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Strand’s Arabian Stables A Family Tradition for 60 Years 1958-2018 By THERESA CARDAMONE For over half a century, Jody Strand has been plying his trade on the same 55-acre farm in Iowa where he has lived since the age of five. This is the place where Strand’s Arabian Stables was founded 60 years ago. This is the place where Jody’s roots are firmly planted; far from the spotlights at world class horse shows; far from the cascades of national championship garlands and trophies that his horses win year after year. This is the place where he is raising his own family in a similar atmosphere of controlled (or sometimes not so controlled!) chaos—homework to do, debates around the table about the rotation of chores—with a similar sense of accomplishment. On the farm or in the show ring, the Strands thrive with an irreplaceable and warm good feeling that has been supported by their values for over 60 years. Jody Strand is one of the most accomplished horse trainers in the Arabian industry. From his first national award—a hard-won top ten aboard Hal Gibby (Hal Gazal x G-Amaka, by G-Amigo) in 1979— Jody Strand and his amateur clients have, especially in recent years, saturated both the purebred and part-Arabian classes for all age groups and levels of experience in the Western Pleasure discipline. Jody is a three-time winner of the Arabian Professional and Amateur Horseman’s Association’s Western Pleasure Trainer of the Year award and thus is “retired” into the APAHA Hall of Fame. The continuity of Jody’s achievements is underlined by his inclusion on the Arabian Horse World’s “Totally Tops” list of national winners each year since its inception in 1996. In addition, Jody has had his judge’s card for over 25 years and is a Level 1 judge.

D Zalamaan (OV Zalamaar x Willows Missfire, by Back Fire)

He gives credit to three of his “first great horses” for moving him to the top tier of winning trainers: D Zalamaan (OV Zalamaar x Willows Missfire, by Back Fire), who carried him to his first U.S. National Championship when he won the Western Pleasure Junior Horse trophy in 1994; The Mystical Penny (Nivarions Mystic x The Gold Penny AQHA), who Jody says made him “look good” and upon whom he won the 1995 Canadian National Champion Half-Arabian Western Pleasure Junior Horse title; and MD Heir toFame (Starof Fame V x Anas Star Fire, by Afire Bey V), who captured seven national championships and two reserves with Jody and amateur owner Sue Burchard within a five-year period (2001-2006). MD Heir toFame (Starof Fame V x Anas Star Fire, by Afire Bey V)

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But it is over the last five years that Jody has achieved his most elusive goal and cemented his position as the top western trainer in the business. Prior to that, the Open Western Pleasure title was Jody’s Holy Grail. Although his horses had won many national championships in junior horse, amateur, futurity and other classes over a 20-year stretch, there was still one hole in his resume. “I always hoped I would win the U.S. Open Western before I retired,” Jody states. “Then, along comes Zefyr!” Zefyr (Sundance Kid V x Pattrice, by Pesniar) had never won the Open championship either, although he, too, had earned several other national western titles in previous years. “It was a long time coming,” said Jody. “My nephew Ryan and I used to go to Nationals and I was always so far out of the ribbons, I didn’t even know that there were any being handed out! He met me for the photo after that first Open win and couldn’t resist ribbing me about how far I’d come since the old days.”

Jody and Zefyr made Arabian history when they won the U.S. Open Western Pleasure Championship not just once, but for three consecutive years (2013, 2014, 2015), an unmatched accomplishment. To add to that—in a bittersweet moment—Jody and Zefyr picked up the 2016 Reserve Champion Open Western title; relinquishing their hold on the championship to Zefyr’s paternal half-brother, Diesel Smoke CBA (Sundance Kid V x C A Majia, by C A Hermoso), ridden by Jody’s longtime friend Josh Quintus. In an almost unbelievable show of continuity, Jody then rode into the Open Western Pleasure spotlight in the Finals for the fifth consecutive year; this time on the brilliant Vicario (DA Valentino x Faberge AA, by Magnum Psyche) as the 2017 U.S. National Reserve Champion. Jody Strand has been the mentor to many eager apprentices who have since become some of his steepest competition in the show ring. He is immensely proud to see them grow into successful horsemen/women. Jen Schmitt, Joe Reser, JT Keller, Ryan Strand, and so many others have flourished under his tutelage. The skills they honed under Jody’s guidance will benefit the Arabian community as a whole for many years to come.

“We kid each other all the time. His customers have me to thank! He works harder for them, in order to beat me! Honestly, I hate when Jody beats me in a class, because he brags about it for years. Good thing it doesn’t happen often! But who’s counting? Joking aside, Jody keeps the bar high. Has for decades.” ~ Josh Quintus

Above: Congratulations from Ryan Strand to Jody on his 2013 U.S. National Unanimous Championship. Right: 2014 double win pass amongst great friends. Zefyr and Jody with Josh Quintus and Onyx A.

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Left: Stuart Vesty, aka Captain Jack Sparrow, honoring the 2013 Unanimous U.S. National Championship of Zefyr and Jody. Above: Stuart always ready with the camera! Below: Some photo shoots go smoother than others.

