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*Emigrant an *Epic stallion ‌

Ararat Palas


* E m i g r a n t pa s b b y

Je f f r e y

W i n t e rs t e e n

*EMIGRANT’s story began on an unremarkable, cold winter night. On January 30, 1991, this eagerly anticipated colt was foaled in southeastern Poland at Michałów State Stud. He was the second offspring from the stud’s beloved Emigrantka (*Eukaliptus x Emigracja by Palas). Emigrantka was Polish and European Champion Mare, but perhaps more importantly, daughter of the “Pearl of Michałów,” Emigracja. Named *EMIGRANT, the colt was bred to be the heir to the Saklawi I sire line on Polish soil, and no foal has carried such lofty expectations. But to fully appreciate the Poles’ hope and aspirations for *EMIGRANT, a bit of history is necessary. Michałów State Stud, formerly Klemonsow in the Zamosc area, was relocated near Pinczow in 1953 under the direction of Ignacy Jaworowski. While Janów Podlaski is renowned for the Kuhailan strain phenotype and genotype, “The Polish stud farms strategized Director Jaworowski preferred the Saklawi the arrival of *EMIGRANT long type, known for supreme beauty and before his birth. Generations refinement. Director Jaworowski’s efforts

of deliberate breeding decisions contributed by the renown directors of the government-owned breeding farms of Egypt, Russia, and Poland were seriously focused toward the projected birth of THIS very special colt. My strategies were implemented purposely to lay a great foundation for this epic stallion’s arrival. Now … *EMIGRANT will prove our goals.” – Manny Vierra, Valley Oak Arabians


Emigrantka Eunice


*Emigrant * E m i g ra n t ( A ra ra t x E m i g ra n t k a ) , i s t h e re s u l t o f a b re e d i n g s t ra t e g y t h a t D i re c t o r Ja w o r o w s k i u s e d w i t h g re a t s u c c e s s , t h e c r o s s i n g o f t h e S a k l a w i I s i re l i n e , v i a Te r s k - b re d Pa l a s , w i t h t h e I b ra h i m s i re l i n e , v i a Ne g a t i w / B a n d o s . T h i s c r o s s w a s s o s u c c e s s f u l t h a t i t w a s re f e r re d t o a s t h e “ D i a m o n d C r o s s” a n d i t i s a p i l l a r o f Po l i s h b re e d i n g . Fo r E m i g ra n t k a’s s e c o n d f o a l t h i s b re e d i n g p h i l o s o p h y w a s re p e a t e d u p o n i t s e l f , a s b o t h p a re n t s w e re a l re a d y o f t h i s c r o s s . T h e re s u l t w a s t h e s p e c t a c u l a r * E m i g ra n t .

Ab o v e l e f t a n d r i g h t : E s t o r i a V O ( * E m i g ra n t x B l a c k R a a q i s b y T h e e O u t l a w ) , 2 0 1 1 b a y f i l l y.

L e f t : E l e m e n t V O ( * E m i g ra n t x * D u m k a b y * L a h e e b I A S B ) , 2 0 1 0 g re y c o l t .

Fa c i n g p a g e : * E m i g ra n t .


with this strain were extraordinary. At the foundation of the stud’s success was the mare line Milordka, imported from the desert to Poland’s Slawuta Stud in 1810. The foundress of this family at Michałów was the Klemonsow-bred Estokada, an Oaks and Criterium winner. It is from the spectacular success of this mare line that the Michałów “E family” has become world-renowned. Estokada and her beautiful Nabor daughter Eskapada are responsible for the following European and U.S. Champions tracing via direct dam line: Estebna, Eros, Eter, Elkana, Elkin, Ericca, Endel, Egina, Esklawa, Estarda, Ekstern, and Esparto to name just a few. But perhaps the genetic prepotency of this mare line is best represented in the family branch of Estokada’s great-granddaughter Emigracja. The international impact of the family of Emigracja defies superlatives, and it has enhanced breeding programs in every corner of the globe. Consider, for example, that five modern U.S. National Champions boast the dam line tracing to Emigracja: Elandra, El Dorada, Emandoria, Emanor, and El Mundo. One could also include Embra for her World Cup Championship in Las Vegas. Emigracja’s influence at the Aachen, European, and World Championships is even more extensive, adding to those already mentioned Emigrantka, Emanacja, Emilda, Emmona, Emira, Emanda, and, of course, *EMIGRANT. Certainly, of the Emigracja progeny, Emigrantka was one of the most beloved. Sadly, her breeding career was cut short by her untimely death in 2002 due to colic. What is important to note is that Emigrantka, along with her successful full sisters






