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by Kara Larson As the owners of 5-year-old stallion Apalo, Jack and Elizabeth Milam have an interesting beginning to their Arabian story. Just a few years ago, the Arabian horse was well out of the picture; however, the pair was involved in breeding and showing a different species—bulldogs. Elizabeth was born into the sport of dog shows and Jack has been involved with show bulldogs for about 15 years. Besides breeding for the show ring, Elizabeth is also a judge of both Bulldogs and French Bulldogs, judging all over Europe and Central and South America, in addition to the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. Bulldogs and Arabians—definitely an interesting combination; and yet, Elizabeth finds similarities between the two that only someone close to both would

Elizabeth and Jack Milam with Apalo. 2 | Tu T To A r A b i /AHT

be cognizant. “Bulldogs are a very type-oriented breed. The head is the crowning glory, but there has to be equal strength in the body with balance being a key word. Arabians are similar in that regard. Bulldogs are very misunderstood by those who don’t own them—much like Arabians, who are also often mislabeled. The loyalty and devotion of fanciers of both are of a similar intensity level.” It was through their prized bulldogs that Elizabeth and Jack were introduced to the Arabian horse. “While at the French Bulldog National in Atlanta, our friend Perry Payson asked us to attend an Open House at Belvedere Farm,” says Elizabeth. “I would bug him about his Arabians every time I stood next to him in the dog show ring, so he knew we had some interest.” An interest in horses had always been present for Jack and Elizabeth, but it wasn’t until they were introduced to Arabians that it all came together. “I was a typical horse-obsessed kid for as long as I can remember. I always admired the Arabian breed, but I really knew little about them. Jack had Quarter Horses on and off his whole life. We attended Quarter Horse and Morgan Nationals in Oklahoma City, but for us, they were both just missing something.” Elizabeth continues, “it finally clicked when we were standing at the rail at Belvedere watching Tara Carpio and Sara Beth Womble showing off their show and sale string. I literally had tears in my eyes watching these beautiful horses. We realized that this is what we wanted to see at w w w . AHTimes . com

those horse shows. Two weeks later Jack announced that he purchased a beautiful Arabian gelding as our ‘starter horse.’” Jumping quickly from casual admirers to owners of one of the top stallions in the market makes for a whirlwind situation, but according to Elizabeth, it is hardly a surprise. “I would expect nothing else from Jack! We started off with the gelding then purchased a straight Egyptian mare and a yearling filly. Apalo came right after Scottsdale last year. He has been a wonderful horse to own—a very sweet temperament and fun to be around. He has a great win record, and so far appears to be meeting and possibly even exceeding his expectations as a sire. We have expanded our group of mares, which feature a variety of pedigrees in the hopes that we find the right niche with Apalo.” With the increase in horse numbers came the need for a different kind of expansion. “Regency Cove” is named after the cove at Lake of the Ozarks where the Milam’s lake house sits, and after expanding their existing ranch just south of Oklahoma City from one huge pasture to nine smaller pastures and a beautiful seven-stall barn, they also added the Scottsdale facility in March. Focusing again on Regency Cove’s main attraction— Apalo—trainer Greg Hazlewood offers his opinion on balance and type in conjunction with the stallion’s potential in the U.S. and internationally. “I think Apalo is going to be able to produce for many countries, but specifically in the U.S. for the European market. What he brings to the table in terms of type and balance will make him a horse that is appealing to the European and even Middle East market. Breeding-wise, we’re very pleased with the fact that he’s consistently producing short backs, very pretty eyes, ears, and faces on his babies.” Beyond owning and breeding a great stallion, the Milams have discovered a passion and new lifestyle within the Arabian breed. “We have met some really incredible people w w w . ahtimes . com

Apalo (Justify x Gloria Apal).

while also doing some serious rearranging of our social and dog show calendar. We are learning so much everyday about the breed and the horses we own. Our afternoons and evenings after work are spent almost exclusively with the horses, also spending a good deal of our spare time looking up pedigrees and Internet videos. We have a lot of learning to do and we really want to make sure we do right by the breed.” The Milams avid interest and enthusiasm for the Arabian horse is endearing and inspiring for all, and for Greg Hazlewood, he is very pleased with their attention to detail and desire to learn. “They are very willing and extremely gracious in doing what needs to be done in regard to what’s best for Apalo. They are brand new to the business, but they came in with so much enthusiasm and they have maintained it. I am blessed to have them as clients that have been beyond willing to bring Apalo to where he is today and I’m confident they will take him where he needs to be in the future.” n tu t to a r a b i /aht | 3

4 | Tu tto A r a b i /AHT

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w w w . ahtimes . com

Tu t to A r a b i /AHT | 5

6 | Tu tto A r a b i /AHT

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Tu t to A r a b i /AHT | 7

Takes Flight and Emerges as a Leading sire of Champions!

