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attend to come north, and there was the coincidence of trainer changes and injuries at farms which were regular participants. The silver lining in that cloud was that when front row stalls came open, young trainers snapped up the higher-profile accommodations. In addition to the competition, the Buckeye is known for supporting its exhibitors, and this year it lived up to its reputation. A standard feature at the show is the Horse Show App, which ensures up-to-the-minute availability of information. “The App is like our own updated program,” Clinton says. “The judges cards are seen within minutes of their being turned in. You can be sitting in the stands watching the class and see the cards right away.”

What is the takeaway from the show which has been a hit for such a long time? There is the topnotch competition, of course, but that is not all. Bob Gordon saw more than just the view from center ring, as impressive as that was. As president of the Minnesota Half-Arabian Association, he observed with an eye toward enhancing his club’s show. “The one thing I really took away from the Buckeye was the exhibitor-friendliness of the horse show,” he says. “To me, that is a huge deal. We have to make everything as exhibitor friendly as possible.” ■

Also on the technological front, a 2014 innovation was that wi-fi was offered free of charge in the coliseum, and per usual, the Buckeye was live-streamed on Arabian Horse Global for those unable to be there. There was an array of other amenities as well. A vendor area provided shopping for exhibitors between classes, while nearby, two Bounce Houses and an inflatable basketball arrangement kept the kids entertained. And Friday night’s traditional Progressive Party, always a success, was again a social panorama as a tide of people moved along the barn aisles. Clinton is quick to praise everyone on the Buckeye team. “I have to thank all the people who help put this show on,” she says. “Schneider Saddlery has been a corporate sponsor since I came on board, and Nutrena® is in its second year. And Jarvis Insurance provided great gift baskets for our gold and silver sponsors, as they have done for two years.”

Volume 45, No. 2 | 97

Arabian Horse Times - Vol45 No2  
Arabian Horse Times - Vol45 No2  

July 2014 issue