“A lot has changed over the years, but always with forward momentum.” ~ Stuart Vesty

In addition to customers, mentors, and colleagues, Jody appreciates the creative talents of the other professionals who help to promote his business. He credits Jenn Trickey with expertly designing his marketing pieces, most of which are graced by the photos of Stuart Vesty. Stuart has captured some of Jody’s greatest moments of glory at horse shows and has shot nearly all of the photos on the farm with the family. He appreciates the special relationship that he shares with the Strand family. “I would have to say Strand’s Arabians is my longest continuous client for the past 30 or more years,” Stuart states. “So, I’ve witnessed Jody’s talents and successes grow first-hand. His facility and his family are growing more beautiful by the day. I always enjoy the time we spend together, whether it’s a beer by the bonfire with clients, or chasing the kids around the yard trying to get a decent family photo.” Stuart’s unique position of being so familiar with Jody and his family allows him a special perspective into what has spurred Jody’s achievements. “A lot has changed over the years,” he explains. “But always with forward momentum. Jody’s talented assistants who have gone out on their own or pursued training positions elsewhere are a testament to his success as a trainer and educator, and his success at keeping his family business alive and flourishing is a testament to his passion and dedication. I congratulate my friend; cheers to the future!”

“Jody is a great businessman. He won’t say that about himself, but he is. Honest, quality conscientious and gives great attention to detail. I am proud to have worked with he and Janice for almost 20 years.” ~ Jenn Trickey

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Ed Strand with Bashik

Vivian and Ed Strand with G Ameron

Strand’s Arabian Stables A Family Tradition for 60 Years 1958-2018

Ed Strand with Niga and G-Amigo

Virginia and Milt Strand

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Justin and SAS Just One Kiss

No hands Megan!

Jody is a good friend to many people and many horses, and he appreciates a good laugh. But, beyond all else, Jody Strand is a family man, raising his four children with his wife, Janice, on the same farm where he grew up.

Janice Strand gives insight into the parenting that she and Jody provide, “They grow up a little differently than most kids today,” she explains. “We don’t do the iPad/computer thing after school. When they come home, they go outside to play. They build forts, they play on the farm, but they also have chores. They have their hills they have to weed, they like to help with hay, they help with the horses. It’s part of growing up on this farm.”

In 1958, Ed Strand and his brother Milt took a leap of faith and started Strand’s Arabian Stables. It was founded on the values of the American Heartland: integrity, dedication, hard work, honesty, and love of family—along with passion for the Arabian horse. Sixty years later, those values are the foundation for the next generation of Strand success. Jody remembers when his dad and uncle “took the plunge.”

To keep things fresh, Jody likes to “mix it up” in balancing training and family needs. “One thing I love to do is make hay!” he exclaims. “When you’re out there mowing the hayfields, raking the hay, it’s definitely a couple of days where you are not “Probably the most doing the usual, you can’t hear the phone. The payback important thing I is good now that the kids are finally old enough to help learned from my time out! Janice runs the baler better than I do; last time, with Jody was how Aminah (11) and Justin (9) were responsible for dedicated you have to shuttling full loads of hay to the barn and returning be to be successful in this business! He has with an empty rack. They work well together,” Jody a work ethic like no comments, “go figure!”

“That was a pretty gutsy move for a guy in his fifties,” says Jody. “It was a hobby that he turned into a business. He took enormous pride in this farm and had an incredible work ethic. These are things that I’ve carried on. I’ve always had a lot of pride in the farm, even when I was a kid, and I believe I have the work ethic it takes to do this other!” business and take care of things. When I didn’t want to work, dad would tell me, ‘Your name is on the sign at the end of the driveway, too.’ If you knew my dad, you would understand.” Ten years ago, Jody was quoted as saying, “I take pride in my farm for what it has become, and the potential it still holds for the future. I look forward to the days of passing on this tradition to my children.” Evidently, those days have come to fruition. Jody explains, “We were working on landscaping with two of the kids yesterday, and I looked over at them and said, ‘Who’s going to keep this place running and looking good when I am gone?’ They were both very quick to say they would do it. I have no doubt that’s true!”

~ Joe Reser

Janice handles all of the administrative work and is proactive in the maintenance of the farm. Jody credits Janice for everything she does to keep both farm and family running smoothly. “Strand’s has been self-supporting since it started,” he explains. “It’s just our life in the horse business. It was never as if—when things got rough in the horse industry—we could just take a little bit of our “oil money,” he laughs, “and invest it in the barn! It’s all been horse-related income. That keeps you honest, keeps you from making poor financial decisions and maybe going over your head on something that you shouldn’t.”

