP (Nobles Top Gun x Nspiring Jazz), owned and shown by Ingrid Bentzen. Pictured with LaRae Powell in 2016 at Scottsdale. A H W > 37 < 0 4 . 1 9

Bottom right: Champion Hunter Pleasure JOTR and JTR 14 and Under, Reserve Champion Ladies Side Saddle JTR ARMANDO CF (Armani FC x CB Focus Myway), owned by Silver Aspen Ranch and shown by Siena Krueger.




months working on obstacle courses and in-hand trail clinics before Kerri sent Rio for sixty days of training, just to start him under saddle. “It turned out that her friend If you thought you were busy at Scottsdale this year, got an injury (not with Rio) and decided it best not to be consider Edens Csecret JMF (Eden C x Challbe JMF), a getting on babies, so I was actually the first one to get on 2012 gelding owned by Kerri Markonich. “Rio” stepped him, and I continued working him after that. into ten classes, with four riders in four different age “My mom would always come out to the barn to divisions. Three out of his four pilots were first-time watch me ride Rio, and finally I told her, ‘I know you Scottsdale competitors, and in total Rio came away with don’t want to show, but I think he would be a really cool one championship win and three top tens. He was ridden western horse!’ So we went to a schooling show to just by Kerri Markonich in the Arabian Western Pleasure AATR try it out, and my mom was so nervous! Rio was great 40 & Over Select Rider, her 21-year-old daughter Kaylee though, so I kept working with him, and that same year Markonich in the Showmanship Championship AATR we went onto Regionals and I was unanimous 19-39 and the Arabian Western Pleasure Championship Champion Western Pleasure Futurity AOTR against AAOTR 19-35, 17-year old Katie Knutson in the Arabian Rod Powell! I worked with green horses before, but this Western Pleasure Championship JTR 15-18 Select Rider, was my first time and family friend bringing up a show Blaire Parker in horse from scratch. various western It was really pleasure walk/jog awesome to do so 10 & under classes. well on this horse I Not only did this had trained.” good natured and Owning Rio has adaptable gelding been a joy for garner titles, he Kerri, and has has cemented given her nine-year-old opportunities that Blaire’s love for the she never Arabian horse and expected. “His the show ring. calm mind and Kaylee and her willingness to do mother Kerri, knew anything, and just that Rio was special Champion Arabian Western Pleasure JTR 15-18 Select Rider EDENS CSECRET JMF (Eden C x Challbe JMF) aka “Rio,” with Katie Knutson, accompanied by trust me right off from the time they Kaylee Mardonich, left. Nine-year-old Blaire Parker is all smiles after her Top the bat, won my first met the Ten Western Pleasure Walk/Jog 10 & Under on “Rio,” posing for a photo with heart,” she says. “I three-year-old Kaylee, right. wouldn’t be gelding in 2015. “My showing in Scottsdale if it weren’t for Rio, my trusty mom was looking for a trail horse at the time, and she’s steed. He has changed my life in many ways and given very particular – she wants to bond right away with her me the courage and confidence to show for the first horses,” says Kaylee. “My dad and all of her friends were time in my life. telling her that she really shouldn’t get a green horse. I “The fact that he can go in a 10 and under western was initially on their side, thinking that it didn’t make pleasure class and win, then to an open western sense to put all that money into training a green horse. pleasure class and win, then off into the wilderness to But I went with her to see him, and after watching her be a great trail horse makes me so proud,” Kerri march this little three-year-old around, leading him up to continues, clearly in awe of her gelding. “He is my scary things and seeing how happy she was, I told her, soulmate, my love, and he feels the same way about “Mom, I can see that you love this horse and I think you me, which makes me the happiest person!” should get him.” Seventeen-year-old Katie Knutson also made her Rio went home with Kerri and Kaylee and spent five A H W > 38 < 0 4 . 1 9

