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PATRICIA M. DEMPSEY 352.430.3456 • Lady Lake, Florida

Versace x DA Love, by Padrons Psyche

Standing at Argent Farms 92 County Road F River Falls, Wisconsin 54022 Phone 715.425.9001 Andy Sellman cell: 715.760.2466

Proudly bred & owned by Dolorosa Arabians Breeders Sweepstakes Nominated Sire Minnesota Medallion Stallion Region 12 Spotlight Stallion Scottsdale Signature Stallion SCID ~ CA ~ LFS Clear Find us on Facebook at dolorosaarabians


2014 Stallion Halter witH andrew Sellman

Volume 44, No. 9 | 3

Contents Issue 2 • Volume 44, No. 9


160 Volume 44, No. 9

Volume 44, No. 9 $7.50

2014, Issue 2


ROL Intencyty (Out Of Cyte x Intensive QCA), owned by Robin Hood Farms.



Cover Story: ROL Intencyty—A Legend Maker

by Kara Larson


2013 Breeders of National Arabian Champions And Reserve Champions


Leader Of The Times: Baskghazi by Kara Larson

59 Arab. Intl. Arabians International—What Makes It Work by Anne Stratton 99

Karho International—Celebrating 75 Years Of Excellence


The Arabian English Performance Association Futurities— Everything You Need To Know To Get In On The Action


32nd Brazilian Arabian Nationals

by Rogerio Dos Santos

4 Reining

The 2005-2013 Scottsdale Reining Futurities


In Memoriam


Comments From The Publisher


Face & Places


25 Things You Don’t Know About Me …


A Leg Up by Heather Smith Thomas


Calendar Of Events


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by Joanna Kale

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The Foundation of Our Future: Fillies by WH Justice.

By WH Justice ex Toscana PGA by Khadraj NA contact: |

Volume 44, No. 9 | 5

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Select Riders Classes When the Select Rider program was introduced, I was not sure if I was in favor of it or not. Eventually I came to the conclusion that I was, as long as it was done fairly. My hesitation was that over the years, I had seen a lot of people show as a Select Rider in one division, and yet won a national championship in another. Although the potential for what that might mean continues to bother me, I can see the wisdom of the rule. If I showed in reining, I would be a real beginner, no matter what my record is in English or another discipline that is more familiar to me. If the Select Rider classes applied only to those of us who have been around for a while, perhaps I wouldn’t worry. But by their very nature, they attract new or less experienced people, often those who are learning their skills or at least doing their best to polish them. Here we find people who may never target the highest awards, but who are the backbone of the industry. One of the things I like best about the select rider program is that it is supposed to encourage them, to offer them a level playing field. Arguing both sides of the issue led me to a belief I think bears repeating. In my opinion, for the Select Rider program to work best, we need to police ourselves. Before we enter any class as a Select Rider, we need to ask ourselves if we really are Select Riders in that division—because we can have all the rules we want, but rules don’t ensure integrity. Integrity is our responsibility.

Lara Ames Lara Ames Publisher

Good Luck at Scottsdale! To All Get Sired by

6-Time National Champion 2008 Scottsdale Supreme Champion 2013 Leading Sire Of U.S. National Purebred Halter Winners

DA Valentino x HED Caramba

Watch for DM Valencea with Midwest Training in 6-7 Year Old Mares STONE RIDGE ARABIANS • Dan and Maureen Grossman FOR SALES VIDEO CONTACT: Volume 44, No. 9 | 7

*Shining his glorious light for all the World to see.

Scottsdale Stallion Halter with David Boggs

Al SAqrAn Stud ~ united ArAb emirAteS ~ KuwAit

w w w . m i dw e s ta r a b i a n . c om


Marwan Al Shaqab x HB Bessolea

Volume 44, No. 9 | 9

Our 2014 Scottsdale Contenders OFW RIHANNA

(OFWMagic Wan x Hafati Julianna) 3-Year-Old International Fillies Signature Stallion 3-Year-Old Fillies


(Stival x Crown Kapricka) 2-Year-Old International Fillies Signature Stallion 2-Year-Old Fillies


(Apalo x OFW Balarina) 2-Year-Old International Colts


Half-Arabian Hunter Pleasure Open Half-Arabian Hunter Pleasure AATR


Arabian Hunter Pleasure Open


Arabian Western Pleasure Junior Horse


Arabian Western Pleasure AATR Arabian Western Pleasure AOTR Showmanship AATR

For Your Consideration

Contact: Priscilla Cluff, 801-234-0295 Gary R. Kehl, 801-560-9688

GRK FARMS is anxiously awaiting our 2014 Foals: Eden C x Lady Justify GRK Vitorio TO x Lady Justify GRK Vitorio TO x Crown Kapricka Apalo x OFW Rihanna Apalo x OFW Balarina That’s Amore x Lady Justify GRK That’s Amore x Magnum Sofistica GRK


Stunningly Beautiful...

is returning to Scottsdale 2014 3-Year-Old International Fillies with

Volume 44, No. 9 | 11


Volume 44, No. 9 | 13

Sierra Nevada WPE (Nevada TBA x Geena Davis, by Afire Bey V)

Competing at Scottsdale In Half-Arabian Saddle/Pleasure Type Mares 3-Year-Olds with

Terry Holmes

and Half-Arabian Saddle/Pleasure Type Mares AOTH with John

Trained and shown by Terry Holmes Whispering Pines Estate John & Sharon Ames Scottsdale, Arizona




National Champions Year After Year ...


21000 Switzer Rd, Bucyrus, KS 66013 Volume 44, No. 9 | 15

Fasario ... and his new foal

Fazenda FlorestaPresents LLC

AMELIA (LLC Fasario x Phenycia)



Fasario Scottsdale 2014

with Rodolfo Guzzo

Aria Impresario x RD Fabreanna 2012 Brazilian National Champion Colt 2012 Scottsdale Arabian Classic Champion Two-Year-Old Colt Campeão Potro 9ª Exposição Mogiana do Cavalo Árabe 2011 U.S. National Champion Top Ten Yearling Colt

Fazenda FlorestaPresents

Only Serondella

2014 / 50 NEW FOALS COMING ONLY SERONDELLA (AAS-Elishahh x Jelabie)


Eden C Eden x Sempre, C x Sempre, by Versace by Versace

2011 2011 U.S. National U.S. National Champion Champion Arabian Arabian Two-Year-Old Two-Year-Old Colt Colt Arabian Arabian Breeders Breeders WorldWorld Cup Supreme Cup Supreme Gold Gold Champion Champion Junior Junior Colt Colt Arabian Arabian Breeders Breeders WorldWorld Cup Champion Cup Champion Two-Year-Old Two-Year-Old Colt Colt 2010 2010 U.S. National U.S. National Champion Champion Arabian Arabian Yearling Yearling Breeders Breeders Sweepstakes Sweepstakes Colt/Gelding Colt/Gelding

A new tradition of excellence! (11) 4013-6111

A Lifetime fiLL LLed ed With ChA Ch Ampionship memories ...

29 Years and Counting! S h a d a , I n c . • Elk River, MN • 763-441-5849 • Volume 44, 44, no. no. 99 | | 21 21 Volume

An Iconic Sire

Renowned The w wo oRld o ove veR! national CHampion

Out Of Cyte x Intensive QCA

Tsarbuxx rH

2012 Black Colt ROL Intencyty x Miss Starbuxx Owned by: Robin Hood Farms

rH Triana

2010 Black Mare ROL Intencyty x Sylviah WLF Owned by: Freeland Farms LLC

aJ Haila

2012 Black Filly ROL Intencyty x Sylviah WLF Owned by: Ajman Stud

Vera Vyxyn rH

2012 Chestnut Filly ROL Intencyty x Delicate Gold Owned by: Robin Hood Farms

2014 sCottsdale Owned by: Robin Hood FaRms Robin and Drago Kragulj University Park, IL 847-514-6753 22 | ArAbiAn Horse Times

Elk River, MN 763-441-5849

Volume 44, no. 9 | 23

A Horse For A LiF LiFetime ...

