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Cover Story: Bess Fa’Izah


In Memoriam: Hendrika (Hennie) Agatha Maria Kuijf – van der Zwet


The United Arab Emirates

by Susanne Bösche


Good Horsekeeping: Mulawa Style

by Theresa Cardamone


Arabic Food—Hospitality Is The Essence

by Susanne Bösche


Historical Perspectives: Rodania, Part I

by Theresa Cardamone with Susanne Bösche


L.M. Sadunga

by Susanne Bösche


ASE Bisiriya Hlayyil—The Happy Houdini

by Susanne Bösche


A Hierarchy Of Glory—How Versace Changed The Arabian Breed

by Evie Tubbs Sweeney


World Arabian Horse Championships—The Unexpected Is Always Sweeter

by Susanne Bösche


The Aljassimya Amateur Challenge 2016

by Emma Maxwell


Fujairah Arabian Horse Show—Amazing Enthusiasm


Ajman Arabian Horse Show—An Amazing Start To The 2017 Show Season!


UAE National Championships—Incredible Enthusiasm


PSAIAHF - Prince Sultan Arabian Horse Festival—The Power Of Vision


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Bess Fa’Izah (WH Justice x Sharon El Kendal), owned by Ajman Stud.

C ov er P hoto


D esign : E lisa G r assi

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| 6 | Spring 2017

: IDENTITY APPLICATION ‫بنت سيدكشن اتش بي في‬ BINT SEDUCTION HBV (WH JUSTICE x SEDUCTION HBV) Bronze Champion Junior Filly, All Nations Cup 2016 (Title Show). Silver Champion Junior Filly, Emerald Trophy International 2016 (B Show). Bronze Champion Junior Filly, Elran Cup 2016 (B Show).

www.alsayedstud.com info@alsayedstud.com Fax: +966 11 2155 022 A HT Abroad

| 7 | Spring 2017

EMBRACING DIVERSITY THE WIDE WORLD OF THE ARABIAN HORSE When we decided to launch Arabian Horse Times Abroad last year, we were overwhelmed with the positive response and support we received globally. Breeders, trainers, and enthusiasts from all over the world have embraced Abroad as a new showcase for sharing their programs, as well as a source of enlightening articles intended to celebrate both our similarities and our differences as mutual devotees of the Arabian horse. Most importantly, we believe that the world of the Arabian horse is a global community and a model for uniting diverse populations.

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Not many industries can claim the range of participants that ours can. In the world of the Arabian horse, people from all walks of life and all social classes mix and mingle easily, connected by their love of the breed. Small breeders with a single horse can compete with heads of state who own a stable of champions…and sometimes win! Within the pages of our magazine, we intend to continue to explore the diversity of our breed and share information on both sides of the Atlantic. The performance divisions so popular in America are much different in other parts of the world, but the truth is, the Arabian horse is popular in equestrian pursuits across the board. We are interested in communicating the achievements of special horses and breeders from around the world who compete under saddle alongside those in the spectacular realm of halter. We want to know the interests and desires of the international public as well, as we have come to know those of our American horsewomen and horsemen. In short, we have expanded our family. As the days of winter lengthen into the promise of spring, Arabian Horse Times Abroad is pleased to present the first of our four 2017 issues. With each installment set to debut at major events in Europe or the Middle East, you will first see the Spring 2017 Abroad issue at significant shows in Dubai and Qatar in March. We hope that you will enjoy it, and that you will continue to feel welcomed Abroad. Warm regards,

Lara Ames Lara Ames Owner/Publisher

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In Memoriam

Hendrika (Hennie) Agatha Maria Kuijf – van der Zwet 11/11/1929 – 24/01/2017

“Having six children and many grandchildren, and a good, firm and wonderful hobby, I feel privileged,” said Hendrika (Hennie) Agatha Maria Kuijf – van der Zwet in May 2015, when she and her dear husband Adriaan celebrated their diamond wedding anniversary. Together with Adriaan, whom she knew since primary school, she fulfilled her vision of a Russian based Arabian horse breeding program: Forelocks Arabians. Born in Noorden, a small village in the green heart of the Netherlands, Hennie always had a close connection to this part of the country, as did her husband, so both decided to establish their Arabian horse farm right around the corner, in Nieuwkoop in 1972. Forelocks Arabians started with two Arax daughters, Nesmejana and Nezabudka, but the chestnut mare Yakouta II by Podsnejnik out of Nepokornaia, and bought by the Kuijf couple in the late 1970’s, was especially close to Hennie’s heart. “This mare had the attitude, neck and eyes of Salon and the body Yakima (Yakouta x Nizjni) and movements from Arax,” says Hennie’s son, Aad. “Yakouta produced Yakima by Nizjni, herself a dam of 17 foals and of them, six fillies by Psytadel. We still have two daughters and one granddaughter in our breeding program.” The chestnut Abakan daughter Veronia out of Veranda was another favorite of Hennie’s and one of the best mares she ever bred. This line is still presented by three daughters and three granddaughters. The foals always meant something special to Hennie, who was a calm human and simultaneously, a real workaholic and reliable— nothing was too much for her. “My mother enjoyed every moment with the horses,” Aad remembers. “In 45 years, she delivered more than 300 foals and loved every one. She was looking out for that moment when the birth started until the foal was standing and had A HT Abroad

| 20 | Spring 2017

Adriaan and Hennie with Jopie Smarius.

drunk its milk. On the morning of my parents’ 50th wedding anniversary, it was obvious three mares were to give birth that very day. For her it was a wonderful moment, which she mentioned even years after.” There are no foals without stallions, and the chestnut Balaton son Abakan, out of Amunity by Antey, was Hennie’s personal favorite and the only stallion she dared to hold. Hennie loved Abakan not only for being an excellent sire, but also for his fantastic character. In return, Abakan gave her one of the most memorable moments of Hennie’s career as an Arabian horse breeder. It was in 1994, and the high times of the scene in Europe was when around 100 stallions were presented at the Dutch National Stallion Licensing. A stallion needed this license to be allowed to breed mares, so it was a very important show for Hennie and Adriaan Kuijf. Abakan wowed the critical judges, achieved his license and became a champion on top. Abakan rewarded the owner’s faith with numerous National, European and World Champions. Already in his second season, Abakan gave Hennie and Adriaan ten fillies. They selected three of them to show at the Dutch Nationals the very same year and came home with gold, silver and bronze. The Gold Champion Filly was the aforementioned Veronia, who produced many champions before leaving to Dr. Ghanem’s Al Hawajer Stud, UAE, accompanied by her Psytadel daughter Valentyna ‘F’. In 2011, the reins of Forelocks Arabians were passed to the second generation of Kuijfs. Aad (Adrianus) Kuijf and his partner, Wendy, took over running the stud farm. His parents influence was still palpable, however, as the family always discussed all horse matters with Forelocks founders who were still a part of the program as they had been for the past 40 years. Although high in their eighties, Hennie and Adriaan fed all the horses daily–twice! And the most important advice Adriaan got from his mother? “Keep up quality in the legs and movement!” he says frankly. In addition to her involvement with family, company and horses, Hennie found the time to follow her other interests: gardening and cycling. Up until her 86th birthday, she cycled an unbelievable 70 kilometers a day, which kept her happy and healthy. Hennie will be remembered as the reliable rock for everyone. She took care of everybody, whether they needed it or not. A good heart has stopped beating, and a good soul has ascended to heaven. A HT Abroad

Forelock’s Yinx (FS Reflection x Forelock’s Yessy, by Psytadel)

| 21 | Spring 2017

U.S. National Champion Yearling Colt U.S. National Champion Two-Year-Old Colt Canadian National Reser ve Champion Futurity Colt Arabian Breeders World Cup Las Vegas Gold Supreme Champion Junior Colt

Eden C x Sempre, by


Proudly owned by Luciana Fasano Itu, Brazil • +55 11 40136111 • lufasano@gmail.com www.fazendaflorestaarabians.com

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ELISHAHH Chocolate Sculpture

A passion for a special stalllion "ELISHAHH" that became a L ogo and a Brand, and soon stores all over the world!!!!! A HT Abroad

| 23 | Spring 2017

Chocolates Fazenda Floresta Concept Store combines HANDMADE CHOCOLATES, GELATOS, CAKES and a special ORGANIC COFFEE with taste and a casual sophistication!

Rua Melo Alves, 357 - Jardins - São Paulo ~ Phone: +55 11 3501-0406

www.fazendafloresta.com ~ www.instagram.com/fazendafloresta A HT Abroad

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Good Horsekeeping

by Theresa Cardamone


he Mulawa philosophy for raising horses is predicated on respect for the mind and nature of the horse itself. A fixture on the Australian continent for nearly five decades, Mulawa Arabian Stud is a sprawling establishment of five distinct properties in two separate states‌each of which has been designed and constructed with the happiness of the horse in mind. There is no other private Arabian breeder that can match it in scope, in practice, and in the predictably excellent results achieved. At Mulawa, Greg, Julie and Jane Farrell have created a habitat that may as well have sprung from the creative efforts of a team of equine architects!

A HT Abroad

| 57 | Spring 2017

The original Mulawa property, where all the horses go to learn life skills, is in New South Wales, just on the outskirts of suburban Sydney. The principal training barn houses the show string, who have access to daily turn-outs to keep them fresh and happy. Across the road is Ambition-named in honor of the U.S.-import foundation stallion who served as the inspiration for all equine pursuits-the hub of performance training at Mulawa and the principle residence of the Farrell family. It is also the home to all stallions who are not in show training, with a system devised to give them paddock access around the clock. About four hours north is Alabama Stud, where the Mulawa broodmares live in vast pastures, and cutting-edge breeding facilities enable the advancement of the genetic pool so carefully cultivated over the years. Cronk Coar is a neighboring property that provides space for youngsters as well as retired and breeding reserve mares to be turned out, and acreage to farm homegrown feed. The fifth property is Bellevue, which includes a retirement home for Mulawa mares who are past production age. A HT Abroad

| 58 | Spring 2017

Without adhering to any specific training theories or current fads, the Mulawa horses are raised by people who simply understand the way that horses think, in a way that keeps them happy and productive for the entirety of their lives. A walk through the barns or pastures on any of the properties finds a relaxing atmosphere that immediately sets one at ease, whether equine or human. While most owners have pre-conceived notions that try to mold their horses to fit their own goals, the Mulawa horses are carefully supported from birth to excel in the discipline to which they are most suited. After all, not all children with the same parents turn out with the same skills as adults! This is a unique and humane approach to equine management which recognizes each horse’s individual talents and abilities, allowing for a happy upbringing and a successful life for all. Not every horse is suited for every job, but every job needs a happy, healthy horse.