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“It goes without saying what a horseman Jody is. All of us, who went through his program went on to win plenty, but it was way more than that. It was like college. Real life lessons. I’m thankful as hell, for all of it.” ~ J.T. Keller

“Between a full working farm, family and National level training facility, Jody carries a tremendous amount on his shoulders. What he carries would take a toll on anyone. Yet, what it so admirable about him, is that he manages to keep it all together and still show up smiling, ready for a joke. That’s character. I respect him and call him a true friend.” ~ Ron Copple

Right: Good friends Joe Frizzell & Jody on the trail. Below: Gretchen Love and Vicario++

“Growing up as a Strand has had its perks. Like riding Omega Witez, the last Witez ll son; spending every free moment in the barn; our competitive family football games in the arena; and our infamous Christmas slide show that wasn’t about our vacations, but about horses and their pedigrees. I can say with certainty, that our family loved the Arabian horse, and I am so proud to be continuing that family legacy with my own work and watching my daughter’s love of Arabians grow.” ~ Codi Strand

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There aren’t too many other farms that can make the same claim of self-sufficiency; Varian Arabians and Al-Marah come to mind as shining examples when it comes to longevity. Jody continues to operate the farm with the ethical integrity that he learned from his father and says that Janice helps to keep him on track. “Janice has two financial categories: want and need,” he states with resignation. “‘Is this a want or a need?’ That sucks, I hate that! There’s the things you need to do and the things you want to do; we typically do what we need to do and put the wants on the back burner. And the wants are things that we both think are worth planning for. We always confer on financial matters, it is very much a team decision.” So many years of any kind of hard work can be grueling, even for the most ambitious souls. When he feels the daily grind, Jody finds ways to keep a fresh attitude “Anybody that doesn’t say that sometimes they get tired of running their own business would be lying,” Jody states. “That’s just how it is. I still like teaching people to ride. I still like teaching assistants. But, if I’ve had a tough day, or if I’m at a show putting up drapes and I’m sick of doing it…I just get on a horse. As soon as I get on a horse, I’m fine. I never tire of riding. That’s amazing considering I trained my first horse—where my dad told the client I was doing the work—when I was 14…that’s Megan’s age,” Jody grins. “The fact is, when I get on a horse, I still like doing it. Now granted, my knees hurt, but as far as the desire…I still love to train!” Joe and Debbie Frizzell have a long history as Strand’s clients. “My wife and I first put a horse in training full time with Jody in 1999,” Joe relates. “So, this will be our 20th year with Strand’s Arabians. I always liked the way that Jody’s horses looked in the show ring and I learned immediately that the horses received great care both at home and at

the shows. I have had great respect for Jody and his entire crew over the years for how they have handled our horses. Everyone at Strand’s works hard, but they also always like to have fun! We’ve had a lot of great times with all of our horse show friends over the years, and we have also had a lot of success in the show ring.” On the other end of the spectrum, Gretchen Love, owner of Vicario, lives in Oregon and has only been with Jody for around five years. While she deeply appreciates and enjoys their long-distance relationship of “mostly phone calls and horse shows,” she was enchanted by her visit to the family farm. “I had a dear friend that went with me who had also bought a horse from Jody,” she relates. “What a thrill! Jody took us on the “Gator” that goes around the property and he explained every inch of it; the history of his family; how meaningful it is.” Gretchen’s respect for Jody is evident. “His father bred some famous horses and he showed us the headstones of Niga and G-Amigo, the foundation stallions. Then he said, ‘Gretchen, don’t tell anybody, but I designed these gardens!’ His whole being is carrying on his father’s legacy and the tradition in that farm.” Jody has been teased that the farm is over-landscaped, but he believes in creating a wonderful ambience for his clients and guests. “People travel long distances to come here, sometimes from overseas,” he informs. “Or, they drive several hours to get here for what boils down to a short visit. A trip to the farm must be more of an experience than just that 60-minute lesson. It’s got to be an inviting, pretty place to come to, where people feel comfortable. They want to spend time before and after the lesson, whether it’s talking to us or talking to other clients in the barn. Our clients have always said the farm is very inviting, they always feel welcome here.”

Lessons learned ... Work ethic. Common words when asking any trainer who has been through the Strand program. One story, in particular, came up with both Joe Reser and J.T. Keller, who apprenticed under Jody in the late 90’s. All three of them laugh about it now and all three of them learned something different from the story. They had just come back from a horse show. Jody said they would take the day off from riding. Jody’s idea of a day off from riding, was exactly that. A day off from riding. It didn’t mean a day off from the long list of other things in maintaning the farm. And if you have ever been to the farm, Jody takes great pride in the landscaping, and he should. The day was to be spent trimming the shrubs that lined the driveway. It felt like a Karate Kid movie, “wax on, wax off,” as if there were some underlying lesson to be learned about an honest day of hard work. Joe was not happy about the chore, so purposely did a horrible job, and was told to stop and just go to the barn. He went and rode horses. J.T., on the other hand, tried like crazy, and his shrubs were a work of art. At the end of the day. Joe learned how to get out of doing something he didn’t want to do. Jody learned that he stupidly rewarded someone for bad behavior, so, basically, taught him how to do it, and J.T. learned how to trim bushes. They still laugh about it today. There is something to be learned every day! Ar abian Horse Times | 7 | Str and’s ~ 2018

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“We have had a long history with the Strand family and are so proud of all they have accomplished. Congratulations!” ~ Dick, Lollie and Lara Ames