Emanacja and Erlanda, was the result of a breeding strategy that Director Jaworowski used with great success, the crossing of the Saklawi I sire line, via Tersk-bred Palas, with the Ibrahim sire line, via Negatiw/Bandos. This cross was so successful that it was referred to as the “Diamond Cross” and it is a pillar of Polish breeding. For Emigrantka’s second foal this breeding philosophy was repeated upon itself, as both parents were already of this cross. The result was the spectacular *EMIGRANT. In addition to *EMIGRANT, Emigrantka produced El Dorada; U.S. National Champion Mare, World Reserve Champion Mare, All Nations Cup Champion Mare, and European Reserve Champion Mare, as well as champions El Mundo and Erald. *EMIGRANT’s sire Ararat, the Palas progenitor on Polish soil, was from the renowned Bandos daughter Arra. Not only was Arra Polish National Champion Mare, but a courageous racer on the track, winning the Polish Triple Crown of the Derby, Oaks, and Criterium. Ararat inherited this athletic ability from his dam. Also a brave racer, never backing down from a fight, Ararat won 4 of his 17 starts as well as the title of Polish National Champion Stallion at the mature age of 14. He was presented in the Janów Podlaski Breeding Parade in 2011, and he is still an active sire at the age of 26. There was little question when *EMIGRANT was foaled that he would replace his sire as the progenitor of the Saklawi I sire line. The Saklawi I sire line was instrumental to introducing type and desert qualities to the Polish program. This was initially done via Palas, and *EMIGRANT became the quintessential modern version. Heir apparent or not, this is Poland and in the Polish tradition *EMIGRANT was first sent to test his mettle at the racetrack as a three-year-old. For the Poles, beauty is revered, but performance under saddle predominates. After two successful seasons on the track where he took part in 22 races, *EMIGRANT fulfilled his legacy in the showring, becoming Polish National Champion Stallion in 2002, as well as Reserve Champion at the All Nations Show in Aachen in 1999, and European Champion Stallion in 2001.






Emigrantka VAN LENT PHOT O

Ab o v e l e f t a n d r i g h t : T h e 1 9 9 9 * E m i g ra n t d a u g h t e r * Eu s c e ra ( x E l c a n t a ra b y Pa m i r ) , 2 0 1 2 U . S . Na t i o n a l To p Te n S e n i o r M a re .

L e f t : Ga s p a r ( * E m i g ra n t x Ga s k o n i a ) , 2 0 0 6 Po l i s h Na t i o n a l C h a m p i o n St a l l i o n , o w n e d b y M i c h a l o w St u d , Po l a n d .

Fa c i n g p a g e : A 2 0 1 2 f i l l y b y * E m i g ra n t o u t o f S FA W i n d C h i m e b y Fa m e V F.

*EMIGRANT was so coveted as a sire when his show career finished, that he stood at all three studs as a chief sire: Janów Podlaski, Białka, and Michałów. This privilege is afforded to a select few stallions. From those initial efforts, the results were fantastic. Emrod, from his first foal crop, was named Polish Junior Champion Colt, Polish National Champion Stallion, and Swedish National Champion Stallion. His second foal crop produced Gaspar, Polish Junior Champion Colt, Polish National Champion Stallion, as well as World Top Ten at Salon du Cheval. Gaspar remains chief sire at Michałów. When finally Janów had its chance, he sired the another star, Eurykles. *EMIGRANT’s foals have won championships across Europe and the Middle East. His only daughter to show on U.S. soil, *Euscera, was third at the 2010 U.S. National Championships — first on one judge’s card. As a sire, *EMIGRANT endows his foals with the ethereal beauty and desert dryness that is a gift from his grandam Emigracja. He also passes on the abundant type and quality for which the Saklawi I horses are renowned. Perhaps, however, what makes *EMIGRANT unique is the solid structure, including substance, flat bone, and short cannons he imparts to his foals. He also provides superb motion and athleticism, no doubt a genetic gift from racing queens Arra and Estokada. From a breeder’s perspective, it is this rare combination of abilities that is so valuable. *EMIGRANT’s genetic prepotency comes in large part from his dam line, and from Emigracja in particular. This is especially apparent in the success his daughters are producing for the modern showring. One of the first daughters used at Michalow was the brown mare Chimera, out of the Probat daughter Czereda. Her first filly by Gazal Al Shaqab, Charuna, went on to be Reserve Junior Champion Filly of France. Subsequent foals out of Chimera were the all-important Spring Show Champion Chimeryk (by Eryks) and Cheronea (by QR Marc) who was second in her yearling class at the 2011 Polish Nationals and won her class in 2011 at Białka.


