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Ever After NA x Margarita PSY




Beloved One NA+ x Magnums Angel JD+

Beloved One NA+ x Valori TRF+

Beloved One NA+ x Rohara MarcAlyssa

REGION 12 CHAMPION YEARLING SWEEPSTAKES FILLY Presented by Ted Carson Beloved One NA+ x Rohara MarcAlyssa

WWW.BELOVEDSFARM.COM Patricia M. Dempsey | Lady Lake, Florida 352-430-3456

Beloved One NA+ x Magnums Angel JD+



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Comments From The Publisher Cover Story: HL El Ganador … The Winner

by Jeff Wallace

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Trainers Forum The Halls Of Hanaya

by Jeff Wallace & Evie Tubbs Sweeney

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The Fate Of Halter The Polish Studs … Now We Need A Dialogue The Elegance of Etiquette Series … Weil-Marbach—200 Years By Decree Of The King





by Susanne Bösche

An Honest And Happy Life

by Susanne Bösche

RHR Heir Of Marwan—The Blessings Of A King

by Theresa Cardamone

Historical Perspectives: Rodania, Part III —The Americas And Australia

by Theresa Cardamone

Chen. An Interview with Chen Kedar of Ariela Arabians, Israel

by Jeff Wallace

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The 2017 Egyptian Event USA—For The Love Of The Horse Three Ships, Six Stallions and How One Year Can Change History





by Jeff Wallace and Santiago Fornieles

Michael Byatt & Sheikh Hamad: A Perfect Pairing Rooted In Passion

by Jeff Wallace

Famous Tripoint … Belgium, Germany and Netherlands

by Susanne Bösche

Hailing The Gazal/Marwan Era

by Evie Tubbs Sweeney with Jeff Wallace

Kingdom Mothers … Global Broodmares Supreme

by Evie Tubbs Sweeney with Jeff Wallace


Mediterranean and Arab Countries Arabian Horse Championship— An Elegant Understatement



by Susanne Bösche

Living History—Pyramid Society Europe’s 30th Anniversary

by Susanne Bösche

Egyptian Event Europe … Inspiration, Love And Lessons

by Susanne Bösche

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Index of Advertisers HennesseyLand–Indeed, A Magical Kingdom


by Riyan Rivero

Mozn Albidayer

by Jeff Wallace


HL El Ganador (HP Shakir TE x Lonco Baby Maria), owned by Hanaya Stud.

C ov er P hoto


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D esign : E lisa G r assi

| 6 | Fall 2017


‫دياليتس ديفا ار بي‬

Senior Female Contender at All Nations Cup 2017 with Mr. Philippe Hosay

Silver Champion, Senior Female, Mediterranean & Arab Countries Arabian Horse Championship Menton 2017 (A Show). Gold Champion, Senior Female, Tulip Cup 2017 (B Show). Gold Champion, Junior Female, Mediterranean & Arab Countries Arabian Horse Championship Menton (A Show) 2015. Gold Champion, Junior Female, Sharjah International Arabian horse Festival 2015. Gold Champion, Junior Female, Qatar International Arabian Horse Show 2014 (A Show). Gold Champion, Yearling Female, KAAHC 2013 (A Show)

www.alsayedstud.com info@alsayedstud.com Fax: +966 11 2155 022

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| 7 | Fall 2017

FALL 2017 My life is blessed. Not only have I been raised within a family that thrives as part of the Arabian horse community, but as Publisher of Arabian Horse Times and AHT Abroad, I am also fortunate to have a career that keeps me fully engaged in the world that I love. One of my greatest joys is traveling to showcase events all over the world; meeting new people, and reconnecting with old friends. It gives me the insight and understanding which help me put out the best publications I can, while also cementing the relationships that are so dear to me.

Owner / Publisher Lara Ames AHT Abroad Representative Mieke Opsteyn AHT Abroad Designers Elisa Grassi Gregor Aymar Production Manager Jody Thompson AHTimes Designers Wayne Anderson Anthony Ferguson Melissa Pasicznyk Editorial Coordinator/Proofreader Charlene Deyle AHT Advertising Account Executive Tony Bergren Contributing Editor Theresa Cardamone Contributing Writers Susanne Bösche Evie Tubbs Sweeney Jeff Wallace Sales Assistant Maria Burger Accounts Receivable Deb Trebesch

As the busy summer show season in Europe is coming to a close, I find myself particularly looking forward to the All Nations Cup, held annually in Aachen. When it comes to the pure enjoyment of attending an Arabian horse show in Europe, it is my favorite, hands down. I love the way that the show is set up to celebrate the Arabian horse under one roof, which minimizes any distractions and adds to the festive atmosphere. The show committee always does a wonderful job of seeing to the needs of both the exhibitors and the spectators. The small, beautifully decorated arena becomes the perfect setting for some of the world’s finest Arabian horses to be shown to their best advantage. And the audience is able to be right on top of the action. Even now, I can anticipate the crisp air of late September and a walk through the beautiful, historic city of Aachen. For me, there is nothing better than meeting up with great friends in fantastic locations to enjoy each other and our common passion, the Arabian horse. And there is no better event at which I can accomplish that goal than the All Nations Cup.

Lara Ames Lara Ames Owner/Publisher

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I G N I T I N G T H E WO R L D !

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OVER $350,000 IN PRIZE MONEY WON BY VITORIO OFFSPRING 2014, 2015, 2016 & 2017





(x Angelinaa JD)

2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 & 2017



M ARINO V (x Amber Aice)

W W W.V I T O R I O T O . C O M A HT Abroad

| 18 | Fall 2017



(x Lovins Khrush SSA)

(x Anna Marie BHF)



(x Star Of Justice ORA)

(x Star Of Justic ORA)

W W W. M I D W E S T A R A B I A N . C O M A HT Abroad

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AT ...

(x Wadi Halfa)


CALATEON (x Calatea)



(x El Mediara)


(x Wieza Marzen)

W W W.V I T O R I O T O . C O M A HT Abroad

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(x Raherra)

(x Kharalisa BPA)




(x Luxemere Jizette)

(x Almanara DT)

W W W. M I D W E S T A R A B I A N . C O M A HT Abroad

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EM ANOLLA (x Emandoria)

OAK RIDGE ARABIANS For breeding inquiries contact:

M I DW E S T T R A I N I N G & B R E E D I N G S TAT I O N S David Boggs 612-328-8312 ~ info@midwestarabian.com Nate White 563-663-7383 ~ Judi Anderson 612-328-1057

W W W.V I T O R I O T O . C O M W W W. M I D W E S T A R A B I A N . C O M A HT Abroad

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She's Spoken For!

Rose of Gazal


(Gazal Al Shaqab x Tiaraa Rose)

2017 Scottsdale Gold Champion Senior Mare and the ONLY Gazal daughter to ever win Scottsdale. OFFERING LIMITED EMBRYO RIGHTS FOR 2018.

Owned by: John and Debra Mitchel l | CME Ar abian Equities | w w w.cmearabianequities.com Managed by: Ar abian Expressions | Greg K nowles 602-363- 0003 | Karen Lincoln 303-549-2221 www.




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XPR E SSIONS | 27 | Fall 2017

. com

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Now We Need A Dialogue … August 28, 2017 Ladies and Gentlemen, Referring to the text “Failure of the Janów Podlaski auction. What now?”, which has just appeared on our website and which seems to contain a very apt description of the auction in Janów Podlaski, I would like to elaborate on the issue suggested by the second part of the title. What now? What has happened has happened and cannot be reversed. We need to analyze the reasons and the consequences of what happened at this year’s auction in Janów. But first of all we need to take a step back in this fruitless conflict which is so damaging for Polish interests and the Polish Arabian horse studs. When we listen to media comments about the situation we hear on the one hand that everyone is to blame for the failure of the auction but the organizers of Pride of Poland 2017. This is a position that cannot be accepted. On the other side of the dispute we hear severe criticism and arguments claiming that the dismissed directors must return. It is difficult to speculate whether such a return is possible or when it would be possible in the present circumstances. It can certainly be treated as a hypothetical component of an overall solution to the pressing problem which is the uncertain future of state Arabian horse breeding in Poland and the undefined objectives of preserving it. Leaving aside the undisputed merits of the former stud directors, Mr. Jerzy Białobok and Mr. Marek Trela, their experience and breeding knowledge, they worked in very difficult conditions, in which the alternative to the financial records of the Pride of Poland auctions was liquidation or selling out the Arabian studs which operated under an absurd regime of commercial law companies, deprived of any state subsidies and forced (as the only state run Arabian breeding institutions worldwide) to finance their activity like businesses. We frequently heard opinions that Arabian horses was an “aristocratic hobby” which Poland will not subsidize. This forced the studs to sell selected horses which, as the former directors frequently emphasized, they would be too happy to keep and breed if they were given a choice. Fortunately, on the other side there were buyers who were prepared to pay astronomical prices, otherwise today there may well have been nothing to talk about. Absence of a stable, long term financial perspective also affected the directions of the development of breeding work, which had to take into consideration current fashions and suit client tastes. At this point I would like to quote the words of the late, much regretted Mrs. Izabella Pawelec-Zawadzka, who, as an undisputed expert on Arabian breeding in Poland and abroad, emphasized that „Too many breeders have become slaves of fashion, ambition and profit. This is a wrong and uncertain path”. Could it be different if the Polish studs had the status of national cultural heritage? Is it not high time to give this a serious thought? The media, sniffing for sensation, are always looking for content to fill their broadcasting time but are not ready to engage in serious, substantive debate. It seems that journalists do not analyze the matter with proper attention and not everyone is quite certain whether one of the studs is actually in Michałów or Michałowice. There is nothing at all behind the repeated slogans, neither a realistic picture of the situation nor proposed solutions or diagnosis of the reasons. The noise was obviously helpful because it drew public attention to what happened in the studs last year, and about Arabian horse breeding in Poland in general. The media had never spoken or written so much about Polish Arabians before. But we need much more for the Arabians in Poland to survive and to finally start promoting our country and its image worldwide. The current dispute seems to lack positive, substantive proposals. It lacks dialogue. Some of us argue that everything is fine, others that nothing is. Ladies and Gentlemen, leaving aside whose argument is the better in the discussion, I hope A HT Abroad