8 | TuT To A r Abi /AHT

(DA VAlentino x Sol nAtique, by SolStice)

w w w . AHTimes . com

Vitorio CelebrAtes his ChAmpion dAuGhters AGAin!

AJ Manayer Vitorio TO x Anna Marie BHF

2013 ArAbiAn breeders World Cup Gold supreme ChAmpion YeArlinG FillY 2013 sCottsdAle GrAnd ChAmpion Junior FillY 2013 unAnimous ChAmpion ArAbiAn ClAssiC YeArlinG FillY oF JAnuArY 1 - April 15 2012 ArAbiAn breeder FinAls Gold ChAmpion WeAnlinG FillY Owned by: HRH SHeikH AmmAR bin HumAid Al nuAmi • AjmAn Stud

Chantilly Lace


Formerly Bella Vitorio ORA

2013 reserve ChAmpion AhbA 1-YeAr-old FuturitY FillY 2013 reserve ChAmpion sCottsdAle siGnAture stAllion AuCtion YeArlinG FillY 2012 ArAbiAn breeder FinAls top Five WeAnlinG FillY

Vitorio TO x Raherra

Oa k R i d g e a R a b ia n s • w w w . ahtimes . com

tut to a r abi /aht | 9

Sandro Pinha Gil Valdez Pam Donnelly Tom Oben

480.226.0001 (cell) 480.226.7357 (cell) 480.414.8194 (cell) +32 479 95 44 67

Located at 28432 N 44th Street, Cave Creek, Arizona 85331

10 | Tu tto A r a b i /AHT

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PreParation, Presentation and marketing of the world’s most beautiful horses for the most renowned owners and breeders. Join us!

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n o w t o at t e n d t h e



e s r o H n a i b a Ar t n e v E n o i t a r Celt eIbs More Than Just A Horse Show! I

Please join us! September 18-21, 2013 Freedom Hall - louisville, Kentucky

"It was a thrill to be able to show in Freedom Hall again. A great idea – the Arabian horse business is in need of a Celebration."

— Sandro Pinha

Become a sponsor today! Several levels of sponsorships available: Benefactor Premium & Platinum show sponsor Gold & Silver corporate sponsor Visit our website for details

Arabian Celebration Benefits ... Louisville, KY

Premium BookS are online! For more information on events:

PH: 480-585-0739 • w w w. a r a b i a n c e l e b r at i o n . c o m 12 | Tu T To A r A b i /AHT

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World Cup Gold Champion l e G a C y F u t u r i t y y e a r l i n G F i l ly

USA Altima Shown by AdAm RickARt thAnk you to RicARdo RiveRo, And doyle & kAte deRtell.

Rahere x RA Khansuela, by *Khadraj NA

U n i g lo b e S e l e c t A r a b i a n s John Blincoe, 602.770.3958 • E-mail: • Scottsdale, Arizona

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S ired

H o R s E s

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Arabian Paradise At Lake Tahoe by Kara Larson Comfortably nestled at the base of the Sierra Nevada Mountains and surrounded by sprawling western grassland and evergreen trees, the “Home of the Horse� exists as a sanctuary of peace and relaxation. Presenting the chance to immerse oneself in the luxurious privacy of a mountain-view home with spacious and accommodating areas for friends, both human and equine, Villa Del Cavallo also enjoys the benefits of all that Lake Tahoe has to offer: skiing, golf, restaurants, boating, fishing and more—venues that people from all over the world come to experience. The laidback lifestyle of this property is embodied by an afternoon spent on the veranda sipping a beverage and watching horses graze on the unfenced natural grass pastures next to the home. A four seasons resort on its own, Villa Del Cavallo is available for purchase by the discerning horse lover. now offered for sale