Multi-NatioNal ChaMpioN Versace x Latoura Echo

Nominated Sire: AHA Breeders Sweepstakes | Scottsdale Signature | Minnesota Medallion | Iowa Gold Star

Diamond Jubilee SCID & CA Clear


2014 sCottsdale For Your Consideration

odyssey sC partNers Perry and Juanita Peden of JP Heritage Arabians, LLC Deb Hodge of Rain Rancer Arabians Perry and Shelby Williams of Kaw Valley Arabians, LLC 24 | ArAbiAn Horse Times

Elk River, MN 763-441-5849

ExpE Exp Eri riE Enc ncE E An AdvE AdvEntur nturE E Of A LifE LifEtim timE E!

Volume 44, no. 9 | 25

brightest The

FuTure Is Looked upon From A

reflection From The pAsT ...

26 | ArAbiAn Horse Times

Magnum Psyche x Alada Khlasse VS

Nominated Stallion: AhA Breeders sweepstakes | scottsdale signature | minnesota medallion sCId & CA Clear

elk river, mn 763-441-5849

owned by: kurt, Joan and Christine Lawson murrieta, CA Christine: 909-472-2444

Volume 44, no. 9 | 27

Beauty As Rarely Experienced ...

SCot tSdale 2014



Ames Charisma x TF Psynergy

Reserve National Champion Futurity Colt

AhA Arabian Breeders sweepstakes scottsdale signature stallion minnesota medallion stallion sCId & CA Clear

Four-Year-old StallionS with Jeff Schall

owned by: Andrew and Christine steffens 28 | ArAbiAn Horse Times

elk river, mn 763-441-5849 |

Indulge Yourself In The look of eagles!

Maserati WR x Alora Gold NBW

Nominated Stallion: AhA Breeders sweepstakes minnesota medallion scottsdale signature

Seychelle PVF

odetta PVF

Morocco PVF

2013 Maasai PVF OFFsPring FOr YOur COnsideratiOn elk river, mn 763-441-5849 |

owned by: Prairie View Farm punch and Ann Benson minnestrista, mn Volume 44, no. 9 | 29

One w wO Orld ... nO nO b bO Oundaries!

A L uLI A A nnou nCes TheIr L ATesT Leading Ladies !

Maria Al TRJ Marwan Marwan Al Magnifficoo x TR Concerto

2014 SCottSdale

PS Kashmir

Marwan Al Shaqab x Torrifficoo

exported In Foal to marwan Al magnifficooÂ

Abdulaziz seflan saudi Arabia 30 | ArAbiAn Horse Times

elk river, mn 763-441-5849

2013 Stellar Beyond compare!

Valldez Valerio x AW Fortune NGold

Canadian national Champion Yearling Colt/Gelding Iowa Gold star Champion Yearling Colt/Gelding Iowa Gold star reserve Champion Auction Colt/Gelding mn Breeders Champion Auction Yearling Colt/Gelding mn Breeders Champion Yearling medallion Colt/Gelding u.s. national reserve Champion Yearling Gelding u.s. national reserve Champion Gelding 1-3 Years

2014 SCottSdale

Bring on 2014!

Mia MagnuM

Magnum Psyche x AW Fortune NGold 2013 Chestnut Filly elk river, mn 763-441-5849

teMPtreS t Pogrom x Temptation 2013 Bay Filly

owned by: mileStone arabianS steve and darla miles | Basehor, ks 816-769-7172 Volume 44, no. 9 | 31

Our MissiO MissiOn ... scOttsdale 2014!

Aria Impresario x Miss Enzo JB

U.S. National Champion GeldinG

Canadian National Champion Futurity GeldinG

open GeldinGS with Jeff Schall

owners: ShuSter arabianS, llC Jason and devon shuster scottsdale, AZ 32 | ArAbiAn Horse Times

aotH GeldinGS with Jason Shuster

elk river, mn 763-441-5849

Volume 44, no.44, 9 |no. 339 | 33 Volume

2013 US National Champion Half-Arabian Yearling Filly and Canadian National Champion Half-Arabian Yearling Filly




Patti & Mike Scheier | Scottsdale, AZ 34 | ArAbiAn Horse Times

ImAGIne A Vision ThAT surpAsses ALL

Veneta Fantasies ...

BehoLd Beho BehoL Ld Ld


JJ Bellagio x MZ Briona, by Brioni Carol 2014 SCot tSdale with Jeff Schall

usA rep.: Isaac Taylor of taylor ranCh 801-592-5601 owned by: Charlene Bonneaudeau al aSha誰 Stud France Volume 44, no. 9 | 35

Overlook Jezebel DA Valentino x Overlook Jubilee 2009 Bay Mare

oFFered For your ConSideration

owned by: oVerlook arabianS murray and Judy Cannedy Barbara Wilson 916-947-0804 36 | ArAbiAn Horse Times

elk river, mn 763-441-5849 |

Audacious PS x Maya V, by Sanadik El Shaklan 2009 Arabian Stallion Arabian Breeders Sweepstakes Scottsdale Signature Stallion Minnesota Medallion Stallion



WHEN BLENDING THE ARABIAN BEAUTIES OF THE POLISH, SPANISH, EGYPTIAN HERITAGES WITH A SPLASH OF AMERICAN GREATS, YOU CREATE POWERFUL MAGIC... First year in the main ring, he was 2013 Canadian National Reserve Champion, 2013 Region 10 Champion, 2013 Arabian World Cup Reserve Champion Four-Year-Old Stallion and 2013 Scottsdale Top Ten Stallion. SCID/CA/LFS Clear. Owned by The Magician V-MCX Inc. | Leslie Bartlett, | Shada Inc., 763-441-5849,, | CONTACT FOR 2014 BREEDING INCENTIVES AVAILABLE.


A leader in monthly Arabian publications International Show Coverage • Features

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cal poly pomonA Pomona, CA 909.869.4988

CP Tytanium, 2013 Bay Colt

Pyro Thyme SA x CP Tatiana (Millenium LOA)

CP High Card Daniels, 2013 Chestnut Colt Black Daniels x CP Dance Card (Hucklebey Berry)

We would like to thank everyone who has supported the program and enabled us to continue the Kellogg Legacy of Excellence! Look for these exciting foals in 2014:

find us:

Vegaz x CP Ragtime (Hucklebey Berry) (x 2!) Vegaz x CP Metropolitan (Baske Afire) Baskghazi x CP Jasmine (Mamage) Baskghazi x Dainty Danser (Barbary) SHF Encore x Spring Reflection (Hucklebey Berry) HA Toskcan Sun x CP Viva Vegaz (Vegaz) Bey Ambition x CP Luminaire (Monogramm) The Renaissance x CP Isabella (HF Mister Chips) Zefyr x My Love (SJ Mikhail) IXL Noble Express x Afire Charmm (Afire Bey V)

Visit our new website! Volume 44, No. 9 | 41

Cover Story:


Intencyty A Legend Maker by KARA LARSON


n 2002, within the green rolling foothills of Washington State, the world was honored with an amazing colt. Named in honor of his pure white dam, Intensive QCA and national champion producing black sire, Out of Cyte, he was destined to become a “Legend Maker.” What sounds like a storybook beginning, in fact continues to materialize with the success of ROL Intencyty and his champion offspring. With a magnetic look and heir of royalty about him, he grew up and prepared himself for the journey that lay ahead. An early glimpse of show ring sizzle was evident at the 2005 Scottsdale Show as he knocked on the door of class-winning placement, taking home a third place out of 18 commendable stallions in Arabian Stallions. His beauty, scope, and majestic carriage were flawless, accentuated by his deep and rare black color. After years of honing their eye for quality Arabians, Drago and Robin Kragulj of Robin Hood Farms came to the Scottsdale Show in 2005 with the promise to one another that they would observe and have a good time in the excellent weather. And it was indeed a good time. They had no horses to show, so they simply spent their time enjoying other owners’ horses. It will always seem fateful to them the day that they walked into R.O. Lervick Arabians’ stalls and admired a beautiful purebred filly. Her name was ROL Snapshot—already a champion. The owners couldn’t bear to part with her,


so they showed the Kraguljs the video of her champion brother. This video inspired the Kraguljs to see him in person—something they will never regret as Robin shares, “The next day was proof to us that some horses can be even more than their photos or videos can capture. What we saw in Intencyty seemed too good to be true; we feared our own judgment!” They saw a strikingly beautiful stallion. “We loved how he exuded greatness in the amazing shape, length, and refinement of his neck, in his excellent tail carriage, and in his well-proportioned body,” adds Robin. For the Kraguljs, it seemed to be destiny that he was still available. The deal was struck and they went home both jubilant and still fearful that they had purchased an apparition. But as he arrived home, he thrilled them with more of his great attributes like his amazing movement and superb intelligence. The story continues shortly after arriving with a very important phone call. On the advice of prominent breed specialist, Debby Cain, the Kraguljs called Jeff Schall of Shada, Inc. This call began their working relationship. “It was an absolutely special time in my career,” reflects Jeff. A little known fact is that Jeff did a leap into the air following the call. Indeed the so-called leap of faith has led to the opportunity of a lifetime for everyone involved. Jeff continues, “So many memories make it

Cover Story

hard to single out just a few. Certainly the magical night when Intencyty earned his National Champion Futurity title that same year and put on a show for the ages rises to the top.” Jeff finds himself smiling when he thinks of the seemingly innocent young stallion that first arrived at Shada in 2005. “Intencyty was good hearted, kind natured, and almost thoughtful, if such a thing is possible, towards both people and mares. As things have evolved over time and Intencyty’s offspring have become increasingly prominent, so has his demeanor. On some level it’s almost as if he knows or realizes that he has become a “big deal.” This is exactly how the breeders as well as everyone at Shada feels.” In this stallion’s journey, there have been important stepping-stones, and now the end results are coming to fruition. These are amounting to greatness in the horses that he produces. “Although Intencyty is a specimen in himself, we have found that he is truly a catalyst in creating legends—a genuine ‘Legend Maker.’”

His world famous daughter, RH Triana, has become a legend herself. In 2011, she raised the bar as a new breed standard, garnering numerous unanimous titles from Scottsdale champion to multiple national championships and everything in between, including champion at the World Cup Show in Las Vegas. One of Intencyty’s sons, Abrakadabra RH, is a Chilean national champion and is producing wonderful offspring on another continent. Last year at Scottsdale another Intencyty daughter, AJ Haila, was Scottsdale Reserve Champion Filly and went on to the Las Vegas World Cup to become the highest scoring filly at the show. Intencyty’s success can be measured in the numerous sales at excellent prices, as well as the substantial offers being declined as the owners hold them close to their hearts as prized possessions. In these instances, Intencyty’s popularity has soared alongside the value of his foals. In closing, Jeff offers, “It is unbelievably exciting to have such a unique gift to share with the world. Now is the time to join us and “Make a Legend” for yourself.” ■

Volume 44, No. 9 | 43

A leading A sire leading of U.S. sireNational of U.S. National and Scottsdale and Scottsdale

Marwan Al Shaqab x GC Echlectica SCID & CA Clear Breeders Sweepstakes Nominated MN Medallion, Scottsdale Signature AHBA Futurity Nominated

Standing at: GALLĂšN FARMS, INC Santa Ynez, California 805.693.0083 ~

Proudly owned by the Impresario Partners


Volume 44, No. 9 | 45


In breeding Arabian horses, the journey begins with great amounts of research, an understanding of strength in traits, bloodlines, and potential crosses, a revisit to past successes and failures, and once all of this is behind a breeder, only intuition and hoping for the best inspires a final decision. With all of these factors occurring before the foal even becomes a reality, it is clear that breeders take a great risk every time they pair two horses in hopes of creating the next superstar. We honor the most winning breeders of 2013. As Arabian National wins amounted over the year for the most excellent horses in the show ring, a select group of breeders stood out in their breeding choices, their hard work, and their unique intuition to create a worthwhile Arabian show horse and exceptional individual. It is their efforts that help to continue this great breed and we are grateful for their love and allegiance to the Arabian horse as the top breeders of 2013. â–


Top Breeders of 2013 U.S., Canadian, Youth and Sport Horse National Purebred Arabian Champions and Reserves

12 CHAMPION OR RESERVE WINNERS Bazy Tankersley 6 CHAMPION OR RESERVE WINNERS Murray and Shirley Popplewell Varian Arabians 5 CHAMPION OR RESERVE WINNERS Nick and Juliet Carden Cedar Ridge Farm Susan Fyfe R O Lervick Arabians Strawberry Banks Farm 4 CHAMPION OR RESERVE WINNERS Tracy Wynne Caruth Maroon Fire Arabians Marty Shea 3 CHAMPION OR RESERVE WINNERS Frank and Sara Chisholm Ruth and Michael Doe Dolorosa Arabians Ltd. Robert and Dixie North Tom and June Yahola

2 CHAMPION OR RESERVE WINNERS Robert and Janene Boggs Calif. State Polytechnic Univ. Vicky Carnahan Elizabeth Conti Conway Arabians, Inc. Sharon Day Estate of Martin and Sylvia Lenzner Marilyn and Francis Gannon Katharyn Hart Karlton Jackson Janow Podlaski State Stud Farm Jen Mar Arabians Live Oak Arabians Inc. Pannonia Arabians and Davina Arabians Prestige Farms LLC R-A Aloha Arabians Inc. Shawn and Carmelle Rooker Janet Stevenson Tangle Ridge Farm Ray and Nora Tatum The Martin L. Sherman Jr. Fam. Trst. Tierra Farms Toskhara Arabians LP W B Arabians Julane White and Vicki Shula Chris White Larry and Carla Wright

Volume 44, No. 9 | 47

Congratulations Sired by


Jullyen El Jamaal x Gai Schara

ContaCt us for exCiting a-J akarta get a vailable standing at :

DEOR FARMS Aude Espourteille


Butte Falls, OregOn tel: 602-509-8228 541-865-9302 48 | ARABIAN HORSE TIMES

A JERICHO (x Destiny VF) U.S. National Reserve Champion Yearling Colt Scottsdale Champion Signature Yearling Colt ABWC Silver Supreme Champion Yearling Colt ABWC Gold Champion Futurity Yearling Colt ATLANTIS FF (x Audrey H JCA) Australia Arabian Horse Club Show Reserve Champion Colt A JAKAAR (x Alady Baskin) Region 4 Champion Gelding U.S. National Top Ten Yearling Gelding OC JAKARTAS FAME (x National Flair) Champion Western Pleasure Jr. Horse Region 4 Top Three Gelding AAOTH MSP ANJELO (x SH Shalia Bey) Region 4 Champion Yearling Sweepstakes Colt A VISHNU (x Vision Of Light) Multi-Champion Western Pleasure FF SRI LANKA (x Bey Shahrada) Region 17 Reserve Champion Yearling Sweepstakes Filly A JAGGER

(x A Ultimate Melode) Region 4 Reserve Champion Arabian Sport Horse Gelding In Hand RD MIKARTA

(x Mi Morena) Scottsdale Champion 3-Year-Old Stallion AOTH A SAMSARA (x Sultans Mahogany) Region 17 Reserve Champion H/A Mare



Ch r i Sha n Pa rk A n nu a l Ch r ist ma s Pa r t y LOCATED IN SPRINGFIELD, MO., the ChriShan Park Arabians annual Christmas party took place on December 21 with over 100 guests in attendance enjoying a great year for ChriShan Park. Entertainment for the evening was provided by local musicians, Barrack Hill, while guests enjoyed cocktails and a buffet meal. Following dinner, guests viewed a video and horses were presented. The feel of the evening was festive and fun. It was a wintry, snowy night but those who braved the elements were treated to a warm welcome, delicious food and drink, and a beautifully decorated holiday barn. In addition to clients attending, the party has evolved into somewhat of a “community outreach” party for Springfield friends, in an effort to expose them to the Arabian horse and allowing local clients to show everyone all the fun that comes with being part of a horse show family. 