| 70 | Fall 2017

I can convince you all that this level of debate has exhausted its potential. Apart from attracting viewers to television channels it will not lead us anywhere. It is high time to start a serious discussion about why Poland needs Arabian studs and what their breeding work is to be like looking forward. Any personal consequences, which many expect, against the organizers of this year’s „wonderful catastrophe” in Janów, and which will not solve any problems, are far less important than the question whether a serious and open debate will finally start about the purpose which the Polish state-owned Arabian studs should serve and how they should operate in the future. It is a debate which I have advocated in numerous official letters since 24 February 2016 (my first open letter to the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development and the Minister of Culture and National Heritage), and in which every voice ought to be heard and respected. I believe that the directors of the Janów and Michałów studs dismissed in 2016, Mr. Jerzy Białobok and Mr. Marek Trela, must be invited to participate in such a debate. It should also involve private breeders of Arabian horses in Poland, whose future depends on maintaining the reputation of Polish Arabians and who can play an important role in resolving the current crisis. The Arabian horse breeding team headed by Professor Krystyna Chmiel is another key participant in this discussion; their voice is not sufficiently heard. Obviously, the list is not closed... The purpose of the debate ought to be an in-depth analysis of the problems facing the state-owned Arabian studs and finding, among the proposed ideas and concepts, the best formula for the continued existence and development of this priceless breeding tradition in the coming decades. By hiding behind the closed doors of its offices and dismissing, from one day to the next, two outstanding, world-famous breeders without making sure that they have educated a group from which their successors could be chosen, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development limited its access to substantive proposals, experience and knowledge of this unique and delicate discipline. In this way the Ministry actually asked for trouble. And trouble infallibly arrived. Nonetheless the Ministry still seems not to acknowledge that the problem of Polish Arabian studs does not disappear with waning media interest. On the contrary, it is becoming increasingly serious even when the TV cameras are turned away, because the financial, structural problems remain. And also because it is far from certain in which direction Polish state breeding is heading, how it is run and what are its objectives. The problem will return and will be twice as grave if we do not immediately start working on a comprehensive solution. The debate which we consistently advocate has not taken place so far. Today it seems to be the only method of finding a solution to the critical situation in which the Polish state studs have found themselves. Perhaps the best way forward in the direction of a discussion with social partners and the breeding community would be the inter-ministerial dialogue which I persistently call for, and which I advocated in my letters to the Ministries of Agriculture and Culture. In brief, Arabian horses are the legacy of our aristocracy, not agriculture. The preserved heritage of the Polish aristocracy today is in the custody of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, which has the means and the tools for financing assets and resources which are unprofitable but very important for Polish national culture. At this point I would like to refer interested readers to the „First Open Letter” of 24 February 2016: http://www.pikj.pl/ subpage.php?BoxArticleID=276&lang=ENG Of course, I can well imagine voices rising up to say that the Ministry of Culture never managed horse studs. However, this Ministry does not arbitrarily decide what constitutes Polish national heritage in substance. The Ministry’s role is to correctly identify, secure, finance and preserve such heritage. As such the Ministry of Culture will be able to learn something new, and should not shun this opportunity. I believe that for a start the best lesson would be to listen to the serious community debate postulated above, where various positions and views could meet in appropriate conditions and an atmosphere of mutual respect. A HT Abroad

| 71 | Fall 2017

It is high time to answer the question whether pure bred Arabian horses are meant to be a business for Poland, or they are to be treated as a part of natural heritage linking us with the tradition and achievements of the aristocracy of the I Republic. Can it be true that Poland, a country of 40 million strong, boasting of the best macroeconomic results in Europe, cannot afford a 4 million Euro annual subsidy for all three state studs, to enable the historical Arabian breeding work to continue and develop without interruptions, and without a stone tied to its neck, which for many years was the need to earn money for its own operations? In fact, individual public theaters sometimes receive more annual funds than the amount postulated above, which interestingly is equal to the highest historical proceeds of the Pride of Poland auction. Moreover, I firmly believe that financial subsidies should also be offered to private breeders who continue the traditions of old Polish blood-lines of Arabian horses, and who, by taking up the breeding effort and participating in expensive horse shows all over the world, also contribute to the preserving the Polish tradition and promoting the prestigious image of Poland worldwide. They engage in what is a unique cultural and sport activity that merits support as a great, prestigious Polish tradition. After all the national budget subsidizes the participation of Polish artists and sportsmen in international events. I strongly believe that the debate proposed above ought to start with an attempt to answer essential questions concerning the purpose and future formula of state Arabian studs, and look forward to starting such a debate. A debate which will certainly widen the horizons and understanding of the problem for the officials of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, who had the misfortune of taking up the issue of the Polish Arabian studs without an in-depth understanding what they are actually dealing with. And who, by their own actions, limited their access to the necessary knowledge, as a result making all the mistakes that could be made as well as those which seemed totally impossible to make. I draw this conclusion without satisfaction. I have no pleasure in offering criticism of this type. However, these are the facts, and articulating them seems the only method which, I hope, will finally stimulate reflection and self-criticism in the Ministry of Agriculture and persuade it to take up the dialogue which will give us all an opportunity to resolve the crisis. Before the debate starts I call upon the public authorities to provide an urgent injection of public funds for the Arabian studs in Janów, Michałów and Białka. Otherwise there is a risk that they may not last until the happy conclusion of the debate postulated above. It is to be noted that already last year the Janów Podlaski Stud did not participate, for the first time in many years, in the world’s most important show for Arabian horses, which takes place as part of the „Salon du Cheval de Paris„. This was generally commented on as a symptom of serious financial problems, which, after this year’s failure of the auction, are very likely to become an existential, financial crisis. Ladies and Gentlemen, there is no more time for a tug-of-war. Mutual accusations in the media will not lead anywhere. It is time to sit down at the table and talk sense, breaking through divisions and prejudices, with the objective of preserving the Polish Arabian breeding tradition. And more broadly, in the interests of Poland, if you believe like I do, that Arabian horses bred in Poland may serve the best interests of our country. Unless that breakthrough happens soon, this great tradition will fall. “Escalation of all tension starts when dialogue is abandoned.” —Julius Döpfner “If we were wise enough to listen to silence! But we are human and we cannot even listen to our own conversation.” —Paulo Coelho, The Pilgrim “There is nothing more desirable, and nothing more difficult on this earth than real conversation.” —Adam Mickiewicz “It is good to take part in dialogue and not only to speak with one’s voice, deliberately emphasizing how separate it is.” —Jonathan Mills “It is said about the best company that conversation with it is educating and silence is forming.” —Johann Wolfgang von Goethe Yours respectfully, Łukasz Łuniewski chairman of the board Arabian Horse Culture International Institute

Published on Arabian Horse Culture International Institute website. A HT Abroad

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The Blessings Of A King

by Theresa Cardamone


he love of a human for a horse, the love of a horse for a human; these are intangible elements that cannot be fully understood by those who have never known horses. It is an unbreakable bond that is mutually felt and quite impossible to resist.

When Diaa Kara-Ali was ready to establish his Southern Chariot Stud in Australia, he had a stallion in mind that fit the image of his personal dream horse; an image he had been honing ever since he was a child. RHR Heir of Marwan was everything Diaa had dreamed of; a tall, elegant, solid chestnut with no white markings and coal black skin, with phenomenal Arabian type, a beautiful head, and other outstanding traits that defined him as an ideal Arabian horse. Sired by Marwan Al Shaqab and out of LC Psychesheiress, by Padrons Psyche, Heir is the product of the storied breeding program of Stephanie and Roger McMahon’s Running Horse Ranch in the Pacific Cascades, and had accumulated an impressive show record in North America with championships in Scottsdale and at the World Cup in Las Vegas. Diaa could hardly believe that his chosen one had been exported to his country, Australia—where he had added the 2014 National Champion Stallion title. “I fell in love with him the first time that I saw him,” Diaa relates. “When you love a horse that much, it becomes a matter of emotions, not sleeping at night thinking about him, that kind of stuff. I spent about two years driving back and forth to visit him, trying to wrap my head around how I could acquire him. He is more than a beautiful body, he is a great soul.” The feeling was clearly mutual. “The first moment that Heir saw me, he began sniffing me and putting his head near me, reaching around me,” Diaa recalls. “I was told he had never acted that way with anyone. There was something about me and him that made his owners believe he was going to be my horse. They were comfortable that I would be able to take care of him and love him.” A HT Abroad

| 80 | Fall 2017

Diaa’s dream came true when RHR Heir of Marwan became his chief stallion. “Just last year, I finally bought him,” he recalls with joy. “Heir struck Gold as the 2017 East Coast Senior Stallion Champion after disappearing from the show ring for three years. He was showing to the crowd and entertaining them beyond what any spectator is used to seeing in a halter ring. Heir almost spoke, he almost screamed to the crowd ‘I am back, I am the King; and when I am around, there can be no other winner!’ At the 2017Australian Championships, Heir again surprised all those who thought otherwise, becoming the only stallion in history to win the Australian National Championship twice.” The word Chariot in Diaa’s farm name is meant to signify the mobility of his program. Diaa had told himself that if Heir won a second Aussie title after years away, he could also win in Paris. Therefore, plans were made for Heir to fly to Europe, where he was placed in the care of the Schoukens, who have been readying him for Aachen’s 2017 All Nations Cup. If all goes well there, RHR Heir of Marwan is slated to compete for the World Championship in Paris. “No matter what the challenge is, I think that Heir will shock the European horse community,” Diaa enthuses. “With Heir, you just give him the opportunity and he then takes care of the rest.” Diaa appreciates the attention and affection shown to Heir of Marwan by his fans. “I would like to thank all those who show support for Heir and have an interest in his future,” he says gratefully. “In actual fact, no matter how much we try to do for this horse, he does a lot more for us. He seems to know he is on a mission and he is ready to give all that God has given him. When I look into Heir’s big, determined eyes at critical moments, it seems like he is reflecting on all the suffering caused by injustice on this earth. It seems like he is assuring me, ‘I am more than a horse, Diaa … I am a blessing.’”

photo by G. Lilley

A HT Abroad

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A HT Abroad

| 82 | Fall 2017

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| 83 | Fall 2017

A HT Abroad

| 84 | Fall 2017

A HT Abroad

| 85 | Fall 2017

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| 86 | Fall 2017

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| 87 | Fall 2017

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| 89 | Fall 2017

A HT Abroad

| 90 | Fall 2017

Chen. An Interview with Chen Kedar of Ariela Arabians, Israel by Jeff Wallace


’m not sure how long I have known Chen. But what I do know, is that she has become over the years, one of my finest and dearest of friends, not only from the horse world, but from the world in general. She and Eliko and their son, Daniel, provide a wonderful example to me, at times, in terms of how to deal with certain situations and get through life with courage, passion and grace.

I also forget that a big part of the breed does not know Chen, especially as well as I do. It is my hope through this interview, that this changes for many of you.

Chen’s name as a breeder of Arabian horses—primarily straight Egyptian—is one synonymous with near perfect breed type of the highest of quality, and with a global approach. About 15 years ago, I was amazed watching Laheeb traverse the globe as an ambassador for the breed, particularly for the straight Egyptian horse. As a lover of the Polish Arabian, as well as Egyptian horses, I was star struck when Bialobok and Trela brought him to Poland at such a young age. The results unleashed staggering successes. Then came Al Ayal, who stepped into the ambassador role as Laheeb had before him. This interview, while serious at times, also has an element of levity which I feel we enjoy a mix of both. Chen Kedar of Ariela Arabians is respected worldwide for the horses she has bred and the tremendous management she has given them. Without further ado, I give you the thoughts of Chen Kedar. Enjoy!

A HT Abroad

| 91 | Fall 2017

What are your very special memories over the last many years? There are three. 1.) Seeing Laheeb enter the ring at the Israeli Nationals on all four legs. He broke one of his front legs at the University of Munich in Germany on November 17, 2000. They told me, ‘There is no hope. We will have to put him down.’ Therefore, seeing him win a unanimous gold in 2003 in our home country was incredibly touching to me. 2.) Shipping Imperial Imdal to Israel in 1994 from America, along with three mares: Imperial Naffata, Maar Bilah, and Arabest Maria. I felt like I was making history with this importation. On a side note, Imdal was insured for $500,000. That was a lot of money in those days. 3.) Loubna winning the champion mare title in Aachen, Germany, with the Israeli national anthem playing.

Tell me about your early days with Arabian horses. Like many people, when I was 12 years old, I became interested

in Arabian horses. I was born in a kibbutz (a communal-living community in Israel) that had one of the first farms on it for Arabians, including mares from England and the USA. I started taking riding lessons when I was 12, and what most people don’t know is, I’m licensed to give them today as well. Later when I finished my two mandatory years in the army service, I went to America to work for Cathy Vincent. The first time was in 1988 for several months, and I went back to work with her several times prior to 1992, when I went to work for Ariela (then Ariely Arabians).

Another thing most people don’t know is I showed quite a few times. I was a handler in my youth. With my Egyptian-related mare Jimalaia, by Talagato and out of a *Farazdac daughter, I was champion amateur at the USA Egyptian Event.

