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*Naborr — Saga of the silver stallion Eugene LaCroix, MD = Scottsdale leader for the 1963 Polish    When reminiscing about *Naborr, Tom Chauncey would declare,

importation, which included *Bask, as well as *Naborr. Founder of Lasma

“I’ve never gone out to the barn at any time of day or night that

Arabians, managed by Gene LaCroix, his talented son.

he doesn’t talk to me. . . and it’s always in a very low chortle.”

McCormick Ranch = First home of *Naborr upon his 1963 importation.

   “In my mind, Tom and *Naborr are almost synonymous,” Dee

Site of the early 1960’s Scottsdale All Arabian Shows at the Paradise Park

Dee Chauncey stated in a mid-1980 interview. “I’d like to see them

facility, underwritten by Mr. and Mrs. Fowler McCormick.

go down in history as having made an impact on the breed. I

Michalów State Stud = Post WW II Polish Arabian farm, where *Naborr

would like our horses [Tom Chauncey Arabians] perpetuated in a

and his father, Negativ (Negatiw-Polish spelling) were sires.

meaningful way — like the names of Harris, Davenport and

Obra (Hardy x Ikwa) = *Naborr’s Polish grandam (1933) who was

Crabbet.” Dee Dee’s wish was certainly realized as *Naborr

bred to Posejdon (by Ibrahim) and foaled Lagodna (translation

proved himself as a superior breeding stallion. His ability to sire

“gentle”) in 1939.

excellent offspring with mares of diverse bloodlines placed him

Odilgard = Name given Lagodna at German Trakhener Stud, where she

among the Arabian elite.

was evacuated from Poland in 1939. There she was bred to Trakheners,

  The Bedouins have a word for an Arabian horse of the highest

which gave *Naborr a few Half-Arabian siblings.

caste —the equivalent of “ultimate quality,” with the docility of a

PASB = The abbreviation for Polish Arabian Stud Book; 1st Vol. published

true desert companion. The term is chandi, and it translates to the

in 1932 by the Arab Horse Breeding Society (Polish & English).

English term “silver” — as in *Naborr, the silver stallion.

RASB = The abbreviation for Russian Arabian Stud Book, whose Volume


I (listing Nabor/*Naborr) was not accepted by WAHO until 1978, when an English translation became available.

Animex = Polish Arabian sales agency operated by the Ministry

Saklawi = Bedouin strain name (generic) denoting extreme

of Foreign Trade, which regulates all export documentation/

Arabian type.


TC = Farm prefix for Tom Chauncey Arabians, a Scottsdale facility

Antoniny Stud = Established 1883 by Count Joseph Potocki upon

custom-built for showcasing *Naborr, until his death in 1977.

his wife’s inheritance of land/1790 Polish Slawuta Stud. Birthplace

Tom Chauncey = A business and community leader, he was also a

of Skowronek, sire of Naseem, sire of Negativ, sire of *Naborr.

connoisseur of quality Arabians, leaving behind a legacy that continues

Autrey, Gene = “The singing cowboy” and silent partner in the

to thrive today.

1969 purchase of *Naborr by Tom Chauncey and Wayne

WN = Farm prefix for Wayne Newton’s Aramus Stud, named after

Newton. C.A.S. = Crabbet Arabian Stud, established in 1877 with the importation of the Desert Bred filly, Dajania, *Naborr’s great, great, great grandam via Naseem. DB = The abbreviation for a horse bred in the desert — e.g. Heijer, sire of Ibrahim; also, “or. Ar.” meaning “original Arabian,” desert import. Dee Dee Wrigley Chauncey = Daughter of chewing gum heir,

his favorite *Naborr son, *Aramus (imported in 1968 by the Burtons of Wisconsin), and sire of champions for Newton at his estate near Las Vegas. Wayne Newton = Early business associate of Tom Chauncey and an “Arabian Ambassador,” who was given his start to stardom as a teenager on Chauncey’s TV stations. The two were partners with Autrey in *Naborr’s 1969 “Rock-the-Industry” auction purchase.  ❑

Philip K. Wrigley, whose horse kingdom was established 1930 on Santa Catalina with Davenport Arabians descending from A. W. Harris’ race-winning Kaaba. Dee Dee’s family visited the Island yearly where she became a knowledgeable rider and Arabian breeder. She married her ardent admirer, Tom Chauncey, in Phoenix, in 1959. Ibrahim = Progenitor of Skowronek/linebred Saklawi silver stallions; *Naborr, his great grandson, had two extra crosses to him/his dam line. Janów Podlaski Stud = Established in 1817 near Warsaw, the birthplace of Taraszcza, dam of Negativ, and Obra, grandam of *Naborr, both mares were confiscated by Russia during WWII. ARABIAN HORSE TIMES  •  NOVEMBER 1999

*Naborr. 99


*Naborr—Saga Of The Silver Stallion


*Naborr—Saga Of The Silver Stallion