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Looking Forward and Looking Back

DEAR MEMBERS: I have to come clean and confess something, when it comes to this letter, I am a procrastinator. There. I said it and will own it! But to my defense, there is so much going on with the Association, I sometimes wonder on which subject I should write so I decided to cover a lot of different ones as there is so much happening! My first subject is about change — I have spoken about this previously, and it bears repeating. We are in a fast changing world, and we must adapt. Change for change’s sake is not a reason to change. However, if we change to improve, then it will be positive in the end. As a result, we have quite a few Ad-Hoc committees working on determining what the best direction is to take and subsequently how to get there. We have a group that is looking into how to better serve our exhibitors through our show commissions, including working on a mentoring program for people who would like to get involved in event management. In addition, we have a team looking at our Regional shows and structure and how to make them relevant in this ever-changing landscape. Another Ad-Hoc is looking at our relationship with US Equestrian. And finally, a group is looking at how we can get to that second touch and the development of a continuing relationship with our beloved Arabian horses. This group is currently looking to reconnect with the American Horse Council “Time to Ride” program to get local. I must express my admiration for all of these 6

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Issue 2. 2019

Ad-Hoc committee members. They have worked together with a spirit of respect for each other and a desire to make things better. They do not always agree, but they listen to each other’s opinions and work very hard in a logical and thoughtful manner. My next subject continues on a similar theme — change. In order to be more efficient at our board meetings and to allow more time for our board to work on strategic and longer term planning, we have adjusted the way some items are presented. Historically, our staff directors present the status of their departments and some of their short term plans. This takes quite a bit of time at our meeting and, in some cases, our board members have questions for the staff that come after the meeting. To increase efficiency, we have developed online presentations for certain staff reports. The board of directors log in, view the reports prior to the board meeting and come prepared with pertinent questions for the various staff members. This is a work in progress with a goal, later this year, to have all of these reports available to members when they log on to their accounts. The feedback we have received from the board has been positive, and we look forward to the rollout of this to our members. Finally, my last subject is one about memories and remembering those who have come before us. We are an aging population of horse lovers and some of our own have already left us this year. They will be missed, and, in some cases, we have lost an opportunity to learn from them and let them know how much we have appreciated what they have done for the Arabian horse. Let’s face it, we aren’t getting any younger. To that end, I would say, if you have someone you admire — reach out to that person and let him/her know. One such person who would love to hear from you is Peter Cameron. Peter is a giant in this industry and, if you have ever admired him, call him and tell him, or if you just want to hear some great stories, he would love to share them with you. If you want his number, feel free to email me at Happy Spring... no more rain or snow. So go and enjoy your horses, no matter what you do.


Nancy Harvey AHA President,

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Arabian Horse Life Magazine; mini issue 2 2019  

The Arabian Horse Association's (AHA) member magazine, Arabian Horse Life (AHL) is due to hit mailboxes the last week of April. Distributed...

Arabian Horse Life Magazine; mini issue 2 2019  

The Arabian Horse Association's (AHA) member magazine, Arabian Horse Life (AHL) is due to hit mailboxes the last week of April. Distributed...