A HT Abroad

| 92 | Fall 2017

Your involvement with Ariela Arabians runs deep. Take me through the chapters. In 1992, I started working

as farm manager for Ariely Arabians, which at the time was owned by Uri Ariely and Yuli Ofer. Two years later, Eitan Wertheimer was captivated by Uri’s passion for the breed, and came on as a 50% owner when he took over Yuli’s ownership portion. The two men co-owned the farm until the beginning of 2000, when Uri had to step out due to personal issues. The farm, now solely owned by the Wertheimers, was renamed Ariela Arabians in honor of Eitan’s wife, Ariela, and in keeping with the name which had become globally synonymous with fine Egyptian Arabian horses. My responsibilities increased then as well; I became responsible for every decision relating to every aspect of the farm, and still do to this day. I was simply put in charge of everything. Once or twice a year, I would meet with Eitan at his home or office away from the barn. But Eitan lost some interest through the years, and in 2010 he was kind enough to let my husband and I own it all and take over this wonderful breeding program. For us, it was like a dream come true, but also a lot of responsibility!

Do you have an age limit regarding the selling of your mares? Yes, we actually do. The age limit at Ariela Arabians for selling a mare is 15 years of age. The reason we do this is because once a mare has given us so much—as our mares typically do—we do not feel that sending them down the road is fair or respectful. So after all of their gifts, they have a home for life with us once they reach that age if they have not been sold. Who are your heroes and heroines in the Arabian breed, past and present? Judi Forbis (for putting the straight Egyptian on the map), Henry Babson, Lenita Perroy and Tom McNair.

Tell me another great moment. In 1988 at the USA Egyptian Event, there was a great lineup of famous stallions. It was fascinating to see what I’d only seen in magazine photos before. I had entered my “dreamland.” I absolutely love moments like this, when there’s a presentation of famous bloodstock … not necessarily just horses with show wins or accolades, but important breeding stock. I loved that stallion lineup.

A HT Abroad

| 93 | Fall 2017

If you could turn back time, what matings do you wish you could do? Serenity Sonbolah to Al Ayad, and Probat to The Vision.

What is your philosophy, in life and in horses? My philosophy is a philosophy of peace among all nations, especially

Arabs and Jews, and the ability to come together around the Arabian horse and family. Sending Laheeb to Nasr Marei is a great example of attempting to do that. I always like to make an effort—even if small—to create harmony with mutual interests. Every Friday at the farm, you will see maybe 100 people. Among them are Jews, Christians and Muslims. They bond around sharing their love for the Arabian horse and their families. They invite one another to their homes, to meet their family members. To reference a little history, these are the teachings of Shimon Peres. These are the teachings if you will, and the vision, that also belonged to Yitzhak Rabin, to Anwar Sadat, and to King Hussein. All have similar visions. It is my opinion that today’s leaders have no vision. They only want to protect their position of leadership.

In 2010, you and Eliko bought the farm from Eitan. Tell me about the location of the farm and what surrounds it.

On one side of Ariela Arabians sits the city of Nazareth; on the other side is ‘tel’ Megiddo, regarded today as the jewel of biblical archaeology and protected as a World Heritage Site. The panorama from either side of the farm is a constant reminder of the rich history this land has been witness to, literally for thousands of years. Canaanites, Egyptians, Israelites, Assyrians and Persians from the biblical period; Egyptian Mameluks and Mongols from the Middle Ages; and French, Ottoman Turks and Englishmen from more modern times are among those who made their presence felt here. It is truly ‘the valley sown by God.’

The city is thought to have seen more battles than any other location in the world. Fortified cities were built upon the 10-acre summit of Megiddo Hill or Tel Megiddo rising 21.33 meters above the valley and from this vantage point, battle after battle throughout history took place. For Christians, the word ‘Megiddo’ is synonymous with the end of the world as mentioned in the Book of Revelation. Megiddo, or Armageddon, as it is also known, will be the site of the Final Battle. This will be the final battle of many fought here.

A HT Abroad

| 94 | Fall 2017

Excavation has uncovered about 26 layers of settlements dating back to the Chalcolithic period and the first four layers have been identified. The hilltop was a Canaanite city, an Egyptian fortress, a Chariot City during Biblical times and a prominent Assyrian and Persian city. At its prime, Megiddo was ruled by King Solomon in the 10th century BC and visitors can see the remains of Solomon’s Gate and what is believed to have been his stables. The Ivory Palace is another major structure in Megiddo. It was here that Canaanite treasures were found, including valuable ivory and jewelry. In the Middle Bronze Age, the Canaanites fortified the hilltop, and a gate remains to this day. From the 3rd millennium B.C. you can see an altar 10 meters in diameter with a staircase leading up towards it. An Iron Age water system is also evident, with a 30-meter-deep shaft and 70-meter-long tunnel from the 9th Century B.C., when the city was ruled by Ahab. It is possible to walk through this tunnel which would have supplied residents of Megiddo with water from the nearby spring.

What are your favorite movies, Chen? Well, I loved Forrest Gump and The Shawshank Redemption, but I have watched Sarah’s Key several times. It’s a Holocaust film, and I guess I feel a connection to these. I can’t say I enjoy them; I just feel a deep connection.

A HT Abroad

| 95 | Fall 2017

Tell me three great breeders that you would love to have known . How about four? Doug Marshall of Gleannloch Farms, Richard Pritzlaff, Henry Babson and Director Jaworowski of the Michalów Stud in Poland.

Why do you love the Israeli photographer Shlomi Nissim so much? I love his passion to his work. When he talks about his new ideas, his eyes are shining. To me, Shlomi is a true artist.

Is there any country that you absolutely fell head over heels in love with more than you thought you would? Yes, Italy. I love everything about Italy. But I still have to get used to their laid-back way of handling and looking at time.

What does friendship mean to you? A friend should trust me completely to say whatever they feel—good or bad—and allow me the same privilege.

If you weren’t living right now and could live in a different day and time, what would that be? I would love to live in the desert when Carl Raswan was writing his books.

Favorite dessert? Tiramisu. Favorite dish. Hummus with olive oil and a little hot green pepper. But I also love mozzarella cheese. I really love Italian food.

What three Arabian horses do you wish you had seen in person? Eukaliptus, Morafic and El Shaklan. Did you see Estopa? No. So she would be #4? Yes.

A HT Abroad

| 96 | Fall 2017

Tell me a favorite moment that involves your young son, Daniel. Before bedtime tonight actually, I was reading to him.

There was a moment where he said that he loved me. And I said, ‘Why, I love you and I will love and protect you forever.’ And he said, “But when you die, how will you protect me?” And I said, ‘I will find a way. We will always be connected as one. I will always find a way to love and protect you even while I’m gone.’

What is your favorite Karen Kasper bronze? I love her recent master work on The Vernet Bronzes project. I also love the bronze she did of Tiffaha.

In 1979, feminist artist Judy Chicago created the now famous ‘dinner party.’ She had a place setting for 99 women, from Georgia O’Keefe to Joan of Arc and so on. If you were going to give a dinner party for eight women, living or deceased, who would they be? Sheila Varian, Irina Filsinger, Lady Anne Wentworth, Lady Anne Blunt, Lenita Perroy, Cynthia Culbertson, Karen Kasper and Judi Forbis.

Where will it be held? With this group? It doesn’t matter ... (laughs). What will you serve? I will be busy listening to my guests, so I will find someone else to deal with the food. What time will it start? After feeding time in the barn. What time will it end? I hope it will never end … should be a fascinating evening! A HT Abroad

| 97 | Fall 2017

A HT Abroad

| 98 | Fall 2017

A HT Abroad

| 99 | Fall 2017

A HT Abroad

| 100 | Fall 2017

A HT Abroad

| 101 | Fall 2017

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The 2017 Egyptian Event USA FOR THE LOVE OF THE HORSE

Held June 7th-10th at the beautiful Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington, Kentucky, it was with enormous pride that owners and breeders around the world gathered at the 2017 Egyptian Event to share as “Guardians of the Treasure.” Only the finest straight Egyptian Halter and Performance horses in Hunter and Western competed for championship honors under the watchful eyes of esteemed judges from the U.S. Belgium, UAE and Australia. Youth activities were numerous, including grooming and photography clinics, a Watercolor project, stick horse competition, ice cream social & mocktail hour. For the adults, highlights of the show were the EBC (Egyptian Breeder’s Challenge) Stallion Service Auction, Gala, Silent Auction, shopping and social barn parties open to all throughout the show. An “Amateur Owned, Trained, and Shown” Seminar and Demonstration, book signing of author Judith Forbis’ Ansata Hejazi–Born to Rule, and a lecture on the “The Journey” a timeline of events up to 1969 and the defining of the Straight Egyptian Arabian were also available and well attended. Amongst the numerous award presentations, the Handler of Excellence honoree was Kimberly Doherty, and the Egyptian Event Highest Honors went to the breeders of Gold Champion Stallion Patriot LSA and Gold Champion Mare Wadad Zamani. Photos by Don Stine, Riyan Rivero and Kimberly Cornelius.

Champion Straight Egyptian Sr. Stallion PATRIOT LSA (The Sequel RCA x Tammens Ana). Owner/Breeder: Lone Star Arabians LLC.

Champion Straight Egyptian Sr. Mare WADAD ZAMANI (Laheeb x Zena Al Buraq). Owner Nayla Hayek, Breeder: Al Kasasi Osman. A HT Abroad

| 104 | Fall 2017

Champion Straight Egyptian Jr. Colt HANAYA LABID (Laheeb Al Nasser x ZT Assfasikha). Owner/Breeder Nayla Hayek. A HT Abroad

Champion Straight Egyptian Jr. Filly NAILLE DE BLOODSTONE (Etaya Sudan Amir x MB Pirouette). Owner Orrion Farms LLC, Breeder: Christopher Clinkerbeard. | 105 | Fall 2017

A HT Abroad

| 106 | Fall 2017

A HT Abroad

| 107 | Fall 2017

We invite you to beautify our Winter/Paris Issue with your Arabians ... AHT Abroad representatives will be present at all major shows and events around the world to discuss just how you and your program will best fit between our covers. We invite you to highlight YOUR breeding program with an exquisite brochure in and outside the pages of AHT Abroad. Contact mieke@ahtimes.com for a customized bid. A HT Abroad

| 108 | Fall 2017

Three Ships, Six Stallions and How One Year Can Change History by Jeff Wallace


Santi Fornieles


hen Christopher Columbus set off from Spain to seek an alternate route to the East Indies, he had no idea what his journey would entail or what he would find. He sailed through the Atlantic Ocean for more than two months, each day filled with uncertainly and expectations, until land was finally spotted on the morning of October 12, 1492. Columbus became the first known European to discover the Americas, instantly marking a date that would become infamous in history. Centuries pass, and 503 years later, the Gregorian calendar reads 1995. The world has changed to a degree that would make it unrecognizable to Columbus. The journey that took him 70 days by ship, is now a matter of hours by plane, and the magical myth of the giant tortoise supporting the world, common to the indigenous peoples of the Americas, has been replaced by a belief in science and rational thinking. Modern societies no longer believe in such magic—but perhaps that is a mistake. Is magic still possible?

