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DA Valentino x faberge AA 2013 CAnADiAn nAtionAL CHAMpion 2-yeAr-oLD CoLt witH AnDrew seLLMAn U.s. nAtionAL top ten 2-yeAr-oLD CoLt

vesty photo

now in training with Jody strand SCID & CA Clear • Iowa Gold Star Nominated Minnesota Medallion stallion breeders sweepstakes nominated sire

proudly owned & bred by

stonegAte ArAbiAns, LLC.

Jay Krusenstjerna & barb sink-Krusenstjerna Waukee, IA • 515.371.7407

Jody Strand mobile: 319.360.5997 Andrew Sellman mobile: 715.760.2466

Volume 45, No. 2 | GOLD STAR •


Arabian Horse Times - Vol45 No2  
Arabian Horse Times - Vol45 No2  

July 2014 issue