call: 1-775-400-7443



SPACIOUS SYMMETRY Encompassing a total of 9,193 square ft. enclosed living space, Villa Del Cavallo opens on the focal point of the property— the main residence. Just behind this large space and entirely accessible under covered walkways, the property also branches out into two appartmentos, an exercise room and indoor spa, a wine vault with temperature controls, a cigar/tasting room with ventilation, secure storage, a maintenance shop, two vehicle garages, and, of course, 8 stable/paddocks with a separate shower and tack room. Entering the 4,000 square ft. main residence, the design calls on one to appreciate the beyond-the-ordinary aesthetic. The eye is drawn to the cruciform arched ceiling coming together from four directions to cover the entry vestibule. Looking through the curtains, the large atrium invites all to journey closer toward the soothing sound of the central stone fountain capped with a fourteen foot square skylight and two large Rumford fireplaces on either sidewall.

The coffered ceilings have large stone beams supported by Tuscan columns, allocating support uniformly in all four directions. Five bedrooms, consisting of four identical Guest Suites and one Master Suite all have a private bath and fireplace. Every room has individually controlled heating (hydronic–warm stone floors) and cooling (moisturized quiet forced air) as well as a fireplace for heating the old fashioned way. All of the rooms open to both the outside veranda and the inside atrium, so there are many venues perfect for entertaining.

2 Villa Del Cavallo | ArAbiAn Horse Times

Two kitchens, the first a large commercial type, is organized for serving larger groups, while the second is a smaller galley kitchen in the den, best for serving on the veranda. This large, furnished wrap-around veranda facilitates outdoor living for any occasion and time of year since the climate is incredibly mild, even in the winter. The main house also contains a large library conference room with mahogany built-in shelving and large capacity lateral file drawers. Curl up in front of the period fireplace with a good book or use the matched desks at the other end of the room for home office chores. Further enhancing the resort-like feel of Villa Del Cavallo, privacy and interior noise reduction were maximized by the owners. Every room opens to the outside so guests can come and go as they please without disturbing others. Extreme soundproofing measures were employed, including double wall construction between rooms, gasketed doors and in utilizing wall materials of various densities through the attic to the roof. Even the walls themselves are set upon elastomeric rubber to isolate them from the rest of structure to minimize “broadcasting” in the home. In the end, the design and construction achieve complete privacy in all the rooms and also provide multiple venues for shared experiences for family and friends. Moving behind the main house, the East and West appartmentos are each around 900 square feet and located at either end of the Barcesa. The first is for guests in the Porticato entertainment wing. The Porticato is perfect for al fresco dining and entertaining with facilities inside and outside for preparation and serving. The second appartmento is ideal for an Estate or Equestrian Manager.

“The Porticato is perfect for al fresco dining and entertaining with facilities inside and outside for preparation and serving.”

TIMELESS INSPIRATION The owners have called the property, “an experiment in adapting aesthetic shapes, proportions, and organizing space for practical uses.” To call a total living space an “experiment” is quite something in itself, yet, the source of this idea takes the intrigue one step further. The inspiration for the home was provided by the 16th century self-taught builder Andrea Palladio, an architectural virtuoso whose own inspiration goes back even further. Palladio was influenced by Vitruvius, the Roman builder-writer of pre-Christian Rome. The Palladian style adheres to Classical Roman principles in the legendary villas he designed in 16th century Italy. Now known as one of the most influential architects in Western architecture, Palladio’s designs have been translated through time in iconic works such as Thomas Jefferson’s beloved Monticello. Today, Palladio’s architectural genius has transformed a pristine plot of Nevada real estate into a modern interpretation of western living. The owners of Villa Del Cavallo, as greatly inspired by Palladio’s designs as Jefferson was nearly 250 years ago, began their pursuit of realizing a strong vision for the home as they visited almost all of the Palladian Villas in Northern Italy. They hoped to build something classically precise and aesthetically profound, and the next step was adapting the design to the American West. The owners’ greatest consideration fell on making the inside division of space work with its external logic. A symmetrical counterbalance from outside to inside was crucial in marrying the modern and ancient designs. In the end, the elements of sight lines and balance create the magic of the villa, so it was a puzzle of adapting the antiquity of the design into a functional modern space.