When it comes to breeding Arabian horses, most believe that nature and science are not enough, and success requires a big percentage of luck. So why not magic? Breeders can execute a cross that seems brilliant and produce the worst colt of the season. They can also repeat a combination that has produced a stunning champion, and yet follow this by a succession of mediocre foals. Perhaps it is the “magic” factor that is needed to create superstars, and just as 1492 became an infamous date, 1995 was a truly magical year that changed the history of the Arabian breed. Every year there are a just a few colts born that will make a good stallion. Some years—even around the world—there is not a single one that will truly influence the breed. Yet in 1995, six stallions were born who would influence the breed for generations to come ... Magnum Psyche, Versace, Al Adeed al Shaqab, ZT Shakfantasy, Gazal Al Shaqab and Falcon BHF. Only one look at any show catalogue at any Arabian horse competition in the world will demonstrate the profound influence of these stallions. Is there even one class without at least one descendent of these heroes of the breed competing? WH Justice (Magnum Psyche) and Marwan Al Shaqab (Gazal Al Shaqab) are probably the most prolific decendants of the marvelous generation of these 1995 stallions, as their offspring have achieved countless championships all over the globe. But the influence does not stop there. Stival, JJ Señor Magnum, Magnum Chall HVP, DA Valentino, Da Vinci FM, Lawrence el Gazal, PA Gazsi, SF Veraz, Sultan Al Zobara, AB Magnum, Ames Charisma, CE Magnum, Magnum Forty Four, Justify, LC Prince Magnum, MCA Magnum Gold, JJ Bellagio and Van Gogh AM are just some of the other prominent stallions that carry the torch of the glorious 1995 generation through their sire line. It is also

A HT Abroad

| 109 | Fall 2017

noteworthy that stallions like ZT Shakfantasy, Al Adeed al Shaqab and Falcon BHF are more influential through their daughters, who have produced champion after champion. In the early ‘80s, Scottsdale classes were filled with many of the stallions that would become influential to the breed during the following decade. Bey Shah, Muscat, Padron and Ruminaja Ali all competed at that time and went on to become stellar sires. They were all undoubtedly “game changers” who, while they competed amongst themselves, were each bred in a different year. That is what makes 1995 truly unique. Imagine a show where Magnum Psyche, Gazal al Shaqab, Al Adeed al Shaqab, Versace, Falcon BHF and ZT Shakfantasy were all together in a single class. Any Arabian enthusiast would love to have been there to experience such an epic moment, yet fate never allowed it to happen. Even though some of these stallions did compete against each other, they were never all together in a single class. Who would have won is irrelevant, and although each of us would have a personal favorite, the results of such a class is ephemeral. The true historic value of that fantasy class would be seen in the years to come. If 1995 was a magical year, what happens when more than one of these illustrious sires meet in a single pedigree escalates the magic! One example is world champion producer FA El Rasheem. His sire, FA El Shawan, was a son of Marwan al Shaqab (Gazal al Shaqab) out of a daughter of ZT Shakfantasy, and his dam is by the great Versace, creating a pedigree that unites three of the 1995 generation. There is also Excalibur EA, who combines both WH Justice and Marwan al Shaqab. Another most impressive show horse of the last few years in the USA is DA Valentino, who was not only a son of Versace, but is also a grandson of Magnifficaa FA, who, coincidentally was also born in 1995. Another great Versace son, Da Vinci FM, is a pure result of 1995’s magic, since he is also by Versace out of the 1995-born Full Moon Astar. It is surely more than chance, when you study the pedigrees of other current champions like Van Gogh AM and Marajj, you find that, not only do they descend from the 1995 generation sires, but both their dams, Ynazya HCF and RGA Kouress were also born in 1995, as was Swete Dreams, the dam of World Champion QR Marc. And if this wasn’t enough to convince you, there was even more magic in that year, when in 1995, the undisputed queen of the straight Egyptian ZT

Gazal Al Shaqab


Al Adeed Al Shaqab A HT Abroad

| 110 | Fall 2017


Magnum Psyche



Arabian mares was born—the ethereal beauty RN Farida. She not only redefined classic type, but also perpetuated it when crossed to another 1995 hero, Al Adeed al Shaqab, resulting in the incomparable Naifah al Rayyan. The influence of Al Adeed in the straight Egyptian world is primarily through his daughters who have been consistent producers of straight Egyptian superstars like Qatar International and Egyptian Event USA Gold Champion Mare Rayyana al Aliya (out of Asrar al Rayyan) and Mashhoorah al Shaqab, World Champion Straight Egyptian Junior Filly 2016 and Best in Show. Indeed, 1995 changed the Arabian breed forever. The legacy of that generation will be carried on throughout the next decades as their sons and grandsons continue to dominate in show rings around the world. Most exciting is that we still have not yet seen the limits of what this generation has given to the breed. No matter which is the next trend, no matter who is the next “big name,” there will always be a link to 1995. The stallions of this generation made us change the way we look at Arabian horses. While we have discovered that the world is not held up by a giant tortoise, we must still believe in a bit of magic and await the next magical year that is sure to come in the world of Arabian horses. Because the magic of magic, is believing that it can happen again! n

A HT Abroad

| 111 | Fall 2017

escher photo

A HT Abroad

| 112 | Fall 2017

A Perfect Pairing Rooted In Passion

by JEFF WALLACE The two men met on the grounds of WestWorld in 1992. Both all-around horsemen. Both lovers of all creatures. Both dreamers in their own respects. One could also say that these two men represent a bridge—a most precious of bridges—to the great horsemen and wisdom of our past … one in America, tutored by the likes of Gene LaCroix and Bruce Howard; the other other in the desert homeland of the Arabian horse, tutored by local and heroic horsemen in Qatar. No one would believe the cataclysmic changes our breed would soon realize when these “The only way to do great work is to love two men were introduced that what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, day in the dusty barn aisle of keep looking. Don’t settle. As with all Scottsdale. Their vision— matters of the heart, you’ll know when cast by the experiences and education of their pasts— you find it.” —Steve Jobs would not only gift the Arabian horse with new standards of excellence grounded in functional, true type; it would also exchange life-giving relational gifts back and forth to each other that would define life chapters of their own. Both men, grounded in true passion for the Arabian horse since a young age, found their epic journeys colliding that very day.

A HT Abroad

| 113 | Fall 2017

Sprinkled in and amongst one of the world’s most legendary groups of horses, you’ll find kangaroos, llamas, exotic birds, a wallaby, ducks, chickens, dogs, cats and Friesian horses. You’ll find this sanctuary at the end of an unpaved, dirt road in New Ulm, Texas. On first glance, the dusty road appears an antithesis to the showplace it leads to. Yet Michael Byatt, one of the giants in today’s Arabian horse industry, loves it. And when one begins peeling back the layers of the person behind the showplace, it becomes quickly apparent that his complexities run deep, his wisdom and wit

Do what you love and love what you do.

bottomless, and his goals profound in their simplicity and confident, laser focus.

Through a lifetime with Arabian horses, Michael has reached the upper echelons of the industry in nearly every category imaginable: as a trainer of halter and performance at the highest levels, as a thoughtful breeder, an international ambassador and judge, a savvy sales agent, a knowledgeable and trusted consultant, a bold visionary, loving husband and father, and a dear and caring friend.

A HT Abroad

| 114 | Fall 2017

His personal journey is an inspirational one. Even at a young, formidable age, fame was never the goal for Michael Byatt. “I didn’t have any expectation,” he told the Houston Chronicle in a 2011 interview. “It was a process and a journey and an accident.” He thoughtfully lives by the cliché, ‘Do what you love and love what you do.’ And, boy, does he do it well. Michael grew up in Albuquerque, New Mexico. His family had no interest in horses, but they were neighbors to breeder/owner Ethel Ortenburger. She saw a talent in the young 11-year-old boy, and invited him into her “Arabian horse family” … which meant work, a lot of work. Eight hours of work was exchanged for one delicious hour in the saddle every summer. As Michael got older, his skills were readily apparent. He apprenticed in California, North Carolina and Florida after high school. But it was a big win at Scottsdale for the young 23-year-old star that took his career to a new level. Within weeks, he was flooded with calls from people all around the United States inviting him—begging him—to come give seminars so they could learn from the gifted young horseman. Also of note, Michael was one of the first American-based halter trainers to categorically invest in the international Arabian horse community, a foresight that likely resulted from his exploding career as an international judge as well. But there was one pivotal moment in Michael’s life story that not only changed his life, but also the Arabian breed as we know it. To fully appreciate it, we must also tell another story first.

A HT Abroad

Pictured top to bottom: Michael and Ann Byatt with their Friesian, Wopke. Sabiell (Nabiel+/ x AK El Sanaa) at the 1993 Egyptian Event. Marwan Al Shaqab at the 2008 World Championships, Paris.

| 115 | Fall 2017

Sheikh Hamad felt the breed was ready—indeed poised—for a new ideal, though he did not yet know what that looked like. In his search for inspiration, Sheikh Hamad foresightedly decided to attend the Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show for the first time. It was 1992.

A HT Abroad

| 116 | Fall 2017

“My earliest thoughts in life were about horses,” he would tell you. He remembers his first experience riding was “about 7 years old” and it was “Bedouin style” (i.e. bareback). Even as a young person in Doha where he grew up, he was passionately driven for the Arabian horse, demonstrating an uncharacteristic maturity for his age when most are only beginning stages of their life’s work. But he knew. There was no question. It was with the Arabian horse. Like many of us who worked our way up the ranks in horses, Sheikh Hamad bin Ali Al Thani did his share of hard work in the barn to earn the respect and permission of the stable owners, particularly if he wanted to ride one of the famous horses. In fact, he was such an astute rider, that he says he developed his eye for conformation from the back of a horse … the curvature of the neck, correctness and balance from the movement he felt in his seat. He loved riding so much that he studied at the Federation to be a professional jockey, as was a common thing to do. In his brief time learning English while studying at Cambridge, he also purchased a handful of Arabian racehorses in England. But he quickly found that his choices were more beautiful than they were fast. This was a pivotal moment for the young Sheikh Hamad. He realized his eye was for beauty rather than speed … a functional beauty that could redefine the standards of the Arabian horse. Around that time in 1988, HH Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani, was looking to expand his family-owned and operated Al Shaqab Stud into a higher-profile organization. In a profoundly demonstrative action in his own right, he recognized the zest, passion and giftedness of Sheikh Hamad and gave him the opportunity of a lifetime: manage His Highness’ stud farm. Sheikh Hamad responded to the call. Soon, they were buying horses from Egypt and Europe, and racing them as was the common thing to do. But Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani soon found himself experiencing a similar key moment as his young protégé had … he found himself drawn to Arabian horses bred for beauty and type over speed.

A HT Abroad

| 117 | Fall 2017

Anaza El Farid

Ruminaja Ali x Bint Deenaa


Kaborr+++ x Edjora

The young 27-year-old Sheikh Hamad was stepping foot on the famed showgrounds of Earl Warren for the first time. He was hired to bring the family-owned and operated Al Shaqab Stud into a higher-profile organization. It was a task Sheikh Hamad took seriously. His quest initially began in Egypt and Europe. But what he saw in those WestWorld arenas was a stark contrast to what he knew back home, one that ultimately would alter the course of his future. The day that Michael and Sheikh Hamad met was fortuitous to say the least. In Michael’s barn, Sheikh Hamad saw stallions that were calm enough for children to feed sugar cubes to.

Here were the first pieces of possibility in strategy and planning for a generational breeding program that honored tradition while celebrating innovation. And most of all, in Michael he saw the powerful outcomes of marketing Arabian horses. A powerful alliance between the two men was formed during that Scottsdale show, one that encapsulated a common vision backed by fearless courage and a deep personal friendship. One of Michael’s first major chess moves for Al Shaqab was a group of auspicious mares he had hand-selected in 1994 as foundation mares for its new breeding program. In the group was the incomparable Polish mare, and 1982 U.S. National Champion Mare Kajora. .

