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Cover Story: Jasminia AS A Rose City Arabian by Theresa Cardamone


2021 Arabian Breeders World Cup & Highlight Video


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2021 ABWC Championship Winners


On The Cover: Jasminia AS (Soul Of Marwan AS x Jasmine Love NA) Owned by Rose City Arabians Photo by Cat McKenna *Special thanks to Michel Reboulaz for your 2021 ABWC Highlight video (pg. 12) Michel Reboulaz | Rblz@hotmail.it | +393803440480


Celebration 2 Supreme Gold Champions

3 Supreme Silver Champions 1 Supreme Bronze Champion IntArah Dream Embryo Jackpot Champion 7 Class Champions 6 Class Reserve Champions 11 Top Five Class Winners 11 Top Ten Champion Winners Sincere thanks to all of the organizers, staff, volunteers, patrons and exhibitors that made this year’s ABWC a fantastic event!



Joe and Kim Orr squeezed each other’s hands, nervously anticipating the results of the judges’ deliberations. In a European-like setting of emerald grass rimmed with picturesque VIP tents, the 2021 Arabian Breeders World Cup Supreme Senior Mare Championship winner was about to be named. Their dark bay beauty, Jasminia AS (Soul Of Marwan AS x Jasmine Love), a product of the Arabian Soul breeding program in Mexico, had won the championship for her age group but was the youngest of the senior contenders. The caliber of mares was exceptional, with the title completely up for grabs. “We were expecting and hoping to get the Bronze,” Joe confides. “When they didn’t call her name we thought, ‘uh-oh.’ It was a sinking feeling as the Silver, too, went to another horse. Then, when she was called out for the Gold, we were elated! It was thrilling to win

Watch the Highlights from Jasminia’s win in the ABWC 4-Year-Old Mare Class


against such exceptional mares!” Those present saw Joe and Kim leap to their feet, their joy evident and infectious. As Supreme Champion, Jasminia earned the coveted silk saddle donated by the King of Morocco and a spectacular bronze by cherished friend Carol Fensholt Nierenberg that Joe treasures even more. “The World Cup show committee deserves praise for pulling off this event in such a short time,” Joe continues. “COVID forced the change from Las Vegas to the outside setting at the Polo Field in Scottsdale, and it was perfection. That, and the incredible trophies offered separate the World Cup from other shows.” Having originally selected Jasminia as the entry into the Arabian world for a friend (for whom she won two Scottsdale

Photo by Cat McKenna

championships), Joe and Kim consider themselves lucky to reap the rewards of her ownership. They were staggered by over 300 messages of congratulations from all over the world, celebrating Jasminia and the talents of her handler, renowned horseman Rodolfo Guzzo. “He believed in Jasminia as a young filly and saw her potential when other trainers didn’t,” says Joe. As the only trainer in her undefeated career, Guzzo deeply appreciates Jasminia’s outstanding qualities. “She is a special horse,” he explains. “Very lovely, and very kind. She is super-feminine and elegant, and her movement! Always, when she comes into the


Watch the Highlights from Jasminia’s win in the ABWC Senior Mare Championship arena, she is charismatic and full of trot, that is really the charm. She has a clean throat, pretty face, a super length of neck, great body, and upright tail, and that fantastic movement. Plus, her dark bay color makes a difference. In my opinion, the whole package is incredible.” When Jasminia first arrived in his care three years earlier, Guzzo assigned his son the job of conditioning the filly. The

Facing Page: Handler Rodolfo Guzzo’s son, Rodolphino, shares an unbreakable bond with Jasminia; and owners Joe & Kim Orr celebrate their 4-Year-Old Mare win. Above & right: Pure celebration at the announcement of the Gold Supreme Senior Mare Championship.

