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The AEPA Strawberry Banks AOTR Maturity

Since 2008, the Ohio Buckeye has been home to the Arabian English Performance Association’s Yearling In-Hand Futurity. Offering $15,000 in prize money, it was one of the highlights of the show’s schedule. Next year, that will change—not the venue, but the type of class. And its prize money will go up. “The purpose of AEPA is to build growth and participation in the English performance division,” says Peter Conway, the organization’s president. “So, we tried an experiment to see if we could get people involved with yearlings in that class.” The specifications of the competition, which offered a relaxed style of halter presentation for the youngsters, directed that the horses be judged for English potential.

Over the years the class was in operation, however, it never really attracted sustained support. “My guess is that most performance people did not want to send their yearlings out to a class yet,” Conway says. “They want to wait until they grow up and then bring them in for performance training.” Therefore, the in-hand competition has been discontinued. “We decided to try something that we know people have been clambering for, and that’s more opportunity for amateur owners to win prize money and to participate,” Conway says. Barbara Chur, of Strawberry Banks Farm, stepped up to augment the prize money, and the result is calculated to please. “The AEPA Strawberry Banks AOTR Maturity is for amateur owners to ride,” Conway says, “and is for 5- and 6-year-old horses that were sired by an AEPA stallion at the time of the breeding. It is open to all English performance horses, both country and English, but it will be judged by country English standards.” The Maturity will offer not only a prestigious title. On Friday night at the 2015 Buckeye, it also will be passing out $20,000 in prize money. “The Buckeye Board is thrilled to be a part of the AEPA’s innovative ideas,” says Cindy Clinton. “We appreciate their choosing our show to hold this new and exciting class.”


Arabian Horse Times - Vol45 No2  
Arabian Horse Times - Vol45 No2  

July 2014 issue