A HT Abroad

| 118 | Fall 2017

Gazal Al Shaqab Anaza El Farid x Kajora

A HT Abroad

| 119 | Fall 2017

Gazal Al Shaqab

Anaza El Farid x Kajora

A HT Abroad

| 120 | Fall 2017

Prior to Kajora, Al Shaqab’s self-proclaimed “family breeding program” bred only straight Egyptians, as did most of the Middle East. At the time, it only made sense. It made for a striking sight: large herds of grey mares in their desert homeland, with shrieks of stallions, also grey, from within the stallion barns. But Michael was designing something new in his mind, something greater than what the world currently knew either in America or the Middle East. Bringing a Polish mare bred in America into the straight Egyptian beauty programs of the Middle East was a pivotal moment. As history would have it, Kajora was open at the time of purchase … cycling, as a matter of fact. She needed to be bred quickly. Was it fate in that moment that altered the course of history, or brilliance? In either case, Michael, along with noted horsewoman Eileen Verdieck, advised Sheikh Hamad that the beautiful straight Egyptian stallion he admired, Anaza El Farid, would be the perfect choice for Kajora (this landmark decision would later set in stone the now-famous breeding choice of crossing Polish and Egyptian bloodlines). The mating worked, producing Gazal Al Shaqab, the first major foal/show horse/stallion produced at Al Shaqab (and one of the first Qatar-bred bay Arabians, in contrast to their usual greys and blacks). His silhouette was distinctive, yet shockingly stunning. His length of leg, back and neck were harmoniously balanced, with a lean athletic hip and shoulder, and a lusciously beautiful face. That advice likely came from Michael’s rooted belief that an Arabian horse—be it halter or performance—be both beautiful and balanced. The silhouette of Gazal Al Shaqab became the new standard. In short order, he solitarily altered the phenotype for the modern Arabian horse. He and his progeny started defining their empire in both the show ring and the breeding shed beginning with the 2001 World Championships, where Gazal Al Shaqab was named World Champion Stallion and his son, Marwan Al Shaqab, was named World Champion Colt. It was hard to believe that that was just the

Marwan Al Shaqab

Gazal Al Shaqab x Little Liza Fame

beginning. A dynasty was in the throes of creation.

A HT Abroad

| 121 | Fall 2017

Marwan Al Shaqab

Gazal Al Shaqab x Little Liza Fame

A HT Abroad

| 122 | Fall 2017

Gazal Al Shaqab was singularly responsible for the new silhouette. However, Marwan Al Shaqab took his legacy to heights unseen. Unbelievably, Marwan was named the leading sire at the World Championships for an unprecedented five consecutive years between 2007 and 2012. His prominent sons, Khalil Al Shaqab, Hariry Al Shaqab and Wadee Al Shaqab, have created their own significant legacies on the world stage in recent years as well. What’s more, while on lease to Poland, Gazal Al Shaqab sired some of the most beautiful mares ever produced at Janów Podlaski or Michalów State Stud, as evidenced by World Champions Pianissima and Emandoria. This achievement cannot be overstated, as these two famous state studs are unarguably considered amongst some of the finest breeding programs in the history of the Arabian breed. In the end, suffice it to say, Gazal Al Shaqab modernized the breeding programs within the state studs of Poland. Gazal Al Shaqab … and now his son Marwan Al Shaqab, can be found in an astounding high percentage of Arabian pedigrees around the world today, and rank among the great Arabian horses of all time alongside such names as Nazeer, *Bask, and others.

Michael and Sheikh Hamad with Marwan Al Shaqab at the 2008 All Nations Cup, Aachen

A HT Abroad

| 123 | Fall 2017

Hariry Al Shaqab

Marwan Al Shaqab x White Silkk

A HT Abroad

| 124 | Fall 2017

Because of his deep connection to Gazal, one will find Michael regularly celebratory of the success Gazal progeny are enjoying in every world arena, regardless of if he is at the end of the lead or not. This is evidenced by a recent statement given by renowned and beloved judge, Peter Cameron, who remarked, “I always appreciated that [Michael] never complained about my judging if he wasn’t the winner. I also like that he doesn’t overshow.” Just as Dr. Eugene LaCroix will be forever intertwined with *Bask, Sheila Varian with Bay El Bey, and Judi Forbis to *Ansata Ibn Halima, Michael Byatt will be intrinsically linked to that of the world of Gazal Al Shaqab, as will Sheikh Hamad. And what of the contribution of the long line of horses in Michael’s Arabian horse journey … horses like Silfaun, the gelding Michael rode to a national championship in western pleasure in 1980 as a 22-year-old; the black *Aladdinn daughter Ddinnerka, Michael’s first Scottsdale halter champion; the multi-national English and driving champion, JA Rave Review … they most certainly are a demonstrative part of the Gazal legacy as well, as they each influenced Michael’s vision for what a beautiful Arabian horse can—and should— be. What’s more, each of those integral, provocative horses uniquely express the degree to which Michael was pledged to this breed from day one. And they led him to Gazal. It is a beautiful example of staying true to the journey of life, and the great results that can happen if you only have the courage to dream it, do it, and then enjoy the ride.

Pictured top to bottom: Ddinnerka (Aladdinn x Blue Bierka) at The Scottsdale Horse Show. JA Rave Review (Box Office x Bint Jabar) at the 1994 U.S. National Championships. Silfaun (Silver Drift x Farnina) at the 1980 U.S. National Championships.

A HT Abroad

| 125 | Fall 2017

Al Adeed Al Shaqab

Ansata Halim Shah x Sundar Alisayyah

A HT Abroad

| 126 | Fall 2017

In New Ulm, all the way across the world, sits an annex of Al Shaqab blood. While one living in New Ulm influences that in Doha, Qatar, one living in Doha, Qatar, influences that in New Ulm. The partnership of Michael Byatt and Sheikh Hamad led to the crowning of not one, but two World Champion stallions with Michael at the lead: Marwan Al Shaqab and Al Adeed Al Shaqab. Sheikh Hamad is quick to share his feelings that America’s love for the world of Gazal has a tremendous amount to do with the success of the Gazal/Marwan legacy. This personifies the global appeal of the Arabian horse, and just how universal it is today. This worldly quality was poignantly evidenced at the 2017 Arabian Breeders World Cup, when H.H. Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani, founder and owner of Al Shaqab, was deservedly honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award by the show. In a poignant moment, Sheikh Hamad stood to accept the award on His Highness’s behalf, Michael standing proudly next to him … two men who have both been recipients of His Highness’s great philanthropic efforts, especially Sheikh Hamad. It was an unforgettable picture. The team of Michael Byatt and Sheikh Hamad are now forming yet a new nucleus at Michael Byatt Arabians to carry this relationship forward. The stallion barn heralds the likes of Hariry Al A quiet moment at home with Gazal Al Shaqab.

Shaqab, Kahil Al Shaqab and Fadi Al Shaqab, in addition to the three greats: Al Adeed Al Shaqab, Marwan Al Shaqab and Gazal Al

Shaqab. Three generations in the Gazal/Marwan Legacy stand in those stalls, representing historic proportions of some of the greatest semen available in the world. Michael is such a true horseman, that the global blanketing from Marwan and Gazal has produced him a depth of eternal pride rooted not in ego, but in that which is found in the connection of a true and passionate horseman.

A HT Abroad

| 127 | Fall 2017

Fadi Al Shaqab

Besson Carol x Abha Myra

A HT Abroad

| 128 | Fall 2017

Kahil Al Shaqab

Marwan Al Shaqab x OFW Mishaahl

The professional success born out of Michael’s brilliant plan and Sheikh Hamad’s unconventional vision for Al Shaqab is unprecedented. And yet their personal friendship is perhaps the most inspiring. These are two men that always have each other’s backs. Whether in the show ring, as friends, or in business, their genuine affection for who the other stands for is indestructible and constant. They have shared laughs, travels, times of success and times of loss together, forever intertwined on this momentous journey. They are like two soldiers who have experienced a chapter of life so deeply together, that their bond is cemented in loyalty … to each other and to the Arabian horse. Like all good friends, when things get hard, they are there for each other. In every way, the team of Michael Byatt and Al Shaqab illustrates success; in the eyes of the Arabian horse world, they are a pair united in a heritage far greater than themselves. The Gazal/Marwan Legacy would not have been realized to its fullest degree without the mutual partnership of Michael and Sheikh Hamad. And yet, success is not simply what one accomplishes in life; moreover, it’s about what he/she inspires others to do. This story of partnership and leadership transcends Arabian horses. It exemplifies that we are better when we are together, to never settle for less than our passion. And it shows what can happen when people remain committed to what they love, have the courage to see it through, and end up changing the world. Thank you, Michael and Sheikh Hamad, for showing us the way. S A HT Abroad

| 129 | Fall 2017

Wadee Al Shaqab

Marwan Al Shaqab x OFW Mishaahl Pictured 2010

A HT Abroad

| 130 | Fall 2017

Al Adeed Al Shaqab

Ansata Halim Shah x Sundar Alisayyah

My relationship with Michael extends to more than 25 long years, which has witnessed friendship, trust and love for horses. He is one of the people who stand for their opinion even if they lose everything defending the truth – I haven’t seen anyone else harming themselves and their success in order to protect the safety of the horses. He stands strongly for the well-being of the horses and not to cause any harm to it, nor to subject it to prohibited substances. Michael is a person who believes in friendship and values it. This is what I experienced even during my illness. Many of my friends left me and didn’t even bother to ask, but Michael continued to ask and be truly concerned for me till today. He loves horses and is sincere to his friends. We have met many times, and I experienced true friendship with him. I don’t consider our relationship as business – rather we are partners in horse love. He is my friend and advisor, and I have achieved a lot of success with him, both in breeding and in shows. I wish he and his family continued health and well-being. ~ Sheikh Hamad bin Ali Al Thani ~ Al Shaqab Stud

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| 131 | Fall 2017

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| 185 | Fall 2017

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| 186 | Fall 2017

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| 187 | Fall 2017

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| 188 | Fall 2017

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| 189 | Fall 2017

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| 194 | Fall 2017

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| 195 | Fall 2017

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| 196 | Fall 2017




Junior Male Contender During 2017 European Show Season with Mr. Paolo Capecci

Gold Champion Junior Male, PSAIAHF (Title Show) 2016. Gold Champion Yearling Male, KAAHC Championship (A Show) 2015. Gold Champion Yearling Male, Mediterranean & Arab Countries Arabian horse Championship Menton (A Show) 2015. Silver Champion Yearling Male, All Nations Cup, Aachen (Title Show) 2015. Silver Champion Yearling Male, World Championship, Paris (Title Show) 2015.

www.alsayedstud.com info@alsayedstud.com Fax: +966 11 2155 022



www.alsayedstud.com info@alsayedstud.com Fax: +966 11 2155 022

2017 Filly




www.alsayedstud.com info@alsayedstud.com Fax: +966 11 2155 022

2017 Filly





Junior Male Contender During 2017 European Show Season with Mr. Paolo Capecci

Gold Champion Junior Male, PSAIAHF (Title Show) 2016. Gold Champion Yearling Male, KAAHC Championship (A Show) 2015. Gold Champion Yearling Male, Mediterranean & Arab Countries Arabian horse Championship Menton (A Show) 2015. Silver Champion Yearling Male, All Nations Cup, Aachen (Title Show) 2015. Silver Champion Yearling Male, World Championship, Paris (Title Show) 2015.

www.alsayedstud.com info@alsayedstud.com Fax: +966 11 2155 022

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| 201 | Fall 2017

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| 202 | Fall 2017

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| 204 | Fall 2017

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| 205 | Fall 2017

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| 206 | Fall 2017

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| 207 | Fall 2017

Mediterranean and Arab Countries Arabian Horse Championship An Elegant Understatement JULY


2 017



he green palm trees, sandy beach, shimmering blue sea, and yellow lemon groves provide a colorful and diverse environment for the Mediterranean and Arab Countries Arabian Horse Championship in Menton. The brightness of the sunlight once again underlined that the most Italianate and warmest town on the French Riviera bears the nickname “Pearl of France” rightly. In contrast to this flashy backdrop, the grey and white dress code was an elegant understatement this year. Even the VIP area followed the color theme with grey glimmering chandeliers hanging like in a grand ballroom. There was a time when movie fans made a pilgrimage to meet prominent figures in the French Rivera. Nowadays, people from all over the world wend their way to celebrate the beauty of the Arabian horse. For most of the year the town of Menton is a sleepy and tranquil place, but every year the town shows a real zest for life when it becomes the host of the show. This show offers something special; an electrifying, and at the same time, relaxed atmosphere. Everybody enjoyed themselves with energetic cheering for their favorite, surely trying to influence the team of five judges making their decisions. The quality of the championship classes was impressive and the competition strong; four times the judges voted unanimously! Christianne and Jean-Pierre Chazel, and their team really understand the essence of such a high-class event and then bring it to life with unforgettable moments and details year after year. Australian Arabian horse breeder Kristin Galea, who travelled a lot to American shows, visited Europe and Menton for the first time. “I love it,” Kristin says with a big smile. “The atmosphere is amazing; the horses simply beautiful. For such a small area, it is so intense, but the environment complements the horses, and all the people I have met are fantastic!”

