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Presenting The Personalities—

Shirley And Charlie Watts, Halsdon Arabians, Part 1


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It is a fairly safe bet that back in the early 1960s, when Charlie Watts and the four other guys called the Rolling Stones burst upon the rock scene, Arabian horse breeders weren’t standing around saying, “Yeah, well, we’ll be seein’ him soon at the horse show.” That, of course, would have been reckoning without Watts’ wife, Shirley—but then, they might not even have known about her. In those days, rock wives were kept so far in the background that few fans realized some of their heroes were already taken. And that has been a key to Charlie and Shirley Watts; ever since they married in 1964, they have belonged to each other. There are many ways to describe the Wattses, but for those just meeting them, probably the most reliable is “unexpected.” For one thing, Shirley is not just a bill-paying owner; she is a genuine horsewoman who at one time rode with some of Britain’s top foxhunts, including the historic Quorn. And Charlie is not just a rock drummer. A detail known to Stones addicts but probably missed by casual fans is that he also plays with a highly-respected jazz band called the ABC & D of Boogie Woogie. And then there is the unusual fact that they have perfected the art of flying under the radar to such a degree that there are few contemporary photographs of them on the internet that haven’t been posed (and therefore approved) or taken at public events. Day to day, with the exception of a few admirers occasionally asking to shake Charlie’s hand, they live quietly, with the anonymity of normal citizens.

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The synergy of the Watts partnership can be fascinating. Try to figure out who brought what into the marriage, and it becomes clear that such particulars have disappeared in the passage of time. “You’re both just so alike after 50 years of marriage,” Shirley muses. “Honestly, you’ve influenced each other because you’ve been different things to each other. And we have led quite separate lives at times; I’ve been home and he’s been on tour. He’s had a lot of different experiences traveling the world, and I’ve had mine mostly with the horses and dogs.” Deep down he’s still a city kid, and while she may have grown up in London, her heart is in the country, at their Halsdon Arabian Stud in Devon. One probable factor in making it work is their mutual respect and their pride in each other’s accomplishments. Charlie, for instance, might not be interested in riding (he tried once, on a gentle cob, and handed back the reins with a “well, okay, that’s it”), but he likes the horses and loves attending Arabian events. Shirley, meanwhile, understands his need to create music and to feel the energy of the city. Bottom line, take two creative personalities, mix them together in a challenging life, throw in a generous dose of “Keep Calm and Carry On,” and five decades on, you have a highly-individualistic couple, a group of fine Arabian horses with uncommon ability, and some amazing music. And a child and a grandchild. Away from the lights and the applause, that’s the Watts family. w w w . ahtimes . com

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Shirley and Charlie Watts come from similar backgrounds: both grew up in north London, in working class families. Charlie’s father was a truck driver, his mother worked at a hospital, and he had one sister. Shirley was a middle child among 10; her father was a master plasterer, her mother a housewife. Both showed an early interest in art—she went to art school and maintains various aspects of her art to this day, and he went to another art school for one day (although he did not pursue it, he still draws, reputedly sketching every hotel room he’s stayed in through the years on tour). And they each had a passion. For her, it was horses, for him, music.

Charlie had no experience in horses and not much interest, but he knew his wife well enough to buy her one early on, a chestnut mare who, Shirley says in hindsight, “obviously had some Arab blood in her.” In the broadside of fame that hit the Stones, and abruptly put Charlie on the road and in the recording studio almost full time, the mare helped Shirley stay balanced. It wasn’t easy, she recalls, and typically, she reduces the situation to its fundamentals. “As far as I was concerned, if I wanted to stay married and stay with Charlie, there wasn’t much else I could do,” she says. “I loved him and I wanted to be with him.”

Shirley can hardly remember not loving horses, from the ones who pulled the milk wagons of her childhood to the Arabians she now owns. Reading Black Beauty “sealed it for me,” she recalls (probably not only her love of the animals, but also her sensitivity to them). She filled sketchbooks with her drawings of horses, and when she was older, spent hours in the library, poring over books of equine anatomy to learn their musculature and how they moved. With the wages from her first job, she began riding lessons. It was an obsession, she says—she loved being with the horses, observing them, catching on to “their funny little ways.”

In 1968, their daughter, Seraphina, was born, and as the years went on, mother and daughter found a common interest in horses, riding together and foxhunting. Horses became for Seraphina, as they are for Shirley, a life’s love; married now and living in the United States, she owns three.

Meanwhile, Charlie had discovered music. He was 13 when he first heard the pianist Meade Lux Lewis, whose style, while featuring the dizzying speed of early jazz, also represented the iconic black experience of rhythm and blues. He got his first drum kit in 1955, and at 16, joined a local jazz band (one of the members was his childhood friend Dave Green, with whom he performs today). He played with several groups over the next few years, and was working in an advertising agency and playing the drums at night when he met a girl named Shirley Ann Shepherd in a club. Far from a suave sophisticate, he arrived for their first date with a crowd of his friends. That didn’t really impress her, but they sorted it out, she got to know him, and they were together in 1962 when he signed on with an outfit called the Rolling Stones. On October 14, 1964, they married, soon after the Stones’ first tour of the United States.

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The first Arabian—technically, a half-Arabian/halfBarb—came into their lives when the family relocated to France for a time in the early 1970s. Shirley spotted him at a horse market, and that was the beginning; over the next several years, after they returned to England, she acquired more. She hired a professional to compete on the ones that were of show caliber, experimented briefly with the ring herself, and owned some hunters for that aspect of her life. But as much as she loved her Arabians, she decided, she would not be a breeder. “I knew I’d have to sell the babies,” she says, “and I couldn’t bear the thought of that.” Famous last words.

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In the late 1970s and into the ’80s, Shirley Watts enjoyed her horses, without, as she said, considering a breeding program. It was around this time that she made an interesting discovery: she might be a good horsewoman, but she was an absolute disaster in the show ring. “I did take a lot of lessons,” she acknowledges, “but when I would go into the ring, my nerve just left me as soon as I got in there. I’d think, ‘Why are they looking at me? Am I on the wrong leg?’ So, one time I thought, ‘Well, I’ll do something about this.’ And I took a tranquilizer, and then of course, I didn’t know what I was doing. I really was going around on the wrong leg. “I look at Charlie and think, ‘How do you do it?’” she interjects parenthetically. “All these people looking at you! I don’t believe he’s even conscious of the crowd. They go on and he says there is this huge, huge surge of adrenaline, and that’s actually what gets you through it.” She pauses. “That didn’t happen for me.” And then there was once when she and her horse were lined up last. “It was a pretty big class, and the judge came up and I thought, ‘Oh, she’s going to move me up already, she’s obviously made a mistake, putting me last.’ And she said, ‘My dear’—she was a very kind lady—‘would you like to leave the ring now or later?’” Shirley chuckles. “It was all wrong anyhow, because my dog, who I thought I’d shut away in the horse box, followed me into the ring, which didn’t help.”

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Breeding came somewhat more naturally. Her program has been a reflection of her own taste in Arabians, built largely from Polish, Egyptian and Russian stock. She recalls when her interest in Polish bloodlines was sparked. They had gone to the European Championships, in Ostend, Belgium, in 1986, to show a couple of horses, and she fell in love with Pilarka, who was named Champion Mare, and Penitent, Champion Stallion. It would be several years before Pilarka joined the Halsdon Arabians broodmare band, but on that day, Shirley Watts became fascinated with the ‘P’ bloodline of Janów Podlaski Stud. Four years later, she and Charlie attended their first Polish Sale and National Show, and since then, they have missed very few. “You couldn’t keep me away,” she says. “I’d say, ‘I’m not going to buy anything this year.’ Charlie kept threatening to tie my hands to my ankles.” Her smile is apparent. “He’d just go to get a cup of coffee …” Over the years, Halsdon Arabians became home to many top horses of Polish ancestry. The ‘P’ line was in residence—among others, there was the stallion Piechur, who died recently at the age of 33, and Platoon, Pilot and Pikieta—and in time, Michalów’s ‘E’ line was added. An Egyptian perspective that included the stallion Simeon Sadik was introduced, along with a dash of Russian, and a selection of British and American horses. And through the years, Halsdon Arabians has accounted for a steady flow of national titles all over Europe and Scandinavia.

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Simeon Sadik


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Alfabia Akiabara (ZT Marwteyn x ZT Ludbectra)

Etnologia (Gazal Al Shaqab x Etalanta)

For sure, Shirley and Charlie Watts did not set out to own more than 200 horses. Asked what advice she would give to new breeders, Shirley replies dryly, “Get no more than six.” And adds, “Follow your own instinct.” For her, it has always been about breeding the best horse, based on her experience in the saddle as well as studying their bloodlines, not following a prescribed heritage. This year, Halsdon Arabians was responsible for two All Nations Cup titlists, 3-Year-Old Filly Champion Alfabia Akiabara, and Etnologia, third in 7 to 10-Year-Old Mares, both of whom will be going on to the Salon du Cheval.

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Today, Shirley prioritizes her horses’ care more than anything, and that outlook is part of her larger picture of animals coexisting with humans. “They’re struggling to get through life,” she says, “and no one knows anything about it really.” She recalls one of the low points in her life, when she was 10 and her family was broken up for a year. “We’d lost our house and had nowhere to live, so we were put into different homes,” she says. “Luckily, I had my sister with me. We were just puzzled—we didn’t understand, so we just sort of waited. It’s like animals really, isn’t it? Like with dogs. When you leave your dog and tell it to stay, and you say, ‘I’ll be back.’ They have no idea, really, so they just wait. That’s what we, as children, did.”

Vivaldi Rach (Armagnac x Vanity VF)

14 | A r AbiAn H orse Times

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That is why she believes that communication is so important. “Any animal—specifically domestic animals, because we don’t necessarily see any other sort—will communicate,” she says. “We’re just guessing what they’re telling us, but they understand us.” It is instinct, she offers, the sort of intuitive understanding that enables animals to navigate through a world in which they have so little control. “I think they have what we have lost—that gut feeling that we have too, but we don’t trust it enough,” she continues. “We ignore our feelings, really, and at our own peril. Don’t you find that? If I don’t follow my instinct because I don’t trust it, how can I trust anybody else? Because nobody knows me better than myself, especially as I get older.”

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Horses as individuals have meant a lot to her through the years. “Sometimes I’ve felt that however much you love a particular horse, it’s not until they’re gone that you recognize how much you did love them because you miss them so much,” she observes. “I read something once—so it’s not really an original thought of mine—by Collette; she said, ‘It is the image in the mind that binds us to our lost treasures, but it is the loss that shapes the image.’ It’s lovely, isn’t it?” It is apparent that animals, including those she doesn’t own, are a cornerstone of her life. Asked to mention a high point, a memorable time, in her life, she shies away from personal family moments and cites instead a recent encounter with a horse. On a day in October, she and Charlie were invited to Banstead Manor Stud, where the Thoroughbred stallion Frankel, rated the world’s best race horse, had recently finished his first season at stud. Shirley was entranced. “He was so gentle and kind— everybody would love to meet him,” she says. “We wanted to stand and gaze at him all day because he had this air of greatness. You can feel this incredible power coming from him, but he is so confident in himself that he doesn’t need to show it.” She marvels that they were able to go into the stall with the stallion, scratch his back and play with him, which while a common practice in Arabians, is decidedly not in Thoroughbreds. She came away from the visit with a renewed respect for the way the horses were handled at the stud farm. The racing business at that level is a large financial investment, she concedes, but that is not wholly the reason for the careful, considerate management of the horses. Many of the horsemen are second or third generation (or more), she argues, and their regard for the horses is built-in. “They would be horrified [at our industry] because people don’t show the respect to the horse that they should,” she reflects. Pushed for an example, she replies, “It’s the slyness of just giving a quick look [in the show ring] to see if anyone is watching, and then flicking the whip very hard and sharp across the hind legs to the other side, where basically no one can see it. That’s a mean action isn’t it? It’s like some people know the value, but not the worth.” Pilarka (Palas x Pierzga) 16 | A r AbiAn H orse Times

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SHF Pearlie Mae (SHF Southern Whiz x Citona) While Shirley has built Halsdon Arabian Stud to its success today, Charlie has refined his music career through two, going on three, generations of fans. And evolved in ways that screaming teenyboppers in 1964 would never have imagined. He may favor tee-shirts for his on-stage appearances because they are more comfortable to work in, but off-stage, he is perennially on international best-dressed lists for men. In 2012, a GQ article observed, “The thing about Charlie Watts is that he makes everyone else look like they’re trying too hard,” and quoted his comment that he loved the traditions of fine tailoring. Considering that men’s custom tailoring is understated—the man wears the clothes, not vice versa—that makes sense in the line-up of characteristics that have defined Charlie Watts over the years. As with Shirley, clues to Charlie can be found in their childhood. That he plays jazz now goes back to his earliest attraction to music. In a 2009 television

w w w . ahtimes . com

interview, he explained that the type of music which first got his attention, Meade Lux Lewis’ jazz, was the basis for all the music that followed—swing, jazz, rock and roll, blues. It still fascinates him (the Hollywood Reporter has called his performances “utterly flawless”), and more than one publication has noted that while his face is immobile or perhaps amused through his Rolling Stones concerts, he frequently grins when backing the bass and two pianos of his other group. That is, perhaps, just another side to Charlie Watts. It connects even to the clothes (in the era he came from, he says in the GQ piece, jazz was very hip and fashionable for young people), and it’s one more piece of the history he and his wife share. Reduced to the basics, the ongoing creativity of Charlie’s music is not unrelated to Shirley’s long term commitment to developing top Arabian horses. The desire to create has been a lifelong characteristic on some level for both of them.