A HT Abroad

| 59 | Spring 2017

If there was a way to factor an Equine Intelligence Quotient, the Farrells and each one of the Mulawa staff would score off the charts. While a typical training barn in the States or Europe is often intimidating—the tension and anxiety created by the demands put upon horses and people can leave one on edge and nervous—it is not so at Mulawa. The culture there is a laid back, happy, comfortable, and content one that produces enviable results. Be it the Arabian show horses, or world-class dressage champions, the Mulawa horses excel because they have been raised and trained with patience and kindness. There is not a single person on the staff who is not naturally affiliated with the Mulawa culture which always puts the horse first. The social development of each horse is highly valued. Mulawa horses are raised outside as much as possible, in expansive fields among their peers. In a break from the ordinary practice of imprinting newborns and hand walking them to and from the barn each day, Mulawa takes a hands-off approach with their sucklings, turning them out with their mothers when they are just a few days old for social interaction with the herd. The only time they are handled is if their mother is brought into the stocks to be palpated, at which time the foal is run into a box right next to them. They are trimmed once or twice during the four and a half to six months that they spend at their mother’s side. At Mulawa, the preference is to keep them on their mothers for a longer rather than shorter time, because it gives them more time in the herd to learn how to be horses. The weaning process treats every single horse the same way, whether they are eventually sold for respectable sums overseas, or as backyard geldings to the neighbors. It is a methodical process that occurs in a concentrated three or four days. The foals are worked with in groups of six, each with its own spacious box. Everything is done slowly, patiently, no pulling on or fighting with the babies, which sets the tone for their future. The results are astonishing. “In two days, or less, you can control them

A HT Abroad

| 60 | Spring 2017

with just a finger on the rope,” said Monika Dobrun, the newest member of Team Mulawa. “We spend four days, working four times a day for two hours with those six babies. If they trust you, you can do anything with them. After the second day, they come to you, you can brush them, spray them. It is not necessary to use power to control them, we are just patient and repeat and repeat. They have grown up outside with no stress, enjoying their childhood and are ready for a change. Mulawa horses are all happy.” The young weanlings are trucked (or in Australian lingo floated) down to the mother farm where they live in a kind of “boot camp” for the next few months. They are treated like horses and like responsible citizens, being bathed, cross-tied, clipped, groomed, and exercised. It is very important to the Mulawa team that each horse has the same excellent start. Some of them get sold quite quickly, especially the young geldings, who often land in the hands of inexperienced horse lovers. Because they trust people, they understand that people aren’t going to hurt them, which makes them great ambassadors. The Farrells take pride in having satisfied customers return to Mulawa, sometimes decades after their initial purchase, to replace that first beloved horse with confidence. Broodmares live outside in groups of five to ten in spacious pastures. They are so socialized to humans; it is almost impossible to stand back from the herd to get a look at the whole group as they are always coming up for a pet. The breeding stallions are also outside 24 hours a day, with the option to return to their shelter if they choose. An ingenious system of two paddocks per stallion allows for outside time while an adjacent field is rested. The stallions each have a gelding companion that they can touch through the fence, honoring their need for social interaction and friendship or, at the minimum, can see each other from their turn outs. They are easily accessible for breeding, and content in their lives. One of the most unique things about Mulawa is their commitment to provide the best life for each horse, even if it is beyond its useful years. On the island state of Tasmania, Bellevue is a retirement home for older horses who are no longer used in the breeding program. To keep their lives interesting, many of them are used as riding horses for tourists who come to one of the familyowned Federal Group hotels, The Country Club. Little do those people know that as they amble along on a picturesque trail ride, their mount may very well be one of the most famous Arabians in Australia! The total commitment to each horse from the time of conception to the end of their days is a hallmark of Mulawa and a tribute to the dedication of the Farrells and their passion for horses. With now more than ten generations to show for their efforts, they show no signs of slowing down. Their thoughtful development of the Mulawa properties to provide both an ideal home for the horses and a showcase for the program is genius, and unparalleled in the Arabian industry.

A HT Abroad

| 61 | Spring 2017

î €

Arabic Food Hospitality Is The Essence

î €

by Susanne BĂ–sche

haring a meal with others is an old and honored tradition in the Middle East and an expression of hospitality. Not only has the Arabian horse helped to bring people of many nations together; Arabic food had and continues to have the same influence. An invitation to an Arab home for a meal has always been a favorable circumstance for people to share an abundance of traditional foods and the warmth of friendship.


East have used native fruits, vegetables and meats as they were available and prepared meals taken from the barren land. Whatever was present was used. The food had to be abundant, but also portable and preservable for long treks through desert wastelands. The result of the harsh conditions and drought are the Arabic dishes we know today. And although they seem simple, economical and easily prepared, they are amazingly delicious.

Plates and bowls are filled to the brim, an oriental spicy scent climbs up which tickles the nose, while the vivid colors of the dishes catch the eye. The exotic tastes and smells of Arabic foods tempt the taste buds and excite the imagination, evoking images of a culture rich in diversity and tradition.

Of course, each country and region has its own culinary traditions; some preferring heavily spiced foods, while others are putting the emphasis on certain vegetables or grains.

The beginnings of Arabian food are rooted in the nomadic life, when tribal caravans traveled through the Middle East. It was the opposite of an easy, comfortable and privileged life. The living conditions of nomad life made it a daily challenge of survival. The people made the best of it, however, when they discovered new foods and spices to add to their diets. For decades, the people of the Middle

A HT Abroad

Although there is a vast choice of Arabic dishes, they consist of a few main ingredients. Lamb, for example, is used the most often, or fish, in coastal areas. Cauliflower, zucchini and spinach are the main vegetables next to eggplants, the most consumed vegetable in the Middle East. A large part of the diet comprises a variety of beans, mainly chickpeas, fava and garbanzo. Wheat and rice are used for flour and mixed with meat and vegetables. As dressings, olive oil, lemon and garlic are used. Nuts are an excellent energy source and eaten raw as well as roasted. One can also find

| 62 | Spring 2017

them in the sweet pastries offered as a kind of dessert. Formal dinners or celebrations normally offer a large quantity of lamb or chicken served with rice, garnered with stewed vegetables, with salads and delicious, sweet desserts. Sweet culinary delicacies are dates, which are believed to have originated around the Persian Gulf. This fruit became an essential part of the Arab diet and is even mentioned in the Quran in several places; in Islamic countries, dates and yogurt or milk are a traditional first meal when the sun sets during Ramadan. A lot of Arab dishes are familiar to Westerners as they have already found their way into different parts of the world. A very popular example and highly regarded grain in the Arab world is Pita bread, which is used in other cultures as a basic for sandwiches and is considered to be the oldest type of bread in the world. Pita is an essential ingredient on the table and is used on the side, in salads or in certain dishes. Usually it will be dipped in humus or a kind of sesame paste called Tahini. Another well-known meal around the world is Falafel, a burger made from chickpeas, potato, flour and onion.

For Arabs, hospitality is among the most highly admired virtues. It is a direct measurement of how well one treats his guests, of what kind of a person he or she is. The guests are made to feel right at home, and to sample everything offered. It is essential to understand the importance of hospitality in this part of the world. A meal is usually ended with the word “sahtayn”, which means “two healths to you” and this again emphasizes the importance of plentiful and healthy eating to the Arab people. Sahtayn!

Rich, fresh salads, are another favorite in Arabic cuisine. Spicy greens and cilantro are mixed with garlic, olive oil and lemon to make a tangy and light Roca salad. Another tasteful mixture offers Tabbouleh, made out of bulgar, mint, parsley and tomato. The additions of vinegar spices like cardamom, cumin or coriander give salads, vegetables and meat a perfect taste. An inescapable and favorite hot drink is tea, which is constantly consumed, though the famous sumptuously flavored Arabic coffee would be included, too. In many countries across the Middle East, serving tea or coffee is an important part of their warm hospitality and tradition. A HT Abroad

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| 67 | Spring 2017

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| 68 | Spring 2017

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| 70 | Spring 2017

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| 71 | Spring 2017

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| 72 | Spring 2017






Ajman Moniscione x Halya de Jylbert


Cindy McGown & Mark Davis | Mesa, Scottsdale & Rio Verde, Arizona | info@RoyalArabians.com | 480.220.1108 Rodolfo Guzzo: Halter Trainer | rguzzo@royalarabians.com | 619.200.6464 Justin Cowden: Performance Trainer | jcowden@royalarabians.com | 775.901.3029 Travis Rice: Sales & Marketing | trice@royalarabians.com | 614.315.3682

www.royalandguzzo.com A HT Abroad

| 73 | Spring 2017

Stallions And The Balance Of Nature

by Theresa Cardamone

A HT Abroad

| 74 | Spring 2017


stallion’s great purpose in life, like that of the male of any species, is to beget offspring who will carry his bloodline forward into the future. In the wild, unworthy progenitors are eliminated through survival of the fittest, with the strongest, most wily individuals assuming control of the herd. The rigors of living weed out structural weaknesses, keeping a perfect balance of form and function in the gene pool. That balance of nature was upset when man began to domesticate the horse, decimating the bloodlines of the native animals by choosing the best individuals for private, selective breeding. It then became the duty of man to safeguard the future of horses, first for their many useful purposes, and secondly to preserve the qualities that nature had so carefully developed over the course of time. Even though not every man could grasp that concept, enough did, and they became the first breeders. And from the earliest times, the breeders realized that one great stallion was all that they would need to put them on the map. Paul and Ruth Husband will forever be identified as the breeders of one of the most influential sires in Arabian history, the one and only Khemosabi. The images of the smiling couple with their impossibly beautiful creation are inextricably bound to the legend that Khemo became. Not only was he a U.S. National Champion Stallion who also earned a National Championship in Western performance, he sired both sons and daughters in his own image to such a degree it became known as the “Khemo look.” Bay with black points, often with a white strip, well-balanced, beautiful heads, lovely throats, terrific performers, and extremely intelligent and willing. Such strong genetics make it possible to recognize a Khemosabi descendant many generations later. It is also impossible to think of Dr. Eugene LaCroix without thinking of Bask and the legacy and lasting impact that he has had on the Arabian breed. This time, it was the Dr.’s astute eye that compelled him to import Bask from Poland to become the icon for Lasma Arabians in America. Both a U.S. National Champion Stallion and U.S. National Champion Park Horse, Bask was another near-perfect example of a horse exquisitely balanced between form and function. And more important, he passed those qualities on with machine-like precision. Deer-like elegance combined with power and the ability to trot past level. To this day, the winners of every major English performance division have strong ties to Bask, who is also present many times over in the pedigrees of today’s halter horses. There was so much excitement over Bask and his offspring, in many ways this one stallion was the catalyst for the creation of the modern Arabian horse industry. Today’s top stallions are available to breeders from all over the world via shipped semen, a huge advantage that puts formerly unattainable stallions suddenly within reach. The resulting rise in overall quality of the Arabian horse population globally can be attributed to many horses whose prepotency and popularity have driven the market. Those accomplishments should be celebrated for the step forward that they are. It will be the responsibility of the next generation of breeders to be certain that no one male strain becomes so powerful that it bullies all others out of existence. n

A HT Abroad

| 75 | Spring 2017

(Da Vinci FM X Glitzy)

(Fame VF X RA Mystical Rose)

All stallions are nominated in Scottsdale Signature, Minnesota Fall Fest, Las Vegas World Cup, AWPA and Sweepstakes!