Volume 43, No. 12 | Villa Del Cavallo 3

“Spending time with horses has never been easier or more enjoyable, and the horses appreciate the roomy stalls, large pastures, and comfortable climate that comes along with this extraordinary property.�

EQUINE UTOPIA The paradise of Villa Del Cavallo goes beyond sipping a morning coffee on the veranda or curling up with a good book on the porticato; the soul of the villa exists in the grass pastures, the all-stone stalls, and the warm muzzles of beloved horses awaiting their evening carrots. Spending time with horses has never been easier or more enjoyable, and the horses appreciate the roomy stalls, large pastures, and comfortable climate that comes along with this extraordinary property. An interactive experience for all, the stables are accessible in a few steps under the covered walkway and, additionally, the stall doors have arched windows that allow for the horses to see the world while you are able to see them. Within the barn, the stalls are a roomy 12' x 12' and each has a wind-protected paddock that opens to a fenced utility road for feeding and cleaning from the rear of the stall—in other words, there is a front and rear door for each stall. The stalls have rusticated stone wainscoting, a vertical plank, raised grain upper walls, and a smooth bright steel roof with a 12" x 12" wooden main beam. The front doors slide open and the rear double doors swing on rustic handmade hinges. All features are made entirely of composite stone, so there is no cribbing and everything is easily cleaned. Even the heated water trough is enclosed in stone, which simply lifts off for easy cleaning.

4 Villa Del Cavallo | ArAbiAn Horse Times

“Living with Arabians just steps away from the house also gives the opportunity to connect with them in a very personal and rare way. ” Each of the paddocks turn into fenced runs that can go into the 60’ round ring. And behind this is an open flat area that can accommodate a 100' x 200' arena. There are about 12 acres in fenced pastures and there is equestrian easement that runs for several miles around neighboring properties.

The stalls, barn, pastures, and riding rings of Villa Del Cavallo offer the Arabian horse a unique and peaceful haven perfectly suited for the magnificence of our beloved breed. In the beautiful and unique artistry of the property, a barn full of Arabian horses is the ideal complement to the charm and beauty of the villa while giving horses a naturally simple and full life. Living with Arabians just steps away from the house also gives the opportunity to connect with them in a very personal and rare way. After all, this is a horse we simply can’t live without, so enjoying them in new and exciting ways— trail rides, daily visits, grazing next to the house—would be an entirely inspired experience for both horse and owner.

“There are 12 acres of fenced pastures and there is equestrian easement that runs for several miles around neighboring properties.” Volume 43, No. 12 | Villa Del Cavallo 5

AN UNBRIDLED CHARM A ten-year project, the building of the home concluded in 2008—a worthwhile timeframe as the product came together as a seamless blend of artistic vision through ages of brilliant minds. Villa Del Cavallo offers a lifestyle and a charm that is truly one-of-a-kind. As a Palladian Ranch House, the single story home flows effortlessly from room to room in a spread-out arrangement echoing with the ambiance of past times. The owners placed great emphasis on the natural comfort of the space while also incorporating numerous interesting shapes and sightlines to liven up the home. The home is constructed entirely with 6” steel box-beam construction topped with an all glass-fiber reinforced concrete tile roof that will undoubtedly withstand anything Mother Nature wills to throw its way. Durability, beauty, comfort, and an informal elegance, the home possesses a certain simplicity of lifestyle unique in the western United States. Constructed with a high degree of symmetry indicative of the Palladian inspiration, a patina of age encourages one to breathe in the fresh mountain air, put their worries behind them, and relax in the simplicity of life in the West while being in the heart of so many four season resort activities.

“Durability, beauty, comfort, and an informal elegance, the home possesses a certain simplicity of lifestyle unique in the western United States.” 6 Villa Del Cavallo | ArAbiAn Horse Times

For Those who Love to Live...

Unlimited activities minutes away from your personal four seasons resort.