Photo by Ashley Gallun

victim of an accident that robbed him of all but 25% vision in one eye, Rodolphino has a special way of communicating with horses through touch and an open-hearted attention that is fully reciprocated. “There is no filter there,” says Guzzo. “It’s the most authentic love and passion, and for him, Jasminia is ‘The Horse.’ To see my son’s happiness and emotion when she won was worth everything. Joe and Kim respect what he has done for her. I really appreciate that.” For now, Jasminia will take a hiatus from the show ring to spend time in the Orrs pastures in Washington. “Three people have already purchased embryos from her, and we have bred her to Aria

Rakeem,” Joe explains. “Kim and I love the lifestyle and the grounding from the animals. We are in this for the fun of it, and Jasminia will be having some spa years at the ranch before returning to competition. We can’t wait to bring her home. She is, simply, a Rose City Arabian.” ■

Photo by Ashley Gallun

2021 ARABIAN BREEDERS April 8-11, 2021 | WestWorld Polo Field | Scottsdale, AZ Judges: Abdelaziz Al Marazeeq | Steve Dady | Greg Gallún Bruce McCrea | Isaac Taylor | Bart Van Buggenhout Since its inception in 2007, the Arabian Breeders World Cup has often been referred to simply as “Vegas.” Synonymous with the lights, glam and excitement of Sin City, the Arabian Horse Breeders Alliance (AHBA) had a challenge before them in finding another high-profile venue for the World Cup show that would effectively eliminate resistance and the need to acclimate and adjust to. And what better alternative is there if “Vegas” is no longer in Vegas, than relocating to the Valley of the Sun … the next best alternative! Thanks to a determined and competent show committee and board of directors, the Arabian horse was shown on the green grass of WestWorld’s polo field for four days and was excitedly welcomed and embraced by all. With a spacious and open arena, the perimeter was lined with tents, tables and white fencing, providing a European vibe, and appeared to be appreciated just as much by the horses as the handlers leading them in or those watching from the rail. Equipped with face masks, hats and sunblock, the five-person judging panel was presented with an exceptionally high-quality group of individuals. And the Awards room! No matter how many one has seen in their day, it was impossible to walk by the display without stopping to admire the prestigious and elaborate garlands, trophies, bronzes by Silver Box Studios, and of course, the coveted awards and saddles donated by the King of Morocco. Between the ATH Supreme Championships, auction and legacy classes, and the IntArah Championship, the AHBA Futurity paid out a total of over $155,000 this year, proving the Breeders World Cup is still as popular as ever among serious breeders worldwide and a prestigious title sought regardless of location.


“I very much enjoyed judging the World

“It is always an honor to judge a prestigious

Cup this year. The setting was beautiful

show like the World Cup. With the move to

and more intimate than the large,

Scottsdale on the polo field, it had a European

cavernous arenas we normally show in.

feel. I think it was very well done and well

I think the horses were happier outside

received. The show committee did a great job

and showed better as well. I did miss

pulling off a wonderful show in a short time!

the ambiance of being in Las Vegas, but I think this could be a template to take

Having judged twice in Las Vegas, I love the

similar events anywhere in the country. We

South Point facility, but think this had a much

just need some portable stalls and a nice

more intimate feel. They created a great

flat surface. Kudos to all involved; it will

atmosphere, and thus, a great show! My only

definitely go down in my memory as one

suggestion would be to move it a few weeks

of the most enjoyable shows I’ve been to

earlier so people can stay in town after the

in a long time.”

Scottsdale show and compete in both.“

Isaac Taylor, ABWC Judge

Bruce McCrea, ABWC Judge

“This year’s show happening outside on a polo field … grass … is a dream come true! I have been hoping for this for a long time and it was even more special being asked to judge it, this alone making it an unforgettable experience. I was extremely happy about this year’s venue. Despite Vegas and South Point having some advantages, they also have plenty of negatives, and for me, the horses come first. I never liked the stable area, being locked up inside a big noisy hotel/casino with people smoking, and the big shoot the horses had to go through before reaching the arena, so from my side, no regrets, only happiness that we had this top event outside on grass. Let’s keep it that way! Healthier and happier horses and people. The set up was also great, considering the organizers time limit in making it happen. They did an amazing job; truly, this was a great improvement. If the show remains here with very few adjustments, I look forward to bringing some Aljassimya horses to show next year if the boss approves. I think he would greatly enjoy this experience and feel many other overseas people would too. This might just be the turning point again, to bring the ABWC to new heights. I look forward to next year!” Bart Van Buggenhout, ABWC judge

Bart Van Buggenhout, Greg Gallun, Bruce McCrea, Isaac Taylor, Abdelaziz Al Marazeeq and Steve Dady.