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So, what’s a typical day at home for the Watts family? Pretty normal, Shirley says. Charlie rises first and lets the dogs out, then makes coffee. When she gets up, she feeds the dogs and he makes her a cup of tea. That is key, one of thoughtful gestures that she most appreciates in 50 years of marriage. Marriage, she feels, is an ongoing stream of give and take, compromise and trust, and simple, caring details like a cup of tea in the morning speak volumes. “I think it is the things like that, quite ordinary things, that are important in a relationship,” she says.

on a fitting at his tailor—to the mutual horror of both Charlie and the tailor. Women aren’t a common sight in the dressing rooms of Savile Row-type tailoring establishments.

Over the years, there has had to be a lot of freedom in their union. She doesn’t say it, but in decades of press coverage that would love a good scandal, the story on Charlie Watts has been, invariably, of devotion to his wife. So the challenge, apparently, has been the accommodation of two people who enjoy each other’s full confidence in their individual pursuits. After enough time in the country, walking the dogs, playing with the emus and generally relaxing, Charlie will head off back to London. Shirley laughs when she recalls how she once surprised him there, dropping in

These days, a special gift for Charlie has been their granddaughter, Charlotte, who recently turned 17. “I think Charlie was so upset at not being able to be with his own daughter as much as he would like to have done, he’s really sort of made it up to our granddaughter,” says Shirley. “Sometimes, she goes with him on parts of the tour. He’s very worried about having her around, but he’s so pleased as well.”

18 | A r AbiAn H orse Times

All in all, though, for her the bustle of the city doesn’t compare to the tranquility of their Devon home, and she accepts their freedom as a given. “It’s like when children get into their teens,” she says. “You have to let people go and do what they want to do. You just have to.”

She smiles with the same wry humor as most of her generation: back in the swinging 1960s, when the

w w w . AHTimes . com

youth culture was taking over the world, who would have envisioned themselves as grandparents? Now she enjoys it. “Youth is a wonderful thing,” she offers. “I can laugh when I look back and think about how I [as an artist and sculptor] would tell my father how to mix plaster.” Her father was an artist in his own right, crafting elegant moldings by hand. “He would sigh and say, ‘All right, girl, get on with it.’ “I think you don’t care so much about what you’re like—what other people think of you—as you get older,” she reflects. “I don’t know if it’s more confidence or if you just don’t care because you realize that it doesn’t matter. When I was very young, I thought I didn’t care, but of course I did care, terribly. And I watch it in my granddaughter now.” At this point in her life, there is a serenity to Shirley Watts, a gentle acceptance of life, much like her gentle acceptance of animals being who they are. She is both more open about her private feelings than expected, and yet firm in not revealing more. But she never dodges a question. She always offers a response.

w w w . AHTimes . com

And Charlie? “He’s a very difficult man to get to know,” she observes, and references his early shyness. “Very, very, very private. Always has been.” Yet—he loves attending Arabian shows, mostly because he likes meeting the people. In the end, there are the Wattses and there is Halsdon Arabians. And Halsdon Arabians, which is all about horses, provides a unique view into who Shirley Watts is. “I just want them to have a good life. They do here, of course,” she says. “I feel such an affinity with them. It’s like a visceral feeling. Every night, when I go out to see my horses, we’re pleased to see each other and I stand with each one, by the door, just stand there. They’re so peaceful; there is a wonderful air of calm that emanates from them.” Again she turns to humor. “And then you can feel that they’re thinking, ‘Well, I’ve got to go to sleep, so please go.’” ■

Next month, Part II: the horses, the breeding program and the future of Halsdon Arabians.

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Mr. and Mrs. C.R. Watts

20 | A r abian H orse Times

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The Versatile Arabian


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h a m p i o n s


o r


v e r

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e a r s


a r a b i a n h or se ti m es | 21

M u l t i - N at i o N a l C h a M p i o N

(IXL Noble Express x Sweet Summer Fire) Minnesota Medallion Stallion AHA Breeders Sweepstakes Sire AEPA Enrolled Sire Scottsdale Signature Stallion Iowa Gold Star Stallion

Noble bey CRF

A Noble Cause x Olympia Bey

2013 Colt

A Noble Cause x Toi Jabaska

Ames DistiNguisheD A Noble Cause x G Kallora

CEdAr rIdGE ArABIANS ~ The Ames Family ~ Jordan, MN Mike Brennan, Breeding Manager ~ 952-492-6590 www.Cedar-ridge .Com 22 | a r a b i a n h or se ti m es

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N at i o N a l C h a M p i o N

2013 Fillies by TA Mozart x Nspiring Jazz

(Kordelas x Marieta) Minnesota Medallion Stallion | Iowa Gold Star Stallion


Ames Reining Horses

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For breedings, contact: Mike Brennan, Breeding Manager 952-492-6590 ~ Trained by: John O’Hara a r a b i a n h or se ti m es | 23

2013 Fillies

sir marwan CRF x exotic Angel Ab Noble supreme x Royal starina brass Afire x inmy eyes hh maxemus x goldens lil sugar bey Ambition x Ames mirage

tA mozart x Nspiring Jazz shF encore x Colette Ames tA mozart x Nspiring Jazz hh maxemus x A twinkle in her eye

Bey Ambition x Ames Mirage

undulata’s Nutcracker x toi Jabaska shF encore x Julietta Ames A Noble Cause x g Kallora JA urbino x miss mishaah

2013 Colts

A Noble Cause x toi Jabaska Noble supreme x hV trinidoll Noble supreme x stella

Sir Marwan CRF x Exotic Angel AB

Pogrom x Ames mirage matoi x shady baby Audacious Ps x Corrsica tA mozart x Jabbors lita black N style x bint myraa Afires heir x Arias endless summer sir marwan CRF x marcilla shF encore x my Proud mary baske Afire x gunning For Roses shF encore x stella

SHF Encore x Colette Ames 24 | a r a b i a n h or se ti m es

w w w . ahtimes . com

A Noble Cause x Toi Jabaska

Pogrom x Ames Mirage

Afires Heir x Aria Endless Summer

w w w . ahtimes . com

a r a b i a n h or se ti m es | 25

Sire x dam

2014 Expected Foals dat e

Sire x dam

dat e

Afires heir x Alpha Phi


tA mozart x Nspiring Jazz


Afire bey V x Ames Patina


tA mozart x minding Ps and Qs


Afires heir x Arias endless summer


tA mozart x gold elegance


Pogrom x CRF brianna


tA mozart x Al marah swift River


shF encore x Colette Ames


tA mozart x Am thorny Rose


Noble supreme CRF x Colette Ames


tA mozart x Am heavenly Design


sir marwan CRF x exotic Angel Ab


tA mozart x Am starry Night


A Noble Cause x stella


tA mozart x Al-marah magic Dean


A Noble Cause x glamorize


tA mozart x Al-marah Amelius


Noble supreme CRF x glamorize


tA mozart x Jaborrs lita


A Noble Cause x Julietta Ames


tA mozart x A twinkle in her eye


A Noble Cause x lady machine


hh maxemus x golden’s lil sugar


sir marwan CRF x marcilla


magnum Psyche x marion Ames


baske Afire x on tulsa time


26 | a r a b i a n h or se ti m es

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mare gelding

b b

A hA

hh maxemus brennas golden Dunit

Jaborrs lita minding Ps and Qs

3/31/2009 4/18/2009

Filly Colt Filly Colt Colt gelding Filly Colt

bs bs b bs Ch b bs b

hA hA A hA A hA hA hA

hollywood Dun it brennas golden Dunit hh maxemus hollywood Dun it hh maxemus hh maxemus hh maxemus hh maxemus

minding Ps and Qs Fyre in the skye marliera minding Ps and Qs Jaborrs lita A twinkle in her eye she Dun slid lil miss sassy

2/02/2010 2/08/2010 2/26/2010 3/05/2010 3/06/2010 4/02/2010 4/06/2010 4/18/2010

Filly Filly Filly Filly gelding

P b Db b bs

hA A hA A hA

Colonels smoking gun hh maximus hh maxemus Nobles top gun hollywood Dun it

minding Ps and Qs Jaborrs lita little Alice Rose Nspiring Jazz Runaround Patasue

3/07/2011 3/20/2011 4/14/2011 5/05/2011 6/02/2011

Filly Filly

b b

A hA

mister montana Nic hh maximus

Jaborrs lita A twinkle in her eye

3/28/2012 5/19/2012

Filly Colt gelding Filly Filly Filly

b Ch Db Ch Ch b

hA A A A A hA

hh maxemus tA mozart bl N style tA mozart tA mozart hh maxemus

goldens lil sugar Jabbors lita bint myraa Nspiring Jazz Nspiring Jazz A twinkle in her eye

3/24/2013 3/29/2013 4/06/2013 4/07/2013 4/21/2013 5/06/2013

broodmare broodmare broodmare broodmare broodmare broodmare broodmare broodmare broodmare broodmare broodmare broodmare broodmare

g bl Ch g g g g g g g g g b


gondolier okies leo Rose Jaborrs impack hesa Zee hesa Zee Al marah Quebec Am Double Dream Al marah horatio Am good oldboy Am Power Raid Am good oldboy Almarah mr Dream bremervale Andronicus

mark iV evergreen lizzys star Chex Kl lalita sarabask sarabask Am Dreamtime girl Amlightening Raid Am shining sword Al-marah marquise Al-marah Capricorn Carmel-bythe-sea DWFs imajica Al marah so bellicose

2/05/1992 2/06/1999 5/26/1999 4/05/2000 6/06/2002 4/16/2005 1/24/2007 3/28/2007 1/28/2008 3/25/2008 5/06/2008 3/10/2009 4/05/2009

stallion stallion

Ch b


Kordelas Zee mega bucks

marieta Khabreah

5/23/2007 5/09/2000

Four-year- oldS maxeen RA Dun With style RA

Reining Horses

tHree year oldS Dunminding Ps and Qs Dunit on Fyre RA maxs girl Dunit my Way RA maxemillion RA Duramax RA max Dunit RA maxe Zip RA

two -year- oldS Wheres Wanda RA Foxy maximus Chantilly Rose RA Nspiring Forthe top Run and Dun

yearlingS Jeelee montana RA maxeglow RA

FoalS lil sugar max RA mozarts mulligan RA black N style x bint myra tA mozart x Nspiring Jazz tA mozart x Nspiring Jazz maxema RA

BroodmareS marliera little Alice Rose Jaborrs lita Nspiring Jazz minding Ps And Qs Al marah swift River Al-marah Power Parade Am heavenly Design Am star on marquee Am thorny Rose Am starry Night Al-marah magic Dean Al-marah Amelius

StallionS tA mozart hh maxemus

B = Bay | dB = dark Bay | BS = Buckskin | P = Pinto | BL = Black | CH = Chestnut | G = Grey | PA = Palomino A = Arabian | HA = Half-Arabian | AQH = American Quarter Horse

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s re a m od ro B & ts ec sp ro P s, se Show Hor HorSe


Color/Breed Sire



gelding gelding mare gelding gelding stallion gelding gelding Filly mare gelding Filly gelding Filly broodmare gelding gelding Filly

b b b b b b Ch b Ch b Ch Ch Ch Ch Ch b b Ch

A hA hA A A A hA A A A A hA A A A A A A

brass matoi matoi brass brass A Noble Cause matoi matoi Afires Vision A temptation A Noble Cause A Noble Cause A Noble Cause A Noble Cause A Noble Cause A Noble Cause A Noble Cause A Noble Cause

Cb shining star Alpha Phi movie maker Ferachask toi Jabaska toi Jabaska Fantasy Watch Afire inmy eyes Kb gala De Fire Drus Delight hl halys hope glamorize toi tiara Appollonia X PWA tusea toi Jabaska Justa New look miz brass

5/12/2000 3/23/2003 2/27/2004 4/05/2006 5/15/2006 1/21/2008 3/14/2008 6/15/2008 3/06/2009 4/12/2009 4/20/2009 4/22/2009 4/28/2009 5/06/2009 5/08/2009 6/01/2009 6/04/2009 6/29/2009

b b Ch b b Ch b Ch Ch

A hA hA A A A A A A

A Noble Cause matoi A Noble Cause A Noble Cause mr Ames CRF shF encore shF encore A Noble Cause A Noble Cause

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B = Bay | BS = Buckskin | P = Pinto | BL = Black | CH = Chestnut | G = Grey | PA = Palomino A = Arabian | HA = Half-Arabian

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sax Arabians Germany Walter Mishek speaks with Reinhard Sax, who with his wife, Monika, is celebrating 25 years of breeding Arabian horses. How and why did you become involved with the Arabian breed? In 1985, my son and I took riding lessons with a successful trainer in Landshut, with the result of my son’s desire to have his own horse. Our first was a Warmblood show jumper named Galapagos, who initially had been put at our disposal for the riding lessons. As my son’s ability improved, it became clear that in addition to Galapagos, we needed to find a younger and better horse for jumping.