World-Class Skiing

Fine Dining


Boundary-Free Natural Wilderness





Hot Air Ballooning

YOUR PERSONAL FOUR SEASONS RESORT For the prospective buyer, Villa Del Cavallo offers the rare opportunity to live in an exquisite piece of architectural history. Enjoying the interminable comfort of a life within an all-stone home adorned with horses and panoramic mountain views, your own personal “four seasons resort” promises an imaginative and down-to-earth life with the finest modern amenities. Within 30 minutes of 5-star restaurants, worldrenowned skiing, a wide range of golf courses, shopping, and more, the excitement of living at Villa Del Cavallo goes well beyond the breathtaking views. The rich grandeur of every detail in the home enhances the lifestyle, but you’ll discover that the true magic exists in the beauty of gazing upon the mountains from the back of your horse. The Panorama of Villa Del Cavallo

Volume 43, No. 12 | Villa Del Cavallo 7

“The rich grandeur of every detail in the home enhances the lifestyle, but you’ll discover that the true magic exists in the beauty of gazing upon the mountains from the back of your horse.”

now offered for sale

call: 1-775-400-7443



2013 Ar abian Breeders World Cup

InternatIonal allIance In the cIty of lIghts by K a r a L a r s o n

w w w . ahtimes . com

tut to a r abi /aht | 25


Opening Night Gala at XS Nightclub at the Encore Resort.

erving as the ostensible connecting point between International and U.S. owners, breeders, trainers, and horses, the Arabian Breeders World Cup is an event growing in size, quality, and significance in the Arabian horse show calendar. In its seventh year, the event was held at the South Point Equestrian Events Center in Las Vegas, Nev. from April 18th-21st, once again proving that it can cater to all corners of the ideal horse Arabian show experience. Beyond the breathtaking horses adorning the coliseum-seating arena, the accommodating, all-inclusive, and entertainment-focused style of Las Vegas encases the show with ease and panache.

26 | tut to a r abi /aht

The show opened with amateur classes on Thursday, which featured many breeders and owners showing their own horses, making for an especially momentous beginning. Thursday evening also included the annual Opening Night Gala at XS Night Club at the Encore, an aptly named host resort, given the venue is the only nightclub to be chosen a second time by the organizing committee. A chance to catch up with friends and enjoy the Las Vegas nightlife, the Gala showcased what the city has to offer this Arabian crowd in this perfect opening celebration.

CHanGes and iMproVeMenTs

The Arabian Horse Breeders Alliance is an organization open to change, trying new things, and finding ways to better showcase our Arabian horse. The changes made to this year’s World Cup were alterations to the arena; in the design of the ring, the layout of the VIP area, and the procedure on championship Sunday. Scott Benjamin, an integral

w w w . ahtimes . com

World Cup

member of the World Cup show committee, was happy with the outcome of such changes. “We took a lot of risk in terms of modifying the show, and there were some skeptics who thought the ring looked smaller and weren’t sure about the VIP area. And, of course, in Sunday’s championships, for the first time ever in North America, there was the opportunity for horses to win from anywhere in the championship lineup on Sunday,” Scott shares. “In the end, all of those things turned out to be extremely positive. Everyone loved being closer to the horses and the VIP area, and those who thought the ring was too small realized that it was the perfect size—just big enough to make the horses look fantastic without disturbing the handlers.” Taryl O’Shea, Co-Manager of the show, agrees that the changes made at this year’s show only enhanced the magic and allure of the entire event. “The World Cup show is always a fun show with the excitement of Vegas, the incredible horses, and the international sponsors that you don’t see at any of the other shows,

w w w . ahtimes . com

tut to a r abi /aht | 27

Trainer’s THouGHTs on THe World Cup David Boggs:

David Boggs and Pogrom.

“The quality was so spectacular; it’s a great event—extremely exciting and exhilarating. I think it’s one of the best shows the breed has to offer. The competition was at an all time high— there were a lot of high-powered stallions from all over the world and more international attendants than I’ve seen in a long time. Without question, the highlight of the show was the Supreme Gold Champion Stallion *Pogrom. The stallion class was really the best in the breed, so it was extremely exciting and a great win. Obviously, the venue at Las Vegas is very exciting and lots of fun, and I think the show is doing great things for the halter industry. People really like the atmosphere that the show brings and many walked away already looking forward to next year.”

Andrew Sellman:

Andrew Sellman and Om El Soraya.

“The Las Vegas World Cup show is one of our favorites! The atmosphere at the show remains very positive due in large part to all the hard work and good energy from the show commission. The quality of horses at this year’s show was as strong as ever! Great owners and breeders from all over the world consider the show important enough to bring their finest animals to compete, which makes for very stiff competition, and in turn, creates some great worldwide business being done between Arabian horse enthusiasts. The highlight of the show for me was the championship Sunday; I was thrilled to be competing with some of the best Arabians in the world!”