Also at Michałów, the *EMIGRANT daughter Primawera foaled the grey filly Piacenza (by QR Marc). Piacenza was Best in Show at the 2011 Białka Spring Show, and sold for 475,000 euros later that summer to the Middle East. The Janów Podlaski-bred Albano (by Enzo) out of the *EMIGRANT daughter Alena was also a class winner at Białka Spring Show, and went on to be Junior Champion Stallion of Poland in 2009. Most recently, Albano was named Blommeröd Champion Stallion in 2011. Another Janów broodmare, Alantina, proved *EMIGRANT’s ability on yet another sire line with Almanzor (by El Nabila B). Almanzor was second in his class of yearling colts at the 2010 Białka Spring Show, and won his class at the 2010 Polish Nationals. *EMIGRANT has also crossed well with progeny of Ekstern and his son Esparto. Lawinia (Ekstern x Luanda by *EMIGRANT) was a class winner in the two-year-old fillies with two 10s (perfect score) at the 2010 Białka Spring Show, and then later that summer was second in her class at Polish Nationals with an excellent score of 91.0. She finished up the 2010 show year with a Bronze Medal at the Janów Podlaski Autumn Show. Another Ekstern filly, Pustynna Malwa out of the *EMIGRANT daughter Pustynna Ró a, won her three-year-old class at the 2011 Polish Nationals with a high score of 92.67. But perhaps the best case for *EMIGRANT’s abilities as a broodmare sire is the most recent. At the 2012 Abu Dhabi International, which assembled some of the finest Arabians in the world, the Białkabred filly Egema, by the Ekstern son Esparto and out of the *EMIGRANT daughter Egira, won her two-year-old class with the score of 92.88 points. This was the highest score of all fillies at the show. She received four 20s for type, head, and neck. Egema went on to become the Bronze Junior Champion filly. Egema was third in her yearling section at Polish Nationals earlier in 2011, demonstrating the competitiveness of Polish Nationals.


T h i s p a g e : A 2 0 1 2 c o l t b y * E m i g ra n t o u t of La Estopia VO by *Laheeb IASB.

Fa c i n g p a g e : A 2 0 1 2 f i l l y b y * E m i g ra n t out of *Epima by Ekstern.

T h i s p a g e : 2 0 1 2 f i l l y b y * E m i g ra n t o u t o f * Ha l i m a PA S B b y E k s t e r n .

Fa c i n g p a g e : * E m i g ra n t .

No doubt from the examples I have given the astute breeder will recognize the ability of *EMIGRANT daughters with many of the world’s most popular sires. This would include *Gazal Al Shaqab and his sons and grandsons, Padrons Psyche and his descendants as well as outcrosses like *El Nabila B and Ekstern. *EMIGRANT’s pedigree makes him a unique outcross for many modern mares, on a variety of untried combinations. EMIGRANT’s arrival at Manny Vierra’s Valley Oak Arabians in California is the beginning of an exciting new chapter in this illustrous stallion’s career. After many hours of negotiation, Vierra and his good friend Raymond Mazzei were able to persuade the Poles to part with one of their greatest prizes, a decision made possible by the large number of *EMIGRANT’s daughters and his son Gaspar remaining on Polish soil. Director of Michałów State Stud Jerzy Białobok describes the difficult decision to let *EMIGRANT go. “Indeed *EMIGRANT was not available for a long time, but there comes a moment when there is a good home to further his career. I can say that *EMIGRANT was my favorite, though I think that this had a lot to do with his dam Emigrantka, whom I will never forget.” “He is the most credentialed Polish stallion to ever come to the U.S.,” says Vierra emphatically. That is no small statement, and certainly Vierra is quick to produce the facts that bear it out, particularly the role that *EMIGRANT can play in improving the modern Arabian horse. There is little doubt that *EMIGRANT’s siring credentials are impeccable, but what is most exciting to modern day breeders with true vision is his value in the long term.


