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Artist Spotlight

CAROL FENSHOLT NIERENBERG A Passion for Portraying Emotion in Motion Power. Elegance, Nobility. Courage. These attributes of the horse and its expressiveness in motion are what captivate and inspire bronze sculptor Carol Fensholt Nierenberg. An ardent admirer of all equines, she most often sculpts the Arabian and the two Iberian breeds, the Andalusian (PRE) and Lusitano, because they possess these qualities in such abundance. She is an owner and close observer of these fabulous breeds, and it is the vitality that their whole bodies express through ever-changing form that she strives to reflect in her sculptures. “Art is not a handicraft. It is the transmission of feeling that the artist has experienced.” To sculptor/painter Carol Fensholt Nierenberg of Carefree, AZ, this quote attributed to Tolstoy is her “best explanation for why my sculpting fingers start to twitch at the sight of a beautiful horse,” she laughs. “Every lover of horses surely feels the same flush of pleasure when they see one that resembles their ideal, no matter the breed or discipline,” she adds. “I just feel a personal compulsion to capture and express that feeling in clay, which becomes a bronze that ‘freezes’ it forever, or at least for a long, long time.”

Carol Fensholt Nierenberg

Carol’s own Arabians and Lusitano stallions are her primary models, and fine models they are indeed. She and her husband, Stu Nierenberg, recently purchased, in partnership with Robert and Dixie North (North Arabians in Ramona, CA), the yearling filly Mystic Magnolia PF, Champion Yearling Filly at Scottsdale in February, Gold Champion Junior Filly at the Arabian Breeders World Cup in April, and Champion Yearling Filly at Region 8 in Denver, the latter win qualifying her for October’s U.S. Nationals. “I did not see her face close up until she arrived at Arabians International in Scottsdale, and when I did, my knees almost buckled,” Carol says. “My sculpting fingers were twitching as they never have, yet I wonder, ‘Can I ever do her justice?’” If past is prologue, she will indeed. Most recently, Carol was tapped to sculpt a new trophy for the Arabian Horse Breeders Alliance “Lifetime Achievement Award,” presented periodically at World Cup shows in Las Vegas. The first recipients of this new trophy (upper left) were Robert and Dixie North, whose stallions, Padrons Psyche and Ever After NA, have taken Arabian conformation to a new level worldwide, and whose progeny, including Mystic Magnolia PF, have been winning up a storm in both halter and performance rings for years.

Arabian Horse Times - Vol47 No2 - Issue #7  
Arabian Horse Times - Vol47 No2 - Issue #7