Jody believes that the show experience needs to be just as embracing. “It’s not about the ribbon or the top ten or national championship,” he states. “It has to be about the whole thing. At a show like the Nationals, it’s the early morning lesson and the fun at the stalls, maybe going out to dinner with other customers; you have to look at the whole week-to-ten-day period as being part of it.” Jody paused as if to ponder. “Hell, a victory pass lasts what, a minute? Sure, you want to win, but you have to enjoy the whole thing. It has to be fun. I’m a smart-ass and I like to have fun with our customers, I like to tease them. I think keeping it funny and fun is important, whether they’re winning or losing. If you keep them laughing…well, my sense of humor is probably a saving grace sometimes.” Jody has had all types of clients over the years. “We are Noah’s Ark as far as our customers go,” he says. “We are fortunate to have a number of clients who have the means to go out and buy any horse that they want. But, people that are on budgets and have to find a horse that’s not as expensive? They don’t shy away from coming here either, because they know we’re going to go out and find that horse for them, and then give 150% effort to get that horse into the winner’s circle, too. We just went out and bought a horse for a customer we’ve had for years; their horse developed soundness issues. We found them an older show horse within their budget— they just want to keep coming to the barn and having fun as a part of the Strand team.” Cindy Smith has been with Jody for nearly 20 years, crediting him with restoring her confidence and providing a horse show family. “You bond with the other people in the barn,” she says. “Being there that long, you become friends. We have horses in common and we were all looking for the same thing in a trainer. Jody says, ‘a good horse always makes you feel good about yourself,’ and the same thing is true about trainers. Jody is a great amateur coach. I came to him with literally no confidence. If it hadn’t worked out with Jody, I probably would have just quit.” Gallún

Jody and Cindy Smith with Springsteen CS.

“Jody’s father, Ed, was one of the hardest working people I’ve ever been around. Hard work was instilled in all of our family pretty early. Jody’s work ethic, coupled with his talent, has made him, in my opinion, one of the most successful people in our industry. I have always been, but now more than ever, just proud to call him my uncle.” ~ Ryan Strand

“This horse show thing is not for the faint hearted!” Cindy continues. “If you don’t have confidence, everything goes to heck in a handbasket! But, as Jody also says, ‘If it was easy, it wouldn’t mean as much.’ I have gained so much confidence; with a good horse and a good coach, everything is so much better. I’ve gone through several horses with him and actually turned into a hunter rider because that’s what my horse ended up being. The horse has to tell you what they want to do, and Jody listens.”

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Jody’s reputation for honesty is golden. “I’ve probably gotten more business from referrals because I sent their horse home and said, ‘It’s not going to make the grade,’” he muses. “One of the first things I do with clients is ask them what their goals are. If the goal is to be a national champion, I’ll let you know if this horse can or can’t. Maybe your goal is to have him ready to show at the lower levels and you want to be part of the barn. But, if the goal is national champion and I don’t think the horse is good enough, I tell them that; we find it a good home; and find one that can do it.”

“My goggles were on as a brand-new owner,” continues Barb. “My heart was beating out of my chest… I thought, what can get better than this? I was shocked when Jody suggested that I let this horse go and find a better one. Looking back on it from his angle, he probably thought, here’s a client who really looks like she wants to do this well, not float along at the edges. And, obviously, I was! I had spent many hours sitting with Jody in the stands at shows, analyzing class results and tuning my eye for a good horse. Jody can explain why, even though he can win on a horse and make it look easy, it might not be a good horse for an amateur. And so, we started looking for that next-level horse.”


A tiny newspaper ad listing a horse for sale led Barb Sink-Krusenstjerna to Strand’s Arabian Stables over 30 years ago. She bought a horse that, while in training for performance, became a halter champion gelding. “At that moment, I was hooked,” Barb says. “The following spring, he was ready to go under saddle. The Maiden class had about 30 horses, the stands were full, and the darn horse won again! That was when the second hook went in. Now, I was in hook, line, and sinker!”

Above: Jody and Barb Sink with Dream A Lil Dream.

Barb credits Jody’s strong work ethic for providing stability for the Strands. “It’s a Midwest farm ethic which Jody still has,” she elaborates. “My husband and I talk about it all the time. We don’t know people who work harder than the Strands. Jody worked under his dad and it was evident, that farm work ethic. I will also credit his wife, Janice. They keep a lid on their expenses. I think Jody is still riding on the same saddle he had 20 years ago. It has enough silver on it, it’s comfortable and everything works. He owns his own farm, he’s not leasing a facility. Those things ground you and help you make good choices and weather a storm. It keeps the family strong.”

Left: Proud Dad with Aminah on her first National Championship!

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“I can honestly say I would not be the trainer I am today without Jody. I came to Jody as a 20-year-old kid who knew next to nothing about training or showing horses. Through the next 11 years, Jody taught me how to start colts, how to ride western and hunt, and how to be a showman. He fought for me as a young, up-and-coming trainer, encouraged me when I was hard on myself, and couldn’t have been prouder if I beat him. He’s my mentor, my friend, and someone I admire as a horseman. Not only all of this, but Jody, Janice, and the kids became a second family to me. The Strand family is, and always will be, an important part of my life.” ~ Jen Schmitt