Essteema—1999 Triple Crown winning filly—here 14 years later, just presented during the Aachen weekend for the 25th Anniversary of Sax Arabians.

I didn’t wish to spend my time at public stud farms and was, therefore, looking to find a suitable yard for myself within the Landshut area, my home and birthplace. The search was extended to the whole of Lower Bavaria, and in the summer of 1986, we found the property—an old, run-down farm—that was to become our home. At first there were thoughts of a perfect renovation job; however, on closer inspection, it was quickly recognized that we needed to initiate the process of getting demolition authorized and stick to that plan. The rebuilding of the yard with the stables began in March 1987, and a year later, the move which had been so longed for took place. Due to our friendship with successful and well-known breeder, Fritz Koenig, I was already very close to Arabian horses. As a consequence, I immediately had to get my first Arabian. It was a 2-year-old colt called Nomech, a son of World Champion Nahbay. I, full of pride, led him myself over the yard and into his box. 30 | A r A b i A n H or se Ti m es

Nomech was my basic training, and I learned how to handle an Arabian horse from scratch—in particular, a young Arabian stallion. I decided to enter Nomech for the “Selection for breeding purposes,” but unfortunately, had to be content that he was sent home “not selected.” A few months later, Fritz Koenig and I went to an Arabian Show in Mindelheim, and I fell in love with a 2-year-old filly by Neman called Bavaria, who was bred and presented at the show by Silvia Garde-Ehlert. She won her class, and shortly after, changed to my stable, together with her half-sister, Nemanda, and Nemanda’s 2-week-old filly Nijala (by Naturel). I later re-named Bavaria, “Baviera.” Within the first few months, the six boxes which had been planned were full, and I had to think about expansion. A further six stalls, which are currently stallion boxes, were built. After everything had developed so nicely, there were then horses which I just had to have. First, I fell in love with w w w . AHTimes . com

Naftalin’s son Bagdad at Robby den Hartog’s in Holland. Horses of great pedigree followed in quick succession: the Menes daughters Marenga, Menascha, Merana, Menina, Frenata, Gypsey and Katharena; Narissa, a daughter of Mashab; Nascha and Nenija, daughters of Neman; Menora, daughter of Naturel; Takema, daughter of Kumir; Kuma, daughter of SR Nadom; Marsipan, daughter of TC Charm; and Marei, daughter of Kilimandscharo. The first foals were planned and the first gratifying successes in breeding could be recorded. The year 1990 saw our first show success. The yearling filly Menora (Naturul x Marei), half-sister to Marenga, won her class at the B show in Babenhausen. In 1989, to train and exercise the horses and to ride young horses and stallions, I built an indoor arena, and in 1990, a stable block with a further 16 boxes for young horses. Bagdad, the new acquisition, won his class at the National Show in Aachen in 1990.

Marshan (Meshan Ibn Kubinec {Kubinec/Menascha} x Marni, by Windsprees Mirage), an amazing, powerful stallion, and an excellent producer!

Describe in order of importance the characteristics of the Sax Arabian horse. Arabian type, combined with athletic body, correct conformation and powerful movement.

Explain the method you use in determining the matings for your breeding program. Analyzing different bloodlines and their breeding results, and comparing individual horses by using the positive and negative points of the horse to determine which horses could maybe work well together. We always try to improve the faults of the mare or stallion when deciding the pairing of the horses. Our goal in breeding is trying always to get a better result, without the faults of the mare or stallion.

Share the success of the Sax breeding program over the past 25 years and what goals you set to accomplish this. The success of the Sax breeding program over the past 25 years was amazing! Our goal was always to improve the quality of the Arabian horse. Our show success can be viewed on our homepage; results for the past 10 years or more, and you will see … it has been a lot w w w . AHTimes . com

Al Justyra (Al Justice x Amyra Bint Khidar), 2013 German National Junior Champion Filly. 4th generation bred by Sax Arabians Germany.

What importance does the show ring have in breeding and marketing decisions? The results of the show ring are extremely important for breeding and marketing! Without good show results you can’t sell horses or breedings in this day. Shows are important; good publicity for our breeding program and the individual horses for their future A r A b i A n H or se Ti m es | 31

sax arabians germany

The stallion Al Justice (WH Justice x Milena, by Ibn Narav). Bred and owned by Sax Arabians Germany; frozen semen available world-wide!

Naha (WH Justice x Nahbayka, by World-Champion Nahbay), 2013 German National Senior Mare.

Above: Marshani - first filly born by the young stallion Marshan. Right: Al Marid (Al Milan x Bafra B, by El Nabila B), 2013 Menton Intl. Arabian Horse Show 2nd Place with proud presenter Simon Kelly. show/breeding carriers. Also, a very successful horse at shows immensely increases the value of the horse as well as of the offspring and the breeding farm. It is also very important to visit and to participate at Arabian horse shows in order to represent our breeding program and observe others.

We hear about the U.S. Arabian type of halter horse and the European Arabian type of halter horse. Is there a difference, and if so what is it? For us, the U.S. market is far away. Our last visit to America was around 13 years ago. We visited the 32 | A r A b i A n H or se Ti m es

Scottsdale Show. With the European type of Arabian horses, we are more confident, and we are also extremely successful, even at the international shows like the All Nations Cup in Aachen, where more than 20 countries always participate.

What can be done to make the marketing of Arabian horses more successful around the world? I think visiting shows is one thing, but it is also very interesting and informative to invite breeders and Arabian horse lovers to your farm, show them how and where our horses live, how we treat them, and how great it is having a life with them. w w w . AHTimes . com

The market is already worldwide! For example, this year we have sold horses to Iran, the U.A.E., Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, and for the first time, two horses to the Kosovo. That’s a great feeling, having people from new countries contact us to let us know that they have followed us—sometimes over years—and now, when they are ready to start their own breeding program, they come to us. That’s the best confirmation we get for all our hard work!

What is the future for Sax Arabians? To continue our successful breeding program, always try to be selective, and never be stable blind. With our two trainers, Simon Kelly from the U.K. and Sebastian Hanss from Germany, we are able to have our horses always in good condition, and we offer show training as well as handling stallions for outside breeders. For as long as we can, we will give the horses at Sax Arabians a “paradise on earth,” and we will keep w w w . AHTimes . com

them as natural as possible! We will use the best and strongest for breeding, break the young for riding, and sell them to private riders or sport riders.

What is the future for the Arabian horse?

Breeding Arabian horses is a passion! The future for the Arabian horse will be what we make of it, and this depends on breeders’ decisions and the Arabian horse industry. We hope to be able to spend our life together for many more years with our lovely and beautiful homebred Arabian horses. We are always happy to meet friendly new Arabian horse lovers, riders or breeders, and to share our passion for the love of the breed. And, of course, to continue our future breeding program! n A r A b i A n H or se Ti m es | 33

One-On-One With

Dr. Hans J. Nagel As the Arabian horse community becomes increasingly global, Walter Mishek interviews the President of WAHO about the state of the Arabian horse today.

In your opinion, what is the international importance of the All Nations Cup show, held every September in Aachen? When the European countries came together in the early 1980s to create the European Show Commission, and to bring the many European national shows to the same level and apply the same rules, the Salon du Cheval and the All Nations Cup existed already. These shows were maintained as they were, with the aim that on these two shows, all breeders worldwide should be invited to participate. The World Championship in Paris made its own way and became definitely, as great an attraction as the city of Paris itself. Aachen had the great advantage of being centrally located amid countries which had a strong Arabian horse population, and its showground offered fantastic facilities for stabling and presenting horses. Due to this infrastructure and to the very well considered framework in which this show was conducted, it has a special touch and atmosphere. In addition, all 34 | A r A b i A n H or se Ti m es

participants quickly understood that the organizers were extremely concerned that the presentation of the horses was done in the best possible manner, and that judging was carried out in a way that there was no other aim than to let the best horses be the winners and the champions. This attitude gave the show a very good, unique, international reputation. Only slight changes have been made over the course of time concerning improvement, mainly in the field of publicity or by letting the audience be more involved in the judging process and its final results. In view of that, Aachen can be seen as a model of how a good show, with a great ambiance, can be carried out. I personally think that its correct judging procedure, pleasant atmosphere and good-humored audience, make Aachen a great attraction. Those are the reasons that the best horses worldwide are presented annually just in this show. Naturally, also, the Nations Cup Trophy as such, is a very appreciated treasure, as is the show’s Breeders’ Cup. All this adds to the feeling of friendly cooperation and a fair competition between all participating countries. w w w . AHTimes . com

What’s new happening with WAHO? When and where will the next convention be? WAHO’s policy is striving for consistency. Our main aim is to guarantee the integrity of the purebred Arabian horse. Correct registration and the control and assistance for the proper maintenance of the corresponding studbooks have always been the main items in each WAHO meeting; held annually by WAHO’s Executive Committee or every two years by the General Assembly. We have reached out a little bit into the subject of welfare, which is in the mind of many people, and there are regrettably enough indications that the abuse of animals can be seen also in the Arabian horse world. Monetary interests and the drive for exaggerated profits are the main reasons, but also carelessness and insufficient knowledge. Therefore, in each General Meeting, guest speakers are invited to report on educational issues or the latest scientific progress, some with positive effects and others with possible long term negative consequences in the horse world. The next General Meeting is in preparation to be held in Doha, Qatar, in the fall of 2014, and the following one will be held in Australia in the fall of 2015.

Is the breeding style of Arabians in Europe and the Middle East different from that in the United States, and if so, how? In principle, the style of breeding in Europe and the Middle East, as well as in the United States, is generally the same. There are differences in the breeders’ aims and interests in keeping Arabian horses in whatever countries they live. Personally, I think there are two major groups. One is the large group of smaller breeders and Arabian horse enthusiasts who are just enjoying their horses, and treat and hold them as a hobby for themselves or for their whole family. Such lovers of Arabians exist everywhere worldwide, and form by far the majority. Maybe up to 80 percent, or even more, of all Arabian horse owners fall in this first category. w w w . AHTimes . com

A second group, a minority, has special interests, and there are several sub-groups. One contingent is looking to be successful in the show ring, and is keeping and breeding horses mainly for this purpose. They may have their own ideas of how to reach their goal. Another focuses on sporting events. This includes riding presentations, performance sports or even racing. And a third faction probably consists of horse owners who are heavily involved and concentrating on breeding Arabians in order to improve them, to change them according to their taste, or to save them as a heritage—each one “à son gout” [to his own taste]. Breeders of all these different interests can be found in each country where Arabian horse breeding takes place. If there is any difference in what is typically desirable in the United States, as compared to Europe, then it would be that Americans generally prefer a bigger and stronger horse.

Based on these differences, should there be more than one international standard for Arabians? What is your opinion as a breeder? I personally think there should definitely be more than one standard of Arabians. However, the reality is different. A show standard has already emerged, more or less the same type. All show-interested people look for such a standard Arabian, because it seems to be in high demand when it has a potential to win. However, such a development is not in line and desirable for the Arabian breed as a total population. Never in history has there been one Arabian standard horse, due to many circumstances, such as environmental factors or personal preferences. Everybody knows how many names of strains in history existed. Whether or not “strain” had something to do with certain types is a delicate subject, but it has definitely to do with preferences. So many horse breeders in history were collectors of certain strains and showed a special interest in them. A great variety of Arabian types makes the whole breed more interesting and attractive, and offers many alternatives in breeding and selecting. Standardization has the disadvantage of becoming more and more A r A b i A n H or se Ti m es | 35

Dr. Hans J. nagel

boring, and is not in line with the way of thinking and behaving of humans and their societies. However, it takes curious and inventive people to go their own way; maybe not all are successful in their ideas, but still such people are needed and they should have the courage to come forward with what they do and what they have achieved. It keeps the breed attractive.

What is the future for our Arabian breed? In the last few years, the Arab countries have played a big role in the development of the Arabian breed. They have been good buyers, they have created very attractive studs, they have gained a lot of knowledge, and many of them are doing their own breeding or organizing their own social events. This should not be a big surprise, since the Arabian horse is basically their own cultural heritage and one of the very few treasures in the thousand years of history which the Arabian world has developed. In the rest of the world, the situation is regrettably totally different. Hopefully, the present trend of reduced interest in the Americas and in Europe will come to an end. For this to occur, however, requires that the Arabian horse not be considered only as an object for marketing. Sales promotion with all its different methods and strategies will not help the Arabian breed to flourish again. To show true affection for this breed in whatever way, seems to be the answer. If the availability of a horse is just a matter of price, that attitude does not reflect a great affection. Something which is the integral part of a grand total is usually indispensable. Maybe there are not many people who think that, but there are for sure some, and the future of the Arabian horse depends on them.