“So many things stand out about this year’s show! The venue was so refreshing; seeing the horses on the grass with the amazing blue sky and mountain tops was magical, while planes flew in. Not to mention the up-close action of the seating by the arena and easy access to the grounds. It is always great to have new venues. It’s refreshing and keeps things exciting … something for all to look forward too. I give grand kudos to the ABWC Board for putting a show of this magnitude together in such a short time, as it shows we are capable of creating “pop up” Arabian horses shows across the nation in different cities to introduce the Arabian horse to eyes that are missing out on the greatest breed of equine in the world! That is extremely exciting! Though the polo field was spectacular, there is always room for improvement, and it was great to see the board reaching out for spectator input for next year’s event. What the ABWC Board and Show Committee did in such a short time, pivoting from Vegas to Scottsdale with everything that has gone on in our world was nothing short of awesome! I loved the polo field at WestWorld over Vegas if I had to choose, but hey, why not make both venues happen!“ Travis Rice, Royal Arabians

“This year’s ABWC was special due to the event’s unique European boutique feel. We prefer this outdoor European style, and it could be anywhere outdoors on grass. We loved it and are looking forward to its evolution. We will never miss this show if it’s outdoors with a European flare. Great job!”

Joe & Kim Orr, Rose City Arabians

“This year’s show was special because we live now and are part of the Scottsdale horse community, the Arabian hub of the universe. Vegas has too many distractions. The set up was incredible; my compliments to everyone involved. The only downside was the decision to charge people $175 for a seat to watch, including people who had horses entered in the show. My thoughts are that we should encourage people from all walks to join us, not discourage outside spectators because of cost. I thought $175 was obscene, but all in all, it was a very nice presentation.“

Manny Lawrence, Jade Creek Arabians

“Having a grand international event amid the pandemic and being with and meeting other breeders was delightful! While I certainly miss walking the strip in Vegas and enjoying the vicinity, I did like being back in Scottsdale, close to all the farms and the rest of my horses, and I loved the polo field setup—it was near perfect! I’m confident it will be even better next year!”

Omar Ali, Felix Arabia

“We absolutely loved the World Cup this year! It was classy, a beautiful setting, and so much fun! It had a European feel about it and the polo field setting and showing on the grass was amazing. We loved dressing up and wearing hats. The quality of the classes was very good. Let’s keep the World Cup show there in Scottsdale … it’s so much better!”

Rhonda Coleal, Coleal Arabian Horses


*El Tino x Scarlett C (FA El Shawan x Silken Sable, dam of Eden C) Presented by Rodolfo Guzzo for Proud Owner/Breeders Rhonda & Ashlyn Coleal

Breeding the very best for over 50 years Coleal Arabian Horses | www.ColealFarms.com

Tarantino C is shown & represented by Royal Arabians | www.RoyalArabians.com

“This was our first time showing a horse at the ABWC, so have no means of comparing this experience to Vegas, but we found the polo field to be a most organic venue for a show horse.”

Ivan Osorio, Aspire Arabians “I loved the show being held outside and on the grass! It’s something I’ve never experienced in the United States. It was a very elegant and picturesque setting. Not being in Vegas did not bother me at all. I think we all got to visit and cheer for each other more and have a much better view of each horse being presented. The camaraderie this year was incredible! The setup on the polo field was fabulous but I would like to see more seating for owners, friends of owners and people from the community that hear about the horse show. Being from the valley and witnessing what Scott Baily did with starting the Farms Tours, with that type of promotion, I think the World Cup will become huge if it stays in Scottsdale.”