JoEllen Erickson and her daughter Jill Lochner have been riding with Jody for around 28 years, ever since meeting him at a horse show when Jill was a young teenager. They have reason to be very grateful to Jody for the role he has played in their lives. “Jody molded Jill into what she is today,” JoEllen states bluntly. “He was always encouraging her to never give up, even though she rode with him a lot of years before she got her first top ten.” When Jill faced the prospect of having to give up horses to go to college, Jody offered her a summer job that kept her in the barn and in the show ring. After graduation, Jill decided to go for her Arabian judge’s card. “I’ll never forget Jody was laughing, saying, ‘You’re awfully young, but go for it! If you want to do it, don’t let anything get in your way,’” JoEllen recalls. “And she did, she applied and got accepted. She had her judge’s card, then went out and got her large R and has judged Scottsdale, she’s judged Nationals, she’s judged everything. We’re pretty proud of her and it was all due to Jody’s encouragement. He pretty well molded her into the judge, the showman that she is today.” JoEllen is grateful for their strong relationship. “It’s been a wonderful ride for us, and I can never thank him enough,” she relates. “Jill is one of these people for whom it’s not always about wearing roses; but just doing well at your job. Jody is the one who instilled that in her. That’s why she’s so successful in so many ways. With her career—she travels all over the world for John Deere—and she has a 2-year-old boy. She’s still involved with the horses, judging and showing. It speaks to the fortitude which Jody has taught her.”


“One thing that Jody does extremely well is support his amateurs,” Jill says, speaking from years of experience with him. “He teaches in a way that people can comprehend; he makes it fun and easy to learn. Most of all, he instills confidence. While some trainers yell at their amateurs if they make a mistake, Jody always points out the positive and reminds us that there will be another show.”

Team Strand’s AAOTR!

It’s more family than it is a client/trainer relationship, it’s been a long-lasting friendship. “He has said I am like a sister to him,” Jill adds. “I had been planning to be married at my parent’s home, but they had a barn fire. Rather than postpone the wedding, Jody and Janice had us transfer the whole thing to his farm.” In a lovely setting with a big tent and a pond, Jody gave Jill away to her new husband.

Joe Frizzell, Jody and Jen Schmitt at the APAHA Awards.

Jill says she knows why Jody has had such long-lasting success. “He truly loves what he gets to do every day,” she explains. “It shows in the way his horses work and how his horses and clients respond to him. Add in his God-given talent, and that is why he is one of the winningest western trainers of all time.”

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Megan aboard She Moves Me with proud mom Janice. Ashley GallĂşn photo

Justin, Shea and “Cash”


Janice & Justin with SAS Just One Kiss Megan & She Moves Me

Ar abian Horse Times | 14 | Str and’s ~ 2018

Recently, the Strand children have begun to make their own names in the show ring. Megan (14) was honored to be a finalist for both the 2016 and 2017 APAHA Youth Western Amateur of the Year. She won the 2017 Youth National Champion Half-Arabian Hunter Pleasure JTR Select 13 & Under title on She Moves Me (Majesteit KWPN x The Way She Moves, by Baske Afire) who was bred by Stuart Vesty. Megan also won two 2017 Youth National Reserve Championships aboard Tamar Diamond Destiny (Neposzar x Princess Dynamite, by Poirot) in Half-Arabian Western Pleasure JOTR 13 & Under and Half-Arabian Ladies Side Saddle Western JTR 18 & Under, and two more top tens on purebreds SAS Just One Kiss (Just N Nuff x DR Fames Lullaby, by Fame VF) and Gai Bombey (A Jakarta x Gailla, by Gai Argosy). Megan already earned her first two Youth National Championships in 2016 aboard Tamar Diamond Destiny, who won the Half-Arabian Western Pleasure JTR Select 18 & Under and the Half-Arabian Western Pleasure JOTR 13 & Under. Aminah won a 2017 Youth National Championship of her own in Half-Arabian Western Seat Equitation Walk/ Jog 10 & Under on Tamar Diamond Destiny, with additional top tens on ROL What An Angel (Out of Cyte x ROL Angel Eyes, by MA Gallant Ladd) in Arabian Hunter Pleasure Walk/Trot 10 & Under and Hunter Seat Equitation Walk/Trot 10 & Under. She had two top ten wins on Tamar Diamond Destiny in Walk/Jog classes the previous year.

Aminah and proud Dad on her 2017 Youth National Championship on Tamar Diamond Destiny in Half-Arabian Western Seat Equitation Walk/Jog.

Justin is the youngest Strand and has already accumulated five top ten awards at Youth Nationals in the 10 & Under division; notably in 2017, in Western Pleasure and Western Seat Equitation on SAS Just One Kiss; and in Half-Arabian Western Pleasure on Tamar Diamond Destiny. In 2016, he earned his first two top tens in Western Pleasure and Western Seat Equitation on Pslim Shady (GR Psyches Rey x Alesia, by Hijo Del Paso). An avid showman, Justin has also won numerous regional championships in both Region 10 and 11. For Jody and Janice Strand, seeing the children excel in the family business is a great joy. “That is probably the proudest that Janice and I have ever been of those kids, when they earned their first national championships,” he admits. As is often the case with siblings, the kids have a healthy rivalry between them. “Aminah is out of walk/trot now, and Justin is not,” Jody says. “When they were competing against each other…they could be fourth and sixth…it didn’t matter, as long as they beat their sibling!” Sibling rivalry aside, it is clear that the next generation of Strands will continue to honor and add to the family legacy well into the future. Ar abian Horse Times | 15 | Str and’s ~ 2018

Shea and Tulsa

Jody & Shea

Ar abian Horse Times | 16 | Str and’s ~ 2018

Aminah’s twin sister Shea (11) brings her own brand of joy into the family. She was born with infantile spasms, a severe form of epilepsy which caused developmental differences that set her apart from her peers. “Shea’s not able to do some of the stuff the other kids do,” Jody explains. “She can’t always put the words together, but she’s awesome.” Jody paused. “She can run like the freakin’ wind!” he laughs. “I saw her running down to the barn from the house the other day, with Janice in hot pursuit…it wasn’t even close! Shea was leaving her in the dust!”