Photos by Jennifer Hurt


➔➔ For latest news and events visit


L M TC Hol id ay Pa r t y a nd Gr a nd O p en i ng


IBERTY MEADOWS TR AINING CENTER in Bucyrus, Kan., held their holiday party and grand opening of their new location on January 4, 2014. The heated facility has 64 stalls, a large 70x200 arena, and numerous pastures and turnout pens all located on 40 acres. The Liberty Meadows crew had just finished the last of their modifications as the doors opened for the party at 5 p.m.  With more than 100 guests in attendance, members from local Arabian clubs, clients, friends, and family enjoyed the evening with a live DJ, hors d’oeuvres and drinks. Many guests mingled with each other while getting barn tours and having the chance to give a special horse a carrot or peppermint and some loving attention. 

➔➔ For latest news and events visit

Volume 44, No. 9 | 51

Blondes D O H AV E M O R E F U N !

2013 U.S. NATIONAL TOP TEN YEARLING GELDING (3rd in points) MULTI-REGIONAL CHAMPION (Eden C x PF Just Peachy Keen) 2012 H/A Palomino Gelding


Easter C

O F F E R I N G T W O , B E A U T I F U L PA L O M I N O H A L F - A R A B I A N S .

Go ahead ... have some fun!

Count Me In


(Magnum Psyche x PF Just Peachy Keen) 2011 H/A Palomino Filly Breeders Sweepstakes Nominated For information, contact:

Phone: +1 (480) 361- 6926 Fax: +1 (480) 361-6928

Proudly owned by: Perry and Suzanne Perkins • Santa Barbara, California

Volume 44, No. 9 | 53

Leaders Of The Times: February Calendar Feature

Baskghazi by Kara Larson

Baskghazi (Baske Afire x RY Fire Ghazi) is an Arabian stallion for the future. His show record boasts a top ten English pleasure futurity win at Scottsdale in 2008 and a top ten in open English with Tish Kondas in 2010. Baskghazi’s extremely long, upright neck, great legs, attitude, extreme trot, and other great conformation features afford him the attributes to become an ideal sire. Owner Jacque Thompson believes in this stallion and in an attempt to package him into five concise words, she calls him, “beautiful, charismatic, athletic, fun, and full of personality.” From here, Jacque is anything but concise in praising the bright Englishbred stallion. “The most exciting part of owning Baskghazi is that he is a high quality breeding stallion. He truly puts a stamp on each of his foals in the quality, trot, beautiful heads, long necks, and correct athletic conformation they exude,” shares Jacque. And this stamp traces back to one of the greatest Arabian breeding stallions—*Bask.

Baskghazi (Baske Afire x RY Fire Ghazi) 54 | A R A BI A N HOR SE T I MES

Jacque says that Gene LaCroix, owner and trainer of the legendary Bask, best described Baskghazi’s abilities as a herd sire. She recalls Gene saying, “Baskghazi is a beautiful Arabian stallion with great English motion. As a breeding horse, he is very prepotent. After viewing offspring out of a variety of mares, I can see that he is stamping

Above: Baskghazillionheir SMP (Baskghazi x On Tulsa Time) and Mike Miller. Right: Baskadonis SMP (Baskghazi x HF Ariana) and Jacque Thompson.

progeny with his quality and talent. Baskghazi’s dam, RY Fire Ghazi, was an extremely beautiful English horse and winner at Scottsdale in English pleasure. Her dam, Canadian National Champion English Pleasure RL Rah Fire, was also very typey. I knew both mares well, as I trained and showed them both. Baskghazi has the best from both sides of his pedigree, and I anticipate that he will make a significant contribution to the Arabian breed.” Trainer Mike Miller agrees, saying, “I think his pedigree comes through as a show horse in his strength from the crosses to *Bask, the stretch from the influence of Afire Bey V, and the elegance and length of leg from *El Ghazi. Baskghazi was beautiful in the ring as a show horse; however, Baskghazi’s true contribution to the breed will be as a sire. With several foal crops on the ground now, we are consistently seeing great length of leg, high set necks and tons of charisma and show horse attitude. He also passes on tremendous Arabian type, coupled with incredible quality. Baskghazi is doing an incredible job as a sire.” Owning an Arabian horse is so much more than their show ring or breeding abilities; it’s also about building a relationship and sharing memories—something that Jacque values in her horses, especially Baskghazi. Jacque

shares, “My favorite memory of Baskghazi, “The Boss” or “Bossman,” is not just one memory, but a series of vignettes of him at the farm in his stall and paddock. It is hard to describe, but when you are in the presence of a great animal, you sense an indefinable quality.” Jacque adds, “It is evident even when you pass by Baskghazi’s stall and he is just hanging out. He is a piece of artwork even when relaxed. His appeal extends to his character. Baskghazi is full of himself and loaded with personality. He and his foals LOVE to be looked at! I love to watch him playing in his paddock, for instance with his ball. He is quite the clown and loves to get it in his teeth, rear and throw it across the paddock, then run after it again.” With a budding future, boundless breeding promise, and a happy home life, what’s next for this stallion? With great pride and joy, Jacque says, “Baskghazi will be kept on the farm, safe and sound, to continue his breeding career. He is so valuable to us and to SMP customers who have had the foresight to use his services. So far I have received only good reports from those who have bred to him all across the country— there are lots of exciting young offspring out there, both purebred and Half-Arabian!” n Volume 44, No. 9 | 55

Earthquake Arabians is located in beautiful Northern California. Please visit with us at TRAINERS: Tamara Collins and Megan Jenkins 3141 Morgan Territory Rd. Clayton, CA 94517 707-386-7771


Arabians International

—What Makes It Work by ANNE STRATTON There are a lot of reasons why Arabians International, a partnership of Sandro Pinha and Gil Valdez, has established a reputation in the upper tier of the horse industry in less than four years. Their customers tell the story. First is the level of horse care; clients like the way their horses are maintained and treated. And then there is Pinha and Valdez’s ability in the ring—the trainers know how to win. For some, the marketing is most important; it is superb, they say, whether you’re buying or selling. And finally, the trainers’ communication is second to none. They are available and they keep their clients informed. Ask Valdez and Pinha, and their standard explanation is hard work. “I was taught from a very young age that hard work pays you back,” Pinha says. “I try to spend as much time as possible in the barn.” And Valdez is the same. To the public, Pinha, who does most of the showing, appears to be the front man, but the first thing you learn about the operation is that

Sandro Pinha and Gil Valdez

it is an equal effort. “They work together as a team,” says longtime client Bob North. “Each has strengths, and they let each person do what he does best. Sandro does have to travel quite a bit around the world, showing horses in various countries, but Gil is mostly there taking care of the horses, so you feel

good about their care.” None of that happens by accident. There is a sense of balance at Arabians International; to support the breeding, training, conditioning, showing and marketing—not to mention keeping up with customers all over the world—Pinha and Valdez have designed a system that works seamlessly. Typically, Pinha’s travel schedule for marketing and as a handler in the international show ring does not gear up until after the ABHA World Cup Show in April. By then, a high percentage of the show string knows its business, and the challenge is to maintain them. Valdez, or Pinha when he is in town, fine tunes the ones who need it, and a strong crew of assistants, as well as a veterinarian and farrier, deftly maintain the conditioning. “There’s really nobody better at taking care of a horse than Gil,” says Cedar Ridge’s Lara Ames, who has known the pair since they came to Midwest in the 1990s. “Gil is very, very good at what he does.” And the communication? The farm has an extensive clientele; Pam Donnelly, Manager for Arabians International, says that is a full-time job, but it’s worth the payback. Owners tend to communicate most with whichever trainer they know best, and Pinha and Valdez often coordinate on their responses. Donnelly also is in contact with customers to make sure that everyone is promptly informed of news regarding their horses. “We all work as a team to keep everybody happy and everything running smoothly,” she says. “Everyone is involved.”

Pam Donnelly, Manager for Arabians International.

Let’s break it down.

