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t was good old-fashioned networking between friends that brought *Wieza Mocy to Oak Ridge Arabians and owner Janey Morse. When Jeff Wallace saw a spectacular two-year-old beauty in a video feed during the Polish Nationals, he called David Boggs to alert him. Wallace knew that Boggs was already showing a top-winning QR Marc son for the State Studs and thought that *Wieza Mocy, a QR Marc daughter, would be the perfect follow up. After seeing the video for himself, Boggs agreed that she was something special and put her on his short list of horses to watch. Meanwhile, Director Białabok expressed interest in using Janey’s already famous young stallion Vitorio TO on the mares of Michalów State Stud farm in Poland, and Janey recognized what an honor that would be. Urszula, Director Białabok’s wife and partner in running the stud, also became very excited about adding the *Mirage sire line represented in Vitorio. Soon, an agreement to use shipped semen became a discussion on the possibility of Vitorio actually spending time in Poland, serving the mares of the State Studs. Janey was intrigued. The Oak Ridge Arabians contingent set out for Poland in the company of David Boggs with the hopes of finalizing a deal. Once at Michalów, Boggs suggested the possibility of including barter as part of the negotiations. Things happened quickly after that, with the finest kind of unexpected results. Janey Morse explains, “The focus of our concern was Vitorio, but *Wieza Mocy was an amazing and wonderful bonus to a whole new world that was opened to Oak Ridge and Vitorio!” Because Boggs had a strong existing relationship with the Polish breeders, it smoothed the way for Janey, who was a first time visitor, when it came time to strike a deal.

MagIc” In The Mare …

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And what a deal it was, a simply dazzling deal that provided “wins” for everyone involved. *Wieza Mocy was leased by Janey Morse to come to America to be shown in the name of Oak Ridge Arabians. She also had the right to a few embryos from the mare. In return, Vitorio TO departed to Europe to spend two years inside the Michalów State Stud breeding many of their finest mares. Vitorio’s first Polish-bred foals are sensational, and as for what happened with *Wieza’s first three embryos …

WIzja To WIeza

The FoundaTIon: *


For over two hundred years, the Poles have cultivated Arabian horses to breed true to their lineage. Rarely, a line will produce horses that so far outstrip the already potent potential of their pedigree that they seem to be an anomaly. But over the test of time, the “anomaly” is seen for what it really is … an occasional spike of brilliance in a predictable pattern of excellence that creates a dynasty. Such was the case with *Wizja, the legendary mare of Michalów State Stud who changed the very notion of what an Arabian halter horse should look like in only two show ring appearances. And such is the case again several generations later with her great granddaughter *Wieza Mocy, as she redefines the contemporary Arabian mare. Spanning the generations between them is a long list of notables who have had a significant impact on the breed as a whole and on Polish breeding in particular. In any other pedigree, they would be the spikes of brilliance! Wizja’s dam, the bay Comet daughter Warmia, was a fantastic producer of breeding horses who themselves bred on in the Polish State Studs and all over the world. *Wizja was, of course, her finest of nearly a dozen foals. *Wizja’s delicate refinement blended into a powerfully correct body to create a new ideal of feminine grace. When she won the titles of 1977 Scottsdale Reserve Champion Mare and United States National Champion Mare while on lease to Lasma Arabians, she left an indelible image of grace in the minds of all who saw her.

QR Marc


Even though she suffered from ill health which impacted her production record, *Wizja’s pre-potent pedigree ensured the

successful continuance of her family with the birth in 1991 of her final daughter, Wiazma. Wiazma was the Junior Champion Filly at the Polish Spring Show, and produced two daughters, Wieza Babel and Wieza Wiatrow, who won the same title before going on to produce their own Polish National winners. But it was Wiazma’s Ekstern daughter Wieża Marzen who was to produce the next spike of brilliance, or should we say, “Tower of Power,” the actual translation of *Wieza Mocy. Sired by QR Marc, one of the most prolific sons of the venerable sire Marwan Al Shaqab, *Wieza Mocy entered the Arabian show scene like a spectacular fireworks display, lighting up the hearts of everyone who witnessed her performance. And she shows no signs of slowing down.

Volume 46, No. 3 | Halter 33

The chaMpIon:

WInnIng *WIeza Trailing a record of wins that stretches across the globe, Wieża Mocy is one of the most decorated show horses on the planet. From her debut as a yearling when she fulfilled her family destiny in the Bialka Spring Show where she was the Champion Filly and Best in Show, this dynamic mare has been nearly unstoppable.