Lisa Markley, Arabians International


Emerald J x H Embrace H


Proudly bred & owned by ASPIRE ARABIANS LLC Trained & Represented by Andrew Sellman, Orrion Farms Training Center | 715.760.2466 | www.OrrionFarms.com Training Center

“We were so excited to finally participate in such a high quality, outdoor show on U.S. soil. It had the feel of amazing shows held overseas such as Menton and Chantilly, and the feedback from other guests was so positive, that we feel confident this won’t be the last!”

Steve & Christina Poore, Orrion Farms and AHBA Director

“Just to be able to show at the ABWC this year was special, period! It being in Scottsdale allowed me to show the most horses at a World Cup show ever. I have mixed feelings, however, because it being held in Las Vegas was always our favorite and I think adds to its appeal, but for the last couple of years, felt that something needed to be changed. I loved the set up at the polo field. It was different, but had great energy and is a very natural and bright way to showcase our horses.”

Lucho Guimaraes, Lucho Guimaraes Arabians

“The show was wonderful being outdoors with a great group of horses and people! Vegas is always a smash hit, but times have changed, and folks are watching costs, so the polo field was a great new venue. It was so nice to be on green grass in the Scottsdale sun; an adjustment for the handlers and horses alike, but I would rate it a 10!”

Joanne Gunabalan JR’s Dream Arabians “Being the first person to enter the ring at the 2021 World Cup and then win the class was something special! The outdoor ring on the grass with the cabanas was truly special and we loved the set up! Although Vegas is a great town, being outside on the grass was unique and not like anything we have ever seen here in the U.S. Being in Scottsdale also allowed us to visit our horses, trainers and friends. I hope they do it again there next year!”

Renae Mendel, Gemini Ranch

“Vegas is a fun destination; however, Arabian horses are created to be outdoors in the fresh desert air, parading and performing with the sunshine glistening on their beautiful bodies. Spectators are able to relax, drink in hand, and feel the warmth of the springtime air. Now that we’ve experienced this contrast, I cannot imagine a better competition then on the green grass of the polo field in Scottsdale. We’ve witnessed the natural evolution of the World Cup Championships. It should become a new tradition for decades to come! “

Gary McDonald, McDonald Arabians LLC

TORY WIKEL Amateur Handler Award winner ALCIDES RODRIGUES Handler of Excellence winner MIKE WEINSTEIN Psynergy Enterprise Developments LLC Recipient of Breeders Cup Award

EMERLEE PCF | Overall High Score | 335 Owned by Royal Arabians MLP VESPER | Type | 97.5 Owned by PCF Arabians FELIX AJMAL MORA | Head | 99 Owned by Felix Arabia M.M. EPIC | Neck & Shoulder | 96 Owned by Mario Matt ERNANDO AA | Body & Topline | 94.5 Owned by Aspire Arabians RHADASHAH ARABCO | Feet & Legs | 81 Owned by Royal Arabians ALESIA ENB | Movement | 99.5 Owned by Rae-Dawn Arabians