Jody and Janice Strand are deeply grateful for the life they have built on their family farm and the wonderful people that have supported them over the years. Their circle of friends extends far beyond the boundaries of Strand’s Arabian Stables. As time goes by, it is a safe bet Jody’s steadfast values will continue to keep him grounded and give him the foundation to meet new twists and challenges as he trains the next echelon of champions. Jody’s explanation for his continued success is more down to earth.

Unfortunately, people can be judgmental about things they have no knowledge of. While most people show understanding, Jody and Janice wish that more would broaden their awareness. “We have encountered both adults and children who have reacted negatively to Shea. We have also encountered an enormous number of people who have had very positive responses to her and treated her with grace and dignity— as an equal. Our clients are incredibly accepting of Shea and her differences. She is a very happy child who always has a smile for everyone she meets. We include her and want her to be a part of what our family is doing every day.”

“I make a living doing something that I am passionate about,” he avers. “I learned that from my dad, who had so much passion for the Arabian horse, he followed his heart and built this business 60 years ago. Only a few farms can match that span of time.” Jody believes that loving what he does for a living is a crucial element in attracting and retaining so many clients over six decades. “I am very grateful to all of the customers, past and present, who have kept us in business all these years. Their confidence is what has given us this wonderful life.”

While Shea doesn’t show horses, she is the perfect partner for her dad to go on a fun ride across the farm. “We love to take a four-wheeler ride,” Jody says with a smile. “We have a creek running through the property. I take Shea down there, and we go flying through that creek, hell-bent-for-leather, and it looks like we’re on a log ride!” Jody takes a moment to gather his thoughts.

Jody Strand has earned that confidence with his steadfast adherence to the values upon which he was raised. They are the same values embraced by his father, the same values which have brought joy and prosperity to the Strands for the past 60 years on the family farm. And they are the values with which Strand’s Arabian Stables will continue with in the future.

“I didn’t know that I’d be the guy who would have the patience to raise a child with a disability, and then I was blessed with one,” he continues. “It’s made me a much better person, more patient, and a lot stronger. Janice always was that way, I was the weak link. Janice is the best and strongest person I’ve ever met. It was a total blessing for me the day that she walked into the barn for a riding lesson, which is how we met. That is a story in itself, but we won’t get into that now,” he says with a chuckle. “My life and this farm would not be what they are today without her in it.”

Janice & Jody Strand

Ar abian Horse Times | 17 | Str and’s ~ 2018

The Extended Strand “Family ...”

Ryan Strand. Now owner of Liberty Meadows Training Center in Bucyrus, Kansas.

Beth Wilson, office manager at Strand’s Arabian Stables.

Above: Farriers Ed Konicek & Brian Wolfgram with Dr. Charles Abraham. Left: Codi Strand. Now farm manager at High Star Farm in Los Alamos, California.

photo by nedra Ar abian Horse Times | 18 | Str and’s ~ 2018

Joe Reser Now at Shamrock Farms in Fort Worth, Texas. J.T. Keller Now owner of J.T. Keller Performance Horses in Grandview, Texas.

Jen Schmitt Now head trainer at Conway Arabians in Chatfield, Minnesota.

2013, 2014, 2015 u.s. national champion western pleasure

Sundance Kid V x Pattrice Proudly owned by Equidont Arabians Laura Koch & Bert Sanders Warner Robins, GA

2016 u.s. national reserve champion western pleasure

Ar abian Horse Times | 20 | Str and’s ~ 2018

Congratulations, Jody and Janice, on the diamond anniversary of Strand’s Arabian Stables. We will forever share the memories of a lifetime with Zefyr’s history-making performances in Western Pleasure’s most coveted crown. Thank you! ~ Bert & Laura

Ar abian Horse Times | 21 | Str and’s ~ 2018

Proud breeder of:

multi-national champion


DA Valentino x Faberge AA

Now proudly owned by Gretchen Love

national champion

just tu kool rta

Smoking Jose Cuervo x Imtu Kool+/

Now proudly owned by Michelle Bancroft

STONEGATE ARABIANS Jay Krusenstjerna & Barb Sink-Krusenstjerna Waukee, IA

Proud breeder of:

