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on a yearly basis. On a more global scale, we plan to responsibly limit breedings to Unlike Any Other in an attempt to preserve lines and encourage outcrosses, but also excite other breeders to continue evolving our industry. Does your family have a heritage of horses? Actually, sort of ! I am currently sitting in a café in Saratoga Springs laughing at the irony of this question! My paternal great-great grandfather was heavily involved in the racing industry here in Saratoga as a trainer for the Whitney family. It wasn’t far down the road from this café that my great grandmother grew up around the racetrack. My grandfather even had a little roadster pony as a pet. However, I was never raised around horses. I was seven-years old when I rode my first horse, after eventually wearing down my once horse-terrified mother. I’d like to think that my passion for the animal was perhaps a piece of my family’s innate heritage. Now, horses are more or less a family affair! My sister is a trainer, my mother hardly misses a show, my in-laws are often cheerleaders, and our kids are Showtime groupies and barn rats. It is incredibly exciting that EAC, a family-founded business, embarks upon initiating a legacy of horses for generations to come. How has the Arabian horse enriched your life? I think the better question is, how has it not enriched my life? I can barely remember a time when horses were not a part of my identity. I’m not sure I want to! Most significantly, the Arabian horse has introduced us to so many wonderful friends, many of whom we now are privileged to call family. Team Showtime is the only reason I can show; without their support (and lately, their help with my kids!) I wouldn’t be competing. The Arabian community, in spite of our many differences and sometimes diverse and divisive opinions, is one of the strongest, most supportive, and welcoming communities that exists. I am proud and honored to be a part of it.

And I am grateful that Conor and I are raising our family among it. What makes you happy? Spending time with my husband and kids … at the barn! In all seriousness, this is something I have deeply reflected on lately. I am truly blessed. With everything that is going on in the world, it is very easy to get distracted and saddened by the horror of it all. And it is sometimes even more challenging to get overwhelmed by the daily grind. I am learning to stop, take a breath, enjoy the moment, and smile. Our kids have best taught my husband and me that very important lesson. Many things are out of our control, but enjoying what we have is not. And we have A LOT to enjoy.   What is your favorite Arabian horse destination to travel to? I have many Arabian destinations on my bucket list that I look forward to visiting. There are many incredible breeders, trainers, and amateurs to learn from as we begin to grow EAC. On the top of my list is Showtime Training Center to see all of our horses—I miss being a car ride away from the herd. I always love visiting Shea Arabians; their breeding program is inspiring. Marty and Tim are gracious hosts who will surely put on a show during every visit. And I enjoy seeing any therapeutic riding program, like Iron Horse Therapy, or Mary Trowbridge’s Distress Fund’s outreach events—programs using Arabian horses and retired show horses to make an impact in our community.   Outside of the Arabian horse community, what do you like to do to unwind from a busy workweek? Run! I love to run! I also enjoy reading, cooking, going to the gym, and spending time with my kids and husband. We often visit the beach with friends, see the kids’ pony, host BBQs, or watch Kids Baking Championship as a family (or Orphan Black as adults!) in our pajamas. n

Photos L-R: Tish Kondas and Colleen; Emma Cooper with Half-Arabian foal by Arrowhead’s Unlike Any Other; Colleen with her siblings, Annie and Dean; Cooper family with niece, Blake, sister-in law, Joanna, and brother, Dean.

Ar abian Horse Times | 115 | Volume 47, No. 2

Arabian Horse Times - Vol47 No2 - Issue #7  
Arabian Horse Times - Vol47 No2 - Issue #7