She won the Polish National Junior Championship, the European Junior Championship and the World Junior Championship before crossing the pond on lease to Oak Ridge Arabians. Once settled into the care of David Boggs and the fantastic Team Midwest staff, *Wieza Mocy proceeded to take the biggest prizes that America has to offer. Prepared and presented with perfection, *Wieza Mocy wowed the crowds in winning the Arabian National Breeder Finals, the Las Vegas Arabian Breeders World Cup, the Region 7 Championship, and the 2014 United States National Mare Championship for Janey and Oak Ridge. Let’s just say that Poland delivered *Wieza to Janey, Janey delivered *Wieza to David, and David simply delivered. This is what we call perfection personified. This year, *Wieza Mocy returned to the show ring to win the Scottsdale Classic Senior Mare Championship by a landslide. What is to be next for this once-in-a-lifetime horse? It would seem that her sights are set on adding a Senior World Championship to the one she earned as a filly. The eyes of the Arabian public are on Paris, where it is likely that *Wieza will cast her magic spell on her way home to Michalów. 34 Halter | ARABIAN HORSE TIMES

Volume 46, No. 3 | Halter 35


The producer: MaTernal *

Wieza Bella

Wieza Noor ORA

*Wieza Mocy is a clever girl. While most of the Arabian world is focused on her return to Paris, waiting with bated breath to see the glorious her burst once more into the spotlight, she has been busy sowing the seeds of her maternal dynasty. Through the magic of embryo transfer, she has been able to triple her genetic impact on the future in a single year, while simultaneously preparing to bag another world championship. In America, the gorgeous and celebrated mare has gifted three different families of breeders with three wonderful fillies this year. Wieza Bella, a bay by *Pogrom (QR Marc x Petla, by Visbaden). Owned by the Ames family of Cedar Ridge Arabians, the first daughter of *Wieza Mocy is an exquisite bay replica of her mother, sired by American Triple Crown winner *Pogrom. A paternal half-brother through their sire QR Marc, *Pogrom’s pedigree supports and endorses *Wieza Mocy’s. He blends contemporary breeding with the proven impact of the Janow “P” line of mares, who bring with them a double dose of *Bandos refinement. It is a potent mix to add to two crosses to the ultra-exotic World Champion Stallion, QR Marc. When Lara Ames and her family were looking for a special mare for their program, David Boggs suggested that they buy an embryo from *Wieza Mocy instead. “We purchased the embryo before she came to America,” Lara explains. “Bella is everything we had hoped for. She has a great body, size, beautiful eyes and head … and she thinks very highly of herself ! Because she was born at 36 Halter | ARABIAN HORSE TIMES

Wieza Ariha

our Arizona farm just prior to Scottsdale Show time, she got a lot of visitors in her first few months. Bella is super friendly, so you cannot walk by her stall without rubbing on her. She loves to have her back scratched and will stand there for you to do it.” The Ames’ plan is to take it slow with Wieza Bella. “When she tells us she is ready to show,” Lara exclaims, “then we will show her!” Wieza Noor ORA, a grey by *Hariry Al Shaqab (Marwan Al Shaqab x White Silkk, by Dakar El Jamaal). When Janey Morse leased *Wieza Mocy from Michalów Stud, she knew that she had been given an unprecedented opportunity. Not only would she have the pleasure of campaigning Wieza to significant wins in the name of her Oak Ridge Arabians, she would also receive embryos from the mare. Of course, her beloved Vitorio would be her top choice, but she also wanted to try to produce a filly or two that she could take to Vitorio once *Wieza is safely back in Poland. *Hariry Al Shaqab also delivered, by giving Janey a filly to one day take back to Vitorio. *Hariry Al Shaqab made a triumphant return to Europe this year, where he was the Gold Champion Stallion, High Score, and Best in Show in Menton. Widely regarded as Al Shaqab’s heir apparent to his legendary father Marwan Al Shaqab, *Hariry has flawless conformation and the presence and breed type to complement it. He was the perfect choice to blend with the QR Marc and *Wizja lines preserved in *Wieza Mocy.

The resulting filly is more than Janey had hoped for, on the fast track to turn into the same silvery grey color as her sire and infused with nothing but the finest attributes from both sides of her pedigree. Meanwhile, Vitorio is willing to be patient. Wieza Ariha, a bay by A Jericho (A Jakarta x Destiny VF, by TF Psymreekhe). The Abel family from Canada welcomed the third and final filly of the year from *Wieza Mocy, naming her Wieza Ariha. For them, the decision of choosing the proper stallion was an easy one. They were determined to support their own United States Reserve National Champion, A Jericho, by securing a mating with the most coveted show mare on earth. They are well aware that a stallion can only be as good as the mares that he is able to serve, and they wanted to give him the best of the best. The gamble paid off in spades. Wieza Ariha is a gorgeous bay princess who absolutely represents her priceless dam line. A Jericho provides a complementary

pedigree of Arabian type combined with smooth, correct form and fantastic athletic ability, doubling up on qualities already evident in *Wieza Mocy. That double-dose of well-balanced attributes will provide a genetic breeding ground that the Abel’s can bank on in the future. Right now, in America at Midwest, *Wieza is being bred for the sacred embryo with Vitorio, as he stands in a coveted stall inside the Michalów Stud where *Wieza Mocy was conceived, as well as born. The truly great ones must travel so this passionate world of Arabian owners, breeders and enthusiasts can see and appreciate just how wonderful and beautiful our finest horses can be. It is good for our souls to see and feel, as we all love them so deeply. *Wieza Mocy represents perfectly the true art form of dot connecting. For a world-class mare such as *Wieza, it seems to happen almost effortlessly. This is why we say, “There Is Magic In The Mare.”  ■ Volume 46, No. 3 | Halter 37

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