by THERESA CARDAMONE Winning the Arabian Horse Breeders Alliance (AHBA) Breeders Cup, with its international lens, is a lifetime goal for many Arabian horse breeders. Held outside of Las Vegas for the first time, the 2021 Arabian Breeders World Cup was out-of-doors on the grass in Scottsdale, Arizona. The scene was decidedly European in ambiance and it fits that the Cup went to a breeder whose horses have an unmistakable European genotype and phenotype. Psynergy Enterprise Developments is the partnership of Mike Weinstein and his longtime business partners and friends, Jean Edwards and Arturo Uribe. Weinstein has a long history of breeding outstanding Arabian horses and is highly regarded as one of the most astute minds in the business. Because Psynergy only brought two homebred horses to the show, they doubted the Breeders Cup was within reach. However, when horses they had bred and sold showed up and won for new owners, the coveted perpetual trophy went to Psynergy. Instrumental in that achievement was Sandro Pinha, who showed five of the Psynergy-bred winners. “It was a great honor to win, and unexpected,” says Mike. “We sold some very good horses to good people, and they came through.” The Silver Supreme Champion Yearling Filly, Alesia ENB, whose sale was brokered by Pinha, won for an ecstatic Shirley and Murray Popplewell of Rae-Dawn Arabians. “They breed beautiful horses, and they love her,” Mike relates. “It means something when great breeders endorse your program. Alesia was first on two cards and almost won the Gold. She also had the highest score for movement of all the horses at the show, all 20’s except for one 19.5. That’s significant for a yearling filly! Her sire, my stallion Atticus ENB, had the second-highest movement score, on his way to winning Bronze Supreme Champion Stallion.”

Atticus ENB (El Nabila B x Om El Benedine) Bronze Supreme Senior Stallion Alesia ENB (Atticus ENB x Aliyah Vision PCF) Silver Supreme Yearling Filly | Best Movement Award Owned by Rae-Dawn

Atticus (El Nabila B x Om El Benedine) sired five foals in his first crop, including Alesia and her half-sister, Top Ten Supreme Yearling Filly winner Elegance ENB (x Carenza), owned by Ryan Mason. “From what we see, Atticus is going to be a good sire,” Mike professes. “He’s a beautiful horse, really well bred, and he’s very correct. He’s a great mover and is putting great shoulders and high-set necks, big eyes, great tail carriage, and movement on his foals, which there is a lot of need for.” Breeders from South America, New Zealand, Australia, Europe, and Sharjah have bought breeding packages, a high compliment for the young stallion. Other World Cup winners bred by Psynergy are Reserve Champion 4-YearOld Mare, Aphrodite ENB (Titan ENB x Carenza), 6th Place Esmeralda ENB in a very competitive 2-Year-Old Filly class (owned by Erin and Chuck Hansen), Top Ten Supreme Yearling Colt Marcelus ENB (owned by David Diego Gonzalez Luna), and Top Five Auction Futurity Yearling Filly Jaselle ENB. Not included in the high point total for the Breeders Cup was the fact that Psynergy also bred Janeenah (El Nabila B x Om El Jinaah), the dam

“I met Omar and wanted to help him get off to a strong start, so I offered to sell him embryos from two of our best

of unanimous Gold Supreme Champion

mares, to share a little bit of what we do,” Mike relates. “I hope Omar holds on to the exceptional horses he bred. A

Junior Mare, Felix Ajmal Mora, bred

filly like that is once-in-a-lifetime; she may be better than anything we’ve ever bred. She’s that good. You don’t get

and proudly owned by Omar Ali’s

very many opportunities to breed something that is really, truly great. I hope young breeders like Omar find mentors

Felix Arabia.

to learn from and build their programs accordingly. It takes time. It took us 10 years from the time I got back into the business in 2006 to get to where we are no longer two generations away from our ideal. We have a very wonderful group of Nabila daughters out of some of the strongest dam lines in the world that continue to produce very competitive show horses.”

Mike with good friend, Om el Arab’s Janina Merz.

Atticus ENB (El Nabila B x Om El Benedine) Bronze Supreme Senior Stallion Felix Ajmal Mora (RFI Farid x Janeenah, by El Nabilia B) Unanimous Gold Supreme Junior Mare Bred and owned by Felix Arabia

National Champion Aphrodite ENB (Titan ENB x Carenza) Reserve Champion Mare (4&5)