You have just published another incredible book, The Arabian Horse, Nature’s Creation and the Art of Breeding. Share what questions your new book will answer for fellow Arabian breeders worldwide. I had in my life many unexpected and wonderful occasions to get very close to Arabian horses, and also to the Arab countries and their people. My latest book was written with the intention of letting readers know that this Arabian horse offers so many attractive aspects. If these were better known, they would make people more curious and let them develop a fascination for this in fact, unique breed, compared to all other horse breeds. Their historical background is unique and colorful. How this breed could survive for more than 2,000 years until our day is a further interesting and educational story, and it is valuable to know which people did it and how they made it. And finally, what could this horse offer to breeders today when one looks at it in the totality of its merits, and does not get lost in narrow specification and standardization? There exist a lot of very interesting and properly written books about the Arabian horse. However, there is not one single book on the market which gives a total view over this breed and allows a glance behind its enormous development in the last centuries. The knowledge of such facts allows better conclusions, better decisions and better choices of how to enjoy and to breed Arabians. I hope the book fulfills these above promises.

Dr. Hans-Joachim Nagel has been breeding Arabian horses for more than 45 years, and is known worldwide for the straight Egyptians produced at his Gestßt Katharinof, near Bremen, Germany. He is a globally respected horse show judge, and has served in the administration of the breed; among other positions, he was president of the German Arabian Breeding Association for 20 years, and since 2004, has been president of WAHO. He is the author of three books on the Arabian horse: Hanan, The Story of the Arabian Breed; Return and Renaissance, The Return of the Arabian Horse to the Arabian Peninsula; and The Arabian Horse, Nature’s Creation and the Art of Breeding. In 2009, Dr. Nagel was the recipient of the Arabian Horse Breeders Association Lifetime Achievement Award.

36 | A r A b i A n H or se Ti m es

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Proud Canadian members of the international community dedicated to breeding Arabian horses with timeless beauty, classic type, noble carriage, and gentle character...

We congratulate the new owners from around the world who purchased these exceptional individuals from Arabian Horse Futures. ................

Desert Queen (Stival x Aria Jamina) Dynasty AF (KM Bugatti x Miss Soho) Don El Valentino (DA Valentino x Madonna VF) Eludjin AF (Jullyen el Jamaal x Aria Elita) Jakharo AF (Dakharo x Aria Jamina) LR Valita (DA Valentino x Aria Elita) Madonna VF (Psymadre x Donna El Jamaal)

Makara (Dakharo x Aria Jamina) Marjjana VA (Marwan Al Shaqab x Mi Khismet) Marwan S Debut (Marwan Al Shaqab x Thee Paris Debut) Marwans Madonna AF (Marwan S Debut x Madonna VF) Marwteyna (ZT Marwteyn x Aria Jamina) New York AF (WH York x Aria Jamina) Primadonna AF (Justify x Madonna VF)

We invite you to visit our website to learn more about our breeding program and to view our beautiful horses available for showing and breeding. W W W. A r A b I A N H O r S E f U T U r E S . C O M Ken & Joanne White | Acton, Ontario, Canada | 519-853-3780 | Tracy White | Duluth, Minnesota, USA | 218-390-0102 E-MAIL: a r a b i a n h o r s e f u t u r e s @ g m a i l . c o m SHADA INC | (763) 441-5849 | E-MAIL: s s h a d a i n c @ a o l . c o m w w w . ahtimes . com

A r a b i a n H orse Ti m es | 37

The Arabian

Foal—It’sFestival A Hit! by MARY KIRKMAN

The idea was too simple, really. Last spring, as Santa Ynez horsemen were considering ways of drawing attention to their horses, Aljassimya Farm Manager Bart Van Buggenhout suggested a foal competition for amateurs only. It is not a new concept, he conceded, but the way they did it could be all their own. Others in the club agreed; in four months, they put together their horse show, and over the weekend of October 5-6, at the Santa Ynez Equestrian Center, they realized that they had tapped into something special. They had hoped for 50 horses from the local area, but welcomed 70 from as far away as Northern California, and they saw the rails lined with 150 to 200 spectators each day. On Sunday morning, the Arabian Foal Festival was front page news in the Santa Barbara News-Press, and that evening, when a lot of people loaded up their horses, they went home happy.

What did the Foal Festival, which was put on by the Santa Ynez Valley Arabian Horse Association, do that worked so well? The Show Committee (Buggenhout, Greg Gallún, Henry Metz, Doug Dahman and Kelly Elm) not only listened to what people said they wanted, but also read between the lines: the event needed to be inexpensive, convenient, fun, and most of all, fair. “People said they wanted a show where everyone was equal,” Buggenhout says. “So that’s what we did.” The extremely accomplished individuals whose expertise, while amateur, is nearly at the professional level were not the target exhibitors. That was not about keeping people out, show organizers emphasized; it was about making others, such as those who had never shown before, feel more welcome. “When you level the playing field, people find it fair,” Buggenhout says. “Then they can come out and do it themselves. It’s just going back to the old days, when owners were showing their lone horse—and even showing national champions.”

Best Large Breeder, AlJassimya Farm.

“Showing a horse is overwhelming to a lot of people who love and appreciate Arabians,” adds Greg Gallún. “We really want to reach out to people who are afraid or intimidated about going to Scottsdale or Las Vegas, or even a regional.” The unspoken implication was that if beginners at the Foal Festival enjoyed the experience, they might eventually move on to other levels of participation. Organizers also paid attention to the conditions the weanlings and yearlings would face, knowing that many would be on their maiden voyage away from home (the show, publicity explained, was designed to be a “first time, low stress experience” for the youngsters). Weanlings were allowed to show at their dams’ side, and only leather chin straps, not chains, were allowed. The foals could be clipped with no more than a No. 10 blade, and whiskers, eyelashes and hair deep in the ear had to be left untouched. Stand-ups were casual (no hard poses), and the youngsters were required only to walk and trot. Whips were not permitted, but carrots, grass or grain could be employed to get a foal’s attention.

Wayne Newton and Bart Van Buggenhout.

“The filly that won the weanling championship never really stood still, and it didn’t matter,” Gallún smiles. “Sometimes they don’t stand still perfectly. The thing that was neat about it is when the people knew that it didn’t really matter how perfectly your horse stood, it just changed the mentality. “Competition is great,” he notes. “I make my living at it. But we kind of took a step back from it in this show. Yeah, there’s first and second, and there’s gold, silver and bronze championships—it is a competition—but that wasn’t at the Audience members enjoying the relaxed atmosphere. Left: Bart Van Buggenhout, Sheila Varian and Kathleen and Wayne Newton.

forefront. It was more just to enjoy some really beautiful horses in a beautiful area.” The Foal Festival offered 10 classes, divided into sections, with only five entries in each section. Competition was divided into colts, fillies and geldings, in-hand and performance-oriented, with first and second place awarded in each section from Saturday’s qualifying rounds. One judge, selected in rotation from the pool of Bill Melendez, Cynthia Richardson, Becky Rogers and Mark Wharton, officiated in each section, and afterward explained to the audience the positive points of the horses chosen. On Sunday, championships for each class were held, using a point system so that spectators would understand the thought behind each ranking. Also on Sunday was a Trail In-Hand class for yearlings, a new event scheduled to be introduced by AHA next year. “People loved that,” Gallún says. “When a horse finished a pattern, people were cheering like they would for a good park horse.”

The calendar was not nonstop competition, however; each day, performance demonstrations helped the public understand the disciplines that the performance-oriented in-hand youngsters would grow up to enter. And on Saturday night, a special award recognizing lifetime achievement was presented to Santa Ynez couple, Paul and Carol Hemming of Hemming Arabians, who had owned 1965 U.S. National Champion Stallion Raffon. Then Crimson Farms hosted a barbeque that brought oldtimers and newcomers together for an evening of fun and horse talk. There even was a touch of celebrity in the air with the presence of longtime breeder and owner Wayne Newton, who on Sunday afternoon told the crowd that he was inspired by the fun, low-key atmosphere of the show. He thanked the Santa Ynez Association for taking the trouble to bring everyone together. And when the competition closed, a Best Handler Award was presented to Mark Valdez. The Foal Festival closed with a stallion parade that despite 90-degree temperatures kept the audience lining the rail. On hand were Ali Sharoukh, Aria Impresario, Dakar El

Filly Yearling Performance Gold Champion EVG BRIANNA (Stival x Bey Julie Anne), owned by Evergreen Arabians and Gallún Farms, Inc.

Gelding Yearling Performance Gold Champion HS EXCUSE MY DUST (ML Afire Dream x HS Bianca Rose), owned by High Star Farms, LLC.

Filly Yearling Show Gold Champion HDC RIJIMA (Eden C x Reyna JCA), owned by Haras de Cardenas.

Colt Yearling Show Gold Champion SANTINO V (Audacious PS x Satine IA), owned by Varian Arabians.

40 | A r A b i A n H o r s e Ti m es

w w w . AHTimes . com

Filly Foal/Weanling Performance Gold Champion ZENYATTA JCA (ZT Marwteyn x Jacline Jamal JCA), owned by Jade Creek Arabians.

Colt Foal/Weanling Performance Gold Champion JAHBAHR ALJASSIMYA (WH Justice x Ariadne), owned by AlJassimya Farm.

Filly Foal/Weanling Show Gold Champion AJ FARHA (Ajman Moniscione x Felicia RLC), owned by Ajman Stud.

Colt Foal/Weanling Show Gold Champion NW DARIUS (Stival x NW Shantelle), owned by Michael & Ruth Doe and Gallún Farms, Inc.

Jamaal, Ecaho, Emphasis DDA, Enzo, MPA Giovanni, Signifikaynce and Sidon SMF.

Trail In-Hand winner LETISHA (FA El Shawan x BHF Shahs Lullaby), owned by Gallún Farms, Inc. w w w . AHTimes . com

Looking at the roster of who showed at the Foal Festival, Bart Van Buggenhout was pleased. “We had several owners who were showing their own horses,” he reports. “And in general, what I heard in the grandstand was several people who were saying, ‘This is something I could do—I want to do this next year.’” A r A b i A n H o r s e Ti m es | 41

Paul And Carol Hemming Honored For Their Half Century Of Commitment To Arabian Horses by KELLY ELM

And the foals themselves? “There were two or three that I think could easily go on to Vegas,” he says. “So, they came now to this show with a very good experience, a relaxed atmosphere, before they are thrown straight in front of the lions. This was good. That was part of the point, that this is a system that generates new people in the business and also new interest for further levels.” One key, some observers say, is that when exhibitors and foals are new to the show ring, few have high expectations. They don’t know how their foals will show, and they have no idea who they’ll be showing against, so the idea is more to have fun, see what happens, and learn about what they are doing. “This weekend was all about the amateurs,” Buggenhout emphasizes. “And you should have seen these handlers—they were so proud. They grew in the show, you know, they got better, and that creates enthusiasm.”

On Saturday evening at the Arabian Foal Festival, the Santa Ynez Valley Arabian Horse Association honored Paul and Carol Hemming of Hemming Arabians for their 50 years of breeding spectacular Arabian horses. The Hemmings’ first horse was Raffon, purchased in 1961 as a weanling; they owned him for the remainder of his life, and Paul was on the lead when Raffon was named 1965 U.S. National Champion Stallion. In 1973, the stallion also won the U.S. National Championship in English Pleasure. He can be found today in the pedigrees of many leading sires, including Afire Bey V and Marwan Al Shaqab. The Hemmings also own the national champion sire, BA Bey Elation. Paul, Carol and five of their six sons stood in the arena for the award presentation as Doug Dahmen recounted the touching story of this family and their best-known horse. After Raffon’s win at the U.S. Nationals, the Hemmings were in the horse business. It was because of Raffon that they bought the farm in Santa Ynez where they raised their children. At the end of the story, they were surprised with special guests—U.S. and Canadian National Champion in Western Pleasure HR El Kareem and Greg Harris. A highly successful, 19-year-old son of BA Bey Elation, his show career spans 15 years of competition and includes, among other top titles, two national reserve championships and four top tens. For the crowd at the Foal Festival, he was a living demonstration of the Hemmings’ ability as breeders, and he came complete with a garland of roses. Santa Ynez Valley Arabian Horse Association President Katie Russell, Treasurer Kelly Elm and Show Committee Member Bart Van Buggenhout presented the Hemming family with a beautiful bronze trophy. As they left the arena, the Hemmings were surrounded by what looked like paparazzi, and stood by the gate for nearly an hour, talking to people who wanted to know more about their horses and their remarkable achievements in the breed.

Another important aspect of the show, he says, is that it can so easily be replicated by other clubs. The laid back ambience means that a fancy arena is not necessary, which keeps the financial aspect in line. In Santa Ynez, they used the Equestrian Center’s working cow arena (it had a strong fence, in case any of the foals got loose), and dressed it up with flowers. The club also created a win/win situation by making the show a fundraiser for the Santa Ynez Valley Therapeutic Riding Program, and the charity took care of selling refreshments. Keeping costs low is important in attracting new exhibitors, he points out. Because the focus is local, they don’t face daunting costs to attend, and since most prepare their horses at home, training costs can be minimal. In recognition of this constituency, Buggenhout adds that the show schedule must be accommodating. “It just needs to start at a decent time on a Saturday,” he says, “and see that you’re finished on a Sunday at a decent time in the afternoon, so we have time to go home, settle the horses back in the barn, go to bed, and next day go back to work.” “I really would be surprised if there’s anybody who isn’t saying that the Foal Festival was a really good event and breathes a little bit of new life in a different direction,” says Gallún. “It wasn’t perfect, but we weren’t trying to change the world.” He observes that the goal of bringing new faces into the show ring also yielded a fresh realization of the love many owners have for their horses. One lady, in particular, caught his attention. She entered two horses, he recalls, but asked for only one stall.