(*Ponomarev X Khatreena NA)

(*Khadraj NA X Promise V)

The Larry and Shelley Jerome Family :: 715.537.5413 www.jerland.com - 715.205.0357 - larry.jerome@jerland.com

Marwan Al Shaqab x RGA Kouress, by Kouvay Bey

Making Memorable Moments 2016 United States National Champion Stallion 2007 World Champion Junior Stallion 2007 ABWC Reserve Champion Junior Stallion 2006 World Reserve Champion Junior Stallion 2006 Ajman Champion Junior Stallion 2006 Qatar Champion Junior Stallion 2006 Dubai Reserve Champion Junior Stallion 2005 Scottsdale Champion Junior Stallion


has met the challenge of competition by winning the world’s most prestigious titles for over a decade.

Sheikh Mohammed Bin Saud Al Qasimi Dawn Martin, Manager Sharjah, UAE

A HT Abroad

| 78 | Spring 2017

Marwan Al Shaqab x RGA Kouress, by Kouvay Bey

D SHAHLA 2015 World Gold Champion Junior Mare, Salon du Cheval

SALWA AL ZOBAIR 2015 World Gold Champion Mare, Salon du Cheval

RAJJ ALBIDAYER Scottsdale Junior Champion Colt – Unanimous ABWC Gold Champion Yearling Colt – Unanimous

Siring Sensational Sons & Daughters Marajj has Champions in over 20 countries

FA RAJJAH Brazilian National Reserve Champion Junior Stallion

MARJAN ALBIDAYER German and Austrian National Champion Stallion European Reserve Champion Stallion

MAHARAJA HDM Scottsdale Champion Junior Colt – Unanimous World Reserve Champion Colt, Salon du Cheval

The perfect blend of form and function, Marajj offspring are winning in halter and performance arenas around the world, as well as on the endurance trail. Marajj is the sire of World Champions D SHAHLA Gold Champion Junior Mare – 2015 SALWA AL ZOBAIR Gold Champion Senior Mare – 2015

NASHMI AL HAWAJER World Bronze Champion Yearling Colt NASTYA OS European Gold Champion Junior Mare PSIAF (Khalediah) Gold Champion Junior Mare

… plus Silver and Bronze Champions

MAHARANI HDM Scottsdale Reserve Champion Junior Colt

PIARELLA European Reserve Champion Filly

Let Marajj make magic with your mare Scottsdale Signature Stallion Breeders Sweepstakes Nominated

FAZEA AL ZOBAIR Sharjah International Silver Champion Junior Filly

REBAL Gold Champion Stallion, Ajman

A HT Abroad

SH’HAB AL HAWAJER UAE National Champion Junior Stallion

| 79 | Spring 2017

For Breeding Information, Contact: MICHAEL BYATT ARABIANS Tel: +1 979.357.2614 michael@michaelbyatt.com www.ByattArabians.com

Beauty … Charisma … Athleticism … Kindness …


Passed on to the sons and daughters of Audacious.

And his legacy continues …


2016 U.S. National Top Ten Senior Stallion Open with Ted Carson 2016 Region 12 Reserve Champion Stallion AOTH 2016 Region 12 Top Five Champion Stallion Open 2014 Region 15 Unanimous Champion Stallion Open 2013 East Coast SHIH Champion Stallion 2013 Region 15 Top Five Champion Stallion 2013 East Coast Champion Stallion

Stud Fee: $2,000 Payment plans available

A HT Abroad

Proudly bred and owned by: Nichole Mesik | 706-818-0365

| 80 | Spring 2017

A HT Abroad

| 82 | Spring 2017

A HT Abroad

| 83 | Spring 2017


by Theresa Cardamone


great stallion must spring from a strong heritage. *SM Azraff is the embodiment of a potent genetic blend of some of the greatest

bloodlines to ever grace the breed. From Marwan Al Shaqab to Fame VF, Padron to Padrons Psyche, Bey Shah to Bask and Ferzon. With his highly international pedigree, *SM Azraff is the definition of the modern Arabian horse. Bred and born at George and Debbie Stuart Milne’s Haras Maalesh, an Arabian horse farm in the countryside near Buenos Aires, Argentina, *Azraff looks like his pedigree reads. He is leggy and elegant, with a long, graceful neck and chiseled head, a smooth body, and wonderful, bounding motion. When David Boggs was invited to visit Haras Maalesh, he saw *SM Azraff for the first time. “I am crazy about this stallion. He has such beauty and quality,” Boggs stated. “Once I saw him, I knew right then that I had to do whatever I could to not leave Argentina without him. Midwest is thankful to the Milne’s for deciding to promote *Azraff in the United States, and entrusting him to us.” Part of what makes *Azraff so attractive as a sire is the strength of his dam line. Harkening back to the aptly named mare Venus, who was born in the desert in 1890, *Azraff is a bay beauty with a boundless future. “LC Psychesfinesse is a foundation mare for George and Debbie,” said David Boggs. “She’s an amazing

A HT Abroad

producer. In addition to *Azraff, her daughter SM Finesse is an Argentine National Champion Mare.” The Milne’s capitalized on their good decision in selecting Psychesfinesse for their program when they took advantage of a great opportunity that came their way. “Faraa Al Shaqab was standing in Argentina at Haras Mayed, on lease from Al Shaqab in Qatar, which made him available to Argentine breeders,” Boggs explained. “He was himself an Argentine National Champion Stallion during that time and he is really a perfect cross for her.” Azraff arrived on American soil and has been preparing for his North American show ring debut with Midwest in Scottsdale. As the anticipation for that event heightens, they are being deluged with interest from some of America’s leading breeders. According to Boggs, Cedar Ridge Arabians was the first farm to acquire a breeding package to *Azraff. “One mare they are choosing to breed to him is their gorgeous Polish import,*Perfirka,” he said. “She is the reigning United States National Champion Mare AAOTH, shown by Lara Ames. We are honored to have them select *Azraff.” As the days speed by and the Scottsdale show grows closer, the team at Midwest continues to do what they do so well … prepare a spectacular stallion for his date with destiny. With David on the lead and the blood of his ancestors coursing through his veins, *Azraff will show the Arabian horse public what it means to be born From a Legacy of Kings. ■

| 84 | Spring 2017

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| 85 | Spring 2017




by Susanne BÖsche

entle eyes, full of curiosity, looking at the prize she just won. While she shakes her head, the long black hair is flying. It seems the whole ceremony takes too long because she begins to prance with her long, elegant legs covered in knee-high black. Proud breeder Ferdinand Huemer from La Movida Arabians pats her fine neck to calm her down, the newly crowned European Junior Champion Filly of 1995, L.M. Sadunga.

The 1993 born L.M. Sadunga is a spruced up bay, a perfect blend of her pedigree. While her dam, the grey Prince Ibn Shaikh daughter Spruce Tamin represents Egyptian bloodlines, her bay sire, El Perfecto (Vallehermoso x Example, by Barich De Washoe) represents the Spanish heritage. Among her four colts and seven fillies by various sires, all bred by her owner Dieter Gerbaulet of Germany, are horses like Premium awarded stallion Shaklan Ibn Bengali, a bay by FS Bengali. Standing in Switzerland, he was not only 2006 Senior Champion of the SZAP Beständeschau, but also sired several gold awarded horses at those shows. His best-known son is Bolero EM, 2007 Top Five at the All Nations Cup and European Championship. Shaklans’ maternal half-brother, the grey Assad son Ashur, was sold to Dubai Arabian Horse Stud, UAE, as a young stallion but left the remarkable show jumper and VZAP Elite Stallion, Al Ashar in Germany. Just as impressive, L.M. Sadunga’s daughters decorate broodmare bands in different countries. Her Premium awarded grey daughter Sabrina VII, by Crusader, is standing in the UAE, while two grey half-sisters, DG Givenchey, by Nader Al Jamal, and DG Sahiba, by CH El Brillo, continue in the UK. DG Bint Sadunga, by Javier El Jamaal, an elegant bay resemblance of her dam, garnered the unanimous 2012 Senior Female Gold Championship at the XVIII Arabes & Show for her owner Mario Alonso. With her 23 years, L.M. Sadunga’s eyes are still full of gentleness and curiosity, though they are no longer looking at cups or ribbons; it is the careful look of a proven broodmare. A HT Abroad

| 86 | Spring 2017

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| 87 | Spring 2017


Bisiriya Hlayyil The Happy Houdini


by Susanne BÖsche he fog is winding through the forest roads and birch trees. Suddenly, the clatter of hooves is heard as the fog lifts. An amazing white mare comes around the corner, the fine ears pricked, a smiling female rider on her back; both enjoying their endurance training. Theirs is a magical appearance, just like Houdini would have done it.