Dick and Lollie Ames, Cedar Ridge Arabians.

Dixie and Robert North, North Arabians.

2 ArAbiAns internAtionAl | ARABIAN HORSE TIMES

W i n n i n g Aw a r d s :

Training And Showing For show audiences, Sandro Pinha is a familiar face, and his talent has been a topic of conversation from his early days on the Brazilian Arabian scene. “Ever since I knew Sandro as a young boy, I’ve respected his ability,” says David Boggs, who hired the young trainer to work at Midwest. “His work ethic was outstanding even as a youngster, and his love and passion for the Arabian horse, and particularly the halter horse, was on fire.” “Some people have natural ability at certain things, and Sandro is a natural,” reflects Donnelly. “I think that he gets results quickly because of that. And he is intuitive enough that when a horse ‘gets it,’ he focuses more on conditioning, so they stay fresh. If a horse needs a little more training, then he’ll work on improving whatever is not as good as he would like. Each day is different, depending on what the horse needs.” And the show ring? “Sandro is a tremendous presenter when he’s in the ring,” Donnelly says. “He tries to present

Volume 44, No. 9 | A rAbiAns internAtionAl 3

4 ArAbiAns internAtionAl | ARABIAN HORSE TIMES

the horse so that each owner feels like their horse is the most important horse at that time, at that moment, and I think people appreciate that. We can’t guarantee that every horse is going to win or that the judges are going to see what we see, but if you can present a horse to the best of your ability in the ring, the owners feel like they got a fair shake.” “You feel like they care about each and every horse,” says Bob North, who with his wife, Dixie, has had horses with Pinha and Valdez since Midwest days. “That is probably the most important thing for us.”

Volume 44, No. 9 | A rAbiAns internAtionAl 5

Driving The Market:

Buying And Selling The Arabians “International” record lives up to its name; Pinha and Valdez have sold horses to South and Central America, Australia, Europe and the Middle East. “I spend a lot of time on the road, looking at horses,” nods Pinha. “Whenever I am traveling for a show, I try to get around to see the breeders in the area. We are always looking for great horses and many times you find them at the small breeders. In my opinion, the main reason for our marketing success is our physical presence at horse shows around the world, and being able to meet the breeders at their farms and develop a personal relationship with them. I believe that people are more comfortable buying from someone that they have actually met face to face.” Several recent sales and purchases remain in his mind. One was a package of mares from Battle Hill Farm for North Arabians (“this group will have impact in the breeding program here in the U.S.”), then there was newly-named Brazilian National Champion Stallion Sir Marwan CRF and the South African Supreme Champion Stallion Ahsom. “And most recently,” he adds, “the beautiful Evening Song IA to the Arabian Soul Partners. Just to name a few.” “I think what sets Sandro apart is his communication skills with his clients,” says Lara Ames, whose farm-bred and

sold Sir Marwan CRF. Within days of the Canadian National Champion Futurity Colt’s going to Arabians International, the Ames family had received two offers and selected the one they liked best. “He really tries to

6 ArAbiAns internAtionAl | ARABIAN HORSE TIMES

Grand Commandd and Sandro.

find the right horses for his clients; matching the right people to the right horse.”

Client Relations:

The Art Of Communication It comes up again and again: great client relations. “Communication, like in any other business in the world, is the key to success,” Pinha says bluntly. “We have many wonderful clients who send us their horses on a regular basis to condition and market for them. I think our dedication to doing the best job we can for them keeps them coming back, and also they refer their friends to us. We have a great time and enjoy socializing with our clients to try to let them know how important they are to us.” (In fact, many say the barn’s social life is an important part of their enjoying the Arabian horse community.) “When you send them a horse, you know you’re going to be treated very well as a client,” smiles Lara Ames. “No matter if your horse is a superstar or an average horse, it’s going to be prepared fully for whatever you’re doing with it.” “Relationships are very important,” offers Michael Weinstein, a member of the partnership which owns El Nabila B. Pinha showed El Nabila to the U.S. National Championship in Stallions. “The way we show our support is by staying with them, working together.”

is a feeling of accomplishment that you can create something. Sandro and Gil share that with us, and believe in our horses and our program and what we are trying to accomplish.” Clients laugh, though, that if you go with Arabians International, you’d better be prepared for honesty. “A few times I have been accused of being brutally honest,” Pinha admits. “But I would rather be up front with a client in the beginning than have them spend a lot of money and then be disappointed when they don’t get the results they had wanted.” Most clients, however, appreciate that he and Valdez are looking out for their interests. “It’s very hard to find people who have the ring skills and who can take care of horses the way we want them taken care of—and then also to have the people skills too,” observes Bob North. “It’s a rare combination, and Sandro is a master at it.”

With Pinha and Valdez, he adds, it is more than just showing horses (and becoming personal friends, which they all are). The trainers are interested not only in showing the partnership’s horses, but in being involved with their breeding program as well, an important component for Weinstein’s group. Their program now has advanced to breeding daughters of El Nabila B to stallions they like, and in 2014, Arabians International will be showing two fillies for them that represent their next step. “You can move the success up much more quickly when you buy,” Weinstein acknowledges, “but you don’t accomplish anything [in terms of creating a breeding program]. Right or wrong, I have a style of horse I like. The process of getting show horses using the bloodlines that you choose is very tough, but it makes it exciting—there

Volume 44, No. 9 | A rAbiAns internAtionAl 7

Where It Began

And Where It Is Going Neither Sandro Pinha, who grew up in Brazil, nor Gil Valdez, a native of Mexico, sprang overnight onto the Arabian scene. Both learned their horsemanship, and won the respect of their clients and contemporaries. And both are quick to say that the story is not complete without crediting those who have helped them. “My father introduced me to the Arabian horses,” says Pinha, “and Mr. Paulo Levy introduced me to Mr. David Boggs, who brought me to the U.S. and gave me the opportunity to work with the team at Midwest for seven great years. He taught me everything I know about marketing in the horse business.” Boggs is equally complimentary. “There was a fondness and friendship that grew between us immediately,” he recalls. “When Sandro came to Midwest, he came with great knowledge and skills, and he has continued to improve them. I’m very proud of him now to see the accomplishments he’s made—what he and Gil have done with this farm! He’s one of the hardest working people I’ve met in the world, regardless of any business. He’s great to his friends and his clients, and he knows a great horse.” And it has not been just the people. The parade of horses that have made Arabians International’s name either in the show ring or in marketing is stellar: El Nabila B, 2010 U.S. National Champion Stallion; Jose Alves Filho and Maisa Tucci Alves of Haras JM.

Cavalli, twice Scottsdale and ABHA World Cup champion, as well as successful on the European show scene; Freedom PA, twice Scottsdale reserve champion, U.S. National titlist and Scottsdale Signature champion; He Be Showy DFA, five-time national champion Half-Arabian gelding; Miss Marwan PA, Scottsdale and U.S. national champion; RD Challs Angel, twice national champion and twice ABHA Daneisha Brazzle and Sean Givens.