SCOTTSDALE PERFORMANCE Scottsdale debut this year on Rio, and even came home with the Champion Arabian Western Pleasure JTR 15-18 Select Rider title. “My first show on Rio was the 2018 Midsummer in Monroe, Washington,” says Katie. “I love riding Rio because I am deeply aware that he has a heart and mind of his own, yet he chooses to follow my cues and become my partner. He has trust in me every time I get on him and we ride around that show ring. Rio is very loving and kind, and he has truly built up my confidence. “My goal from the first time I ever went to Scottsdale was to show there one day. This experience was unreal, and the number of people that were there watching was amazing,” Katie reminisces. “When I entered the ring I had the mindset that I was going to win, I went in with huge smile and kept that smile on until the end of the night. The moment they called the number 708 for champion, my stomach twisted and I started crying, and looked back at my family with a huge smile. I saw tears falling from their eyes as they were running through the arena. I couldn’t even talk I was so grateful and proud of myself. “I’ve loved bonding with Rio in the this experience, and I can’t wait for more riding memories with him! I want to thank Kaylee and Kerri for everything — they are truly a gift to me.” It’s safe to say that Rio’s youngest rider, nineyear-old Blaire Parker, is hooked on Arabians after her first true Scottsdale experience. “I started riding at the age of three months – my mom and my nana put me in a front pack and took me on the trails,” Blaire says. “In 2017 I started showing at the Arabian horse shows on my Nana’s junior horse, Aziz. I took a year off and then Kerri offered to let me ride Rio, I was so excited! “I love riding Rio because he takes care of me in the arena, he just seems to know that I’m a little kid. His stride is smooth and he’s easy to handle. My favorite part of the Scottsdale Arabian Show was hearing Rio’s and my names announced for fifth place, sixth place and a Top Ten!” Kaylee’s hard work with Rio has paid off in the ultimate way – he’s the horse that everyone can ride, have fun on and win on. Kaylee attributes their success entirely to Rio, saying, “He’s just a wonder horse, he’s perfect for us in every way. Rio’s championship win this year was certainly a tearjerker, but watching him take my mom in the ring warms my heart. Rio has made our wildest dreams come true — we really owe him the world.”

WC CIAO MAGNIFFICOO: PART OF THE FAMILY: WC CIAO MAGNIFFICOO (Marwan Al Magnifficoo x WC Ciao Bella), is a 2010 gelding owned and greatly loved by Amy Saunders and her family. “Stretch” as he is known, was bred by Holly Dillin of Western Cross Ranch, and bought by the Saunders family in 2015. This year at Scottsdale, Amy showed Stretch for the first time. The pair was named Champion Arabian Hunter Pleasure AATR 40 & Over Select Rider, and were Top Ten in the Arabian Hunter Pleasure Championship AAOTR 36-54. Amy’s 7-year-old daughter, Kelly, also competed with Stretch, earning the Reserve Champion title in the Arabian Hunter Seat Equitation Championship JTR Walk/Trot 10 & Under, and Top Ten in the Arabian Hunter Pleasure Championship JTR Walk/Trot 10 & Under. Stretch’s third rider, Sydney Jorgenson, had never ridden him until the day before her first

WC CIAO MAGNIFFICOO (Marwan Al Magnifficoo x WC Ciao Bella) aka “Stretch,” Champion Hunter Pleasure AATR 40 & Over Select Rider, and Top Ten Hunter Pleasure AAOTR 36-54, ridden by Amy Saunders.

class with him. Together they were Reserve Champion Arabian Hunter Pleasure JTR 14 & Under Select Rider, and Top Ten in the Arabian Hunter Pleasure JTR 14 & Under. “Stretch really is a once in a lifetime horse,” says Amy. “It’s not very often that one comes across a horse that not only has an incredible personality, but also is competitive in the walk trot, JTR and AATR divisions. “He adores Kelly and she has always been

A H W > 39 < 0 4 . 1 9


WC CIAO MAGNIFFICOO also won Reserve Champion Hunter Seat Equitation JTR Walk/Trot 10 & Under, and Top Ten Hunter Pleasure JTR Walk/Trot 10 & Under, ridden by Kelly Saunders, left, and Reserve Champion Hunter Pleasure JTR 14 & Under Select Rider, and Top Ten Hunter Pleasure JTR 14 & Under with Sydney Jorgenson, center. At right, “Stretch” shares a moment at home with Scott, Kelly and Eric Sanders, and friend.

his special girl. Kelly was seven years old when we bought Stretch, who was only six, and he has always taken care of her. Last year at Scottsdale Stretch was Champion in the walk trot with Kelly, and he was Reserve champion in the AATR Select and Top Ten (3rd overall) in the AATR. He is so consistent!”

In addition to being such a gentle and reliable show horse, Stretch is a much loved member of Amy’s family. Her kids enjoy him as a riding partner and a great friend. “We have been so blessed to own such a special horse,” she says. “We all love Stretch so much!”




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