“ASE Bisiriya Hlayyil is not just an exotic looking mare, she also has a strong will to perform,” says her breeder and rider, Talitha Bakker. “She was born at my farm in 2008, a daughter of the young, deceased Bishr, by Hlayyil Ramadan and out of our foundation mare Manilah, who traces back to the lovely Plakat daughter Marischka. ASE Bisiriya Hlayyil’s first years were spent as the happy Houdini at our farm. She would go anywhere and would not be stopped by any fencing.” This strong character makes ASE Bisiriya Hlayyil a top endurance horse worthy of a top trainer. “Marijke Visser, awarded the Best Female Endurance Rider during the HH Sheikha Fatima Bint Mubarak Darley Awards, broke Bisiriya in when she was five,” Talitha tells. “The first results at endurance competitions were more than promising and in 2016, Bisiriya started her international endurance career. With an average speed of 16,80 km/h, she successfully finished her first CEI* 90 km race and her fast recovery times and her energy was noticed by everyone. Later the same year, in October, Bisiriya finished third at her first CEI** 120 km race in Babenhausen, Germany, with junior rider Imke Lamsma, and has the chance to be selected for the 2017 World Championships Endurance YR in Verona.” ASE Bisiriya Hlayyil is comparable to a lottery win: a junior show champion, a forceful endurance horse and successful in the breeding barn. 2013 Dutch National Reserve Champion Junior Colt, ASE Faraaj, was her firstborn in 2012, a grey by RFI Farid, back then still a young stallion no one really knew about. “This colt was incredible, but sometimes you have to let something good go. Jasim Al Mesbah of Al Juman Stud, Kuwait, now owns ASE Faraaj, who garnered some nice victories for his new owner and is a highly regarded breeding stallion.” A sports career and a breeding mare … how does that work? “When we discovered how talented Bisiriya was, we decided to use her through embryo transfer only, making her available to pursue her endurance career,” Talitha explains. “We kept her 2015 son ASE Magnificent, by ZT Magnanimus, who will hopefully be an excellent endurance horse in the future, while his half-brother from 2016, ASE Juilliard, by Da Vinci FM, earned his first laurels in the show ring.” Expectations are high for ASE Bisiriya Hlayyil’s two embryos for 2017, one by Kahil al Shaqab and one by QR Marc, the latter one sold to Knocke Arabians, Belgium. Also this year, Talitha will breed her precious ASE Bisiriya Hlayyil to a world-class stallion and in 2018, will travel to Belgium to train for the highest endurance level with Marijke Visser. ASE Bisiriya Hlayyil is a special mare and we have not heard from the last of her yet. Her successes make her desirable. As she continues training with ASE Bisiriya Hlayyil in the fields, Talitha laughs, “Offers have come in, but this lady is not for sale.” A HT Abroad

| 88 | Spring 2017

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| 89 | Spring 2017


Sire S ire


w w w.v it or iot o.com

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| 90 | Spring 2017









For Breeding information during the show, we Invite you to stop by The Midwest Booth at Wendell Arena and see David Boggs or Nate White. Contact David Boggs or Nate White

Owned by Oak Ridge Arabians

david@midwestarabian.com nate@midwestarabian.com

Freeport, Illinois

w w w.m idwest a rabi a n.com A HT Abroad

| 91 | Spring 2017

U n i t e d S tat e S n at i o n a l R e S e Rv e C h a m p i o n a h Ba W o R l d C U p S i lv e R S U p R e m e C h a m p i o n S C o t t S da l e S i g n at U R e S ta l l i o n C h a m p i o n

A HT Abroad

| 92 | Spring 2017

OurVisions for the Future!

ScottSdale contenderS Presented by Midwest

anGel of Jericho

Yearling Filly and Scottsdale Signature Yearling Filly

Wieza ariha

Scottsdale Signature Yearling Filly

shah of Jericho

Scottsdale Signature Yearling Colt

Jerichos dynasty

Scottsdale Signature Yearling Filly

Jerichos caJun lady

Jerichos cover Girl

espirit of Jericho

Scottsdale Signature Yearling Filly

Yearling Filly and Scottsdale Signature Yearling Filly

Scottsdale Signature Yearling Filly


A JERICHO (A Jakarta x Destiny VF)


Nominated AHA Breeders Sweepstakes Silver Sire Breeders AHBA Futurity Stallion Scottsdale Signature Stallion SCID, CA, LFS Clear


Owned by THE ABEL FAMILY Lacombe, Alberta, Canada A HT Abroad

Contact David Boggs or Nate White david@midwestarabian.com nate@midwestarabian.com


| 93 | Spring 2017


Negatraz Monogramm Monogramma


Piechur Ernestyna

Gazal Al Shaqab

Banat Pierzeja

Ruminaja Ali Bint Deenaa Edjora++ Palas



Perforacja Pentoza

A HT Abroad




Midwest Training Centre Scottsdale, AZ | www.MidwestArabian.com



Anaza El Farid

Standing at






Ellorus Pentoda

Midwest Contact David Boggs 612.328.8312 Nate White 563.663.7383 or Judi Anderson 612.328.1057

| 94 | Spring 2017

Proudly Owned by Cedar Ridge Arabians | The Ames Family Jordan, MN | www.CedarRidgeArabians.com

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| 95 | Spring 2017

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| 96 | Spring 2017


Top and bottom right: Elite AF x HF Exquisite Colours Bottom left: Elite AF x Prada BF A HT Abroad

| 98 | Spring 2017


ELITE AF DA Valentino x Aria Elita

Expect new things to come in his story and future with Envision Arabian Show Horses.

Owned by: Arabian Horse Futures Ken, Joanne and Tracy White

ENVISION ARABIAN SHOW HORSES 17231 NW 87th Ave Rd. Reddick, Florida 32686 Ben Bogart 612-244-4220 bbogart1982@yahoo.com Michael Platzer 931-222-0741 A HT Abroad

| 99 | Spring 2017


Ansata Ibn Sudan Ansata Imperial Ansata Delilah Imperial Imdal+ *Morafic Dalia *Romanaa II


*Bint Maisa El Saghira Amir Jalee Theegyptianprince AK Amiri Jaleel AK Jaleel Amaan

By reason of his elegance, he resembles an image painted in a palace, though he is as majestic as the palace itself. - Emir Abd El-K AdEr

Owned by: Walt & Donna Bagar | ASANTE’ ARABIANS | 256-606-0883 | donna@asantearabians.com www.asantearabians.com/heir-born Visit Asante’ Arabians on Facebook | www.facebook.com/asantearabians Contact: Ben Bogart, Trainer | ENVISION ARABIAN SHOW HORSES 612-244-4220 | bbogart1982@yahoo.com A HT Abroad

| 100 | Spring 2017


w w w. S U Z A N N E P E R K I N S . c o m

Suzanne Perkins is One of the Foremost Experts on Luxury Equestrian Properties in California.

Recognized by the Wall Street Journal as a Top Producing Real Estate Agent in America for the Last 10 Years

Sotheby’s International Realty and the Sotheby’s International Realty logo are registered (or unregistered) service marks used with permission. Operated by Sotheby’s International Realty, Inc. Real estate agents affiliated with Sotheby’s International Realty, Inc. are independent contractor sales associates and are not employees of Sotheby’s International Realty, Inc. | CalBRE License # 01106512




Bronze of


A life-size bronze sculpture of the great Polish Arabian champion *Bask++ graces the lobby of the International Museum of the Horse, at Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington, Ky. It’s the only life-size Arabian sculpture at the Park. *Bask++ died in 1979 at the age of 24, and is buried at the Park’s Champions Cemetery. Artist Edwin Bogucki created the sculpture in 1997. It’s a BIG replica of his 1982 limited edition of 60 smaller *Bask++ bronzes. Internationally famed Bogucki specializes in equine art. His 2nd lifesize bronze at Kentucky Horse Park is Secretariat. His art is found in the tack rooms, offices or living rooms of many Arabian horse owners.

For Sale

Number 15 in the limited edition of artist Edwin Bogucki’s *Bask++ bronzes. The entire 1982 edition sold out overnight. These bronzes stand 29 inches by 30 inches.

Call or email for details: Ken Johnson, Crown Point Arabians Phone: 970-948-4751 Email: Pubasoc@aol.com A HT Abroad

| 104 | Spring 2017




Gold Champion Junior Male, PSAIAHF (Title Show) 2016. Gold Champion Yearling Male, KAAHC Championship (A Show) 2015. Gold Champion Yearling Male, Mediterranean & Arab Countries Arabian horse Championship Menton (A Show) 2015. Silver Champion Yearling Male, All Nations Cup, Aachen (Title Show) 2015. Silver Champion Yearling Male, World Championship, Paris (Title Show) 2015.

www.alsayedstud.com info@alsayedstud.com Fax: +966 11 2155 022




www.alsayedstud.com info@alsayedstud.com Fax: +966 11 2155 022


Gold Champion Junior Male, PSAIAHF (Title Show) 2016. Gold Champion Yearling Male, KAAHC Championship (A Show) 2015. Gold Champion Yearling Male, Mediterranean & Arab Countries Arabian horse Championship Menton (A Show) 2015. Silver Champion Yearling Male, All Nations Cup, Aachen (Title Show) 2015. Silver Champion Yearling Male, World Championship, Paris (Title Show) 2015.



2017 Colt


2017 Filly

Al Areeb Stud, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Al Reeh Stud, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

www.alsayedstud.com info@alsayedstud.com Fax: +966 11 2155 022


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| 109 | Spring 2017

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| 110 | Spring 2017

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| 111 | Spring 2017

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| 112 | Spring 2017

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| 113 | Spring 2017

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| 114 | Spring 2017

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| 115 | Spring 2017

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| 116 | Spring 2017

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| 117 | Spring 2017

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| 118 | Spring 2017




Brandon Bey JCA x RP Miss Surprise by WH Justice

Versace x Hushaby Bey by Bey Shah AHA Breeders Sweepstakes Scottsdale Signature Stallion SCID & CA Clear JADE CREEK ARABIANS | MANNY LAWRENCE 16707 Old Military Dr. | P.O. Box 2290 | Sisters, OR 97759 Office: 800-633-4439 | Cell: 805.325.1613 www.Jadecreek.com

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| 119 | Spring 2017

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| 120 | Spring 2017

Versace . . T he Legend Lives On

FAME VF X PRECIOUS AS GOLD Frozen Semen Available

Robert C. Williams, M.D. | John T. Brown 704 Overlook Trail | Port Orange, Florida 32127 | Phone: 386-760-7696 | Email: RojoArab@aol.com

w w w.rojoa ra bia ns.com A HT Abroad

| 121 | Spring 2017

Full Moon Arabians Breeder of Da Vinci FM ‌

and 10 National Champions or Reserves Globally

Da Vinci FM (Versace x Full Moon Astar) A HT Abroad

| 122 | Spring 2017

National Winning Get of

Da Vinci FM

Serafina FM (Da Vinci FM x Amelia B)

Brontes FM (Da Vinci FM x Goddess of Marwan)

Redemption FM (Da Vinci FM x Special Treat)

Quality breedings, show stock and embryo rights available. Full Moon Arabians

4760 Owosso Rd. • Fowlerville, MI 48836 Ph: 517-375-6742 • www.fullmoonarabians.com A HT Abroad

| 123 | Spring 2017







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| 124 | Spring 2017

Contender . .


8-year-old Stallion Sweepstakes and Scottsdale Signature Nominated Sire

Like us on facebook

Standing at:

Owned by: Theresa Lungwitz



Cave Creek, Arizona • 480-395-0227

Cave Creek, Arizona • 480-707-7426

E-mail: mcginnistraining@yahoo.com

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| 125 | Spring 2017




6 Time National Champion VERSACE




Owned by: STONE RIDGE ARABIANS Dan & Maureen Grossman For breeding information, Contact David Boggs or Nate White david@midwestarabian.com nate@midwestarabian.com

w w w.midwestarabian.com

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| 126 | Spring 2017

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| 127 | Spring 2017

Rafiq Kanz

Scottsdale Debut ...


