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Exotic and Efficient place for Medical tourism Nowadays medical tourism is the most efficient way to have a quality treatment all over the world. According to the research data of the international industry Saudi Arabia is on the top of the favorite list of medical tourists. Arabian Gulf Tourism is a renowned name among UAE travel and tourism as it provides world class facility with exotic locations with a valuable budget. Saudi Arabia travel and tourism has four major points which attract the trippers to choose them:  Chain Hospitals: Our own Multilevel connected with Nursing homes & treatment centers cover around continents, have progressive health care technology and at the same time offer cost efficient medical services.  Pre & Post Remedy Products and services: serves you by providing the option of direct connectivity with the medical consultants prior your trip. After your discharge, if in case you want a post discharge session over the mobile phone from the doctor who dealt with anyone in foreign countries that will be arranged for you with no cost.  Journey aid and attaining services: we tend to facilitate in transcription passport and VISA, creating travel arrangements, airfield pickup, native accommodation, native travel, etc. If requested, we are able to organize mobile and net services.  Funding alternative option available: We help our clients with numerous mortgage selections and even negotiate with the hospitals for discount on bills. For more help, we all assist in the professional medical vacation freed from any kind of expenses. The medical centers in Saudi Arabia care for your comfort that is why they provide the facility of personal attendant who will serve the patient 24*7. A medical company in Saudi Arabia promises of world class treatment at an affordable price. So if you are looking for an utmost medical facility in abroad, the Arabian Gulf Tourism is the destination for you; it provides you exotic locations with a pocket friendly budget all over UAE. You can have an overview of our services our official website on You can leave your query on the quotation forum and one of our representatives will get back to you shortly; don’t hesitate to ask about the perfect cost efficient location, we are here to serve you the best service at a low price.

About Arabian Gulf Tourism

Arabian Gulf Tourism is medical travel company based in Saudi Arabia. Our goal is to have satisfied and happy medical tourists. Arabian Gulf Tourism works with some of the best hospitals in the world to give you affordable and quality medical care. CONTACT US Phone : + 00 966 503 689 803 Email :

Medical Tourism Dubai : Best Medical Treatment Facilities | Arabian Gulf Tourism  

Arabian Gulf Tourism understand the pain and hassles you encounter when you or your close one needs a medical care. Our goal is to have sati...

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