A HT Abroad

| 208 | Fall 2017


Senior Males

Gold Champion Senior Male and Male Best in Show winner WADEE AL SHAQAB (Marwan Al Shaqab x OFW Mishaahl), B/O: Al Shaqab Stud – Member of Qatar Foundation Silver Champion Senior Male EXCALIBUR EA (Shanghai EA x Essence of Marwan EA), B: Equus Arabians, O: Al Saqran Stud Bronze Champion Senior Male VAN GOGH AM (Magnum Psyche x Ynazia HCF), B: Sally Bedeker, O: Asayel Stud A HT Abroad

| 209 | Fall 2017

Senior Females Gold Champion Senior Female and Female Best in Show winner SHIRIN BY AISHA (WH Justice x Aisha), B: Guriolo Andrea, O: Athbah Stud Silver Champion Senior Female DELIGHT’S DIVAH RB (Ajman Moniscione x Honey’s Delight RB), B: Adriana Espindola de Moura, O: Alsayed Stud Bronze Champion Senior Female GALERIDA (Shanghai EA x Galilea), B: SK Michalow, O: Albaydaa Farm A HT Abroad

| 210 | Fall 2017


Junior Males Gold Champion Junior Male FUERTE (Shanghai EA x Frymuszka), B: Jan Dobrzynski, O: Al Aalya Stud Silver Champion Junior Male NASEEM AL RASHEDIAH (Al Adeed Al Shaqab x Nabaweyyah Ezzain), B/O: Al Rashediah Stud Bronze Champion Junior Male CYCLONE OS (RFI Farid x Inspired Najla), B/O: Osterhof Stud

A HT Abroad

| 211 | Fall 2017

Junior Females

Gold Champion Junior Female MOZN ALBIDAYER (S.M.A.Magic One x Mattaharii), B/O: Albidayer Stud Silver Champion Junior Female D AJAYEB (RFI Farid x Lady Veronika), B/O: Dubai Arabian Horse Stud Bronze Champion Junior Female BELLADONNA AT (Wadee Al Shaqab x Om El Bellatrix), B/O: Al Thumama Stud A HT Abroad

| 212 | Fall 2017


Yearling Males Yearling Females

Gold Champion Yearling Male HL EL GANADOR (HP Shakir TE x Lonco Bay Maria), B: Duch Matthei, O: Hanaya Stud

Gold Champion Yearling Female SWEIRA ALJASSIMYA (S.M.A.Magic One x Baraka MP), B/O: Aljassimya Farm

Silver Champion Yearling Male RD HARENAADO (Hariry Al Shaqab x DM Endless Romance), B: Murray and Shirley Popplewell, O: Al Saqran Stud

Silver Champion Yearling Female D MUMAYYAZAH (FA El Rasheem x M Randy), B/O: Dubai Arabian Horse Stud

Bronze Champion Yearling Male PERSEUS OS (AJ Mardan x Jeunesse OS), B: Osterhof Stud, O: Albaydaa Farm

Bronze Champion Yearling Female HAIFA ED (Kahil Al Shaqab x Prestic), B: Nasser Bin Abdul Al Fowsaan, O: Alsayed Stud

A HT Abroad

| 213 | Fall 2017

Photos by Jan Kan

Living History Pyramid Society Europe’s 30th Anniversary

by Susanne BĂ–sche


ll straight Egyptian Arabians are living histories. There is a lot of talk about the relevance of studying pedigrees. Why does it matter what happened long ago? What values do we derive from it? The answer is easy, because history is inevitable; it is present in all that we do and is the great force which the straight Egyptian Arabians of the present carry within themselves. Up to now, the straight Egyptian Arabian is based on the foundation of Egyptian rulers, who recognized the monumental and inexhaustible heritage of these horses. Mohammed Ali (1769-1849), Ibrahim Pasha (1789-1848) and Abbas Pasha (1813-1854) searched for the most exquisite horses on the Arabian Peninsula and imported them to Egypt. Abbas Pasha, the grandson of Mohammed Ali, showed an especially great interest in the origins of his horses.

Prof. Siegfried Paufler, honorary chairman.

The straight Egyptian Arabians of nowadays are based on this unique gene pool. It is a remarkable legacy, and the breeders of today are aware of their responsibility to protect it. They have retained a necessary respect in dealing with creation and cultural achievements and have preserved the noble straight Egyptian Arabian. A HT Abroad

| 214 | Fall 2017

The straight Egyptian Arabian saw a period of blossoming and new interest in their lines and history in both the USA and Europe during the 1970s and 80s. What began as an informal gathering of those breeders—who exchanged ideas and shared a desire to preserve the straight Egyptian Arabian—ended with the conclusion that the existing breed shows were too hectic and did not provide the right atmosphere. That is how the Egyptian Event Europe (EEE) came into being in the beautiful palace garden at Wiesbaden in 1985, even before the Pyramid Society Europe (PSE) was founded and the first Almanach book was published. For the first time, the cultural heritage of the horse was shown to a wide audience in such an elegant setting, without judging and without any commotion. The presentation of stud farms, stallion parades, and information tents combined with art and antiques turned out to be the right decision as more than 10.000 visitors came to this first EEE. It was simply consistent that a group of wise men sat down and founded the PSE in Germany in 1987. Passionate breeders like Günter W. Seidlitz, Dr. Hans-Joachim Nagel, Willy Poth, Wolfgang Eberhardt and Unika Puppe formed the first Executive Board, supported by a range of dedicated breeders throughout Europe. The EEE remains the prominent showpiece of the PSE, although it has now turned into a show with a judging system. Nevertheless, the annual EEE is a meeting point for straight Egyptian Arabian breeders and enthusiasts from around the globe. The annals of the PSE would not be complete without a trip back into the 1990s. After the early death of Günter W. Seidliz in 1995, the PSE sank into a slumber, before Professor Siegfried Paufler used a lot of effort to re-activate it again a few years later. Paufler never tired of reminding each and every one why it is important to keep the straight Egyptian Arabians pure; to preserve the ancient cultural heritage of the former Bedouin horses of Arabia. He appealed to the sense of responsibility in all straight Egyptian breeders to preserve and care for this precious cultural asset, documented in more Alamanchs. For 30 years, the society’s members find support in discussing the various problems and challenges that breeders of straight Egyptian Arabians are faced with in today’s globalized world. The PSE offers orientation and guidelines, exchange of experiences, educational seminars or investigation of Arabian horses in other countries; making Straight Egyptian Arabian breeding a fascinating purpose against the backdrop of a unique history.

A HT Abroad

| 215 | Fall 2017

Egyptian Event Europe T

Inspiration, Love And Lessons

by Susanne BÖsche

he golden rays of the late afternoon sun sparkled on the newly awarded rosettes of the champions under the enthusiastic and cheering supporters. The championships were only one of the highlights of the Egyptian Event Europe at Castle Dyck. It proved once again, that it is more than just another show, but an important platform filled with lessons inspired by the love for the straight Egyptian Arabian.

Just the motor sounds of the “Classic Days” for old and exclusive cars around Castle Dyck faded away when no less fashionable Arabian horses conquered the castle’s park with their charm, type and fiery expressions. Following its successful premiere in 2016, the Egyptian Event Europe, organized on behalf of the Pyramid Society Europe’s Heike and Manfred Hain, were invited back to the Castle Dyck in Jüchen, Lower Rhine. The English landscaped park, with its old trees still looks just as it did in the 19th century and surrounds one of the most culturally and historically important moated castles in North Rhine-Westphalia. With outer baileys and courts, it is spread over four islands. In the charming setting of this unique venue, the Arabian horses weren’t the only thing that stood out.

A HT Abroad

| 216 | Fall 2017

Inspiring Lessons Everybody knows the Egyptian Event Europe has established itself as a social meeting point for enthusiasts of the straight Egyptian Arabian from Europe and abroad. You see people—thrilled by the high quality and strong competition—who you would never meet at other shows. In addition, the board of the Pyramid Society Europe (PSE) tries to organize an interesting lecture. “This year, we invited a distinguished expert in the field of straight Egyptian Arabians, thanks to financial support from Kuwait’s state stud Bait Al Arab,” says Bettina von Kameke, President of the PSE. “We were honored and proud that Judith Forbis made the long trip from the United States to our event to talk about her life-long breeding venture and share the background stories of her new book, Ansata Hejazi – Born To Rule.” Forbis captivated her audience, not talking about details of her horses or certain strains, but about divine coincidences and history repeating itself, with the Arabian horse scene making no exception. It was an emotional journey through nearly 60 decades, while the Grande Dame reminded participants that the straight Egyptian Arabians offer so much more than being “just” breeding horses. “The breeding of horses is an art and all the arts are interconnected ... all have a truth, beauty, harmony, rhythm, substance and form,” Judith Forbis says. “Keep in touch with the roots of your beginnings. Go groom and stroke the horse. Go riding. No breeder is an island. We need each other if this breed is to flourish in today’s modern and fast changing age.” This speech did true justice to its title, “Inspiring Lessons,” and provided food for thought and contemplation.