(Kanz Al Bidayer x Forbidden Love LL, by Versace) Bay Yearling Colt – 5/3/16 AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE


with Arabians International, LLC

QUINTESSA ARABIANS Dennis & Toni Pierce | 4749 Bell Road, Auburn, California 9560 | Toni’s mobile: 916-316-2186 | quintessa9345@yahoo.com ARABIANS INTERNATIONAL, LLC 28311 N 66th St., Cave Creek, Arizona 85331 | 480-513-6815 (office) | 480-513-6811 (fax) Sandro Pinha, cell: 480-226-0001 | Sandro@sandropinha.com | www.arabiansinternational.com A HT Abroad

| 128 | Spring 2017

Available For Purchase Broodmare Extraodinaire!


(Trussardi x PA Fire Tyme)

PA Fire Tyme

(Baske Afire x Miss Pryme Tyme) 4 Foals … 3 Champions In foal to A Jericho Foals will be eligible for multiple futurities

Mihearts Onfire

(Brandon Bey JCA x PA Fire Tyme)

A beautiful Da Vinci FM daughter ...

Chateria FM

Da(Reference Vincisire)FM

(Da Vinci FM x Echo Lee IA) In foal to A Jericho Foals will be eligible for multiple futurities

Owner retiring after 36 successful years! Owned by Sharon Schwichtenberg (262) 628-3398 • wfdretd@gmail.com A HT Abroad

| 129 | Spring 2017

A HT Abroad

| 130 | Spring 2017


Ajman Arabian Horse Show | Jan. 5-7 | Ajman, U.A.E. Kuwait - 5th Arabian Breeder’s Show | Jan. 12-14 | Kuwait, Kuwait UAE National Championships | Jan. 16-20 | Abu Dhabi, U.A.E. Prince Sultan Arabian Horse Festival | Jan. 25-27 | Riyadh, Saudi Arabia Kuwait - Int’l Arabian Championships | Feb. 3-4 | Kuwait, Kuwait Abu Dhabi Int’l Arabian Championships | Feb. 11-15 | Abu Dhabi, U.A.E. Bahrain 1st Int’l Arabian Show | Feb. 14-15 | Zallaq, Bahrain

Region 15 Championships | July 5-9 | Lexington, VA U.S.A. Region 11 Championships | July 6-9 | Lake St. Louis, MO U.S.A. Region 3 Championships | July 9-12 | Rancho Murieta, CA U.S.A. Elran Arabian Cup | July 15-16 | Bilzen, Belgium Scandinavian Open Championship | July 22-23 | Flyinge, Sweden Vichy International B-Show | July 22-23 | Vichy, France West Coast Cup Egyptian Event | July 29 | Koksijde, Belgium

Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show | Feb. 16-26 | Scottsdale, AZ U.S.A.

West Coast Cup Int’l Arabian Masters | July 30 | Koksijde, Belgium

Kuwait All Nations Cup | Feb. 17-18 | Kuwait, Kuwait

Region 16 Championships | July 12-15 | W. Springfield, MA U.S.A.

Sharjah Int’l Arabian Horse Festival | Mar. 2-4 | Sharjah, U.A.E. Dubai Int’l Arabian Horse Championship | Mar. 16-18 | Dubai, U.A.E. Arabian Breeders World Cup | Apr. 13-16 | Las Vegas, NV U.S.A.

Youth Nationals | July 22-29 | Oklahoma City, OK U.S.A. AHO World Cup | Aug. 3-4 | Chantilly, France AHO Breeders Championship | Aug. 5-6 | Chantilly, France

Region 7 Championships | Apr. 27-30 | Scottsdale, AZ, U.S.A.

Spa Amateur Int’l Show | Aug. 11-13 | Belgium

Holland Tulip Cup | Apr. 29-30 | Ermelo, Netherlands

Pride of Poland | Aug. 11-13 | Janów Podlaski, Poland

Region 12 Championships | May 8-13 | Perry, GA U.S.A.

Canadian Nationals | Aug. 13-19 | Brandon, Manitoba, CA

Region 1 Championships | May 18-21 | Del Mar, CA U.S.A.

Al Khalediah European Arabian Festival | Aug. 18-19 | Poland UKIAHS Addington A Show | Aug. 26-27 | Addington, U.K.

British Breeders Alliance | May 20-21 | Coventry, U.K.

Egyptian Event Europe | Aug. 26-27 | Jüchen, Germany

Bordeaux Arabian Masters | May 20-21 | Bordeaux-Lac, France Buckeye Sweepstakes | May 25-28 | Columbus, OH U.S.A. Region 9 Championships | May 31 - June 3 | Ft. Worth, TX U.S.A.

Prague Intercup | Sept. 2-3 | Praha, Czech Republic Sport Horse Nationals | Sept. 5-10 | Raleigh, NC U.S.A.

Egyptian Event | June 7-10 | Lexington, KY U.S.A.

National Show Horse Finals | Sept. 14-16 | Springfield, IL U.S.A.

Arab Horse Festival | June 9-11 | Lage, Germany

German National Championships | Sept. 21-22 | Aachen, Germany

Region 10 Championships | June 14-18 | St. Paul, MN U.S.A.

Minnesota Breeder’s Fall Festival | Sept. 29 - Oct. 1 | St. Paul, MN

Nordic Open Denmark | June 16-18 | Omme, Denmark Bruges National Arabian Event | June 17-18 | Sint-Michiels, Belgium Region 4 Championships | June 20-24 | Nampa, ID U.S.A

Arabian U.S. Open | Sept. 23 | New York, NY All Nations Cup | Sept. 23-24 | Aachen, Germany Arabian National Breeder Finasl | Sept. 27-30 | Scottsdale, AZ U.S.A.

Region 2 Championships | June 22-25 | Santa Barbara, CA U.S.A.

U.S. National Championships | Oct. 20-28 | Tulsa, OK U.S.A.

Region 14 Championships | June 29 - July 2 | Lexington, KY U.S.A.

November-December Shows still to come...

Menton Arabian Horse Championships | July 1-2 | Menton, France

*Show Schedule is tentative and subject to change

ADD YOUR SHOW/EVENT TO OUR 2017 COVERAGE CALENDAR! Contact Lara Ames | 612 210 1592 | lara@ahtimes.com Michaël Steurs | +32 (0) 497 54 99 44 | michael@arabianhorseresults.com

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| 131 | Spring 2017

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| 132 | Spring 2017

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| 133 | Spring 2017

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| 134 | Spring 2017

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| 135 | Spring 2017

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| 136 | Spring 2017

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| 137 | Spring 2017

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| 138 | Spring 2017

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| 139 | Spring 2017

World Arabian Horse Championships

25-27, November 2016

The Unexpected Is Always Sweeter by Susanne BÖsche

photos by Henrike Hormann


alking the streets of Paris can sometimes make one feel like they are in the middle of a film. Known across the globe as the city of love and light, Paris is also home to some of the most stylish people in the world. It is only logical then, that Paris host one of the “Big Three” European Arabian horse shows, the World Arabian Horse Championship. For decades, this epic three day event has showcased the crème-de-la-crème of Arabian horse breeding, while people from all over the globe enjoy the atmosphere of Paris, wandering around its petites rues after exciting competition at the Salon du Cheval. They say the unexpected moments are always sweeter. A few days before the World Championships, many in the Arabian horse community were united in their belief that nothing surprising would happen in Paris. They were all wrong, as the show had plenty of surprising moments in store. The 35th World Championship brought several firsts. The yearling classes introduced an unprecedented influence of one particular A HT Abroad

stallion and mare in the history of the show. RFI Farid secured the Best Sire Award through his three amazing yearling fillies, making him the first stallion ever to sire in one division, all three medal winners at the World Championships: Gold for D Ajayeb, Silver for HDM Maria Apal and Madinat Al Baydaa winning Bronze. RFI Farid was recently sold to the RFI Partnership, managed by Raphael Curti, Privilege SQF. “We opened his stud book during the All Nations Cup in Aachen, but didn’t expect such an unbelievable response,” Raphael explains. “Within no time, we sold more than 200 breedings. And now RFI Farid has had a thrilling show as a sire here in Paris!” “We are very happy with Madinat Al Baydaa’s success,” continues Raphael, who trained and showed her. “She was the youngest filly of the competition and did very well. Madinat was also named Best Female Head.” All in all, it was a great weekend for team Privilege SQF. “We entered six horses in the show and all were qualified for the championship,” continues Raphael. “My business partner, Philip Looyens, led Mansour AM to a bronze medal in junior colts. We had much success with our clients’ homebred horses.” Which leads us to Dubai Arabian Horse Stud’s uplifting moment when Ladi Veronika repeated her achievement from Dubai and Menton this year as the Leading Dam. Responsible for this success was not only RFI Farid’s yearling filly D Ajayeb, but also yearling colt D Seraj by FA El Rasheem. Both are grey, like their precious dam, although one can see the influence of each sire. The 2016 show season was the furthest from boring for the Ajman Stud team, garnering Gold at major shows around the world. In Paris, Ajman Stud premiered their colt Gallardo J who took the Junior Colts by storm winning Gold, and finishing his European Triple Crown. The Emerald J son made several dreams come true. Gallardo J is the first Triple Crown winner for his renowned breeder Christine Jamar and the first one bred in Belgium. Moreover, Gallardo J is Ajman Stud’s second consecutive Triple Crown

| 140 | Spring 2017

Left: CR Jasmeenah, Platinum World Female Champion Below: Royal Colours, Platinum World Champion Male

