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Legacy Of Fame and Haras La Catalina Celebrating 43 Years Of Breeding Excellence by Coleen Scott Pelham’s foray into Arabian horses and this entire new world of friendships began in 1966 when Dr. Bartlome Mitre sold Pelham her first stallion, Najar (Saif x Nabatti). The stallion had been champion at the prestigious international Palermo Arabian Horse Show the year prior. Along with Najar, she bought four mares that would be the cornerstone of her Arabian breeding operation: “In December, I will celebrate my Nafsa (Nehas x Alef ), Sugarhob 43rd year of breeding Arabian (Nehas x Trabag), Dardat (Dijil x horses,” she says. “It is very important Assila), and Shadetali (Silver Sun to breed beautiful horses and to x Amuay). The stage was set for win, but it is most important to what would become one of the make friends. I so appreciate all the Legacy Of Fame world’s most respected and successful people who have been with me on breeding programs. Gina added to her stock with horses from this journey through the years, to name a few: Robin and Federico Zichy-Thyssen, the Diaz family and Elias Romero. Michael Arbuckle, Ron and Judy Schmid, David and Terry Anne Boggs, Rinaldo Longuini, Janey and Don Morse, and Fast forward to 2006 and Lady Pelham’s 40th anniversary in everyone else at Midwest. There are also my dear friends in the Arabian horse industry. At the suggestion of her trainer, Argentina, especially Fernando de Santibanes and his three advisor, and longtime friend in Brazil, Rinaldo Longuini, sons; Jorge Concaro and his wife; Federico Zichy-Thyssen; she thought long and hard about what she might do to usher and many others—too many to name. All the good times in the next decade. He told her, “You’re coming up on your we have had—that is what has been most memorable about 40th anniversary of breeding, you need a great new stallion.” breeding Arabian horses,” she says. Longuini had already heard the great Legacy Of Fame (Legacy Of Gold x Fames Elegance C, by Fame VF) was Anyone that has had the good fortune to visit Lady Pelham’s possibly available and thought the handsome U.S. National 75,000-acre estancia, the largest in the province of Buenos Champion Junior Stallion would be an ideal addition to the Aires, knows her commitment to Arabian horses is rivaled Haras La Catalina breeding program. As it turns out, Lady only by her desire to share her enthusiasm for the breed with Pelham, who had been smitten with Legacy Of Fame since others. She graciously shares the ranch, which has been in her seeing him at a Scottsdale presentation, agreed. family for four generations, with dozens of visitors every year. “What is really most important to me are the people I have Lady Pelham has always had something very specific in mind met and the knowledge and fun times we have shared with for the Haras La Catalina breeding program, and Legacy Of each other,” she says. There are international wins, recognition from other breeders, monumental sales, and breathtaking Arabian horses. However, what Lady Georgina Pelham of Haras La Catalina, Buenos Aries, Argentina, really wants to talk about is the friends she has made in the Arabian horse industry.


Arabian Horse Times October 2009  
Arabian Horse Times October 2009  

October 2009