Foal Festival Judges: Becky Rogers, Mark Wharton, Cynthia Richardson and Bill Melendez.

His wife Nancy, the show secretary, called her to confirm that there hadn’t been a mistake. “The lady said, ‘No, they’re really good friends, so I’m going to have them stay together,’” Gallún recalls. He grins, recognizing that the woman felt the youngsters, away from home, would reassure each other in a strange environment. “That’s perfect and smart.” For all its significance as a venue to attract new commitment to the breed, the Foal Festival also hit a personal note. Awarded Best Small Breeder at the show, Gallún, who is clearly at home in the highest level of Arabian competition today, cites a special reminder of the past. On Saturday, he glanced across the paddock and knew a thrill of déjà vue. There, like a replica of his sire, was a foal named Ibn Khemosabi. And Ruth Husband, Khemosabi’s owner and owner of the colt, a frozen semen baby, was in the crowd. “I remembered, like it was yesterday, watching Tom Bason show Khemosabi when I was a little kid,” Gallún says. “It was like going back in time—a lot of people had that same reaction. You could tell it was one of Khemo’s kids.” Ruth Husband, whose health has limited her presence at horse shows in the past few years, laughs. “The colt was such a squirrel,” she says. “He just thought he was having fun and he wouldn’t be still.” That didn’t dim her enjoyment of the weekend. She loved seeing the horses and all the old friends who came by to say hello. “It was such a delightful, happy experience!” That mix of old and new was invigorating, many say—a reminder of the great people and the fine horses that have characterized the industry. “All

these experienced breeders—Ruth, Sheila Varian, Paul Hemming, Wayne Newton—were there,” Greg Gallún, says. “I remember going to dinner parties years ago, when people really enjoyed each other, talked and laughed, went over what they saw during the day. We’ve lost a lot of that, and this was kind of coming full circle. There was really a natural energy— everyone was just positive, and it was wonderful.” n

... is The result of caring more than others think is wise, risking more than others think is safe, dreaming more than others think is practical, and expecting more than others think is possible.

Arabians International is proud to market and manage the most successful Arabian horses in today’s competitive arena for the world’s most renowned breeders, while also consulting the breeders of our future. With decades of experience, success and contacts in North America, South America, Europe, Australia and Africa, the team at AITC strives for excellence on a daily basis and constantly raises the bar in achieving the most quality show horse experience for all our clients. Sandro Pinha Gil Valdez Tom Oben Pam Donnelly 44 | A r A b i A n H or se Ti m es

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a r a b i a n h or se ti m es | 45

To our new facility in Beautiful Arizona

Please join us for your state-of-the-art, full service marketing and equine management needs. We invite your inquiries on all of our programs and welcome your visit to our new facility in Arizona, the center of today’s strongest Arabian horse community. Sandro Pinha Gil Valdez Tom Oben Pam Donnelly

46 | A r A b i A n H or se Ti m es

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The Third Annual

Arabian Breeder Finals by ANNE STRATTON

When the Arabian Horse Association of Arizona launched the Arabian Breeder Finals three years ago, the show was assured of a good reception. For one thing, it focuses on halter, and is a home show for more top trainers

in that division than any other location in the country. For another, it is run by the management team that also

puts on Scottsdale and the Las Vegas World Cup, so participants knew from the start that procedures would be

efficient. And finally, it offers significant prize money; in 2013 paying out more than $115,000 in 43 classes. This year, 176 horses answered the call, and it is worth noting that more than 10,000 spectators arrived to see them.

Held October 9-12, the show also is known for its sense of community. Bob and Dixie North, who have been strong supporters of the Finals since its inception, go to plenty of high powered shows a year, and value the Finals as much for its vibrant ambience as for its fine horses. “I would call it one of the most sociable shows that we go to.” “We’ve tried to make kind of a party atmosphere,” nods Janice McCrea-Wight, President of the Arabian Horse Association of Arizona and a member of the Show Commission. She mentions some of the show’s amenities. A red carpet and select vendor area was set up in the Equidome, which has been enclosed, making it impervious to storms or heat. And around the concourse, full service cabanas were booked by breeders, owners, training centers and enthusiasts who welcomed friends to watch the action, see videos, talk business or pleasure, and enjoy the hospitality offered. Every day, during a break between classes, scheduled at happy hour, hors d’oeuvres were passed. Even the start time promotes interaction. “The show doesn’t begin until 2 in the afternoon, because we want people to be able to visit the farms.” “People seemed to very positive and supportive of one another,” Show Manager Taryl Pearson observes. “There was a lot of socialization among the cabanas and on the red carpet. The feel was very festive.” This year, the level of competition could be seen clearly in the stallion and mare titlists, who already boasted national credits. Sandro Pinha led Bob and Dixie North’s El Chall WR, a 5-year-old with two U.S. national reserve championships on his record, to the title in Stallions, over Wendell Hansen’s WH Patriot, a U.S. national reserve champion and top ten, showing with Travis Hansen. And Champion Mare Azalea LBA, owned by Lazy B Arabians, was a multi-national top ten during her earlier career; Dan Bergren presented her to the win, with Shellbird’s U.S. national top ten Verastrella, shown by Steve Heathcott, taking reserve. Azalea LBA, says her trainer, Rory O’Neill, represented more than just herself. She was part of a group—three generations of a family—that came to the show in tribute to their late owner, Lazy B Arabians’ Beverly Halquist, who died in August. The matriarch of the group was Azalea LBA’s dam, the highly successful broodmare Amelia B, who won the 10 & Over Mare class and went on to finish Bronze Champion in the Senior Mare Championship, showing with O’Neill. Fourth was another Amelia B daughter, Vanity Fair LBA, already the winner in the 3-Year-Old Filly class. In addition, Azalea LBA’s son, Avalon LBA, won the Yearling Colt/Gelding class for his age division and the Scottsdale Signature Champion Yearling Colt class, and was reserve in the Junior Colt Championship. Another Amelia B son, Amelio LBA, owned and shown by J.D. Smith, picked up two reserves at the show.

Senior Champion Stallion EL CHALL WR (Magnum Chall HVP x Major Love Affair), shown by Sandro Pinha for owner Robert L. & Dixie L. North Family Trust.

Senior Champion Mare AZALEA LBA (Marwan Al Shaqab x Amelia B), shown by Rory O’Neill for owner Lazy B Arabians, LLC.

Junior Champion Colt CADANCE PA (Cavalli x Donatella), shown by Troy White for owner Dean Wikel.

50 | A r A b i A n H o r s e Ti m es

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Junior Champion Filly VALERINA GF (DA Valentino x Grizzeldaa), shown by Greg Knowles for owner Running Horse Ranch LLC.

Freestyle Liberty Champion CF HOLLYWOOD STARLETT (DA Valentino x VH Starlett), shown by owner Greg Knowles.

2013 Judges: Glenn Schouckens, Mike Wilson, Linda Mehney, Ted Carson, Don Delongpre and Mike Neal.

Both Azalea LBA and Amelia B had been broodmares, not shown or show-conditioned for some time, although O’Neill remarks that they were in very good shape—just not as tightly fit as horses who campaign through the year. That introduces another element of the Breeder Finals: “This is a breeders’ show,” he says. “The judges who are trainers also manage breeding programs, so we thought the environment was right. These were quality mares who looked nice and they show well; from five mare classes, three of the ones on the front row were from that family.” When the word got around that the 13-year-old Amelia B would be in the ring late Thursday evening, many horsemen with other plans remained at the show grounds or came back to see her. Even her breeders, Roger and Stephanie McMahon from Washington, were in the audience. Pegasus Arabians honored with the Hennessey Arabians High Point Breeder Award.

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A r A b i A n H o r s e Ti m es | 51

As O’Neill pointed out, an important aspect of the Breeder Finals is its innovative judging panel. The show commission focused on experience, but with a broad range of perspective. “We’ve had some international judges, some breeders, and a couple trainers that aren’t officially judges,” says McCrea-Wight, “and some people from the past, like Don DeLongprè, who did a great job.” This year, the judges were: trainers Ted Carson, Mike Neal and Mike Wilson; international judge and trainer/handler Glenn Schouckens, from Belgium; breeder Linda Mehney; and in his long career, DeLongprè, who has been a breeder, trainer of both halter and performance horses, and owner. McCrea-Wight admits that since some do not judge on a regular basis, it sometimes slows the process a bit, but the confidence of the exhibitors is worth it. “I think the show is very non-political,” Bob North affirms. “They go out of their way to pick judges that don’t normally judge the horses and the shows leading up to U.S. Nationals. So, you get a fresh set of eyes looking at horses and evaluating them.” With those factors going for the Breeder Finals, it is probably not surprising that it attracts a worldwide audience. Through the convenience of live streaming, the competition reaches a larger crowd than the considerable one it attracts in Arizona. Janice McCrea-Wight discovered that when her stallion, Rahere, won 10 & Over Stallions, and she led Rahere’s daughter, Rah Silkk, to the championship in 2-Year-Old Fillies ATH. “I think I had over 200 comments from around the world about how good Rahere looked,” she says. “It’s just amazing, the response. In this day and age, you’re out in the world—no question.” Bob North agrees. “We had lots of comments on Facebook and e-mails,” he says, “so it is watched and observed by many people around the U.S. and around the world.” As it grows, the show also is developing its own signature traditions. One that is especially appreciated is the Don Morse Perpetual Trophy, in memory of the popular breeder who died in 2011. Presented to the Champion Stallion, it was inaugurated last year by Janey Morse in recognition of her husband’s enthusiasm for the Arabian breed. This year, it was won by El Chall WR, owned by Bob and Dixie North. For the Norths, the victory was particularly sweet. “Last year, Magnum Chall HVP won that award,” says Bob. “So it was kind of exciting for us to take El Chall and have him be the second horse to ever win the award. Also, we were happy for Lucky and Raegen Lurken, owners of Magnum Chall. They were there and they were able to go in the ring and present the trophy to one of Magnum Chall’s sons.” A benefit of all the attention is the marketing aspect of the show. “There were a lot of horses that have sold at this show for the last couple years,” McCrea-Wight says.

At this point, the Breeder Finals has found its following. North believes that part of the show’s success is related to the show commission’s attention to pleasing its supporters. “The people that are behind the show, particularly [Show Commission Chairman] Jay Allen, have been very good in listening to the critiques or the comments from people who attended the show,” he says, “and in many cases responding to those comments and changing the show accordingly.” For Taryl Pearson, the challenge is to expand on the show’s promise. “I think we would like to continue to build on the fun, social portion of the show, as the quality of the horses was definitely there this year,” she says. “The committee for the show is really focused on growing the Arabian Breeder Finals into the premier halter show.” n

54 | A r a b i a n H or se Ti m es

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a r abian h orse ti mes | 55

Welcome to Gemini Acres Production sAle And e veninG in t uscAny . On behalf of myself and Sally, I would like to welcome you all to Gemini Arabians’ Inaugural Equine Auction. During our tenure as owners of a successful transportation company, we learned that auctions were a great way to sell quality surplus equipment. The equipment always sold without a reserve. After a few sales, we had a loyal following of buyers waiting for our equipment to go to auction. Based on that success, we are confident we can accomplish the same goals with our horses. This year, we are offering 25 lots, including Arabians, Half-Arabians, Friesians and a limited number of embryos. Most of the Arabians will be sired by Da Vinci FM and JJ Bellagio with the exception of one sired by Van Gogh AM. We are very fortunate to own two of the finest and most accomplished stallions in the industry. Da Vinci FM has not only sired champions, he has many achievements in his own right. As a Yearling Colt, Da Vinci FM won U.S. National Reserve Champion. In 2013, he was named Scottsdale International Silver Champion and Region 7 Champion Stallion. Our other stallion, JJ Bellagio, which we co-own with Chris Barter, is also very accomplished. He is a U.S. National Top Ten Yearling Colt (third place overall), Silver Champion at the AHBA World Cup, and Unanimous Region 7 Champion Yearling Colt. When it comes to breeding, we are very discerning. We have chosen the finest mares in which to breed our stallions. Many are from the Bask lineage. The result is a breathtaking foal crop that will provide the industry with many more future champions. We would like assure interested buyers that all horses in the sale will be vet-checked, and records will be readily available. Buyers may also request additional information and ask their personal veterinarians to exam the horse. To facilitate the sale, we have constructed an innovative new indoor arena. The 100 ft. stage in the center ensures that there won’t be a bad seat in the house. And even though cocktails and dinner should make the evening festive, business will be the order of the evening. Our goal is to sell all the lots in an hour and a half. Ultimately, we would love to do an auction of this caliber every year. In the future, we hope to invite other breeders with exceptional yearlings to join in our sale. In our opinion, an auction done well is exciting and establishes a true value. We are really excited about this auction and look forward to seeing you all very soon.