Champion, following AJ Azzam in 2015; something no other stud farm has achieved. Aljassimya Farm’s hopes were always high for Mai Aljassimya, even when she was a newborn, laying in a large heap of golden straw back in 2014. Giacomo Capacci presented the elegant, bay two year old “a-Mai-zing” FA El Rasheem daughter the first day, and garnered the highest score of all junior fillies. Everybody in team Aljassimya Farm was very excited and crossed their fingers for the final day. As in previous years, there was strong competition among all the long legged, highly elegant fillies and the decision for 2016 World Champion Junior Filly was in favor for the enchanting Mai Aljassimya. Never one to disappoint, EKS Alihandro once again stepped into the arena galloping, trotting and dancing with an untamed strength. The audience loved his majestic and powerful performance as well as the judges. Only six years old, the bay Marwan Al Shaqab son is a triple ANC Gold Champion, double Menton Gold Champion, Dubai and World Gold Champion. Proudly owned by Athbah Stud, the untamed EKS Alihandro came back to add the title of Unanimous World Champion Senior Stallion to his long list of achievements. EKS Alihandro’s female counterpart, the bay Donna Molta Bella SRA, added another gold medal to her collection in Paris, too. Wherever the DA Valentino daughter appeared in the past—Middle East, USA or Europe—it was Gold. In 2014 Donna Molta Bella achieved World Gold Champion Junior Filly and she returned to reclaim her crown this time in the senior mares section. Every appearance was vociferously supported by her own string of cheerleaders, waving golden pompons. Donna Molta Bella’s overall grace, breed type and movement convinced the judges’ panel to honor her as the World Gold Champion Senior Mare for Al Saqran Stud. Other special moments included the hauntingly beautiful CR Jasmeenah. A curious group of Arabian horse enthusiasts watched on as she successfully performed in the Platinum World Female Championship. She stole the heart of many, among them Mark A HT Abroad

Gamlin, who has shown her many times before the mare was purchased by Aljassimya Farm. The WH Justice daughter also made emotions run high for her proud breeder Carole Ratcliffe. “When CR Jasmeenah was just born, I recognized how special she was,” remembers Carole. “She had this heart-stopping face and this something extra in her attitude. Although CR Jasmeenah is a oncein-a-lifetime horse for me, I knew, when we sold her to Aljassimya Farm, she was in the right place as she would get opportunities we could not give her.” Another was the double World Champion Stallion Royal Colours, who returned to Paris aiming for the Platinum World Champion Male title. The maroon bay, American-bred True Colours son presented by Paolo Capecci once again showed his beautiful movement while in stand-up. He stood so still, he might have been carved out of dark marble. He was an impressive picture and no one was really surprised when Royal Colours garnered the third title for Dubai Arabian Horse Stud. At the end, while the prize giving ceremony was celebrated, Christiane Chazel conveyed an important message to everyone in the Arabian horse community. “The quality of this World Championship was high,” she says, “but I am not happy with the number of horses. I would like to see more horses competing in Paris. So I have a message for all the breeders, owners and handlers out there: if you only come to win, everybody will lose.” American, Greg Gallún, underlines the importance of the show, when he says, “The World Championships is exactly that, you see a blending of different cultures, horses from around the world coming together and competing at the highest level. Competing here is an honor and if you are lucky enough to win a prize, it is fulfilling a dream.” | 141 | Spring 2017

A HT Abroad

| 142 | Spring 2017

Senior Stallions

Gold: EKS ALIHANDRO (Marwan Al Shaqab x OFW Psylhouette) owned by Athbah Stud, KSA Top Right, Silver: SULTAN AL ZOBARA (Gazal Al Shaqab x Inra Al Shaqab) owned by Al Thumama Stud, QAT Bottom Right, Bronze: IM BAYARD CATHARE (Padrons Immage x Shamilah Bagheera) owned by Royal Cavalry Of Oman, OMN

Senior Mares

Gold: DONNA MOLTA BELLA SRA (DA Valentino x RD Fabreanna) owned by Al Saqran Stud, UAE Top Left, Silver: TEHAMA BALLALINA (Tehama Na Sidaqa x JJ Shai Majestic Queen) owned by Al Zobair Stud, UAE Bottom Left, Bronze: AJA EUROPA (Aja Justified x HB Marais) owned by owned by Royal Cavalry Of Oman, OMN A HT Abroad

| 143 | Spring 2017

Junior Colts

Gold: GALLARDO J (Emerald J x Gomera J) owned by Ajman Stud, UAE Top Left, Silver: LUIGI (Kanz Albidayer x Lolita) owned by Al Shahania Stud, QAT Bottom Left, Bronze: GHAZWAN ALJASSIMYA (Marwan Al Shaqab x Athina El Jamaal) owned by Aljassimya Farm, QAT

Junior Fillies

Gold: MAI ALJASSIMYA (FA El Rasheem x RP Miss Surprise) owned by Aljassimya Farm, QAT Top Right, Silver: MOZN ALBIDAYER (S.M.A. Magic One x Mattaharii) owned by Albidayer Stud, UAE Bottom Right; Bronze: BINT HAZY AL KHALEDIAH (El Palacio VO x Hazy Al Khalediah) owned by Al Khashab Stud, KWT A HT Abroad

| 144 | Spring 2017

Yearling Colts

Gold: D SERAJ (FA El Rasheem x Ladi Veronika) owned by Dubai Arabian Horse Stud, UAE Top Right, Silver: JAAL ALJASSIMYA (WH Justice x Annaiss) owned by Aljassimya Farm, QAT Bottom Right, Bronze: MANSOUR AM (EKS Alihandro x Abha Palma)owned by Al Mohamadia Stud, SAU

Yearling Fillies

Gold: D AJAYEB (RFI Farid x Ladi Veronika) owned by Dubai Arabian Horse Stud, UAE Top Left, Silver: HDM MARIA APAL (RFI Farid x WW Imania-Apal) owned by Ajman Stud, UAE Bottom Left, Bronze: MADINAT AL BAYDAA (RFI Farid x TS Madeleine) owned by Al Baydaa Stud, UAE A HT Abroad

| 145 | Spring 2017

Aljassimya Amateur Challenge



by Emma Maxwell


ot content with commanding a world class breeding enterprise, Sheikh Jassim Bin Khalifa Al Thani has been delivering some innovative ideas to encourage a new generation of Arabian fans. While the U.S. has an active AOTH system, Europe’s nascent Amateur scene needed a boost to get it off the starting blocks and the Aljassimya Amateur Challenge has supplied the power.

A HT Abroad

| 146 | Spring 2017

2016 Aljassimya Amateur Halter and Performance Challenge ticket winners to the Salon du Cheval show.

2015 was the first year for the Challenge where amateur halter handlers qualified at three shows in Belgium; with the top twenty point scorers each winning a ticket for them and a friend to attend the World Championships in Paris as guests of Aljassimya Farm. Travelling together by coach and staying in the same hotel, it was a great opportunity for camaraderie, and the excitement was trebled by the surprise announcement that on Sunday afternoon after the show there would be a California Prize Draw! Four numbers were drawn from the twenty ticket winners, and those lucky winning numbers gained two tickets each to California, to see the Arabians of the Santa Ynez Valley in the summer of 2016.

A HT Abroad

The prizes offered by Aljasssiya Farm are not just exciting but give people the opportunity to learn more about Arabian breeding in the most fun of circumstances, and make new friends along the way. The 2016 California tour, escorted by the indefatigable Michelle Kelly and Bart Van Buggenhout, was an intense week of both horses and fun, with whale watching, shopping, good dining and, of course, the opportunity to visit with the many, many famous horses and breeders of the Valley of the Arabian horse. Aljassimya Farm, Om El Arab, Gallún Farms and Varian Arabians were all on the itinerary for an Ivy League level introduction to Arabian breeding! In 2016, seven shows joined up for the Challenge, three in Belgium, two in Holland and two in Germany. With a year’s head start, the Belgian shows were the most competitive, and the European Amateur Cup held in Lille, Belgium in April, can claim to be the fastest growing show in Europe, going from 32 entries in 2014, to 132 in 2016.

| 147 | Spring 2017

The judging system has made one important deviation from the usual 5-topic system (Type, Head and Neck, Body and Topline, Legs and Movement) by adding in two extra categories, also scored out of 20: Harmony of Horse and Handler, and Presentation Accuracy. These last two categories make it important for the handler to consider their performance as well, and gives a big chance for improvement in placing at different shows with the same horse. This year 21 Amateur halter handlers, plus one friend for each, came to the Salon Du Cheval, based off points accumulated. The runaway winner of the middle level Amateur and top level Experienced Amateur section was Koen Hennekens, son of Helen Hennekens, Flaxman Arabians. As a multiple winner, Koen will no longer be able to take part as an Amateur next year, but has his sights set on showing at the next level. He says, “I need to practice a bit more, but I really want to try the open classes. These shows did prepare me a lot for the next step, although there still is a big gap.” Another second generation breeder who also earned a spot on the Paris bus was 17 year old Tjery Den Hartog from Kossack Stud in Holland. Winner of the Novice Section for the least experienced handler was Priscilla De la Ruelle, a groom for the last three years at Flaxman Arabians in Holland, who ‘borrowed’ her employers horse to compete, as did several grooms at big farms. Grooms are welcome to compete, and it is a great opportunity for big breeders to offer employees something more than just day to day repetitive tasks. Flaxman Arabians, Christine Jamar’s Jadem Arabians, and Helene Zaleski’s Lutetia Arabians of France, all took this opportunity to reward their staff.

Koen Hennekens with Esfahan.

Tjery Den Hartog with Primeval Kossak.

For others who don’t own a horse to take part, Johanna Ullstrom has neatly sidestepped by starting a series of training sessions at her barn that pulls in new faces. She accompanied 25 aspiring new handlers to the show. She explains, “Some have their own horses that they prepare and train themselves, with our support and guidance. Others, who don’t have a horse to show, or feel their horses are not yet ready for it, may borrow a horse from us. We try to give a chance to everyone who wants to show! The shows offer Trail In-Hand and Ridden Trail, plus Ridden Western Pleasure, Classic Pleasure and Hunter Pleasure classes. Fifteen riders plus guests, also came to Paris. Winning three of these sections was Robina Romani, who was joined by her younger sister Canisia in Paris this year. The sisters bought their first Arabian, a rescue case, 4 years ago and have not looked back. Neither sister had been to Paris before as Robina explains,

Priscilla De La Ruelle with MP Jawa Aljassimya.

Robina Romani with Chalitchandra Blue Moon.

Aljassimya farm pasture visit. A HT Abroad

| 148 | Spring 2017


“When I participated at the first show in Lille during the European Amateur Cup, I never thought I would be able to even have a small chance to win such a ticket. In the end, my younger sister and I both got those tickets to go see the most beautiful Arabian horses of the world! Oh yes, we were both excited! There was a full crowd around the Aljassimya Farm booth for the California Draw after the stallion championship in Paris. Three winning tickets were drawn to the delight of their winners. Going to Santa Ynez with a friend in summer 2017 are: Marie Callebaut, Suzanna Hayward, and Robina Romani!