Mike has been influential in the Arabian business for a long time. In the process, he has learned from a slew of legendary breeders, who he credits for his past and ongoing success. “I was so lucky to meet great people back in the day,” he reminisces. “When I was 15, I had my first meeting with Dr. Eugene LaCroix when I went to his office to talk about breeding to Bask. If you are really interested in breeding, the best thing you can do is go around to farms and visit with people who are breeding great horses. Go, sit, have dinner with them—talk about horses. You learn so much from other people. And look at everything, not just the stars.” Mike has done just that, and at one time or another selected and promoted some of the breed’s most enduring stars, including Kajora, who became a U.S. National Champion Mare and is dam to the extremely influential Gazal Al Shaqab, and the splendid Russian stallion Menes, himself sire of “The Horse of the Century,” Balaton, who in turn sired the charismatic Kubinec. In 2006, Mike was introduced to a magnificent stallion, El Nabila B. Bred in Hungary at the famed Balbona Stud, he was a great-grandson of Menes, by Kubinec and out of the famous straight Egyptian matriarch Elf Layla Walayla B. A partnership of heavy-hitter breeders formed to promote the horse, and Mike was among them, loving the nostalgia generated by the sire line. In the spring of 2010, the Psynergy Equine partners bought Nabila outright and he was named U.S. National Champion Stallion that fall at age 14. “It’s been a lot of work, but we’ve put together a really great group of mares that are all Nabila-bred,” says Mike. “There has to be something tangible about your program. If they are bred alike, that says a lot. For Atticus, there are six mares we’ve purchased embryos from so we can outcross him, including Rose City’s Gold Supreme Champion Mare Jasminia AS and the Bronze Champion, Om El Sultanah. That will be exciting for us, to see a larger group of his babies.” True to form, Mike continues to collaborate with a cadre of astute breeders. “Sandro Pinha loves breeding and helps us make good decisions,” Mike credits. “Michael Byatt, Janina Merz, Cindy Reich, Connie O’Brien, who managed Padron…I value their opinions.” And where do young breeders like Omar go? Who do they learn from? According to Omar Ali, they will be coming to Mike!

Pictured top to bottom: Esmeralda ENB (Emerald J x Cameaa) 6th Place 2-Year-Old Filly Owned by Erin & Chuck Hansen Elegance ENB (Atticus ENB x Carenza) Top Ten Supreme Yearling Filly Owned by Ryan Mason Marcelus ENB (Royal Asad x Janeenah) Top Ten Supreme Yearling Colt Owned by David Diego Gonzalez Luna Jaselle ENB (Benicio PCF x Jena ENB) Top Five ABHA Auction Futurity Yearling Filly

M.M.EPIC (FA El Rasheem x M.M.Esplendida) | Owned & bred by Mario Matt Silver: TS KHIDAM EL SHAWAN (*FA El Shawan x Samantha HVP) | Owned by Khidam El Shawan Partners LLC | Bred by Toni Salloum Bronze: ATTICUS ENB (El Nabila B x Om El Benedine) Owned & bred by Psynergy Enterprise Developments LLC

JASMINIA AS (Soul Of Marwan AS x Jasmine Love) | Owned by Rose City Arabians | Bred by Arabian Soul Partners Ltd Silver: RD MARCIEA BEY (Bey Ambition x RD Marciena) | Ownd & bred by Murray or Shirley Popplewell Bronze: OM EL SULTANAH (WH Justice x Om El Sofia) | Owned & bred by Om El Arab International

BERLIN MP (S.M.A.Magic One x Baraka MP) | Owned & bred by Mindy Peters Silver: EXXCELSIOR AT (Exxalt x MD Hibat Allah) | Owned & bred by Al Thumama Stud Bronze: SALAZAR PA (Soul Of Marwan AS x Lady Fadora PA) | Owned & bred by Pegasus Arabians

FELIX AJMAL MORA (RFI Farid x Janeenah) | Owned & bred by Felix Arabia Silver: MISTIC DOMINIC HVP (*Dominic M x Mistcky Marajj HVP) Owned by Desert Sky Arabian LLC | Bred by Agropecuaria Vila Dos Pinheiros Ltda. Bronze: AJS EMARA MEIA LUA (S.M.A.Magic One x Ellara El Ludjin) | Owned by Valley Oak Arabians LLC | Bred by Maria Helena Perroy-Ribeiro