The Mares

The quality and atmosphere were incredible once again, with the official start of the show, including participants from 13 nations. Among the international line-up were three horses from the Principal and State Stud Marbach, who also sent three of their straight Egyptian stallions for a presentation under saddle. Musab, a bay NK Bolbol son, and Naoufil, by Mahadin, representing the two dam lines Moheba and Nadja respectively, performed a pas de deux. Naoufil came back later to present his show jumping abilities, while a third stallion, Mamlakee, by DF Malik Jamil, worked on the long rein. The mare classes were exceptional. There was so much beauty, starting with the stars of tomorrow and followed by a line-up of divine senior mares. Rarely does one see such debonair sculpted heads, all worthy of wearing one of the dainty diamond-encrusted halters presented by Animal Style, a world premiere. From the Halls of Hanaya came the reigning U.S. Egyptian Event Unanimous Gold Champion Senior Mare, Wadad Zamani, to compete once again and achieving the highest points of all females, and therefore, the title Best in Show – Female. Wadad Zamani is a grey daughter of the magnificent stallion Laheeb, from the unbroken line of grey influential sires like Imperial Imdal, Ansata Imperial, Ansata Ibn Sudan and back to Ansata Ibn Halima and Nazeer. Zena Al Buraq, Wadad Zamani’s dam, is a paternal granddaughter of Al Maraam and traces back to the famous Rodania through valuable Om El Saad. The Senior Mare Championship was not an easy task for the judges considering such beauties. In the end, the Sinan

A HT Abroad

| 217 | Fall 2017

Al Rayyan daughter Shalwa, proudly owned by Al Danat Stud, Kuwait, received gold. Shalwa’s pedigree is heavily influenced by the Dahman Shawan lines through Bukra and Halima; the glistening white mare tracing back in tail female to the Hadban Enzahiyah Yosreia, who gave the world the incredible Aswan. The Junior Filly Championship saw a tie, but Hanaya Amirah succeeded thanks to higher points for type and head. This two-year-old Kenz Al Baydaa filly is another gem bred and housed by the Halls of Hanaya in Switzerland. Hanaya Amirah’s dam, Ameerat Al Hejra, is a precious daughter of Nader Al Jamal and represents the Zaafarana family. Al Fala Stud, Saudi-Arabia, is the breeder and owner of Sheika Al Fala, EEE Gold Champion Yearling Filly. An elegant Jamil Al Rayyan daughter out of Maysuna Guasimo, by Al Adeed Al Shaqab, and back to El Aziza, who was exported from Egypt to establish a fine family at the Hungarian state stud farm Babolna. The evening saw another inspiring lecture, this time held by Bettina von Kameke, marking the 30th anniversary of the Pyramid Society Europe. Her words were underlined by a photo show. The Seidlitz family and Carola Toischel found some treasures from former EEE shows in their archives. You often heard comments like, “Oh, I remember this!” among those attending. It was notable how the photos of Erwin Escher’s—passionate breeder and photographer, who left this world way too early in 2016—filled many a teary eye. Some are not replaceable.

The Stallions

Early visitors used the time on Sunday morning to discover the little exhibition of paintings by German artist and illustrator Ursula Lixfeld (aka Ulix), who celebrated her 80th birthday this year. Living in Schleswig-Holstein, Lixfeld enjoyed numerous exhibitions in galleries

A HT Abroad

| 218 | Fall 2017

throughout Europe. She has illustrated more than 40 books, designed envelopes, and designed scientific panels for the Duden. Her works are in private collections at homes and abroad and in the German Horse Museum (Verden). In 2001, Lixfeld achieved first place for the International Art Prize - Arabian Horses. In addition to painting, drawing, erasing and modeling, she has written numerous books, including stories and poems. Although her horse pictures, studies and scenes have become well known, Lixfeld’s motif selections are far more varied: biographical, mythological or flowering landscapes and gardens show their interest and commitment and their joy in beauty. Ulix uses a wide range of work and stylistic means, never one to be pushed into a particular art direction. From very light and delicate artwork to impressive stallions with a fiery personality was what those in attendance were confronted with as soon as the first colts entered the ring later on that day, and the atmosphere was electrifying. The energized crowd cheered on their favorite while the team of judges made their decisions. Al Fala Stud was again successful with Helal Al Fala, garnering Gold Champion Yearling Colt. Helal Al Fala’s dam is LF Aliah Bint Adeed, combining the blood of Al Adeed Al Shaqab with PVA Kariim and tracing back to the impeccable producer Magidaa from the Obeya Om Grees strain. Helal Al Fala’s sire, the valued Ansata Nile Echo, is another great one who left this world too early. The EEE also saw the excellent influence of Ansata Nile Echo, born on the green fields of Arkansas and proudly owned by Al Naif Stud, Qatar, not only in Helal Al Fala. “We at Al Naif are honored and proud to have won the Best Sire Award at this prestigious event with Ansata Nile Echo,” comments Glenn Jacobs, manager of Al Naif Stud. Turning heads in every ring he enters, it is clear that Gold Champion Junior Colt Ezz Al Danat, proudly owned by Al Danat Stud, Kuwait, will be entertaining future crowds. He brings honor to his dam, Shalwa. Shamekh Al Danat, by Ajmal Al Kout, is the sire of this three-year-old colt. The final and most anticipated decision of the show was the Senior Stallion Championship. Dubai Arabian Horse Stud, UAE, has plenty of gems in its stables, among them straight Egyptian treasures like the Barraq El Aliya son, Asfoor Al Waab, who wowed the judges and garnered Gold Champion Senior Stallion at six years old. A grandson of the immortal Ashhal Al Rayyan through his sire, Asfoor Al Waab is out of Sara Aljazira, by Adnan and Ansata Selma, tracing back to the delicate producer, Ansata Samantha, on both sides of his pedigree. It was Adham Saqr, who won the title Best In Show – Male, thanks to the highest points of all stallions. Just one more accomplishment on the already long list of titles won by Adham Saqr and everyone at Elfarida Stud, Egypt, surely is aware that he is quite the special mount, both on paper and in form. The Imperial Madori son is out of the elusive Ameera Saqr, by Alidaar and back to Ansata Sabiha. Straight Egyptian horse lovers worldwide can’t wait until 2018, to come back for another inspiring Egyptian Event Europe to Castle Dyck.

A HT Abroad

| 219 | Fall 2017


Gold Champion Senior Stallion ASFOOR AL WAAB (Barraq El Aliya x Sara Aljazira), owned by Dubai Arabian Horse Stud.

Gold Champion Senior Mare SHALWA (Sinan Al Rayyan x Al Galyla), owned by Al Danat Stud.

Gold Champion Junior Colt EZZ AL DANAT (Shamekh Al Danat x Shalwa), owned by Al Danat Stud.

Gold Champion Junior Filly HANAYA AMIRAH (Kenz Al Baydaa x Ameerat Al Hejra), owned by Hanaya Arabians.

Gold Champion Yearling Colt HELAL AL FALA (Ansata Nile Echo x LF Aliah Bint Adeed), owned by Al Fala Stud.

Gold Champion Yearling Filly SHEIKA AL FALA ( Jamil Al Rayyan x Maysuna Guasimo), owned by Al Fala Stud.

Best In Show Male winner, Al Farida Stud’s ADHAM SAQR.

Best In Show Female winner, Hanaya Arabians’ WADAD ZAMANI.

A HT Abroad

| 220 | Fall 2017

26-27, August 2017

Schloss Dyck, Juchen, Germany Champion Senior Stallions

Gold: ASFOOR AL WAAB (Barraq El Aliya x Sara Aljazira), O: Dubai Arabian Horse Stud Silver: ADHAM SAQR (Imperial Madori x Ameera Saqr), O: Al Farida Stud Bronze: NADEED AL NAIF (Ebtiyaj Al Naif x Arqah Al Naif ), O: Hanaya Arabians

Champion Junior Colts

Gold: EZZ AL DANAT (Shamekh Al Danat x Shalwa), O: Al Danat Stud Silver: HILAL AL WAAB (Sinan Al Rayyan x Sharubi HP), O: Al Rowdha Stud Bronze: ABHAA HARRAN (Ajmal Farid x Noelya), O: Abhaa Arabians

Champion Yearling Colts

Gold: HELAL AL FALA (Ansata Nile Echo x LF Aliah Bint Adeed), O: Al Fala Stud Silver: PSE AL JABBAR (PSE Al Rakhan x Imperial Baaleena), O: Prestige BVBA Bronze: HANAYA HABIB EL EZZ (Ezz Ezzain x HF Imtoxicating), O: Hanaya Arabians

Champion Senior Mares

Gold: SHALWA (Sinan Al Rayyan x Al Galyla), O: Al Danat Stud Silver: WADAD ZAMANI (Laheeb Imperial Imdal x Zena Al Buraq Al Manar), O: Hanaya Arabians Bronze: D OMNIA (Frasera Mashar x Royal Emira), O: Dubai Arabian Horse Stud

Champion Junior Fillies

Gold: HANAYA AMIRAH (Kenz Al Baydaa x Ameerat Al Hejra), O: Hanaya Arabians Silver: AB FARIDAH (DF Malik Jamil x Bint Farid Nile Moon), O: Abhaa Arabians Bronze: TURKIZ AA (Al Ayal AA x JPJ Talsasha), O: Al Baydaa Stud

Champion Yearling Fillies

Gold: SHEIKA AL FALA ( Jamil Al Rayyan x Maysuna Guasimo), O: Al Fala Stud Silver: MEHAIRJA AL RAYYAN (Al Adeed Al Shaqab x Nashua Al Rayyan), O: Al Rayyan Farm Bronze: AMBERA AL SHAQAB (Ansata Nile Echo x Dawlah Al Shaqab), O: Al Shaqab Stud

A HT Abroad

| 221 | Fall 2017


Egyptian Event Europe



Ajman Stud............................................................................................ 9-13

Idol’s Eye Arabians.......................................................... 44-45 BE-DE-NL

Al Baydaa Stud....................................................................................... 101


Al Jood Stud....................................................................................106, 107

Jadem Arabians................................................................ 24-27 BE-DE-NL

Al Nasser Stud.........................................................................................4, 5


Al Thumama Stud............................................................................... 23-25 Albidayer Stud........................................................................................ BC Alsayed Stud............................................................................... 7, 197-200 Arab Elite Arabian Horses......................................................................132 Arabesque...............................................................................31 BE-DE-NL Arabian Expressions............................................................................26, 27 Arabian Horse Global Network..............................................................103

Midwest.............................................................................................. 17-22

N Noel-Verhofstadt....................................................................17 BE-DE-NL

O Oak Ridge Arabians............................................................................ 17-22 Obi Training Center..................................................... 102, 8-9 BE-DE-NL

ArcticTern......................................................................... 22-23 BE-DE-NL

Osterhof Stud................................................................... 34-37 BE-DE-NL

Ariela Arabians....................................................................................98, 99



PeKa Arabians................................................................. 46-47 BE-DE-NL

Beloveds Farm....................................................................................IFC, 1


Bin Hamilah Stud...........................................................................232-IBC

Rothenberg Stud.............................................................. 38-39 BE-DE-NL



CME Arabian Equities........................................................................26, 27

Schoukens Training Center.................................. 14, 15, 14-15 BE-DE-NL Sixtus Arabians................................................................ 10-11 BE-DE-NL

D Detailleur Family...................................................................12 BE-DE-NL

Somar Arabians......................................................................16 BE-DE-NL

Dion Arabians...................................................................... 4-7 BE-DE-NL

Southern Chariot Stud.........................................................................14, 15



Flaxman Arabians..................................................................29 BE-DE-NL

The Kossack Stud..................................................................41 BE-DE-NL

Florentina Arabians................................................................13 BE-DE-NL


Forelock’s Arabians......................................................... 42-43 BE-DE-NL

Uri Shaked Training Center....................................................................100

Frank Sponle Show Training........................................... 32-33 BE-DE-NL



VanDuyvenbode Family.................................................48-IBC BE-DE-NL

Glenn Jacobs.................................................................... 18-19 BE-DE-NL

VDB Arabians........................................................................20 BE-DE-NL

Gregor Aymar Photography......................................................................16



Wenche Roef – Kubination....................................................28 BE-DE-NL

Hanaya Arabian Stud..FC, 2, 3, 29-31, 33, 34, 1-24Hanaya (35-58).59, 60


Hennessey Arabians........................................................................ 223-230

Zacatos Arabians....................................................................21 BE-DE-NL

A HT Abroad

| 222 | Fall 2017

In this issue:

The Land Frank Hennessey Built ...

See what’s happening today and why this Arabian Horse attraction is bringing everyone to Florida!

