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looking toward a career in reproduction or veterinary

and brought home six trophies—quite an impressive

medicine, while sister Lyndsey is in school in

week for Emma. Bringing up the rear is the only boy,

Minnesota, speaks German, and hopes to teach at

and the baby at that. Son, Jake, is adored by all and

some point down the road. She is also a wonderful

absolutely loves these horses. He announced to his

horse photographer whose exquisite photographs are

dad just the other day that he was trying to decide

proudly displayed on the Midwest website. Younger

between Janey Morse's gorgeous Polish Princess

daughter Emma, a senior in high school this year, is

*Wieza Mocy, 2014 Scottsdale Champion Mare

planning on pursuing a career in fashion merchandising

Luxemere Jizette, owned by Al Saqran Arabians, or the

soon, and is also a wonderful rider and dad's star in

glorious Perfirka, longtime friends and Midwest clients

the halter arena. She once showed four horses at the

Dick, Lollie and Lara Ames' new Polish purchase, as

Scottsdale All Arabian Horse Show in the youth classes

his halter entry for the 2015 Scottsdale Show, where he will debut in the youth halter division. Obviously, Jake is a young man with exquisite taste. At age seven, Jake offered to buy American Triple Crown winning stallion *Pogrom, from Director Marek Trela of Janów Podlaski in Poland, just prior to the stallion departing for home.

Besides his immediate family and children, David Boggs also loves and adores his clients—his extended family. David simply dotes on them night and day, and loves every minute of it. From the very beginning, David's life has had the greatest teachers and mentors. First, of course, was his father Don, and then close family friend, Dick Ames; both enabling him to be the

Above, l-r: David with Lyndsey, Emma, Jake and Courtney. Bottom left: David and Jake.



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Arabian Horse Times, Vol45 No5 - AAA  

Arabian Horse Times, Vol45 No5 - AAA