ALK RETAJJ (AJ Radman x LR Domenica) | Owned by Mohammad Hijazi | Bred by Marepa S A Silver: ERNANDO AA (Emerald J x H Embrace H) | Owned & bred by Aspire Arabians LLC Bronze: TARANTINO C (El Tino x Scarlett C) | Owned & bred by Rhonda Coleal

EMERLEE PCF (Emerald J x Inessence PCF) Owned by Cindy McGown or Mark Davis | Bred by Sam Peacemaker Silver: ALESIA ENB (Atticus ENB x Aliyah Vision PCF) | Owned by Murray Popplewell | Bred by Psynergy Enterprise Developments LLC Bronze: MLP VESPER (Kanz Al Bidayer x Martini Psy) Owned by Sam Peacemaker | Bred by Patricia Briggs

SUPREME STALLIONS/COLTS/GELDINGS ATH Gold: EVANDRO LMA (EKS Alihandro x Melinas Dream LMA) Owned by: Linda Michels & Presented by Jordan Simons Bred by Lisa Markley and Linda Michels Silver: ROYAL ASARIAN (Royal Asad x Royal Dyana) Owned & bred by Cindy McGown & Mark Davis Presented by Ryan Moore Bronze: DHARIO PA (Cadance PA x Tresony) Owned & bred by Pegasus Arabians Presented by Tory Wikel

SUPREME MARES/FILLIES ATH Gold: PRIYANKA WLM (Apalo x Psophia LMA) Owned & bred by: Linda or William Michels Presented by Jordan Simons Silver: RHADASHAH ARABCO (El Tino x Yasmin HWM) Owned by Cindy McGown & Mark Davis Bred by Sylvio Barbosa Neto Presented by Amanda Pagan Bronze: SQ HELAWA (E.S. Harir x Angellicca DFA) Owned by Linda Michels | Bred by Bassam Alsaqran Presented by Austin Garrett

AUCTION FUTURITY 2-YEAR-OLD COLTS/GELDINGS ATH Champion MAHER AJF (Cadance PA x RP Miss Surprise) Owned by Cynthia Burkman | Bred by Aljassimya Farm Presented by Jordan Simons Reserve: VALERIAN ORA (Vitorio TO x Star Of Justice ORA) Owned by Midwest Station II, Inc. Bred by Oak Ridge Arabians Presented by Nate White

AUCTION FUTURITY 2-YEAR-OLD FILLIES ATH Champion: ROYAL HARMONIE (Halyr Meia Lua x FT Havanna El Keav) Owned & Bred by Cindy McGown or Mark Davis Presented by Amanda Pagan

AUCTION FUTURITY YEARLING COLTS/GELDINGS ATH Champion: ISRA CONQUISTADOR (Conquest BR x Psyches Showcase) Owned & bred by ISRA Arabians Presented by Ryan Moore

Reserve: UNFORGETTABLE MA (Harjeet MA x Legacys Treasure) Owned by Mindy Peters | Bred by Steve & Darla Miles Presented by Nate White

Reserve: RD DOMINATION (*Dominic M x RD Siena Serenade) Owned & bred by Murray or Shirley Popplewell Presented by Murray Popplewell

AUCTION FUTURITY YEARLING FILLIES ATH Champion: LA TINA JP (El Tino x Primadonna JP) Owned & bred by Jack & Suzanna Perry | Presented by Austin Garrett Reserve: ROYAL GHAIA (Royal Asad x Ghazala El Jamaal) Owned & bred by Cindy McGown or Mark Davis Presented by Amanda Pagan

INTARAH CHAMPIONSHIP Champion: BAALLADE RSB (Marwan Al Shaqab x HB Bessolea) Owned by Royal Silver Box LLC Bred by Nelson De Oliveira Prata Pinto Moreira Reserve: OFW ALLURA (EKS Alihandro x OM El Excella) Owned by Orrion Farms LLC Bred by Om El Arab International