multi-national champion


AAS-Elishahh x Veyonce++/

Now proudly owned by Jill Lochner

Ar abian Horse Times | 22 | Str and’s ~ 2018

multi-national champion

the mystical penny+// Nivarions Mystic x The Gold Penny


When we first stepped into your barn, I simply wanted a pretty horse to ride. 30+ years later, we are beaming with pride to be listed as leading breeders of western pleasure winners! Our learning curve of Arabian horses has grown into a check by check bucket list of accomplishments which were inspired and guided by you from the start. As we look over time at all the incredible horses that have come across our path, Jay and I are thankful we walked into your barn that day.We wish the Strand family a very happy 60th Anniversary! ~ Barb & Jay

multi-national reserve champion

dream a lil dream+++/ Fire An Ice x Crystal Blue Persuasion


Ar abian Horse Times | 23 | Str and’s ~ 2018

sweet melody b

Vicario++ x Melody V+// Proudly owned by Kathy Shippee

2018 filly

Vicario++ x SAS Just One Kiss+ Proudly owned by Janice Strand

multi-national champion

DA Valentino x Faberge AA Proudly owned by Gretchen Love, Portland, OR

2018 black filly Vicario++ x SS Summer Song Proudly owned by Cathy Stauffer

famous lady v

Vicario++ x Famous And Wiser Proudly owned by Dr. Charles Abraham

Ar abian Horse Times | 24 | Str and’s ~ 2018

2017 u.s. national reserve champion western pleasure I am ever so grateful to Jody and Janice for making these past few years some of the happiest of my life. Vicario, with his training and showing, is truly a dream come true, and I feel even more fortunate and honored to be a part of the entire Strand Stable Family! Congratulations on your family’s 60th year anniversary as you celebrate the values, dedication and pride of your legendary program. ~ Gretchen Ar abian Horse Times | 25 | Str and’s ~ 2018

national champion

jp crimson cowboyy Remington Magnum x Cozy

multi-national champion

sunsational kid+// Sundance Kid V x Mane Street Introducing:

absolutly sunsational Sunsational Kid +// x BW Jazzmine

Congratulations, Jody and Janice, on the 60th anniversary of Strand’s Arabian Stables! Best wishes for your continued success! ~ Joe & Debbie

national top ten & regional champion

tuff e nuffe+/ Prussia x Niga Liberty Girl

national champion

remington magnum Magnum Psyche x Khasmir

Proudly owned by Joe & Debbie Frizzell, Ames, IA Ar abian Horse Times | 26 | Str and’s ~ 2018

national top ten & regional champion

sophia cs

KM Bugatti x Ashton Bey Proudly owned by Gretchen Love Portland, OR Ar abian Horse Times | 27 | Str and’s ~ 2018

national champion


AAS-Elishahh x Veyonce++/

Happy Anniversary to the Strands on their 60th! If I wanted to give you a hard time, I would say this officially makes you ‘old,’ but I’ll save that for the right time. The farm is home to me, and you guys are family. The times we’ve shared can never be replaced and I thank you for them all. Your encouragement, support and even tough love, has meant everything to me. From jogging through the in-gate to walking down the aisle, you’ve been my friend! Cheers to the entire Strand Family! ~ Jill

Proudly owned by Jill Lochner Long Grove, IA

Ar abian Horse Times | 28 | Str and’s ~ 2018



Zefyr+// x C A Tapatia Proudly bred and owned by JoEllen Erickson Durant, IA

How can Jill or I thank you enough for the unwavering encouragement, honesty and friendship over the past 28 years? Our horse crazy hearts wish you, and your family, all the best on this diamond anniversary. It is not a surprise to see your continued success for 60 years! Congratulations! ~JoEllen


reserve national champion

psynsational psy

Magnum Psyche x FA Jada

Ridden by Jill Lochner, pictured with Joe Frizzell on Sunsational Kid+//.

scottsdale champion

hj famoso

Magnum Psyche x Poetry SMF

Ar abian Horse Times | 29 | Str and’s ~ 2018

Congratulations! Best wishes on 60 more! ~The Gudgeons Proudly owned by The Gudgeon Family Cedar Falls, IA

national champion & multi-regional champion

khalua jullyen v Jullyen El Jamaal x Khantina Girl V

national top ten & regional champion

khalogne j

Khadraj NA x Porcelain J

multi-national champion

da kota ff+//

Da Vinci FM x Zippininfromdallas

Ar abian Horse Times | 30 | Str and’s ~ 2018

scottsdale champion & national top ten

springsteen cs Sundance Kid V x Ashton Bey

I’ve been riding with the Strand group for 17 years, and am thankful for every one of them! It is the full package! Horsemanship, camaraderie, friendship and great buisness. Jody, thank you for your honesty, encouragement and expertise. Had it not been for you, I don’t know that I would still be at it. I wish you and your family a happy diamond anniversary, and look forward to many more years of this incredible journey! ~ Cindy

Proudly owned & bred by Cindy Smith Hanna City, IL

Ar abian Horse Times | 31 | Str and’s ~ 2018

scottsdale champion & regional champion

beyonet ws

Sir Fames HBV x HK Najmenette

Proudly owned by Kathy & Emily Shippee Brentwood, NH

Jody’s consummate skills as a trainer of western horses in both open and amateur divisions is well known throughout the industry, yet riding with Jody has always been about having fun while working hard. His wit, humor and endless patience at the barn and at shows, makes riding truly enjoyable. Thank you so much, Jody, Janice and family! ~ Kathy & Emily Ar abian Horse Times | 32 | Str and’s ~ 2018

national champion

khosmopolitan md Khadraj NA x Luck Wood Have It

Congratulations to the entire Strand family on 60 years in the Arabian industry! Also, Jody, thank you for all you’ve done for Koda and me. You’re the best! ~ Dave & Bev

