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FA Z E N DA F L OR E S TA ~ I T U, BR A Z I L with Jeff Wallace

Luciana Fasano and AAS-Elishahh.


hen and where was the first time you saw an Arabian horse? It was at my cousin’s farm where I grew up. His name was El Bay, a beautiful bay stallion. I fell in love! For me, after this, there was nothing else. Who is most instrumental in the success you have had with the Arabian horse? I believe my success had something to do with my having a clear goal of what I wanted. That helped me to know the type of horse 90 | A R A BI A N HOR SE T I MES

I wanted, and it helped Rodolfo Guzzo; the person I give credit to as well. I also had a lot of intuition in choosing my horses; I had to look at them and feel it was right. Elishahh is very important to you. Can you share what it is like to have him home with you in Brazil? Elishahh is love at first sight! That is what I felt when I saw his video the first time—I got goosebumps! It’s magic to have him.

Volume 46, No. 2 | 91

Luciana Fasano and AAS-Elishahh.



I originally had him come to Brazil to be near me, but most of all, because my late father was dying and his dream was to meet Elishahh. We had little time left for them to meet; it was at the point where I needed to send him on a truck to São Paulo in front of the hospital so he could just see him, but there was no time. So his company brings me a lot of joy. He knows my voice and he waits for his carrots all the time. He is a very special horse and I love his character. He is a gentle stallion, which to me, means a lot! What has been your most rewarding moment in the Arabian horse industry? When Elishahh was Supreme National Champion five days after I bought him. Who in your eyes is the perfect Arabian horse and why? A difficult question! All of them have something special, but I would have to say Elishahh is my type of horse. For me, proportion is the name of the game, with a good head and body, and tall.

LUCIANA What is your favorite Arabian horse event to attend and why? In the U.S., it is the Breeders World Cup in Vegas, and in Europe, the World Championships in Paris. Can you tell us what Fazenda Floresta means to you? Fazenda Floresta is the full expression of what I like and who I am. It brings me back to my childhood, but with my taste. The fazenda for me is my home; no matter where I live! Every inch of this farm that I see, I learned at a young age to value, as I grew up on one that my grandparents loved; my parents, and my entire family. So it is something I must have inherited from them! What is your favorite color? I like many colors, because for me, I have moments where they mean different things; but my favorite must be blue. You are known for your hospitality when one visits Fazenda Floresta. What is your favorite dish to share with guests? By far, it is the famous “Mac

Luciana Fasano and Magnum Psyche.

FASANO Elishahh.” It is a recipe that has gotten better over the years. It is made with special X Burguer called Picanha (prime Brazilian beef ), grilled onions, cheddar cheese and placed on pizza bread, then baked inside of a pizza oven. But I also like Ravioli with Brie and pear, with a sweet curry and passion fruit sauce. Who do you most admire in life and why? My father. I admire him so much because he is a combination of someone who is practical, extremely disciplined and balanced, while also having a tremendous good heart and generosity. From his strong personality, character and huge heart for people, I learned from him unconditional love without fear! I also learned to be my best in things I make; be a leader! He had a lot of taste and style and was able to be at the most glorious party while at the same time, be simple at the farm with the employees. He was a gentlemen, and I love this on a man (the old fashioned way).

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Olivia Strauch and Rodolfo Guzzo.

Luciana Fasano and Jeimus HMP.



You pay strong attention to detail. Can you share why this is so important to you? The difference between good and excellent is in the details! I am a perfectionist, so details are something that comes easy for me; I really don’t have to make an extra effort. I take a lot of pleasure in doing things that are well done, and I also take pleasure in looking at people’s eyes and seeing the pleasure they have, either from something they are eating, or looking at something in my house. I grew up learning to appreciate the best. What is your favorite flower? Roses, in all colors, but always combined with other flowers; not alone, like Hydrangeas. How did you get involved in the chocolate business? The chocolates are something special, like the Arabian horse. When Elishahh became national champion for the first time, I was so happy that I created a logo

and started to order chocolates from a homemade Chocolatier in São Paulo who had the quality I was looking for to share with friends at shows in the Arabian horse community.

Volume 46, No. 2 | 95

How would you describe your fashion style? I think I have conservative roots … simple and elegant. What are you most proud of in life? My son Felipe. I think he has a special personality and has many qualities I would like to have. What is the perfect day for you? When I make a priority to take care of myself, which is something that took a very long time to learn. I produce better that way; I am a better person. I like routine, discipline, and at the end of the day, seeing how many things I have done and crossed off my list. I also love seeing that I helped or made a difference in someone’s life (it can be a small thing … even just a word). So, waking up and having breakfast with Felipe, going to work out, returning all of my emails on time, getting acupuncture … overall I love having goals, seeing things ready and achieving them.

Luciana Fasano and Al Hadiyah AA.

Being a perfectionist and liking a challenge, I wanted a chocolate that could be appreciated all over the world, with different cultures and palates, while taking advantage of the many exotic ingredients we have in Brazil and even on the farm with different fruits and coffee, so I decided to do my own chocolates. With time, I created different flavors, and encouraged our chef to take a chocolate course in New York. He is very talented and was soon able to create to the standards I wanted. After 3 years of giving chocolates away and testing them by taking them to shows and events, it was time to start my business that would become well known all over the world. For me, this has special meaning since this logo was created with the gratitude I have for a very special Arabian horse. It will be such a pleasure to see in many countries, my chocolates and our Arabian horse. Are you a white, dark, or milk chocolate lover? My favorite chocolate is Hazelnut (giunduia).


You have had some amazing front covers on the Arabian Horse Times. What is your favorite cover photo and why? My favorite front cover is the one with Al Hadiyah AA in the desert. I love that cover … love the picture. What would be one thing our readers would be surprised to know about you? Behind the very competitive and perfectionist person, I am very sensitive, loving and tender. I like to give attention, love and happiness in return—I could go across the ocean to make someone happy. What is one place that you have never visited that you would like to and why? Egypt, to see the roots of the Egyptian horses. How would you describe yourself? I have a sense of humor, am demanding but fair; loving and tender, creative, playful and fun. When one visits Fazenda Floresta, how would you hope they would describe their visit? I hope that they can see Brazil’s history with a touch of sophistication, and feel welcome and at home. I want them to leave


with the best impression they can have about Brazil after travelling so far to see something special. What one horse would you like to own that you have never owned and why? Padron. Again, it is really about what I felt when I looked at him. Do you feel that a great sense of style and inherent good taste are something you are born with, or are evolved and developed traits? I feel that yes, you learn some from your family, and I think I learned the base from my grandmother and both my mom and dad. I absorbed the best and created my own, which developed from working with fashion and traveling. But still, you need to be open to learn, to see different things; look at books and, of course, you need to pay attention to detail. You have been incredibly supportive of the AHT magazine over several years. Simply, why AHT? I love the team! Everyone is supportive, and it’s a well-run, organized and very exclusive magazine! ■

Luciana Fasano and Jake Boggs.

Volume 46, No. 2 | 97