8 ArAbiAns internAtionAl | ARABIAN HORSE TIMES

World Cup champion; Sir Marwan CRF, twice U.S. National Reserve Champion, Canadian National Champion and Brazilian National Champion; and the promising young Titan AS, 2013 AHBA World Cup Bronze Medalist in Yearling Colts. There also has been Magic Dream, a leading sire in the United States and now South Africa, and there are more. There are more every year. In addition, Arabians International stands stallions at stud, and periodically hosts sires Pinha has shown to titles, including North Arabians’ Grand Commandd, a U.S. National Champion Colt, and El Chall WR, threetime U.S. national reserve champion, ABHA World Cup supreme champion and European champion. John Blincoe’s stallion, Marwan Al Magnifficoo, has just arrived and brings much excitement and promise. One name always stands out to Pinha and Valdez, however, and that is the incomparable Magnum Chall HVP. Pinha arranged Magnum Chall’s sale to Raegen and Lucky Lurken in 2002 and showed the stallion to

his breakout title as Scottsdale Champion 3-Year-Old Colt the following year. Then, during his tenure at North Arabians, he stood Magnum Chall HVP at stud, and through the years has promoted his get. He facilitated the lease agreement that returned the sire to Brazil to make his contribution there. “Almost everyone we know who has had horses with Sandro and Gil really respects them,” one owner says, echoing many others. “They make you feel like they care about you as a customer and as a person, and they care about the horses you’ve put in training with them.” n

Dixie and Robert North, North Arabians. Volume 44, No. 9 | A rAbiAns internAtionAl 9


Leading sire of today’s most beautiful champions Sir Fames HBV x Entaicyng NA • Multi-Program Nominated Sire • SCID & CA Clear Proudly owned by Robert & Dixie North • For breeding information contact: Robert North 619.992.9832 • Mike McNally 760.500.0792 •

10 ArAbiAns internAtionAl | ARABIAN HORSE TIMES

Shown by Arabians International Sandro Pinha & Gil Valdez 480.226.0001

Ever After NA x JA Psilk N Lace Owned by North Arabians

Ever After NA x RD Arietta Bay Scottsdale Signature Champion Yearling Filly Arabian Breeder Finals Champion Signature Yearling Filly Arabian Breeder Finals Unanimous Champion Yearling Filly Arabian Breeder Finals Unanimous Silver Champion Junior Filly Owned by North Arabians

Ever After NA x Cajun Spyce KBS U.S. National Reserve Champion Yearling Filly Las Vegas World Cup Silver Champion Yearling Filly Owned by Arabian Soul Partners Volume 44, No. 9 | A rAbiAns internAtionAl 11

El Chall WR x JFN Captive Love

Proudly owned by Robert & Dixie North For breeding information contact: Robert North 619.992.9832 Mike McNally 760.500.0792


Magnum Chall HVP x Major Love Affair Multi-Program Nominated Sire • SCID & CA Clear

Las Vegas World Cup Supreme Jr Champion Stallion, Breeders Finals Champion Stallion U.S. National Reserve Champion • Menton Bronze Champion • El Ran Cup Best of Show. Paris World Show Sponsors Trophy 12 ArAbiAns internAtionAl | ARABIAN HORSE TIMES

Beijing x GA Mi Grandlady

Las Veges World Cup Supreme Champion Yearling Colt Multi-Program Nominated Sire SCID & CA Clear

His First Two Foals Owned by North Arabians

2014 Filly • Grand Commandd x Promises PSY, by Padrons Psyche

Proudly owned by Robert & Dixie North Shown by Arabians International Sandro Pinha & Gil Valdez 480.226.0001 •

2014 Colt • Grand Commandd x Just Amazing NA, by Ever After NA Volume 44, No. 9 | A rAbiAns internAtionAl 13

Arabian Breeder Arabian Finals Breeder Finals Champion Weanling ChampionColt Weanling Colt Las Vegas World Las Vegas Cup World Cup Bronze Champion BronzeYearling Champion ColtYearling Colt

El Nabila B x Om El Beladeena by Al Lahab SCID & CA Clear

14 A rAbiAns internAtionAl | ARABIAN HORSE TIMES

Marwan Al Shaqab x HED Caramba, by Magnum Psyche Arabian Breeder Finals Champion Weanling Filly

Proudly owned by Arabian Soul Partners

Marwan Al Shaqab x HED Caramba

Represented by Arabians International Sandro Pinha & Gil Valdez 480.226.0001

Volume 44, No. 9 | A rAbiAns internAtionAl 15

Marwan Al Shaqab x RD Challs Angel, by Magnum Chall HVP SCID & CA Clear

16 A rAbiAns internAtionAl | ARABIAN HORSE TIMES

*Gazal Al Shaqab x Vasnni El Lethyf

Proudly owned by Arabian Soul Partners Ever After NA x Psyches Amber Dream

Represented by Arabians International Sandro Pinha & Gil Valdez 480.226.0001 Volume 44, No. 9 | A rAbiAns internAtionAl 17

FA El Shawan Ă— Loredonna Z, by Odyssey SC Scottsdale Champion Junnior Colt Scottsdale Champion Yearling Colt Region 1 Champion Yearling Colt SCID & CA Clear

Proudly owned by Arabian Soul Partners

Represented by Arabians International Sandro Pinha & Gil Valdez 480.226.0001

+/ Magnum Psyche x Truly Fame Miss, by Fame VF

Sire of Scottsdale, Regional & National Winners

Sweepstakes Nominated Sire & Scottsdale Signture Stallion

Proudly owned by Highland Pride Arabians La Habra Heights, CA

Represented by Arabians International Sandro Pinha 480.226.0001 Gil Valdez 480.226.7357 Pam Donnelly 480.414.8194 Volume 44, No. 9 | A rAbiAns internAtionAl 19

Making a monumental contribution ...

Kubinec x 218 Elf Layla Walayla B, by Assad

20 ArAbiAns internAtionAl | ARABIAN HORSE TIMES

El Nabila B x Om El Beladeena, by Al Lahab Owned by Arabian Soul Partners

El Nabila B x Om El Bashara Estopa Owned by Om El Arab International

El Nabila B x Om El Jinaah, by Al Lahab

Proudly owned by The El Nabila B Initiative Mike Weinstein 408.307.6436

Standing with Om El Arab International Sigi Siller & Janina Merz 805.688.6958 Represented by Arabians International Sandro Pinha & Gil Valdez 480.226.0001 Volume 44, No. 9 | A rAbiAns internAtionAl 21

Sire extraordinaire


Canadian National Champion

Breeders Cup Bronze Champion Colt

Breeders Cup Silver Champion Colt

Marwan Al Shaqab x Pacific Echo, by Echo Magnifficoo

2011, 2012, 2013 Leading Sire Of Halter Winners at Minnesota Fall Festival Canadian National Reserve Champion, Scottsdale Champion Colt Arabian Horse Celebration Champion 6-7 Year Old Stallion Proudly owned by John Blincoe UNIGLOBE SELECT ARABIANS Scottsdale, AZ • 480-404-4945 • e-mail:

22 ArAbiAns internAtionAl | ARABIAN HORSE TIMES

Represented by Arabians International Sandro Pinha 480.226.0001 Gil Valdez 480.226.7357 Pam Donnelly 480.414.8194

Volume 44, No. 9 | A rAbiAns internAtionAl 23

24 A rAbiAns internAtionAl | ARABIAN HORSE TIMES

WH Justice x Divina Pasion by El Nabila B

Proudly bred & owned by

Hector & Miguel Flores MC Arabians Mexico

Represented by Arabians International Sandro Pinha 480.226.0001 Gil Valdez 480.226.7357 Pam Donnelly 480.414.8194

Volume 44, No. 9 | A rAbiAns internAtionAl 25

Proudly owned by Jose & Maisa Alves S達o Paulo - Brazil, CEP 13190-000 (P) 55 19 3879 2964 and 3879-1002

Represented by Arabians International Sandro Pinha 480.226.0001 Gil Valdez 480.226.7357 Pam Donnelly 480.414.8194

26 ArAbiAns internAtionAl | ARABIAN HORSE TIMES

Marwan Al Shaqab x Ames Mirage

Brazilian, Canadian & U.S. National Champion

Volume 44, No. 9 | A rAbiAns internAtionAl 27

Psytadel US x Silk Melody, by JK Amadeus For breeding information contact Arabians International

28 A rAbiAns internAtionAl | ARABIAN HORSE TIMES

Region 3 Champion Stallion ATH U.S. National Top Ten 2-Year-Old Colt

Joys Creation x Affillia, by Affirmmed

Proudly owned by Snake River Arabians Rita & Stillman Buzzell Ririe, ID & Scottsdale, AZ Phone: 208. 538.7886

Represented by Arabians International Sandro Pinha 480.226.0001 Gil Valdez 480.226.7357 Pam Donnelly 480.414.8194

Volume 44, No. 9 | A rAbiAns internAtionAl 29

30 ArAbiAns internAtionAl | ARABIAN HORSE TIMES

Ajman Moniscione x RK Izabella Chall, by Magnum Chall HVP

Proudly owned by Don Manuel Arabians Jacksonville, FL • Peter Kessler Phone: 800.576.8087 • Cell: 904.635.5558