The 2017 Amateur Challenge is planning to expand across more countries. Stay tuned for more news, www.aljassimya-amateur-challenge.eu

Above: 2015 California Prize Draw winners and guests of the 2016 Santa Ynez Valley Summer Tour, left to right: host Michelle Kelly, Monica van Duyvenbode, Jannes Prins, host Bart Van Buggenhout, Bart Beckers, Liesbet D’Joos, Teresa Van Nes, Michele Boelen, Lieve Van Den Broeck and Lore Beckers. A HT Abroad

| 149 | Spring 2017

photos by Maimonah Ali Al Ameri


or Emirati locals, Fujairah is a favorite weekend escape; a laid-back relief from the bustle of Dubai. However, in mid-December 2016, Fujairah wasn’t a place for rest but for a fantastic competition when more than 400 Arabian horses competed against the backdrop of the historical Fujairah Fort. Spectators came from all over, among them Heba Zaydan, a woman from Syria. “My two-year-old daughter loves horses and the show was truly amazing,” said Heba, while her husband, Salah Qawaf, appreciated the choice of location for the background of the event when he said, “They picked the right place. The fort, which is considered a piece of the past and great Arabian history, is surrounded by Arabian horses that also remind us of our ancestors and the old days.” Next to local trainers, a lot of handlers from Europe and the USA showed horses for the Emirati farms. “We try to qualify some of

A HT Abroad

| 150 | Spring 2017

Amazing Enthusiasm our horses, and the best ones will go to the famous Dubai show next spring,” explains Tom Oben of Belgium, showing a show string of ten horses for Al Hawajer Stud. “The competition in Fujairah is strong and people are enthusiastic. The prize money also plays a role; even tenth place receives prize money.” Judging more than 400 horses in four days is a challenge. “It is quite a tough job, yes, but working in such a nice atmosphere makes it easier,” says judge Mark Ismer of Germany. “The quality of horses has increased over the last ten years.”

A HT Abroad

| 151 | Spring 2017

Fujairah Arabian Horse Show 14-17 December, 2016 Results

Champion Senior Stallions

Gold: ELIOS D’AMOUR (QR Marc x Eballerina) owned by Mohthab Arabian Horse Stud, UAE Silver: BAHY AL HAWAJER (RFI Farid x Il Luminate) Bronze: BURKAN AL BIDAYER (Kanz Al Bidayer x Bidayer)

Champion Junior Colts

Gold: ZAHE AL HAWAJER (WH Justice x Il Luminate) owned by Al Hawajer Stud, UAE Silver: SG SA’AD (FA El Rasheem x Vivianaa) Bronze: BADEEA AL BIDAYER (Marajj x Baila De Djoon OS)

Champion Yearling Colts

Gold: MARZOQ AL HAWAJER (Kahil Al Shaqab x Jameelah Al Hawajer) owned by Al Hawajer Stud, UAE Silver: D JERNAS (SG Labib x Nefertarji) Bronze: LAMMAH ALAALYA (Eden C x Ghazalah Alaalya)

Champion Senior Mares

Gold: AJ SAYEDA (Vervaldee x Sweet Caroline LL), owned by Ajman Stud, UAE Silver: PETRA SF (Sir Fames HBV x Promises Psy) Bronze: OFW KALISTA (OFW Magic Wan x Kamillaa)

Champion Junior Fillies

Gold: AJ HAMS (Marajj x RHR Hera Of Marwan), owned by Ajman Stud, UAE Silver: BASMAH AL BIDAYER (Fadi Al Shaqab x Bidayer) Bronze: CHELLEASON SILK ROAD (Hariry Al Shaqab x WV Shannon Bey)

Champion Yearling Fillies

Gold: MARWA ALBIDAYER (S.M.A. Magic One x Murooj Al Bidayer) owned by Albidayer Stud, UAE Silver: AJ HADBAA (Shanghai EA x RHR Hera Of Marwan) Bronze: KARIMAH AL AALYA (Ekstern x Karbala)

A HT Abroad

| 152 | Spring 2017


halid Ghanem, general manager of Ajman Stud, was responsible for the Ajman Arabian Horse Show. “We’ve been doing this show for 15 years and started with 70 horses or so,” Khalid explains. “Now we have more than 300 entrants.” Many new people joined the Arabian horse community and have learned a lot in past years. It is no longer just buying a horse and going to a show, but learning how to breed their own champions by making wise breeding decisions.

The results of this year’s show proved Al Zobair Stud has made some wise decisions in the past by using S.M.A. Magic One. His daughter, Nahawand Al Zobair, received 92.30 points, the highest score of all fillies. D Masah, a bay daughter of FA El Rasheem, only bested Nahawand Al Zobair in the Junior Fillies Championship. The highest score of all females at the show was Klassical Devotion MI by Klass, owned by Al Zobair Stud, and she took away the Gold Champion title in the Senior Mares.

A HT Abroad

| 153 | Spring 2017

photos by Maimonah Ali Al Ameri and Elisa Grassi


An Amazing Start To The 2017 Show Season! Dubai Arabian Horse Stud was also a strong competitor, as always. D Masah’s stablemate and paternal half-sister D Mumayyazah went away with Gold Champion Yearling Filly. They also won the Bronze Champion Yearling Colt title with another FA El Rasheem offspring, the chestnut D Shallal. The lovely Royal Colours daughter D Nawal was named Silver Champion Senior Mare. A very wise decision was made by Nayla Hayek of Hanaya Stud, when she bought the fine Chilean-bred colt HL El Ganador, who walked away with the highest score of the entire show (93.13 points) and 2017 Ajman Show Unanimous Gold Yearling Colt.

A HT Abroad

| 154 | Spring 2017

Ajman Arabian Horse Show 5-7 January, 2017 Results

Champion Senior Stallions

Gold: REBAL (Marajj x Bidayer) owned by Saoud Al Shraiqi Ali Dhai Khalifa Al Kaabi, UAE Silver: BS RAEED (Debowiec x JJ Mona Lisa) Bronze: AL ARYAM BARE’E (Al Bilal x Al Aryam Balkeas)

Champion Junior Colts

Gold: GHAITH AL ZOBAIR (RFI Farid x Fazea Al Zobair) owned by Sheikh Abdulla Bin Mohammed Ali Althani, UAE Silver: SQ AL NATO (RFI Farid x Parysada PS) Bronze: MABKUT AL HAWAJER (FA El Rasheem x Maniba Bint Ibn Narav)

Champion Yearling Colts

Gold: HL EL GANADOR (HP Shakir Te x Lonco Baby Maria) owned by Hanaya Stud, SUI Silver: SHAHWAN AL HAWAJER (FA El Rasheem x Joharat Al Hawajer) Bronze: D SHALLAL (FA El Rasheem x D Shahla)

Champion Senior Mares

Gold: KLASSICAL DEVOTION MI (Klass x Mulawa Kiara) owned by Sheikh Abdulla Bin Mohammed Ali Althani, UAE Silver: D NAWAL (Royal Colours x D Noor) Bronze: AL ARYAM AL YABA (Ruger AMW x Kubaisha)

Champion Junior Fillies

Gold: D MASAH (FA El Rasheem x Angeliccah) owned by Dubai Arabian Horse Stud, UAE Silver: NAHAWAND AL ZOBAIR (S.M.A. Magic One x Maliha Bouznika) Bronze: D HANAYA (Marajj x Just A Psyche)

Champion Yearling Fillies

Gold: D MUMAYYAZAH (FA El Rasheem x M Randy) owned by Dubai Arabian Horse Stud, UAE Silver: NJOUD AL ZOBAIR (Shanghai EA x Najdah Al Zobair) Bronze: FAJIR ALBIDAYER (S.M.A. Magic One x San Jose Alfonsina

A HT Abroad

| 155 | Spring 2017

UAE National Championships


he UAE National Championships was quite an incredible start to the 2017 show season. In five days, the international judges’ panel saw more than 600 horses, which is more horses in one single show than throughout the whole year in many European countries, proving the increasing enthusiasm for Arabian horses in the UAE, especially considering each farm is allowed to enter only ten horses.

“The future looks promising for the UAE,” says judge Marianne Tengstedt of Denmark. “In general, you see that the horses had to qualify themselves for this show. Especially the quality of the fillies, which was very high.” Marianne continues, “I also like the prize money system at this show, which keeps the spirit going. It doesn’t matter if you have placed first or tenth in a class, you receive the same amount of money so there is no need for jealousy.” Judge Peter Gamlin of the UK adds, “It is hard work, but enjoyable. We saw many special horses here. You also get a tail ending in the very big classes, but the top horses are always special.”

A HT Abroad

| 156 | Spring 2017

Incredible Enthusiasm “I am so impressed by not only the number of horses here, but by the quality,” says Riyan Rivero, representing the Arabian Horse Global Network at the show, who is for the first time in Abu Dhabi. “From my perspective, the management is incredible, the atmosphere is relaxed, yet entertaining, and all the people working at the show have been truly great to work with!” Everybody seemed to leave the place with a big smile, even the owners of horses placed down the line. A tenth place was celebrated like a win at the All Nations Cup in Aachen as a check was passed with every ribbon, making owners happy. The show saw two different kinds of championships, the UAE National and the UAE National Local. Every first and second horse in each class qualified for the UAE National Championship. Then the first two horses not owned by a Sheikh from third place onward, compete in the UAE National Championship Local, a great way for the Emirates Arabian Horse Society (EAHS) to support smaller breeders.