Progeny from *Emigrant daughters...

C h e r o n e a ( Q R M a r c x C h i m e ra b y * E m i g ra n t ) , w a s s e c o n d i n h e r y e a r l i n g c l a s s a t t h e 2 0 1 1 Po l i s h Na t i o n a l s a n d w o n h e r c l a s s i n 2 0 1 1 a t B i a ł k a , o w n e d b y M i c h a l o w St u d , Po l a n d .

A l b a n o ( E n z o x A l e n a b y * E m i g ra n t ) , 2 0 0 9 Po l i s h Na t i o n a l Ju n i o r C h a m p i o n C o l t , 2 0 1 1 Po l i s h Na t i o n a l B r o n z e C h a m p i o n S e n i o r St a l l i o n , a n d B l o m m e r o d C h a m p i o n St a l l i o n , o w n e d b y Ja n o w Po d l a s k i St u d , Po l a n d .

This sentiment was echoed by Raymond Mazzei. “The first time I saw *EMIGRANT was as a two-year-old. Strikingly handsome with a very planned pedigree, this stallion had my attention. The Director of Michałów at the time, Jaworowski, knew there was a lot of value for him in the breeding barn. His daughters became premier broodmares, to this day winning show horses all over the world are out of *EMIGRANT mares. All of Director Jaworowski’s hopes for *EMIGRANT are coming to fruition. The genetic strength, so carefully created, is now being realized, especially at Valley Oak Arabians under Manny Vierra. Manny and I have traveled all over the World for mares with the idea of what they could do with *EMIGRANT. The future of Valley Oak and *EMIGRANT are woven in a fabric of the highest quality, based on knowledge, experience and the quest for the perfect Arabian horse. I have a lot of faith in Manny and his ability to determine a strong future for *EMIGRANT and Valley Oak. Noted judge, consultant, and breeding expert Scott Benjamin states it best. “I have been fortunate to know *EMIGRANT his entire life, as he was born in 1991, the first year I began working in Poland. His dam Emigrantka, a revelation to me as a young man, remains one of my all-time favorite mares. Her exuberance for life was inspiring, I can still see so much of Emigrantka in the *EMIGRANT daughters — the enchanting femininity, the extremely long elegant and clean throatlatch, the smoothness and harmony of proportion, and that trademark powerhouse trot that she never failed to pass on to all her produce. “His grandam Emigracja, was another personal favorite and the greatest producer I have been privileged to know in my lifetime. She was incredibly dry and refined with superlative structure. These attributes are readily apparent in the best *EMIGRANT progeny. *EMIGRANT himself can boast these stellar attributes, as can so many of the best *EMIGRANT get. It pleases me to see *EMIGRANT fulfilling his destiny as the best manifestation of his legendary ancestors and the most esteemed qualities of the Polish breeding program. Through him and his many extraordinary get already born and yet to be created, I have no doubt that the Arabian breed will continue to excel and thrive ensuring the best for generations to come.” *EMIGRANT’s time has come again, and this time for an entirely new group of breeders and mares. Few stallions receive such opportunities and accolades, but there is only one *EMIGRANT — a unique stallion with unparalleled pedigree.


Right: Ensanada VO (*Laheeb IASB x Emiria by * E m i g ra n t ) , 2 0 0 7 m a r e . B o t t o m l e f t : Eg e m a ( E s p a r t o x Eg i ra b y * E m i g ra n t ) , b e s t h e a d w i n n e r a t t h e 2 0 1 1 Po l i s h Na t i o n a l s . Bottom right: Piacenza ( Q R M a r c x Pr i m a w e ra b y * E m i g ra n t ) , 2 0 1 1 B i a l k a Champion Filly and Best i n S h o w, o w n e d b y A l S h a h a n i a St u d , Q a t a r.









*EMIGRANT is standing at and owned by M a n n y a n d D i a n a V i e r ra 3 6 0 0 Va l l e y O a k D r i v e B re n t w o o d , C a l i f o r n i a 9 4 5 1 3 510.325.3974 email: S e m e n a v a i l a b l e f o r A u s t ra l i a , Eu r o p e , and the U.S.

*Emigrant PASB — An Epic Stallion  

Poland’s prized stallion’s time has come again — in America, by Jeffrey Wintersteen

*Emigrant PASB — An Epic Stallion  

Poland’s prized stallion’s time has come again — in America, by Jeffrey Wintersteen