Sandro Pinha:

“I think the show continues to be a wonderful venue to showcase Arabian horses in the U.S. Once again, well done; my hat is off to the whole show committee. The quality of horses competing this year was absolutely amazing and second to none—truly a world-class horse show! My personal highlight of the show was the 5-year-old Stallion El Chall. It was absolutely the most exciting presentation I have ever had with a horse up to this point in my life.” Sandro Pinha and Mystica Antasia.

28 | tut to a r abi /aht

w w w . ahtimes . com

World Cup

but we also changed the look of the venue this year.” Taryl continues, “we offered a very dramatic look with the horses entering though a stage-like entrance into a little smaller viewing area, allowing spectators that closer look at the horses. As a show committee, we continually work on making the show better and more exciting for the horse people. This year, I think we accomplished that.”

QualiTY oVer QuanTiTY

The World Cup is not a show that relies on high horse numbers or mass amounts of classes; instead, it reigns in its ability to focus on the value and merit these incredible horses have to offer the diverse crowd. Through the uncovering of talent in the deep classes offered this year, something unique occurred. It ended up that every one of the champions this year at Vegas were all former Scottsdale champions. In response to this, Scott Benjamin believes it reflects the connection building between Vegas and Scottsdale. “Some would

Ricardo Rivero

Michael Byatt and WH Justice.

w w w . ahtimes . com

tut to a r abi /aht | 29

Izabella Zawadzka and George Z.

Al Rasheem Pool Party. Rodolfo Guzzo and Natalia Nieves.

Wayne Newton

say that Vegas has become more Scottsdale in style, but I think it’s the other way around. I think the Scottsdale show has become more Vegas in style and internationally focused. Those kinds of horses are now influencing and changing the way the halter horses are bred, shown, and received in North America. And we’re really proud to facilitate that international standard.” Everyone present at the World Cup seems to concur that the quality of horses overall was better than ever. Scott Benjamin reflects on the most impressive aspect of the show in his eyes—the stallions. “The senior stallions were astounding. There were six or seven amazing stallions in the championship on Sunday, and that’s never been something we’ve had in Vegas. Now, we’ve always had great mares, yearling fillies, and super nice colts, but we’ve never had the quality of stallions that we had this year. It shows me that people now are bringing their horses out to showcase them at shows like Scottsdale and Vegas, regardless of whether or not they win.”

Michael Byatt and WH Justice.

30 | tut to a r abi /aht

w w w . ahtimes . com

World Cup

inTernaTional appeal

One of the most impactful aspects of the Breeders World Cup is the international relationships and connections that it inspires and facilitates. In the judging panel alone, the international mix of the show is made apparent. This year’s judging panel included Eduardo Moreira Caio of Brazil, Sylvie Eberhardt of Germany, Jaroslav Lacina from the Czech Republic, Lewis McKim from Canada, Allan Preston from Australia, and Cory Soltau of the United States. Further indication of the global influence of the Arabian is seen in the flags lining the ceiling of the coliseum, in the diverse and passionate crowd of owners, breeders, and spectators, and of course, in the horses that fill the arena.


A real indication of the international presence at the show came in Pawel Kozikowski’s presentation of Poland’s invincible hero, *Pogrom, bred and owned by Janów Podlaski State Stud in Poland, but currently Greg Gallún and Al Rasheem.

2013 Judges

w w w . ahtimes . com

tut to a r abi /aht | 31

oWners and Breeders Aude Espourteille, Longtime breeder and avid Arabian enthusiast

Aude Espourteille

“I loved the show! It was incredible to see breeders from all over the world arriving to see the Arabian World Breeders Show! The quality of horses was excellent and included a wide variety of pedigrees. The highlight of show for me was seeing Izabella Z receiving her award. There were tears from every eye in the audience! I love her dedication to the Arabian horse!”

Olivia Strauch, Manager of Excalibur EA, the champion 2-year-old and Silver Supreme Champion Young Stallion “It was a delight to see so many amazing horses class after class. I was especially impressed with the junior colts as it is not common to see so many good ones in one show. And it was a big honor to have the opportunity to see some of the most coveted horses in the world (Najdah al Zobair, WH Justice, *Pogrom) together in the same ring, which also made this edition a very special flavor.” Olivia Strauch, Princess Laetitia d'Arenberg and Excalibur EA.

