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the show ring and as the marketer for top quality horses. “Looking back, my work ethic came from my parents and their parents,” David says, “and I’ve looked all my life to the many successful businessmen I’ve been blessed to know and work with for wisdom and information along the way. My initial inspiration came from Gene LaCroix and my first mentor was Robert Stratmore, importer and owner of my beloved *Padron.” Other wonderful mentors in David’s life through the years include: Tom Chauncey, Walter Mishek, Fernando de Santibanes, Dan Grossman, and Brazilian entrepreneur Paulo Levy, all of whom, David says, taught him how to be not only an astute businessman, but a good father to his children, as well.

Through those many profound relationships has come some of the world’s finest horses for David to exhibit, care for, and manage. *Padron was one of the most popular



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Arabian Horse Times, Vol45 No5 - AAA  

Arabian Horse Times, Vol45 No5 - AAA