A HT Abroad

| 223 | Fall 2017

Hennessey Arabians has captured the heart and wonder of nearly every person that has visited since its inception in 2007. Frank Hennessey’s dream of building a

‘heaven of horses’

has been realized, while the unexpected consequence of his effort has turned the 93-acre farm into a place that many now refer to as HennesseyLand, a magical kingdom for those who are inspired by their love of the horse.

Above: Farm manager George Z and the iconic grey mares of Hennessey Arabians. Facing page: H Paipur H (Jaipur El Perseus x Paloma De Jamaal, by Soho Carol).

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| 224 | Fall 2017

Hennessey Arabians is known as one of the top Arabian horse breeding farms in the Southeast Region, located in the heart of the “Horse Capital of the World™,” Ocala, Fla., which Ocala/Marion County officially named in 2007, a testament to the county’s unique involvement in all things equestrian and its record of producing some of the finest champions in the country. With a beautiful, mild climate all year long and soil rich with limestone calcium for strong bones, Ocala is home to more horses than anywhere else in the country. The Hennessey breeding program was founded on the bloodlines of pure Polish and Polish-related halter horses, and has beautifully transformed into a program that offers a horse for every home and a home for every horse. In 2014, Frank acquired full ownership of the Regional and National winning English pleasure and park stallion, H Mobility H. A number of mares were purchased to produce top English pleasure offspring, as well as a few Saddlebreds to begin the Half-Arabian English division of Hennessey Arabians. Late in 2014, the Jaipur Initiative was formed for the double Ali Jamaal-bred stallion, Jaipur el Perseus. The foundation of the Hennessey herd was built on Polish bloodlines because conformation, structure and athleticism was of the utmost importance to Frank and Farm Manager and advisor, George Z. The introduction of other bloodlines such as Jaipur el Perseus into the program has created an enhancement of refinement and beauty to the Polish foundation. As a result of the quality Hennessey-bred foals sired by Jaipur, Hennessey Arabians has experienced tremendous growth in the international Arabian horse community. Jaipur currently stands at Jadem Arabians in Belgium with Christine Jamar who has successfully sold multiple breedings and several high priced Jaipur el Perseus foals in Europe for Hennessey.

HennesseyLand–Indeed, A Magical Kingdom by RIYAN RIVERO

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| 225 | Fall 2017

2017 REGION XII CHAMPIONS H EMERSON H Spotlight Futurity Champion Auction Colt with Phillip Del Pozzo H RAFAEL H Futurity Champion 2-Year-Old Gelding with Katie Hendrickson Reserve Champion 2-Year-Old Gelding with Mike Wilson H AMOUR H Spotlight Futurity Champion Hunter Pleasure Maturity ATR and Top Five ATR with Alexandra Cona Top Five Hunter Pleasure Junior Horse with Peri Wilson H CAPTIVATION H Reserve Champion Western Pleasure AATR with Alexandra Cona H ALOUETTE H Spotlight Futurity Reserve Champion Yearling Filly with Rob Janecki H EMBITION H Spotlight Futurity Top Ten 2-Year-Old Filly with Rob Janecki Top Five 2-Year-Old Filly with Mike Wilson H MOTIVITY H Spotlight Futurity Top Five English Pleasure with Mary Trowbridge H MOCCA H Spotlight Futurity Top Five Hunter Pleasure Maturity 5-Year-Old ATR with Jayme Martino H PISTAL H Spotlight Futurity Top Ten Auction Yearling Colt with Katie Hendrickson H PATRICIA H Spotlight Futurity Top Ten 2-Year-Old Filly with Katie Hendrickson H ENTHRALL H Spotlight Futurity Top Ten Auction Yearling Colt with Jacob Wilson Spotlight Futurity Top Ten Yearling Colt with Alexandra Cona

Pictured clockwise: H Rafael H (Jaipur El Perseus x CA Rufflesnlace), H Emerson H (AJ Thee Luca x H Entrique H), Jenny White from Wilson Training and Bloodstock, and H Alouette H (Jaipur El Perseus x H Allure H).

When asked what event in the Southeast has had the most impact on the farm, Frank responded, “The Region XII Championships and Spotlight Futurity is a major event for the Hennessey program, as is the Thanksgiving Show in Tampa. I have been particularly influenced by the camaraderie, support and respect for each others programs displayed by breeders and competitors at these shows. As the founder of the popular Weanling class at the Thanksgiving show that offers breeders an opportunity to showcase their foals with no pressure—no posing, and no hard stand up—I look forward to the show each year. Mike Wilson, Peri Wilson, and Mary Trowbridge have played valuable roles in the success of our horses at these events, including our title as the Spotlight Breeder of Distinction for three years in a row.” The Breeder of Distinction award is one that Frank refers to as the highest honor and recognition of the Hennessey program. Region 12 is the largest geographical region in the country. It creates an opportunity for breeders to compete against some of the world’s finest Arabian horses, while the Spotlight Futurity encourages all breeders to participate by rewarding stallion owners as well as breeders when they get involved in the program. The ever-growing payouts, recognition of breeders, and quality stallions has made it a very important program for the Arabian community as a whole.

H PAIPUR H Spotlight Futurity Top Ten Yearling Filly with Katie Hendrickson H CIR LAWRENCE H Spotlight Futurity Top Ten Yearling Colt with Katie Hendrickson H ABACUS H Spotlight Futurity Top Ten Yearling Colt with Amelia Hruban A HT Abroad

| 226 | Fall 2017

In January of 2016, Hennessey Arabians stepped out of the box and held an online auction of some of their quality breeding stock. Inspired by Frank’s mantra, “a horse for every home and a home for every horse,” the project was an effort to reach a market that is otherwise hard to conquer. What set the idea apart was, the horses were auctioned online without the use of traditional Arabian horse auction companies. There were no reserves set and the bulk of the horses offered were proven breeding stock and/or show horses. The team brainstormed about ways to break the traditional mindset that online auctions are for “throw away” horses that an owner or breeder found no value in. Frank is proud of every horse he breeds and strongly believes that each of them holds value to someone, be it a foundation to a future breeding program or a best friend to someone in need. His desire to reach others with his infectious love of the Arabian horse inspired the team to hold an online auction with quality horses available at affordable prices all over the world. To date, they have held two very successful production auctions online and are preparing their third for August 10th–12th, 2017. A few of the success stories from buyers of the online auctions include Rob Janecki and Joe Alberti, who purchased the beautiful daughter of Jaipur el Perseus, Mahadevi o in the first auction. She has since won two Regional Championships and placed 3rd at the U.S. Nationals. They bred her to Miracle of Marwan and were overwhelmed with joy over the exceptional filly she produced for them. Barbara Banoff bought a mare in the first auction and two more in the second. She told Frank she’d have bought more had she not been outbid on multiple other horses she had her eye on. Barbara shared on Facebook, “… so far as I could tell, Hennessey Arabians doesn’t have any low quality horses!” There is nothing more satisfying to Frank and his team than to see Hennessey-bred horses excelling with their new owners.

Pictured top to bottom: H Entuition H (Bey Ambition x RD Enzarra) George Z and Pepesza (Eukaliptus x Pestka) Sashaa LHT (El Nabila B x Giovanna JM) and her foal by Equator PASB, H Sandor H.

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| 227 | Fall 2017

American Saddlebred, Crystal Bay

H Mobility H (MHR Nobility x RY Fire Ghazi)

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| 228 | Fall 2017

“Their experience is true love! These are the stories that need to be told. A video game will not give you that special feeling. It is magical.”

~ Frank Hennessey

The entire team at Hennessey Arabians shares a common goal: to share the love of the Arabian horse across the globe. The powerful emotion that an Arabian horse calls to the surface of people from all walks of life remains a mystery to those who have not experienced it. Arabians speak to our hearts, nurture our souls and lovingly guide us through difficult situations. During the 2013 Arabian Celebration Show in Kentucky, Kimberly Marie Jarvis, the Arabian Celebration Show Committee and Pat and Mary Trowbridge arranged a visit to the Home of the Innocents in Louisville, with Hennessey’s own, Miz Vogue VA. Home of The Innocents offers a safe haven for at-risk children; pediatric medical care; clinical treatment services and therapeutic loving foster and adoption services. When the organizers of the Home of the Innocents shared that some of the children would not be able to attend the show, the ACS took the show to them. It was an opportunity for these fantastic children to meet, touch and connect with an Arabian horse! The excitement in these childrens eyes when Miz Vogue dropped her head in their arms was astonishing. Everyone was moved to emotion beyond explanation as she made her way around the circle of children, one by one allowing each of them to touch and kiss her. The expression in her eye was soft and kind as if she had a complete understanding for the hardships these children have faced and what it meant to them to be in her presence. A few years ago, Frank invited a friend and his wife to visit the farm with their daughter Belle on her birthday weekend. Belle has Autism. On a routine tour of the farm, Frank pointed out a mare that would likely give birth some time in the night. Belle was eager to be awakened if it were in fact to happen. At three in the morning, Frank awakened the family to witness the birth. Belle watched with wonder as the universe presented her with this beautiful little miracle. Thus began Belle’s love affair with the world of horses. As soon as she returned home, she asked if she could have one of her own. Months later, Frank thought of Belle after spending time with a 4-year-old Arabian gelding with one of the most loving personalities he’d ever come across. Belle’s parents accepted a generous gift of this kind, young gelding to Belle. His forever friend and companion, Belle refers to him as ‘Romeo’. Watching Belle and Romeo bond has been one of the most rewarding experiences of Frank’s life.

These stories only scrape the surface of endless emotional moments cherished by the Hennessey team. Hennessey Arabians will be hosting seminars at the farm with the intent of sharing the history, lifestyle and passion of the Arabian horse, near the end of 2017. The goal will be to provide visitors with a unique glimpse at the lifestyle we so deeply enjoy and to introduce Arabian horses to the vast number of visitors that tour the farm located in the heart of the ‘Horse Capital of the World’. Stay tuned for more information in the coming months. They say ‘time flies when you’re having fun’… Frank’s dream of building this spectacular ‘haven for horses’, now lovingly referred to as HennesseyLand, has been in business for 10 years. 100 horses sold, countless lives touched, and an undeniable passion for the love of the horse has indeed, made Hennessey Arabians a most ‘magical kingdom’.

Pictured top to bottom: Miz Vogue VA (Triften x Miz Margeaux V) visits Home of the Innocents in Louisville, KY. Belle and H Nability H (El Nabila B x Walsa El Ludjin), aka “Romeo”, at Hennessey Arabians. A HT Abroad

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Hennessey Arabian, LLC 12780 NW 35th Street Ocala, Florida 34482 Farm: 352.629.4931 Fax: 352-629-0561 www.HennesseyArabians.com

Frank Hennessey – Owner Cell: 313.407.2070 Frank@HennesseyArabians.com George Z - Manager Cell: 352.857.3384 George@HennesseyArabians.com Riyan Rivero - Public Relations Cell: 480.650.0731 RiyanHA@me.com

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(Kahil Al Shaqab x Vicenta TO)

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(Marwan Al Shaqab x Larissa, by Eukaliptus)

2017 Abu Dhabi International Silver Champion Mare 2017 Abu Dhabi National Silver Champion MareÂ

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(Kahil Al Shaqab x Caterina FM, by Da Vinci FM)

2017 AHO World Champion Silver Yearling Colt - Chantilly, France 2017 Dubai Bronze Yearling Colt 2017 Abu Dhabi National Local Yearling Golden Champion

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(AB Jamil La Piana x Caterina FM, by Da Vinci FM)

2017 Abu Dhabi Bronze Champion Stallion 2016 Ajman Gold Champion Stallion 2015 Dubai Silver Champion Colt 2014 Dubai Silver Champion Colt 2014 Abu Dhabi National Bronze Champion Colt 2013 Bouthib Yearling Champion Colt

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