Murray Popplewell, Rae-Dawn Arabians, one of the top five breeding farms at this year’s show “In my opinion, this is the best show on our circuit. The show is very classy with the Las Vegas venue, and still, it offers extreme quality in every class. The best horse show is the one you win or get beat by better horses. Personally, our highlight of the 2013 show was RD Dynamo finishing as a bronze winner in the Junior Stallions, and also seeing our two Bey Ambition fillies do so well. We ended up selling one of them, one finishing by winning the legacy class and the other finishing third in the same class. It’s always nice after selling, that the new owners have a big win.”

Murray Popplewell

32 | tut to a r abi /aht

w w w . ahtimes . com

World Cup

on lease to David and Terry Anne Boggs and Jeff and Andrea Sloan. Pawel, in his impressive win in the Supreme Champion Senior Stallion class, shares his feelings on the unique event. “The show was great—it was a great adventure for me. I met many interesting people and made a lot of new friendships. Besides this, the quality of the horses was very good. I was surprised, because not just some, but all the horses looked amazing; their condition and preparation was on the highest and most impressive level.” Beyond being amazed by the show’s turnout and level of quality, Pawel experienced a win that he will certainly never forget—a win that further emphasized the incredible quality of the four-year-old Polish stallion. “For me, the highlight of the show was definitely showing *Pogrom. I have known this horse since the beginning, so winning with him was one of the greatest moments in my life. I can only hope that I’ll be able to do it again in the future. And I would of

course like to thank David Boggs and the Midwest team for the opportunity and great show.” Scott Benjamin and the rest of the show committee are aware of the international weight the show is beginning to carry and the growth that it is inspiring for the Arabian horse. Further commenting on the international collaboration that Vegas has enlisted, he believes the impact of the event is changing our show industry for the better. “The international collaboration has rejuvenated and changed the way other shows do things. In Vegas, we’ve learned a lot from the international trendsetters and we’ve tried to take what’s most productive from around the world and incorporate it into the event. In Vegas, you can sit closely with both newcomers and royalty, all mingling together and loving this horse—all boundaries overcome. It’s not just economic boundaries that are broken down, it’s political and religious boundaries

Pawel Kozikowski, Pogrom and David Boggs.

w w w . ahtimes . com

tut to a r abi /aht | 33

Murray and Shirley Popplwell, Hank DeShazer, George Z, AHBA Ambassador Award honoree Izabella Zawadzka, Carol Steppe, Bob North, Janene Boggs, Scott Bailey and Jay Constanti.

too. There are Muslims and Christians and atheists and Europeans and South Americans and Middle Easterners and Australians all sitting together, enjoying this horse at the same time in a place that is conducive to such.” Scott continues, “Vegas is a magical place full of acceptance, but that’s part of what makes everyone so comfortable there, because there’s no preconceived idea of who you should be or how you should proceed. It’s been a great place to bring the world together and feel like you have access to everybody.”

More THan a Horse sHoW

The premise of the show is built upon the concise, yet comprehensive schedule of classes with several exciting presentations of our breed’s finest intermittently featured throughout the class sessions. This facilitates a different kind of show that is focused on showing great horses along with setting aside proper recognition for presentations like the International Stallion Showcase,

34 | tut to a r abi /aht

which was held on both Saturday and Sunday evening and featured nine stallions all bred outside of North America. For this presentation, individual showings of the stallions were followed by audience members joining the horses and handlers inside the arena in a rare opportunity to interact with legendary stallions on a personal level. Additionally, on Sunday, the Lifetime Achievement Award was presented to Dr. Nasr Marei, a longtime breeder, international judge, and well-known aficionado for the Arabian horse. His farm, Albadeia Stud, which is nestled at the base of the Great Pyramids of Giza, goes back as far as seven decades and ten generations into a family legacy built around the Arabian horse. The next presentation was the Handler of Excellence Award presented to Ricardo Rivero of Guzzo/Rivero Arabians Worldwide for the second time. The new, Dams of Distinction Tribute, was presented to two incredibly worthy mares;

