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children, all of whom love horses.” Son, Jake Boggs, is a fifth generation Boggs horse lover and absolutely adores the fine horses living at Midwest. He is destined for a life with Arabians, no doubt. David’s three adorable daughters, now in college and the final year of high school, have also made Arabians a huge priority so far in their young lives, whether it be showing, photographing, or just loving them.

David Boggs’ heartfelt desire has become his life’s work. Over the past thirty plus years, he has travelled the world from Paris to Dubai, Des Moines to Sao Paulo, and most recently, Warsaw. David has visited every continent where Arabian horses live. Along the way he has met members of royal families, rulers of nations, aristocrats, titans of industry, and famous members of the entertainment industry, including rock stars. His favorite people remain those who truly love the Arabian horse—breeders, trainers, grooms, those who own Arabian horses, and those who dream of the possibility, especially the children. “The precious friends I have made,” David says, “and the wonderful people I have met; the beautiful places I have visited and the exciting adventures I have had, are all because of the Arabian horse. Words cannot describe how blessed I feel. I just want to share that with others.”

Boggs has a reputation for leading superstars into the arena and leaving with champions. This year’s show string will be no exception. Included, are the outrageously beautiful and competitive horses of Al Shaqab – Member Qatar Foundation from Doha, Qatar. The Al Shaqab beauty and undefeated son of Marwan Al Shaqab, *Hariry Al Shaqab, was Gold Supreme Champion Stallion



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Arabian Horse Times, Vol45 No5 - AAA  

Arabian Horse Times, Vol45 No5 - AAA