A HT Abroad

| 157 | Spring 2017

UAE National Championships Results

16-20 January, 2017

Champion Senior Stallions

Gold: AJ MARZAN (AJ Portofino x HED AB Maria) owned by Ajman Stud, UAE Silver: Al ARYAM BARE’E (Al Bilal x Al Aryam Balkeas) Bronze: S.A. ALMOSHAHER (Al Ayal AA x FS Cayenne)

Champion Junior Colts

Gold: AJ JABRAN (Kanz Al Bidayer x Princess Of Justice) owned by Ajman Stud, UAE Silver: OMEAR AL HAWAJER (Sh-Hab Al Hawajer x Gharshoub Al Hawajer) Bronze: MDS AL SOLEI (Marajj x AJ Methael)

Champion Yearling Colts

Gold: HL EL GANADOR (HP Shakir Te x Lonco Baby Maria) owned by Hanaya Stud, SUI Silver: D SHALLAL (FA El Rasheem x D Shahla) Bronze: SHAHWAN AL HAWAJER (FA El Rasheem x Joharat Al Hawajer)

Champion Senior Mares

Gold: FELICIA RLC (Shael Dream Desert x Camelia K) owned by Ajman Stud, UAE Silver: PA LIVIA (Marwan Al Shaqab x Larissa) Bronze: EGEMA (Esparto x Egira)

A HT Abroad

| 158 | Spring 2017

Champion Junior Fillies

Gold: SUHAILA AL ZOBAIR (S.M.A. Magic One x HCE Magdonna) owned by Al Zobair Stud, UAE Silver: GHALYAH AL HAWAJER (FA El Rasheem x Valentyna F) Bronze: RASHA ALBIDAYER (FA El Rasheem x A Special Versace) Gold: AJ NURAI (AJ Mardan x Ysadora) owned by Ajman Stud, UAE Silver: AAJILAH AL ZOBAIR (S.M.A. Magic One x Risalah Al Zobair) Bronze: MARWA ALBIDAYER (S.M.A. Magic One x Murooj Albidayer)

  Champion Senior Stallions Local

Gold: ABD JUSTINIAN (Rough Justice x Magnums Mai Tai) owned by Al Jazeera Stud, UAE Silver: D AL HARETH (Royal Colours x Kar Hacina) Bronze: BAHY AL HAWAJER (RFI Farid x Il Luminate)

Champion Junior Colts Local

Gold: MOGEB ATHBAH (Fadi Al Shaqab x Sadeem Athbah) owned by Mohamed Ahmed Abdullatif Ahmed Al Ali, UAE Silver: HAZWER AL HAITHAM (RFI Farid x Piadina) Bronze: NIBRAS GHARNATAH (Shamal Al Khalediah x Jawharat Gharnatah)

Champion Yearling Colts Local

Gold: YAS BHM (Kahil Al Shaqab x Caterina FM) owned by Ali Ghanem Ali Humaila Al Mazrouei, UAE Silver: KA BADI (Shanghai EA x Badawieh AA) Bronze: JA MOLHEB ALJAZEERA (Isaiah M x Emlahaba)

Champion Senior Mares Local

Gold: MY FAIR ROSE D (Marajj Marwan x WH Marissa Rose) owned by Al Saqran Stud, UAE Silver: SHAHD AL HAWAJER (El Nabila B x Garbo C) Bronze: ELFERA (Psytadel x Eiffla)

Champion Junior Fillies Local

Gold: ROWAIAT AL BUSTAN (FA El Rasheem x Raneem Al Amardi) owned by Al Bustan Stables, UAE Silver: SEHER AL JAMAL (Psyche Keret x Gaja Valentina) Bronze: ROOH ALETEHAD (AJ Portofino x Al Aryam Al Reem)

Champion Yearling Fillies Local

Gold: ZARA BHM (Kahil Al Shaqab x Zadora) owned by Ali Ghanem Ali Humaila Al Mazrouei, UAE Silver: B A OMNIA (Kanz Al Bidayer x Aminah Al Shaqab) Bronze: ASRAR BHM (Marajj x RFI Amira Almaktub)

A HT Abroad

| 159 | Spring 2017


Champion Yearling Fillies


Prince Sultan Arabian Horse Festival


25-27 January, 2017

hen it comes to vision, too many people overlook the gold that is right under their feet. HRH Prince Sultan Bin Adbul Aziz never did, however, his inner wisdom helping him to materialize his vision and divine goal of an Arabian Horse Festival in Saudi Arabia. Known as a cavalier and shaped by his strong determination and high vigor, HRH Prince Sultan was pleased to share his vision in 2008, thanks to his son HRH Prince Khaled bin Sultan bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud, and like his father, is a man of passion, enthusiasm and clear vision. HRH Prince Khaled not only developed the short and long-term plans to make Al Khalediah a famous breeding program and global player within the Arabian horse community, but also established an international, high-class competition in Tebrak, Saudi Arabia. “The competition was high,” says judge Marie Wabbes of Belgium. “The horses were of excellent quality and well handled; I was deeply

The Power Of Vision

impressed.” After three days of show, and as the air grew dark, all of the awesome beauties came back into the ring to compete for championship honors. Arguably the most beautiful, was Norma, as the judges gave the flea-bitten, bold moving Gazal Al Shaqab daughter the highest score (94.2 points) of the show. Michalow-bred and proudly owned by Al Muawd Stud, Norma also walked away as PSAIAHF Gold Champion Senior Mare; crowning an incredible show for Al Muawd. Their bay stallion Emerald J stormed into the arena to achieve Gold Champion Senior Stallion status, and did so outright. Emerald J also proved himself as an excellent sire on various bloodlines at the show with his bay daughter Badawia Al Muawd receiving Silver Champion Yearling Filly, and the Al Muawd-owned General taking Gold Champion Yearling Colt. And the warm glow of success did not stop there; continuing with Al Muawd’s Mayar IV by Kanz Al Bidayer leaving with the title of Gold Champion Junior Filly and receiving the highest score of all fillies (92.7 points).

Senior Stallions

Photo by Naif Alwasel

Gold: EMERALD J (QR Marc x Emandoria) owned by Al Muawd Stud, KSA

Silver: MANSOUR AL JALAWIYAH (Emerald J x Gypsy Love NA)

Bronze: GIRLAN-BEY (Pesal x Gracja-Bis) A HT Abroad

| 160 | Spring 2017

Senior Mares

Gold: NORMA (Gazal Al Shaqab x Nina) owned by Al Muawd Stud, KSA

Photo by Naif Alwasel

Silver: OFW ANA (DA Valentino x Hafati Julianna)

A HT Abroad

Bronze: ABHA PALMA (Marwan Al Shaqab x Abha Ghazali)

| 161 | Spring 2017

Junior Colts

Gold: EOS APOLLO (Lawrence El Gazal x Announ El Wuotan) owned by Faisal I Alibrahim, KSA

Silver: GABEL ATHBAH (EKS Alihandro x Meqbilat Athbah)

A HT Abroad

Bronze: AJ BTTAL (Kanz Al bidayer x Eagleridge Passionata)

| 162 | Spring 2017

Junior Fillies

Gold: MAYAR IV (Kanz Al Bidayer x Abha Qawaten) owned by Al Muawd Stud, KSA

Silver: AJA CARRERA (ZT Marwteyn x Aja Carina)

A HT Abroad

Bronze: BOURHANI SHARIFA (Ajman Moniscione x Psynesica)

| 163 | Spring 2017

Yearling Colts

Gold: GENERAL (Emerald J x E.S. Mahbuba) owned by Al Muawd Stud, KSA

Silver: RAAD ALSAYED (EKS Alihandro x Nuzyrma Dinn SA)

A HT Abroad

Bronze: SULTAN ALENAYA (Emerald J x Ammona)

| 164 | Spring 2017

Yearling Fillies

Gold: GHADEER AM (AJ Mardan x Ghazalat Al Mohamadia) owned by Ajman Stud, UAE

Silver: BADAWIA AL MUAWD (Emerald J x Mistilll Al Muawd)

Bronze: DHAI ALSAKAB (Emerald J x WA Ppriscilla)

photos by Mohammed AlOmar and Naif Alwasel A HT Abroad

| 165 | Spring 2017

A HT Abroad

| 166 | Spring 2017

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| 170 | Spring 2017

A 168 page full color account of the legendary Varian Arabian breeding program and the woman behind it all. Fascinating stories with iconic photographs right from the Varian vault!

Written by M.A. Kirkman • Produced by Arabian Horse Times Book proceeds benefit Varian Arabians and the California Rangeland Trust. A HT Abroad

| 171 | Spring 2017



Abel Family, The.................................................................................92, 93

Jade Creek Arabians................................................................................119

Ajman Stud........................................................................................FC, 2-5

Jerland Farms......................................................................................76, 77

Al Hawajer Stud...............................................................................180-BC Al Nasser Stud.....................................................................................16, 17 Al Shaqab............................................................................................IFC, 1 Al Thumama Stud............................................................................... 10, 11 Al Zobair Stud.................................................................................134, 135

M McDonald Arabians..................................................................................97 Mesik, Nichole..........................................................................................80 Midwest Arabians............................................................................... 90-96

Albidayer Stud....................................................................................78, 79


Alsayed Stud............................................................................... 7, 105-108

Oak Ridge Arabians............................................................................ 90, 91

Arabian Breeders World Cup..........................................................132, 133 Arabian Horse Futures........................................................................98, 99 Arabian Horse Global Network...................................................... 130, 131 Arabians International.............................................................................128

P Pannonia Arabians....................................................................................97 Pat McGinnis Arabians...................................................................124, 125

AsantĂŠ Arabians.............................................................................. 100, 101

Privilege Arabians...........................................................................138, 139



British Breeders Alliance........................................................................167

Quintessa Arabians.................................................................................128

Bruges Arabian Horse Event..................................................................173



Rae-Dawn Arabians............................................................................82, 83

Cedar Ridge Arabians.........................................................................94, 95 Chantilly AHO World Cup .............................................................168, 169 Crown Point Arabians.............................................................................104

E Elran Arabian Cup..................................................................................175

RFI Farid Partnership.....................................................................136, 137 Rojo Arabians................................................................................. 120, 121 Royal Arabians..........................................................................................73 Royal T Arabians............................................................................124, 125


Envision Arabian Show Horses.........................................................98-101

Schwichtenberg, Sharon.........................................................................129


Strohen 2017...........................................................................................174

Fazenda Floresta Arabians.................................................................. 22-24 Full Moon Arabians........................................................................122, 123


Stone Ridge Arabians.....................................................................126, 127 Suzanne Perkins/Sotheby’s International Realty............................102, 103

T Ted Carson @ Butler Farms Training.............................................178, 179

GRK Farms.....................................................................................176, 177

Tom Hartley JNR........................................................................................9

Guzzo Worldwide LLC ............................................................................73

Tulip Cup Holland..................................................................................166



Hanaya Arabian Stud.......................................................................... 12-15

Varian Arabians......................................................................................... 81

I IntArah Auction........................................................................................89

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| 172 | Spring 2017

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| 173 | Spring 2017

A HT Abroad

| 174 | Spring 2017

A HT Abroad

| 175 | Spring 2017

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| 176 | Spring 2017

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| 177 | Spring 2017

A HT Abroad

| 178 | Spring 2017

WH Justice

Shanghai EA Excalibur EA

05/22/14 • Stallion


Marwan Al Shaqab Essence Of Marwan EA Elizja Gazal Al Shaqab

SF Veraz

Veronica GA

Vesperra LF Triumphant Star

Thee Desperado Princess Tammen

Magnum Psyche Vona Sher-Renea Khidar Libanon Azadika NL Gazal Al Shaqab Little Liza Fame Esta-Ghalil NL Aica Anaza El Farid Kajora Versace Echo Belle The Minstril AK Amiri Asmarr Tammen Sadik Sahbi

Owned by: Butler, Collins & Smith | Ted Carson | Breeding & Stallion Management White Oak, North Carolina | Farm: 910.866.4000| Call or Text: 910.876.7332 | ted@tedcarson.com www.tedcarson.com

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| 179 | Spring 2017