Proudly owned by Dave & Bev Teigen Mondovi, WI

Ar abian Horse Times | 33 | Str and’s ~ 2018

national champion

she moves me Majesteit x The Way She Moves+/ Proudly owned by Abigail Molina and Kathy Betzer Carlisle, IA

Congratulations on 60 years! Thank you to Jody, and his amazing team who have helped my biggest dreams come true. You and everyone at Strand’s Arabians have inspired me with your incredible level of dedication to, and passion for, the Arabian horse. Here’s to many more years. ~ Abbie Congratulations to Strand’s Arabians for 60 years of loving the Arabian horse. It has been wonderful to watch Abbie continue to grow into the amazing hunt rider she has become. Thanks for all the caring and considerate ways you have worked with her and the wonderful Stella. We want to thank everyone at the “barn” who have taken such good care of Stella and Abbie. You are all amazing! ~ April & Grandma Kathy Ar abian Horse Times | 34 | Str and’s ~ 2018

multi-national reserve champion

cbs watusi+/ Baskafix II x Top Kat

Proudly owned by Stoneridge Arabians Beth & Dennis Grubba Custer, WI

wwa sharif

WWA Kurafi x WWA Sharika In training with Strands 2004~2007

pslim shady

GR Psyches Rey x Alesia In training with Strands 2009~2018

60 years Strand’s Arabians! Dennis and I are so proud to be part of this remarkable accomplishment. Honesty, great horsemanship and good times speak for themselves. Many more and many thanks! ~ Beth & Dennis Thank You to Rebecca Fulkerson-West, for giving us the opportunity to experience this wonderful mare! Ar abian Horse Times | 35 | Str and’s ~ 2018


taaj ibn beyk MPA Giovanni x Ansar Bint Beyk Proudly owned by Emily & Deborah Annett Des Moines, IA

Congratulations on a successful 60 years! In the short amount of time I’ve been there, my horses and I have learned so much! Your entire team makes it fun to learn, all your jokes make it complete! Can’t wait to see where our future takes us! #jodysgotjokes ~ Emily

national top ten & regional champion

machiavelli lc The Nobelest x FA Eternal Affair

schatzberg/osteen Ar abian Horse Times | 36 | Str and’s ~ 2018

national top ten & regional champion

lemanz Enzo x Daliaa B

national top ten & regional champion

pa baskfire Baske Afire x Memphis NA


Congratulations on 60 years! Thank you so much, for including me in this great milestone. I am thrilled to be a part of Strand’s Arabian Stables. ~ Carol


rv twice the price QB Leo Twice x MSA Shahlambra Proudly owned by Carol Tanner Beloit, WI

In foal to Multi-National Champion Vicario for 2019! Ar abian Horse Times | 37 | Str and’s ~ 2018

regional champion & national top ten


HJ Famoso x C A Tapatia

It is an honor to recognize Jody and the training legacy he is leaving on the industry. Thank you, Jody, not only for my well-trained, happy horse, but also for your excellent instruction, encouragement, and endless patience. You create a wonderful barn atmosphere that anyone can enjoy. Showing is fun because of you, and I can’t thank you enough for this incredible ride! Congratulations on 60 years and looking forward to many more! ~Sandy

Proudly owned by Sandra Himelrigh Kimbolton, OH

Ar abian Horse Times | 38 | Str and’s ~ 2018

gjr dakars mercury Odyssey SC x GJR Dakar Honky Tonk

Congratulations on your 60th! It is widely known how successful as a horse trainer Jody is, but as a newer client, I have quickly learned Jody also manages to be consistently patient, light hearted and kind. I am enjoying every moment of my journey. Thank you, to all at Strand’s, for the warm welcome and commitment to client success! ~ Natalie

Proudly owned by Natalie Rinaldo Rockford, IL

Ar abian Horse Times | 39 | Str and’s ~ 2018

multi-regional champion

mcf dream on

SS Painted Intimidator x Fantasy On Parade Proudly owned by Good Fortune Arabians, Cary & Donna Klockenga Cary: 309.945.2247, Donna: 309.507.1255, Geneseo, IL




Seven years ago, I became a client of Jody’s and a member of the Strand’s Stable family. Since then, I have had several horses and have never been disappointed. Jody is a people person; kind, courteous and patient. Even when I have a bad ride, he offers enouragement and finds something positive to say. I am so fortunate to have Jody, Janice and their children in my life. I thank God for them. Congratulations on your 60th Farm Anniversary! ~ Donna & Cary

national top ten & regional champion

tamar miss scarlet Tamar Nickoli x Tamarkatiescarlet Proudly owned by Kathy Jordan, Cedar Falls, IA

Janice, Jody, Megan, Aminah, Shea & Justin

Strand’s Arabian Stables

3625 Alice Road • Toddville, Iowa 52341 • Jody’s cell: 319.360.5997

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