Represented by Arabians International Sandro Pinha 480.226.0001 Gil Valdez 480.226.7357 Pam Donnelly 480.414.8194 Volume 44, No. 9 | A rAbiAns internAtionAl 31

Scottsdale Top Ten Yearling Filly

Majik Of Marwan x C Sade by Magnum Psyche

32 ArAbiAns internAtionAl | ARABIAN HORSE TIMES

PCF Vision x Psyches Psecret by Padrons Psyche Scottsdale Unanimous Champion 2-Year-Old Filly Region 1 Champion 2-Year-Old Filly Arabian Breeder Finals Champion 2-Year-Old Filly

Proudly owned by

Arturo & Perla Ortega Olive Cave Creek, AZ

Represented by Arabians International Sandro Pinha 480.226.0001 Gil Valdez 480.226.7357 Pam Donnelly 480.414.8194

Volume 44, No. 9 | A rAbiAns internAtionAl 33

Don El Chall x Alluring LOA

Bernier photo

In foal to National Champion Stallion *Pogrom

Bernier photo

Region 3 Unanimous Champion 2-Year-Old Filly Region 3 Champion Mare ATH

PCF Vision x Challure LOA

34 A rAbiAns internAtionAl | ARABIAN HORSE TIMES

Bernier photo

Gemini VII x Challure LOA

Region 1 Champion 2-Year-Old Filly Region 1 Champion Mare ATH

Bernier photo

In foal to National Champion Stallion *Pogrom

Proudly owned by

Amjad Hammad Jordan

Represented by Arabians International Sandro Pinha 480.226.0001 Gil Valdez 480.226.7357 Pam Donnelly 480.414.8194

PA Gazsi x PA A-Magic Moment

Volume 44, No. 9 | A rAbiAns internAtionAl 35

El Nabila B x Tiaraa Rose, by Echo Magnifficoo

Pogrom x Angellinah WLF, by Sir Fames HBV

Proudly owned by Arabian Park Arabians LLC Gail & Cordy Overgaard 11310 E. Arabian Park Drive Scottsdale, AZ 85259 480 797-2001 or 2002 Represented by Arabians International Sandro Pinha 480.226.0001 Gil Valdez 480.226.7357 Pam Donnelly 480.414.8194

36 A rAbiAns internAtionAl | ARABIAN HORSE TIMES

El Nabila B x MFA Choclate Lily, by Magic Dream CAHR

Sir Fames HBV x Bey Starrlett WLF, by Bey Shah

Bernier photo

Bernier photo

Marauderr x Gai Schara

Volume 44, No. 9 | A rAbiAns internAtionAl 37

x Exotic AngelImage AB, Ames Image Sir MarwanSir CRFMarwan x ExoticCRF Angel AB, Ames

Proudly owned by Cedar Ridge Farm Jordan, MN

Represented by Arabians International Sandro Pinha 480.226.0001 Gil Valdez 480.226.7357 Pam Donnelly 480.414.8194

Armando El Aryes x Ivana BFA, by Eminant Breeders Sweepstakes Nominated Sire • CA & LFS Clear

Proudly owned by Daneisha Brazzle Cell: 562.712.8683 Sean Givens Cell: 323.309.8175

Represented by Arabians International Sandro Pinha 480.226.0001 Gil Valdez 480.226.7357 Pam Donnelly 480.414.8194

Volume 44, No. 9 | A rAbiAns internAtionAl 39

“It is with great pride we market, train and show this amazing collection of the world’s finest Arabians for our incredible clients and the renowned breeders of our industry. The opportunity is accepted with sincere gratitude, and you have our continued commitment.”

Farm Address: 28311 N 66th St. Cave Creek, AZ 85331 • Mailing Address: 28432 N 44th St Cave Creek, AZ 85331 Sandro Pinha: 480.226.0001 Gil Valdez: 480.226.7357 Pam Donnelly: 480.414.8194

40 A rAbiAns internAtionAl | ARABIAN HORSE TIMES


“All men dream: but not equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds wake up in the day to find it was

Celebrating 75 years of excellence

vanity, but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act their dreams with open eyes, to make it possible.” —T.E. Lawrence, Seven Pillars of Wisdom: A Triumph

Original Gladys Brown Edwards painting commissioned to commemorate the important importations of Dr. Howard “H.F.” Kale. In the foreground, a Bedouin sits proudly upon *Silver Drift, embodying both the spirit and symbol of the Kale legacy. At the water pool the elegant greys *Dornaba and *Eskadra drink placidly, while in the far background another Bedouin sits atop the chestnut Jewel Drift (*Silver Drift x *Dornaba) symbolizing movement toward the future and the promise we cannot quite see.

Dr. Howard Kale The Arabian horse community has many people who live their lives quietly and with dignity. They are the unsung heroes of our breed. Sometimes we do not recognize our unsung heroes because we, as lovers of Arabian horses, are involved in our own interests. We are united, however, in our understanding of how the Arabian horse came from the desert to grace and bless our lives with beauty and joy. In the quest for understanding the recent history of the Arabian horse in all its myriad forms of expression, one cannot help but become familiar with the name and breeding program of the Kale Family. In 1936, as a Medical intern, Dr. Kale fell in love with the Arabian horse. During the height of the U.S. depression of the 1930s, he would spend his lunch breaks sitting on top of a hill overlooking an old golf course that had been turned into an Arabian horse farm. He would sit on the hood of his old Model A Ford, and watch the sunlight dapple and dance over the horses’ coats, and vow that someday, when he made his way in the world, he would own an Arabian. Little did he know that he would go on to found a dynasty encompassing three generations of horse breeders, nine

consecutive generations of horses, and seventy five years of horse breeding. Dr. Kale and his family, along with their horses, were to have an unparalleled influence on the Arabian breed around the world. In 1939, Dr. Kale fulfilled his dream and purchased his first Arabian. Throughout the 1940s, he and his good friend Dr. Eugene LaCroix would spend most of their free time on horseback. The history between the Kale and LaCroix families is quite a long one. Dr. Kale introduced Dr. LaCroix to his office nurse, Mary Jean, and walked her down the aisle when they wed in April of 1947, while Marybeth made her wedding dress. Dr. Kale delivered all three of the LaCroix children, and Dr. Kale’s youngest son, Howard “Howie” Kale, Jr., born in 1942, spent his summers bailing hay on a farm Dr. La Croix owned in partnership with his in-laws. By the early 1950s, Dr. Kale had become infatuated with the idea of breeding Arabian horses in earnest, and the pursuit of breeding a better and better individual became a quest. He bought 20 acres near Bothell, Wash., and began acquiring

Dr. Kale on the grey stallion Adonis, registration #1619. There were less than one thousand Arabian horses in the United States when Dr. Kale began breeding.

2 • Karho

the establishment of a dynasty

Left to Right: Howie Kale (white shirt) and his older brother Bill (plaid shirt) sit atop their geldings, while between them Dr. Eugene LaCroix holds baby Gene, Jr. and Pete Smith, Dr. LaCroix’s father-in-law, stands in the foreground. This historical photo shows the ‘LA’ and ‘SM’ of LASMA Arabians, as well as two generations of exceptional horse breeders.

some of the best mares in the world, including the famous Ferseyn daughter, Wahida, and the beautiful Milanne daughter, Raffanne. It was also becoming quite apparent that Howie had inherited both his father’s name and his passion for Arabian horses. By the time Howie was eight, he began spending more time around the barn than in the house, and by the time he was in his teens, he spent most of his time reading and researching the old stud books. “I was quite voracious in my quest for knowledge, not only about the American bloodlines, but about those abroad as well. Dad was generally supportive of my pursuits, although I did get the occasional comment about the amount of time spent on stud books versus time spent on school books,” Howie remembers with a chuckle. Dr. Howard Kale and his bride Marybeth were married for 61 years before her death in 1998.