Best regards, Jim and Sally Bedeker

56 | A r AbiAn H orse Times

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schedule of events Thursday, February 20, 2014 Cocktails & hors d'oeuvres ~ 5:30 p.m. Sale ~ 7:00 p.m.

The first official preview of the Gemini Acres Production Sale horses will be at 5 p.m., December 31, 2013, as part of the Scottsdale ArabHorse Farm Tour.

Watch for additional previeWs. private shoWings available.

interested bidders may request veterinary information or private vieWings of the sale candidates by contacting farm

manager chris barter (602) 501-9877 e-mail: victor ricigliano (612) 328-1639 scott mason (385) 312-5156

6636 e. d Ale l Ane • c Ave c reek , A rizonA 85331

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A r AbiAn H orse Ti mes | 57

Gemini Sires ... Da Vinci FM 2012 Leading Sire Of Halter Futurity Winners Sire Of National, Scottsdale and Regional Champions including: MPA Giovanni Rohara Crown Prince Fly Me To Rome Dakota FF

Versace DA Vinci FM Full Moon Astar

Dominic M Da Joia SW Da Vidica Spartacus RA

Fame VF Precious As Gold Yahya Matuk Amurath Astoria

2013 Region 7 Champion Stallion 2013 SCottSdale inteRnational SilveR Champion Stallion 2007 U.S. national ReSeRve Champion SenioR Stallion

58 | A r AbiAn H orse Times

w w w . AHTimes . com

Creating History! JJ Bellagio An exciting young son of International Champion Magnum Psyche, he is proving himself as a sire of exotic foals. We are proud to present his daughter Satin Doll GA as lot number 4.

Magnum Psyche JJ BellAGio Joyeuse nY

Padrons Psyche A Fancy Miracle RSc carhif Florenz nY

U.S. national top ten YeaRling Colt ahBa WoRld CUp SilveR Champion Colt Region 7 Champion YeaRling Colt

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A r AbiAn H orse Ti mes | 59

Reference Sires

Da Vinci FM Versace x Full Moon Astar, by Yahya Matuk

MagnuM Psyche Padrons Psyche x A Fancy Miracle, by *Sasaki

JJ Bellagio Magnum Psyche x Joyeuse NY, by RSC Carhif

Van gogh aM Magnum Psyche x Ynazia HCF, by AF Don Giovani

60 | A r AbiAn H orse Times

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Reference Sires

Da Valentino Versace x DA Love, by Padrons Psyche

*MaDDox Van RyaD Ryad El Jamaal x Barbara Van Kaset, by AAF Kaset

Mintse 384 Leffert 306 Preferent x Lammert 260

w w w . AHTimes . com

A r AbiAn H orse Ti mes | 61

Reference Dams

aMety B Eternety x Amiga B, by Bask El Amigo

DD cRown Jewel Magnum Psyche x Crown Victoria, by Marsianin

DiVine Destinee ga Magnum Psyche x Ames Mirage, by Brass

eBony By Valentino DA Valentino x CF Mamies Night Out, by CF First Night Out

62 | A r AbiAn H orse Times

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Reference Dams

goDDess oF Da Vinci Da Vinci FM x Goddess Of Marwan, by Marwan Al Shaqab

syMPhony oF loVe *El Nabila B x HED Caramba, by Magnum Psyche

Interested bIdders may request veterInary InformatIon or prIvate vIewIngs of the sale candIdates by contactIng farm

manager chrIs barter (602) 501-9877 vIctor rIcIglIano (612) 328-1639 scott mason (385) 312-5156 *ynazia hcF AF Don Giovani x *NV Tayma, by Bey Shah

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A r AbiAn H orse Ti mes | 63

Lot 1

Duchess Of Marwan — Embryo Right

Gazal Al Shaqab Marwan Al Shaqab Little Liza Fame

Anaza El Farid Kajora Fame VF Katahza

AHR #638425 Bay 4/22/08 Eternety Amety B Amiga-B

Sharem El Sheikh Tomboy Bask El Amigo Juwel

A very special offering of a 2014 Embryo right to the champion mare Duchess Of Marwan. Duchess is an exotic daughter of International Champion stallion Marwan Al Shaqab. She is a full sibling to National Champion Goddess of Marwan, Angel of Marwan, and National Champion Princess of Marwan among others. Her proven pedigree has been successful both domestically and internationally. Her extreme type and quality will enhance your program. This is your opportunity to create your own future superstar!

Buyer: ____________________________________________________________________ Price: ________________________________________ 64 | A r AbiAn H orse Times

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Lot 2

Goddess Of Da Vinci — Embryo Right

Versace Da Vinci FM Full Moon Astar

Fame VF Precious As Gold Yahya Matuk Amurath Astoria

AHR #648530 Bay 1/02/10 Marwan Al Shaqab Goddess Of Marwan Amety B

Gazal Al Shaqab Little Liza Fame Eternety Amiga-B

A 2014 Embryo right to the Champion mare Goddess of Da Vinci, Reserve National Champion and Scottsdale Champion. She is a daughter of both Da Vinci and National Champion mare Goddess of Marwan. This is a perfect way to add this precious and rare blood to your breeding program for both the foreign and domestic markets. Type, quality, size and attitude—a perfect winning combination!

Buyer: ____________________________________________________________________ Price: ________________________________________ w w w . AHTimes . com

A r AbiAn H orse Ti mes | 65

Lot 3

Unborn Foal— Da Vinci FM x Amety B

Da Vinci FM

Amety B

Versace Da Vinci FM Full Moon Astar

Fame VF Precious As Gold Yahya Matuk Amurath Astoria

2014 UNBORN FOAL Eternety Amety B Amiga-B

Sharem El Sheikh Tomboy Bask El Amigo Juwel

For your consideration, the 2014 unborn foal of Gemini Acres’ Da Vinci FM and Amety B, the dam of Duchess of Marwan, National Champion Goddess of Marwan, Angel of Marwan and National Champion Princess of Marwan. Through her exceptional progeny, Amety B has created a dynasty of offspring that rival others in their extreme type and quality. This is an especially exciting cross with Da Vinci’s ability to consistently produce type and beauty as well.

Buyer: ____________________________________________________________________ Price: ________________________________________ 66 | A r AbiAn H orse Times

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Lot 4

Satin Doll GA

Magnum Psyche JJ Bellagio Joyeuse NY

Padrons Psyche A Fancy Miracle RSC Carhif Florenz NY

PENDING Chestnut Arabian Filly 3/08/13 Da Vinci FM Goddess Of Da Vinci Goddess Of Marwan

Versace Full Moon Astar Marwan Al Shaqab Amety B

Satin Doll represents a first time opportunity to acquire an exciting new cross of bloodlines. Sired by the exotic Champion stallion JJ Bellagio, a son of International Champion Magnum Psyche, this beautiful chestnut filly is out of the multi-champion young mare, Goddess of Da Vinci, herself a daughter of the great Da Vinci FM and out of the National Champion mare Goddess of Marwan. Combining the bloodlines of JJ Bellagio, Magnum Psyche, Da Vinci and Marwan Al Shaqab, this young filly represents an internationally recognized and marketable pedigree. Her attitude, style and beauty point her destiny towards becoming a great show filly and future foundation mare for both domestic and international programs. She is enrolled in Breeders Sweepstakes and the U.S. and Canadian Halter Futurities.

Buyer: ____________________________________________________________________ Price: ________________________________________ w w w . AHTimes . com

A r AbiAn H orse Ti mes | 67

Lot 5

Divine Da Vinci GA

Versace Da Vinci FM Full Moon Astar

Fame VF Precious As Gold Yahya Matuk Amurath Astoria

PENDING Bay Arabian Filly 6/12/13 Magnum Psyche Divine Destinee GA Ames Mirage

Padrons Psyche A Fancy Miracle Brass Afire Inmy Eyes

An elegant filly with endless potential! It is no surprise, the extreme quality of this filly, considering the magic cross of Da Vinci FM on the daughters of world-wide champion stallion Magnum Psyche. It is apparent that the cross of these two bloodlines is resulting in exceptional offspring! Destinee’s dam is a beautiful Magnum Psyche daughter and Brass (*Bask++) granddaughter! Destinee GA’s pedigree is comprised of classic beauty, strength and attitude, top and bottom. She has a beautiful face, elegant neck and stretch, kind personality, internationally recognized pedigree and a “look at me” show horse attitude! An outstanding quality filly, she is ready to be started as your next halter contender and future broodmare! She is enrolled in Breeders Sweepstakes, the U.S. and Canadian Halter Futurities, and the Scottsdale Signature Futurity.

Buyer: ____________________________________________________________________ Price: ________________________________________ 68 | A r AbiAn H orse Times

w w w . AHTimes . com

Lot 6

Deja Vu GA

Versace Da Vinci FM Full Moon Astar

Fame VF Precious As Gold Yahya Matuk Amurath Astoria

PENDING Bay Arabian Filly 4/03/13 Don El Chall Doryzia HCF Hilonia HCF

*Prichal AF Donana *Lyphard *PR Strikette

This gorgeous bay daughter of the great Da Vinci FM offers an exotic and rare internationally-recognized pedigree to the discriminating breeder. This filly could possibly be your next foundation mare or halter contender. She is not only beautiful, but she has her sire’s attitude and style. Da Vinci FM is known for producing gorgeous offspring as well as national champions, and that coupled with Déjà Vu’s dam, the imported Brazilian Champion mare *Doryzia HCF, a daughter of the international champion producing sire Don El Chall, a son of *Prichal, makes her pedigree a rare combination destined to produce classic Arabian beauty and type. A pedigree that offers strength, beauty and correctness. She is enrolled in Breeders Sweepstakes and the U.S. and Canadian Halter Futurities.

Buyer: ____________________________________________________________________ Price: ________________________________________ w w w . AHTimes . com

A r AbiAn H orse Ti mes | 69

Lot 7

Jewels Diamond GA

Versace Da Vinci FM Full Moon Astar

Fame VF Precious As Gold Yahya Matuk Amurath Astoria

PENDING Bay Arabian Filly 3/30/13 Magnum Psyche DD Crown Jewel Crown Victoria

Padrons Psyche A Fancy Miracle *Marsianin Crown Muzette

A true “jewel” of the sale. She is stretchy and beautiful. A showy beauty whose pedigree is filled with solid bloodlines including Da Vinci FM, Magnum Psyche and *Marsianin. She is out of the Reserve National Champion Magnum Psyche daughter DD Crown Jewel. Jewels Diamond GA offers a unique blending of internationally renowned bloodlines. She is a full sister to the exported exotic filly DA Joia to Brazil, as well as being a full sister to National Champion Stallion Rohara Crown Prince. Jewels Diamond would be perfect for the discriminating breeder or is ready to start her show ring career. This filly is perfect for the international breeder and market. She is enrolled in Breeders Sweepstakes, the U.S. and Canadian Halter Futurities, and the Scottsdale Signature Futurity―she is a SSS Auction entry.

Buyer: ____________________________________________________________________ Price: ________________________________________ 70 | A r AbiAn H orse Times

w w w . AHTimes . com

Lot 8

Vincent GA

Magnum Psyche Van Gogh AM Ynazia HCF

Padrons Psyche A Fancy Miracle AF Don Giovani *NV Tayma

AHR #660043 Chestnut Arabian Colt 3/09/13 Psytadel US Claudiaa RA Cool Elygance US

Padrons Psyche Bint Bey Shah Jocool Elysia

A truly RARE offering! This is the FIRST and ONLY Van Gogh AM offspring in the United States! Van Gogh AM, an international exotic sensation and 2011 Bronze World Champion in Paris, his offspring are already highly sought after in Europe. They show extreme Arabian type and beauty. Bred by Gemini Acres Equine and sold and exported to Europe where he went on to garner his international championships, Van Gogh is a son of International Champion Magnum Psyche and Gemini Acres Equine’s foundation broodmare *Ynazia HCF, a National Champion mare herself and producer of international champions. Vincent’s dam, *Claudiaa, has recently been imported from Belgium and is an exotic grey daughter of Psytadel US. Psytadel has established himself as a leading sire of the breed and one of the top-producing sons of Padrons Psyche in Europe. His offspring have won over 100 championship titles around the world. Vincent truly is a “one-of-a-kind” horse for the discriminating breeder. His pedigree will be accepted and coveted world-wide. His show attitude will allow him to show at the top levels. Don’t miss this very special colt. Buyer: ____________________________________________________________________ Price: ________________________________________ w w w . AHTimes . com

A r AbiAn H orse Ti mes | 71

Lot 9

Terra Vita GA

Versace Da Vinci FM Full Moon Astar

Fame VF Precious As Gold Yahya Matuk Amurath Astoria

PENDING Bay Arabian Filly 3/24/13 Magnum Psyche Olympiaa Ames Mirage

Padrons Psyche A Fancy Miracle Brass Afire Inmy Eyes

This exotic beauty is an incredible representative of her sire, from her tiny teacup muzzle, to her dry sculptured face! Her dam is the highly decorated multi-Champion Magnum Psyche daughter, Olympiaa. Olympiaa is a full sister to National Champion Stallion Ames Charisma and is part of the dynasty of champion crosses including: Divine Destinee GA, Xanthuss and Marietta Ames. It isn’t surprising why this filly is beautiful when you look at her pedigree. Besides being a daughter of the Arabian type producer Da Vinci FM, Terra Vita GA carries the lines of Versace, Magnum Psyche and Brass, a son of *Bask++. A very special, young daughter of Da Vinci FM for your breeding or show program. She is enrolled in Breeders Sweepstakes, U.S. and Canadian Halter Futurities, and the Scottsdale Signature Futurity.

