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guy (something I can say because I have been on many less-than-trustworthy horses and it can be an unsettling feeling). I wish I had 10 Mozarts to ride every day, but the truth of the matter is, he absolutely is one of a kind.” Beyond these considerable wins, the 2007 stallion also looks to continue to put successful foals on the ground. Cedar Ridge Breeding Manager, Mike Brennan, shares what he is seeing in the TA Mozart foals. “They all seem to have his easygoing and friendly personality. They love to be around people and love all the attention you can give them, just like their dad! A fair amount of these offspring also have his markings. Of course, I am referring to all that “chrome.” They like to be noticed. His foals resemble a “working” type of an individual.” With nearly 50 mares covered in the 2013 and 2014 breeding seasons, owner Dick Ames of Cedar Ridge Arabians hopes to utilize Mozart’s many attributes to produce some superb Arabian reining horses. Ames says, “Mozart is very quiet; he responds well to training, and he has the mannerisms we like to see in a reining horse. As everyone knows, a reining horse has to be a very athletic horse and has to have a mind that can stand up to pressure—and Mozart is a horse that has all of those qualities. We’re hoping that it all passes on to his offspring; only time will tell.” Considering the big picture, Brennan adds, “In terms of his contribution to the reining division for the Arabian breed, I see in Mozart’s offspring what Mr. Ames is and

TA Mozart (*Kordelas x *Marieta) and Dick Ames.

has been working toward in his breeding program. He wants to create a “new” type of working/reining Arabian horse. A horse that is fuller bodied, athletic, and a horse that can compete and win at the open reining classes. All the while, he wants keep from losing what we love about our breed—the pretty head and neck. Thus far, I see that in these foals from TA Mozart. Mr. Ames has a dream, and TA Mozart, along with myself, are proud to be part of this adventure! Right now I see this becoming a reality.”   O’Hara, too, agrees that Mozart is producing some excellent reining prospects as his temperament and physical attributes translate into the next generation of Arabian reiners. “Mozart is a professional and the consummate gentlemen in and out of the show pen— traits I believe he is going to pass. Not only would his temperament be ideal, but also the physical attributes are just going to be another plus. I have seen the large bone and correct conformation he is putting on his babies and I never expected anything less from him. They say the proof is in the pudding and his offspring will be making a name for Mozart as a sire very soon.” n Volume 45, No. 2 | 71

Arabian Horse Times - Vol45 No2  
Arabian Horse Times - Vol45 No2  

July 2014 issue