Karho • 3



Howie Kale and Wahida (Ferseyn x Tahir), winning Canadian National Champion Mare, 1962.

Miss Century (Ga’Zi x Wahida) winning U.S. National Champion Futurity Filly in 1966.

In 1959, Dr. Kale purchased the stunning Ferseyn daughter Wahida (x Tahir). Wahida had already won many local and state shows as a young mare, and soon became Howie’s first show horse. “She taught me a lot about respect,” remembers Howie. In 1962 they won their first National championship together, when Wahida was named Canadian National Champion Mare with twenty-year-old Howie on the lead. Earlier that year, Wahida had given birth to a beautiful bay filly by Ga’Zi, aptly named Miss Century. “I often called her ‘Century 21’ because she was the beginning of a whole different era for us as breeders,’ says Howie. “She gave us some wonderful offspring, including Silver Century, by *Silver Drift, and Muscastar, sire of World Champion Mare, Crown Muscosa (Muscastar x Crown Narada), and World Reserve Champion Mare, Evening Starr (Muscastar x Nariada, by Muscat).” Miss Century’s last foal was a flashy chestnut full sister of Muscatstar named Muscette, who produced the exceptional mare HK Naturette by Naturel (Mag x Nepriadwa). In 2003, HK Naturette produced the exceptional show mare CR La Naturel (CR Kiyev x HK Naturette).

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M are Fa milies

“CR La Naturel is wonderful,” says Joanna Kale. “She has garnered ribbons at every major show she’s attended: Scottsdale, the Las Vegas Breeders World Cup, and U.S. National Championships. She is always willing to play the game and always gives it her all. She’s a unique mare, and I feel as privileged to show her as Dad did to show Wahida.”

CR La Naturel (CR Kiyev x HK Naturette) winning U.S. National Champion Top Ten AAOTH with Joanna Kale in 2009. Toni Sullivan photo

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*Silver Drift (Raktha x Serafina)

“The use of two complementary stallions, both of equal and 1962 would see the first great shift in the Kale breeding program. Don Chandler of Fairbanks, Alas., a good friend of the Kale’s, was laying over at their farm on his way home from the Scottsdale show. He mentioned that he was thinking of breeding a mare to *Serafix (Raktha x Serafina) whom John Rogers had imported in 1954 and with whom he had great success. Howie religiously read the Arab Horse Society News of England, the bible of Arabian horse breeding at that time, and remembered an article that mentioned Serafix had a grey full brother,* Silver Drift, that Lady Wentworth kept. At this time, the Kale’s, who had primarily been breeding to Ga’Zi-related horses, were contemplating the impact of using the Skowronek sire line via Naseem on some of their mares. As luck would have it, Dr. Kale discussed his plans with Dr. LaCroix at the Yakima show later that summer, and Dr. LaCroix and his son Gene, Jr. were eager to come along on the adventure. Earlier in the year, Dr. LaCroix and Lasma trainer Jerry Smola had been impressed with the recently imported Polish horses

that Patricia Lindsey of England had brokered in 1960 and 1961, and so the foursome decided to visit Poland as well. At that time, no Americans had traveled directly to Poland to buy horses, and little was known about the postwar breeding programs besides the lines of *Witez II, one of General Patton’s war booty imports. Ofir was at Tersk, and Witraz had already passed on; Negatiw had just arrived at Janow Podlaski from Tersk, following his son Naborr who stood at Michalow, and Pietuszok was in the process of establishing himself at Janow Podlaski, so the adventurers were able to see some of the early imports from Russia, as well as such Polish greats as: Aquinor, Comet, and Czort. Their first stop, however, was England where the Crabbet Park bred *Silver Drift met and exceeded the group’s expectations. Then it was on to Poland, where Dr. Kale purchased the two most famous *Naborr daughters: *Dornaba (*Naborr x Darda) and *Eskadra (*Naborr x Ela) from Michalow; and Dr. LaCroix purchased the eternal stallion *Bask (Witraz x Balalajka) from Janow Podlaski.

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Tornado (*Bask x Silwara)

exceptional quality, to be blended in the pursuit of perfection ...” Upon their return to the United States, Howie became even more focused on Arabian horses. While attending the University of Washington where he studied Finance and Zoology, Howie drew up plans for his ideal horse farm. “With the importation of the horses in 1962, we started to get more serious about showing. Along with the trip overseas, it was also the year I won my first national title: Canadian National Champion Mare with Wahida (Ferseyn x Tahir). Earlier that same year she foaled Miss Century (by Ga’Zi), the most outstanding filly we had ever bred up to that point. I was twenty and I don’t think my feet touched the ground once that year!” The 1960s saw many successes in the show ring for the Kale breeding program, and Dr. Kale’s commitment and dedication produced a profound influence on the breed. In 1964, the first *Silver Drift babies began to hit the ground. Among them, was Raffane’s first daughter, Silver Sprite. Silver Sprite was the embodiment of the coalescing Kale breeding philosophy. She demonstrated the pieces of

perfection her parents were capable of giving, and fulfilled the hopes of her breeders as she manifested the promise of her inherent genetic capability. In 1966, Howie made history by showing *Dornaba to the first Triple Crown title in Arabian breed history. “It was a great feeling and she was a great mare, with or without the title,” Howie says. “The mare class at U.S. Nationals took all morning—no preliminary sections and no recesses in those days. [*Dornaba] showed for over three hours against over 60 mares, then came back in the evening to be named United States National Reserve Champion English Pleasure Horse with Mo Morris riding her. She had the temperament, athletic ability, and heart to do it all. She was a true lady, and I was honored to hold the lead.” That same year Miss Century was named U.S. National Futurity Champion Mare. These successes reinforced the Kale commitment to quality, and garnered them international notoriety.

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The beautiful Dornaba (*Naborr x Darda), first Triple Crown winner, with Howie Kale after her Canadian National Championship win in 1966.

Dr. HF Kale riding Dornaba to one of her many English Pleasure Championships.

Judy Bleifus Barrick photo

Dornaba and Howie Kale winning the Scottsdale Champion Mare title at Scottsdale in 1966. the beautiful “Silver Sisters” Silk-N-Silver and Satin Silver (Tornado x Silver Sprite).

For the LaCroix’s, *Bask quickly established himself as an exceptional sire in the United States. Dr. Kale had always loved the Lasma mare *Silwara (Dargee x Silwa). She was of the Silver Fire line, one of the most influential of the Naseem line from Crabbet, and one very much valued by the Kales. In 1967, Dr. Kale fell in love with her grey two-year-old son, Tornado (*Bask x *Silwara). The Kales quickly decided to purchase Tornado, who became the most expensive horse Dr. LaCroix had sold up to that point. Two years later, with Howie at the lead, Tornado became 1969 Canadian National Champion Stallion. The use of two complementary stallions, both of equal and exceptional quality, to be blended in the pursuit of perfection became a theme that would run throughout the Kale breeding program, and the use of a right and left hand approach forms a cornerstone of Kale breeding philosophy. In the case of *Silver Drift and Tornado, the embodiment of this blend were

In 1969, tragedy struck when *Dornaba died from a prolapsed uterus delivering twins. Five doctors and three vets kept her alive for almost a day, but she never came out of shock. Her death was perhaps the most tragic event in the entire Kale breeding history. She left only one daughter, Jewel Drift by *Silver Drift, as a beacon of her light, and a void in the barn and the hearts of the Kales that has never quite been filled. “Winning the Canadian National Champion Mare title with Jewel Drift in 1974 was bittersweet,” recalls Howie. “She was an exceptional mare. Had to be to go up against the likes of Fame and Elkana and win. Big, with the *Silver Drift stretch, and Dornaba’s class, she was the embodiment of the future, and of the pieces of perfection. And she was that much more special knowing that there could never be another one, but I missed her dam. I still do.”

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"A Gift from the Creator, Sweit N Silver was born when her mother was 26-years-old".

f o t s e r e h t d a e r o t e r e h k c Cli . . . e u s s I y r a the Febru ! y a d o T e b i Subscr Sweit N Silver (RD Ariel x Silk-N-Silver)

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