Buyer: ____________________________________________________________________ Price: ________________________________________ 72 | A r AbiAn H orse Times

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Lot 10

Davincis Angel GA

Versace Da Vinci FM Full Moon Astar

Fame VF Precious As Gold Yahya Matuk Amurath Astoria

AHR #659871 Chestnut Arabian Filly 3/05/13 Magnum Psyche NBW Angels Kiss BHF Dark Angel

Padrons Psyche A Fancy Miracle RSD Dark Victory Crown Narada

The gorgeous Davincis Angel GA is sired by the great Da Vinci FM, a sire whose offspring have already garnered national and international championships and are desired world-wide! This exotic beauty is an incredible representative of her sire. Her dam is the highly decorated multi-national champion Magnum Psyche daughter, NBW Angels Kiss. It isn’t surprising why this filly is so exotic-headed when you look at her pedigree. Besides being a daughter of the head producer, Da Vinci FM, Davincis Angel GA is a granddaughter of multi-national champion mare BHF Dark Angel who is a daughter of exotic producer Brazilian National Champion stallion *RSD Dark Victory. Her pedigree is stacked with substance, quality and exotic, classic beauty—perfect for your breeding or show program. She is enrolled in Breeders Sweepstakes, U.S. and Canadian Halter Futurities and the Scottsdale Signature Futurity.

Buyer: ____________________________________________________________________ Price: ________________________________________ w w w . AHTimes . com

A r AbiAn H orse Ti mes | 73

Lot 11

Princessof Davinci GA

Versace Da Vinci FM Full Moon Astar

Fame VF Precious As Gold Yahya Matuk Amurath Astoria

AHR #659961 Chestnut Arabian Filly 1/5/13 El Nabila B Symphony Of Love HED Caramba

Kubinec 218 Elf Layla Walayla B Magnum Psyche HED Cajun Queen

An opportunity to acquire a young daughter of Da Vinci FM out of the multi-champion mare Symphony of Love, a daughter of the imported National Champion Stallion *El Nabila B, and daughter of the imported National Champion mare *HED Caramba. Her pedigree is solid and comprised of internationally recognized horses. She is a full sibling to the exotic filly Kahilat Al Shahania. This beautiful filly has attitude and style! She is bold and is a beautiful representation of both her sire and dam. A future foundation mare for your breeding program for the domestic and international markets. She is enrolled in Breeders Sweepstakes, Halter Futurities, U.S. and Canadian Halter Futurities, and the Scottsdale Signature Futurity.

Buyer: ____________________________________________________________________ Price: ________________________________________ 74 | A r AbiAn H orse Times

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Lot 12

Picasso GA

Padrons Psyche Magnum Psyche A Fancy Miracle

*Padron Kilika *Sasaki *Medina Azahara

AHR #658771 Chestnut Arabian Colt 6/25/12 AF Don Giovani Ynazia HCF *NV Tayma

*Aladd *Wind Charm Bey Shah Bar Syl Baseyna

An opportunity to acquire a full-sibling to the exotic International Champion Van Gogh GA. This is one of two full brothers offered on this sale. He is a son of the famous Gemini Acres Equine foundation Multi-National Champion mare *Ynazia HCF, who is also the dam of multiple champions and international champion horses. Including, as mentioned, the 2011 Bronze World Champion in Paris, Van Gogh AM (Magnum Psyche x Ynazia HCF). Picasso GA’s other famous siblings include the exotic Champion stallions Psequel (Padrons Psyche x Ynazia HCF) and Psource (Padrons Psyche x Ynazia HCF). His pedigree offers the proven blood of his sire Magnum Psyche, and that of AF Don Giovani , Bey Shah+ and *Aladdinn. Picasso GA would make an outstanding future show horse or herd sire. This handsome young colt offers body, type and showy attitude with huge eyes. He is ready to be shown or used in a breeding program for both the domestic and international markets. He is enrolled in the U.S. and Canadian Halter Futurities. Buyer: ____________________________________________________________________ Price: ________________________________________ w w w . AHTimes . com

A r AbiAn H orse Ti mes | 75

Lot 13

Lleonardo GA

Padrons Psyche Magnum Psyche A Fancy Miracle

*Padron Kilika *Sasaki *Medina Azahara

AHR# 658770 Chestnut Arabian Colt 6/18/12 AF Don Giovani Ynazia HCF *NV Tayma

*Aladd *Wind Charm Bey Shah Bar Syl Baseyna

A chance to acquire a full-sibling to the exotic 2011 Paris Bronze World Champion Van Gogh GA. This is one of two full brothers offered on this sale. Out of the famous Gemini Acres Equine foundation multi-national champion mare *Ynazia HCF, she is also the dam of multiple champions and international champion horses. Lleonardo GA’s other famous siblings include the exotic champion stallions Psequel (Padrons Psyche x Ynazia HCF) and Psource (Padrons Psyche x Ynazia HCF). His pedigree offers the proven blood of his sire Magnum Psyche, and that of AF Don Giovani , Bey Shah+ and *Aladdinn. This handsome young colt offers body, type and attitude. He is upright and sporty with show ring presence. He is ready for the show ring or your breeding program for both the domestic and international markets. He is enrolled the U.S. and Canadian Halter Futurities.

Buyer: ____________________________________________________________________ Price: ________________________________________ 76 | A r AbiAn H orse Times

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Lot 14

Miss Ebony GA

Ryad El Jamaal Maddox Van Ryad Barbara Van Kaset

*Ali Jamaal Roxana Elshaklan *AAF Kaset Bet El Wali NA

HAHR #2A374292 Grey H/A Filly 3/21/12 DA Valentino Ebony By Valentino CF Mamies Night Out

Versace Da Love CF First Night Out

This is a gorgeous, upright, “trotty� Half-Arabian filly that will captivate your heart and bring you more blues in the ring! She is out of the National Champion and Scottsdale Champion Half-Arabian Mare Ebony by Valentino. Sired by Brazilian National Champion and U.S. Reserve National Champion stallion *Maddox Van Ryad, Miss Ebony GA is already a superstar having been named 2013 Scottsdale Champion HalfArabian Yearling Filly as well as 2013 Scottsdale Junior Champion Filly. She has also garnered the title of 2013 Region 2 Champion Half-Arabian Yearling Filly. She is ready to continue her show career with you in the ring. She is enrolled the U.S. and Canadian Halter Futurities.

Buyer: ____________________________________________________________________ Price: ________________________________________ w w w . AHTimes . com

A r AbiAn H orse Ti mes | 77

Lot 15

Temptation GA

Versace Da Vinci FM Full Moon Astar

Fame VF Precious As Gold Yahya Matuk Amurath Astoria

AHR #657582 Bay Arabian Filly 3/18/12 Magnum Psyche HED Monserrat Zetyra HCF

Padrons Psyche A Fancy Miracle *Almaden II *NV Ali Bey

Professionally started in halter, this beautiful filly has endless potential in the show ring! Showy and upright with a beautiful face, Temptation’s extreme quality is well evident. It’s no surprise due to the successful cross of Da Vinci FM on the daughters of world-wide champion stallion Magnum Psyche. It is apparent that the cross of these two bloodlines is resulting in exceptional offspring! Imported from Argentina, Temptation’s dam is the beautiful Magnum Psyche daughter *HED Monserrat who is an *Almaden II granddaughter and carries the exotic lines of Ali Jamaal. Temptation’s pedigree is comprised of classic beauty, strength and attitude, top and bottom. Temptation’s internationally recognized pedigree and “look at me” show horse attitude will make her an excellent addition as a halter contender and future broodmare. She is enrolled in the U.S. and Canadian Halter Futurities.

Buyer: ____________________________________________________________________ Price: ________________________________________ 78 | A r AbiAn H orse Times

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Lot 16

Phoebe II

Phoebe II (Wibe 402 x Phoebe from Fr.Conn, by Rintse 386) 2012 Friesian Filly Eligible for the B Friesian Book A beautiful, young Friesian filly with a ton of potential either under saddle or for breeding. She was sired by Wibe 402, a Friesian stallion who was known for his athletic ability, noble head, forward movement and lots of hair. His Sire, Oege 267 was also known for passing along beautiful heads, long hair and a strong willingness to work. Her pedigree suggests she will also have the same sweet temperament and produce offspring with exotic hair and excellent movements. Friesians are now excelling in dressage and this filly would be an excellent prospect.

Buyer: ____________________________________________________________________ Price: ________________________________________ w w w . AHTimes . com

A r AbiAn H orse Ti mes | 79

Lot 17

Heiress of Da Vinci

Versace Da Vinci FM Full Moon Astar

Fame VF Precious As Gold Yahya Matuk Amurath Astoria

AHR #654594 Bay Arabian Filly 5/22/11 Ensignia MSU Sincerely Yours MSU Shagadelic

Concensus Enaria Ohadi Ben Rabba Msu Stolen Angel

A daughter of internationally recognized sire Da Vinci FM, known for passing his classic Arabian type and beauty on to his offspring. Heiress of Da Vinci is a gorgeous bay filly. She was bred with the full intent of creating a pedigree to produce classic Arabian type, substance and quality for years to come. Her dam is a daughter of the Polish stallion Ensignia a son of Polish multi-national champion Concensus. Her pedigree is a combination of strength and beauty with international merit. She would make a lovely show mare or future broodmare for any program. She is enrolled in Breeders Sweepstakes and the U.S. and Canadian Halter Futurities.

Buyer: ____________________________________________________________________ Price: ________________________________________ 80 | A r AbiAn H orse Times

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Lot 18

Klass Fan Gemini

Klaas Fan GemInI (Mintse 384 Sport x Wanda, by Brandus 345 Sport) 2011 Registered KFPS Studbook Friesian Colt A very handsome, young colt sired by one of the Friesian breed’s all time leading sires, Mintse 384 Sport. His dam, Wanda, was rated a 1st Premie Star mare. Similar to his sire, Klaas has an amazing square trot with elevation and elastic motion. His sire is famous for producing some of the most extreme trot and strength of gaits in the Friesian breed. He has a beautiful head, well developed neck and motion. Klaas is ready to start in the lines for performance. His sire’s offspring have excelled in dressage and carriage—a good direction for Klaas as well.

Buyer: ____________________________________________________________________ Price: ________________________________________ w w w . AHTimes . com

A r AbiAn H orse Ti mes | 81

Lot 19

Sensational Da Vinci

Versace Da Vinci FM Full Moon Astar

Fame VF Precious As Gold Yahya Matuk Amurath Astoria

HAHR #3A372726 Chestnut H/A Mare 4/09/11 Versace ZA Primaverah Oliviah

Fame VF Precious As Gold Night Of Roses O Katie

One of the most gorgeous Half-Arabians in the breed today, she looks like a purebred Arabian with attitude and style! Sensational’s name definitely fits her. She is just beginning her show ring career as a future show horse! If you want “look at me” attitude with a sweet personality, look no further! This outstanding Half-Arabian daughter of the Great Da Vinci FM is also out of the famous multi-national champion Half-Arabian Mare ZA Primaverah, who is sired by the Reserve National Champion sire Versace, a son of National Champion Fame VF. This Half-Arabian filly’s pedigree is a “who’s who” of National Champions! She is upright and necky, with motion to boot! She would make an incredible Half-Arabian halter contender for either the open or amateur and is a great breeding prospect as well! She is enrolled the U.S. and Canadian Halter Futurities.

Buyer: ____________________________________________________________________ Price: ________________________________________ 82 | A r AbiAn H orse Times

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Lot 20

Bint Ynazia GA

Versace Da Vinci FM Full Moon Astar

Fame VF Precious As Gold Yahya Matuk Amurath Astoria

AHR #649505 Bay Arabian Mare 4/19/10 AF Don Giovani Ynazia HCF *NV Tayma

*Aladd *Wind Charm Bey Shah Bar Syl Baseyna

Beautiful Bint Ynazia GA is a daughter of the famous Gemini Acres Equine foundation multi-national champion mare *Ynazia HCF, the dam of multiple champions and international champion horses including: 2011 Bronze World Champion in Paris, Van Gogh AM (Magnum Psyche x Ynazia HCF), champion stallions Psequel (Padrons Psyche x Ynazia HCF), and Psource (Padrons Psyche x Ynazia HCF). Her pedigree offers the proven blood of her sire Da Vinci FM, and that of AF Don Giovani , Bey Shah+ and *Aladdinn. This is also a “two-in-one� package as she is confirmed in foal to JJ Bellagio for a 2014 foal. A beauty in her own right, she is ready to be shown or used in a breeding program for both the domestic and international markets. This is an exceptional opportunity to bring much coveted bloodlines into your own breeding program. Enrolled in Breeders Sweepstakes.

Buyer: ____________________________________________________________________ Price: ________________________________________ w w w . AHTimes . com

A r AbiAn H orse Ti mes | 83

Lot 21

Devon F/T Friesian Connection

Devon F/T FrIesIan ConneCTIon (Mintse 384 Sport x Yvonne Emma P Ster, by Folkert 353 Sport) 2009 Registered KFPS Studbook Friesian Stallion Beginning his performance training and showing outstanding potential. This could be your next Friesian stallion prospect. A son of Mintse 384 Sport and out of the mare Yvonne Emma P Ster, Devon represents one of the most sought after pedigrees in the Friesian world. His extreme trot and strength of gaits is well evident. His sire, Mintse, is one of the leading sires in the Friesian breed and he is famous for the motion and square trot he exhibits. Devon will most definitely be a contender in the future Keurings. An athletic stallion ready to start his performance or breeding career.

Buyer: ____________________________________________________________________ Price: ________________________________________ 84 | A r AbiAn H orse Times

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Lot 22


Versace DA Valentino DA Love

Fame VF Precious As Gold Padrons Psyche Magnifficaa FA

AHR #639553 Bay Arabian Gelding 4/06/08 NV Elite Kkissthestars Kkiss Of Fire

Bey Shah IA Bay Countess Firelord Step N Out

Offering a very special and winning DA Valentino son. Handsome, tall, and a multi-national top ten halter gelding, Vvaliante has been in western pleasure training with noted horseman Tommy Garland. This gelding stands out in a crowd. His near perfect silhouette is so like his famous sire, DA Valentino. He could be brought back to the ring in halter or continue his western pleasure training. A fine show horse with incredible potential. He is enrolled in Breeders Sweepstakes.

Buyer: ____________________________________________________________________ Price: ________________________________________ w w w . AHTimes . com

A r AbiAn H orse Ti mes | 85

Lot 23

ZA Primaverah

Fame VF Versace Precious As Gold

Bey Shah Raffoleta-Rose *El Shaklan Autumn In Gold

HAHR #2A348568 Bay H/A Mare 3/30/02 Night Of Roses Oliviah O Katie

Careys Night Of Love Symbol Song Enoss NDL Esperanza

One of the most decorated Multi-National Champion Half-Arabian Halter Mares the breed has to offer. 10-time UNITED STATES, CANADIAN and YOUTH National Champion and Reserve Champion Half-Arabian Mare ZA PRIMAVERAH. She is sired by the National Champion producing stallion Versace and out of the elegant Saddlebred mare Oliviah who was sired by the World Champion producing Saddlebred sire Night of Roses. This elegant, tall mare has a show ring attitude and correctness. She can be shown by an amateur, youth or professional, and excels in all divisions! She has a sweet and willing disposition and is a joy to be around! This mare has been professionally halter trained and campaigned by Midwest Training Centre and is ready to either go back into the ring to win for you or produce your next National Champion. She is enrolled in Breeders Sweepstakes. Buyer: ____________________________________________________________________ Price: ________________________________________ 86 | A r AbiAn H orse Times

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Lot 24

Douwe C - Star Sport

Douwe C-sTar sPorT (Sape 381 Stb Sport x Kiki Stb Ster, by Fabe 348 Stb) 2001 Registered KFPS Studbook Friesian Stallion This talented stallion has recently been imported from the Netherlands. Douwe has been competing at Z1 dressage in the Netherlands (similar to 3rd level except without the changes). Douwe has been selected for Talent program of the KFPS (Dutch studbook), meaning he is one of only 5 of the best Friesian dressage horses from the Netherlands recognized by its studbook! Douwe is ZZ heavy dressage. He can do the flying changes 3 and 4. Half pirouette is also no problem. Douwe is a very nice and sweet horse and willing to work for you. He is schooling level Prix St. George. The special thing about him is that you can also present him to be approved through a short exam. When he is presented in the Prix St George, he is allowed to take a test for a week and can be an approved stallion! Show record: 2005 Champion L1 Dressage, 2006 Final Central Keuring Dressage Talent, 2007 Champion M1 Dressage, 2007 Final Z1 Dressage Friesian Championships, 2007 Young Dressage Talent of the Netherlands at the Central Keuring Leeuwarden, 2008 Final Dutch Championship Frisians at Kootwijk Z2 Dressage, 2009 Final Dutch Championship Friesians at Kootwijk ZZ-Light, 2010 3rd Place at Assen Class ZZ-Light, 2nd Place 2010 Runner-Up Dutch Championship Friesian at Kootwijk ZZ-Light, 2011 1st Place ZZ Light Concour at Koudum in 2008/2009/2010. Full paper Star stallion. Allowed to start ZZ Heavy dressage. Really talented sport horse with a beautiful extensor who has won a lot of awards during championships the last few years. This is a very special stallion who can become your foundation Friesian sire.

Buyer: ____________________________________________________________________ Price: ________________________________________ w w w . AHTimes . com

A r AbiAn H orse Ti mes | 87

Lot 25

JJ Shakira

Padrons Psyche Magnum Psyche A Fancy Miracle

*Padron Kilika *Sasaki *Medina Azahara

AHR #579500 Chestnut Arabian Mare 6/11/00 Northerlei WH Vanity Whdandee

*Aladdinn Westerlei *Marhaba Gdeenah

An outstanding National Top Ten Halter Mare sired by the World Wide Champion Stallion Magnum Psyche and out of an *Aladdinn granddaughter. This is also a “two-in-one� package as she is confirmed in foal to Da Vinci FM for a 2014 foal. JJ Shakira is an opportunity to add the precious blood of Magnum Psyche, Northerlei, *Aladdinn, *Padron, *Marhaba and Gdansk to your breeding program. She has been professionally halter trained and is suitable as either an amateur or open mare. She is enrolled in Breeders Sweepstakes.

Buyer: ____________________________________________________________________ Price: ________________________________________ 88 | A r AbiAn H orse Times

w w w . AHTimes . com

Terms and CondiTions of Gemini arabians Horse auCTion The following Terms and Conditions of Sale, as amended by any posted notices or oral announcements by the Sale Agent or Auctioneer prior to or during the auction, constitutes the entire agreement between the bidders at the auction, on the other hand. Gemini Arabians, LLC (“Gemini”) has the legal right to convey good title to the Horses. Gemini makes no representations or warranties whatsoever to any bidders or to any successful buyer, and shall have no obligations or liabilities to any bidder or buyer, and without limiting the generality of the foregoing, shall bear no liability to any party as a result of any breaches of representations, warranties or legal duties or responsibilities of Gemini to anyone. Warranty of Title and Possession: Gemini warrants that upon a horse’s sale and payment of the full purchase price, Gemini shall deliver title and possession free of any cloud whatsoever. Warranty of Pedigree: Gemini warrants the horse’s pedigree as represented. Warranty of Registration: Gemini warrants the horse’s registration as represented. Registration Papers: Registration papers shall not pass to the buyer until the horse has been paid for in full. No Other Warranty: Each horse is sold “AS IS”. Neither Gemini nor any other person is authorized to make representations or warranties about any horse. No oral or written statement constitutes a warranty, and all such oral or written statements, other than those contained herein, shall not be relied upon by any bidder or buyer, and are not part of any contract of sale. Title and Delivery: Title passes to the buyer at the fall of the hammer, subject to payment of all or such part of the purchase price. All risk of injury to the horse becomes the buyer’s risk upon the fall of the hammer. The horse will be held for the buyer by Gemini until the buyer makes full payment as provided below. The buyer shall present himself to sign the buyer’s acknowledgment form immediately upon the fall of the hammer, and will arrange to make full payment within one (1) business day after the auction. The right of a successful bidder to purchase, as determined by the auctioneer, is not impaired in the event that an Acknowledgement of Purchase is signed by another bidder. Upon settlement by the buyer, the horse shall be delivered to the buyer with a Stable Release provided by Gemini. The buyer shall present the Stable Release to Gemini to remove the horse from the sales premises after taking possession, but in any case taking possession of the horse by the buyer shall constitute delivery thereof. If the buyer fails to cause any horse to be removed promptly, Gemini may cause the horse to be removed from the sales premises at the buyer’s risk and expense. Limitation of Liability: The buyer’s exclusive remedy for any breach shall be limited to the return of the horse (as described in the following paragraph) and repayment of the purchase price received by Gemini, less commissions and costs of sale. The liability of Gemini or Gemini’s agents with respect to any sale or anything done in connection therewith, whether arising out of contract, negligence, strict liability warranty or otherwise, shall not exceed the total purchase price, less commissions and cost of sale, of the horse upon which liability is based and which has been received by Gemini. Except to the extent set forth in this and the following paragraph, the buyer shall not under any circumstances be entitled to, nor be able to, recover any damages, including but not limited to consequential damages, incidental damages, special or general damages or loss of other property, or loss resulting from any general or particular requirements and needs of the buyer. Right of Return: Any horse sold in this sale that does not conform to the representations and warranties set forth herein, shall be subject to return to Gemini in exchange for a refund of the total purchase price, less commissions and costs of the sale, and reimbursement for reasonable expenses for keep, maintenance and transportation of the hose from the fall of the hammer, w w w . ahtimes . com

PROVIDED THAT WITHIN FORTY-EIGHT (48) HOURS AFTER THE FALL OF THE HAMMER AND PRIOR TO THE REMOVAL FROM THE SALES PREMISES, GEMINI RECEIVED WRITTEN NOTICE FROM THE BUYER THAT SUCH A NON-CONFIRMING CONDITION EXISTS, AND THAT THE SAME EXISTED AT THE TIME OF SALE. TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE IN RETURNING A HORSE. ALL WARRANTIES TERMINATE FORTY-EIGHT (48) HOURS AFTER THE FALL OF THE HAMMER, AFTER WHICH THE BUYER SHALL HAVE NO RIGHT OF RETURN UNDER THIS PARAGRAPH. The right of the buyer to return the horse as provided herein to Gemini shall be the sole and exclusive remedy against Gemini with respect to the warranties, and Gemini shall not be liable for any further actual or consequential damages. Catalog: Every effort has been made to assure the correctness of the catalog, but Gemini is not responsible for errors or omissions. All corrections made to the catalog at the time of the sale from the auctioneer’s podium shall supercede the catalog. Bidding: The highest bidder recognized by the auctioneer shall be the buyer. Bids tendered after the fall of the hammer are not valid grounds for any dispute. If any dispute arises between two or more bidders, or in the event of doubt on the auctioneer’s part as to the validity of any bid, the auctioneer will have the final discretion either to determine the successful bidder, or to reoffer and resell the horse in dispute. The auctioneer’s sale record is conclusive and is not subject to challenge. The auctioneer reserves the right to reject any bid. Bidder Registration: Gemini encourages everyone to pre-register for auction by visiting our website Delivery to Buyer: No horse shall be delivered to the buyer until payment in full has been received in full by Gemini by one or more of the means set forth below. Buyer’s Payment: The buyer shall pay for the horse within one (1) business day of the conclusion of the sale, and shall pay Gemini the total purchase price (or as described in terms) by one or more of the following means: U.S. currency, cashier’s check, traveler’s check, personal check, Credit Cards excepted with a 3.5% user fee (we accept Visa, Master Card or American Express), subject to clearance prior to the release of the horse. Terms: Terms will be 30% down and the balance paid in four (4) semiannual payments. Gemini may accept other terms for purchase. However, any terms must include a 5% buyer’s premium. Default Purchase: If any person shall purchase a lot and fail to pay for it in the manner described above, Gemini shall have, in additional to all other legal rights, the right to resell the lot, or at his option, bring an action for specific performance, in which event the defaulting buyer agrees to pay all costs of each suit, together with all reasonable attorney’s fees and cost. In the event of a resale, the defaulting buyer agrees to pay all costs of resale, plus any deficiency between the original total purchase price and the total purchase price upon resale. Transportation: The buyer, at his own expense, shall transport the horse from the sale premises. Law and Taxes: These Terms and Conditions of Sale shall be construed and governed by the laws of the State of Arizona in effect as of the date of the sale, and any dispute shall be resolved pursuant to the laws of the State of Arizona. Jurisdiction and venue shall be in Maricopa County, Arizona. Each buyer agrees to pay any city, county or state sales, transaction, privilege or use tax which may be claimed because of the buyer’s failure to qualify for an exemption. Applicable Arizona state sales tax rulings and state statutes may apply. Withdrawal Rights: Gemini reserves the right to withdraw any horse from the sale without liability to anyone. a r abian h orse ti mes | 89

Gemini Acres Equine | Jim & Sally Bedeker Farm Manager: Chris Barter (602) 501-9877 | Victor Ricigliano (612) 328-1639 | Scott Mason (385) 312-5156 90 | A r AbiAn H orse Times

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National Champion Award Winning Stallion & Sire

Afire Bey V x S S Magnolia

NomiNated Sire:

aHa Breeders Sweepstakes minnesota medallion Stallion Scottsdale Signature Stallion National Show Horse iowa Gold Star Stallion Silver Sire Breeders SCid & Ca Clear

Proudly owned by: Freedom ranch LLc Jennifer Patterson Glenbrook, Nevada

For breeding information: Mike Neal & Katie Beck Delavan, Wisconsin Tel: 262-728-1168 Fax: 262-728-2678 w w w . ahtimes . com

a r abian h orse ti mes | 91


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