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World Cup

the first being National Champion and producer of international champions, Felisha BHF, owned by Robert and Dixie North, who was on site and looking spectacular. Also honored was 19-year-old Bint Bey Shah—a mare that has produced again and again for the Bob Boggs family as the leading living broodmare in the world with 23 sons and daughters in seven different countries and second-generation offspring in some 30 countries. The Ambassador Award was awarded to Izabella Zawadzka, a woman recognized as the “First Lady” of Polish Arabian breeding, an international judge, and the Vice President of the World Arab Horse Organizations— clearly a shining example of an ambassador of the Arabian horse. And lastly, the coveted Arabian Breeders Cup was awarded to Om El Arab for an incredible third time for having the most success with multiple horses accredited to a single breeder in the World Cup competition. For 2013, the top five breeders included Stonewall Farm, Oak Ridge Arabians, Rae-Dawn Arabians, North Arabians, and Western Cross Ranch. These awards and their recipients represent the honor that a life dedicated to the Arabian horse can inspire for a lifetime.

Chris and Sonya Bickford presenting Ricardo Rivero with the Handler of Excellence award.

aT THe end oF THe daY For Scott Benjamin, the World Cup is a step in a fresh and innovative direction for the Arabian horse industry, and yet, the mark it hopes to leave traces directly back to the source of our passion—the Arabian horse. “In the end, I want Vegas to be known for bringing the world together in one place where we all celebrate the horse at the very highest level and exchange ideas. It’s a fair playing field where the best horses win based on their merit. People can bring the best horses from around the world, and they’re confident others will do the same. I really want the legacy of Vegas to be in the celebration of the horse, the people, and the leaders that have made the Arabian horse what it is today. I hope it inspires us all to love and appreciate and promote the Arabian horse on a fundamental level.”

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Janene and Austin Boggs.

tut to a r abi /aht | 35

AHba liFeTiMe aCHieVeMenT aWard Winner nasr Marei What makes the Arabian Breeders World Cup an important show for the Arabian horse? The World Cup is providing a great opportunity to breeders from Europe, the Middle East, Australia, and South America to come together with their horses and compete. I believe it is the only, or at least the most important International Bob North, Scott Bailey, AHBA Lifetime Achievement Award honoree Dr. Nasr Marei, show in the USA next to Scottsdale Carol Steppe, Hank Deshazer and Jay Constanti. where horses from all countries compete together. We have the World Championships in Paris, and now, AHBA has offered an equally important show across the Atlantic. By adopting slightly modified show rules of conduct and a judging system used in Europe and the Middle East, I think that the organizers of the World Cup show have bridged the gap between the old and new worlds as far as showing and judging methods are concerned. It is important to start developing a universal system to conduct shows and evaluate them on a basis of Standard Platform(s). One more thing I feel when coming to this show, whether as a spectator like this last April, or as a judge, as I was in the first show of 2007, is that this is a very friendly and inviting show. The organizing committees over the years have managed to add a relaxed, pleasant, and friendly atmosphere. What did it mean to receive the Lifetime Achievement Award? It meant a great deal to receive the Lifetime Achievement Award—I was thrilled when I first received the news. As I mentioned in my acceptance speech, “any honor or recognition that comes from one’s peers is always deeply moving and humbling.” Being appreciated by people that know about breeding Arabian horses, or by a distinguished organization like AHBA, is very rewarding. They can appreciate how much sacrifice, effort, time, and dedication were involved. They are the best ones to tell you if you have done a good job throughout the years. If they do, one should consider this as an honor to what was achieved until this point and also an incentive to do more. It is a great merit that will always be cherished. In the international scope of the Arabian industry, what benefits does the Breeders World Cup offer? Basically, the show does a good job getting breeders from all over the world together, bringing horses that were bred in different countries with different visions and philosophies in one place, standardizing show conduct rules and judging systems, and finally, it is always educational to young and/or new breeders to attend serious shows like this, especially when there are some seminars and round table discussions as was the case in this show of 2013. 

36 | tut to a r abi /aht

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World Cup

1. 1. Gold Supreme Champion Senior Stallion and 4 Years Stallion winner POGROM (QR Marc x Petla), shown by Pawel Kozikowski for owner Janow Podlaski State Stud, POL.


2. Silver Supreme Champion Senior Stallion and 12 & Older Stallion winner WH JUSTICE (Magnum Psyche x Vona SherRenea), shown by Michael Byatt for owners Kerjean Family, FRA. 3. Bronze Supreme Champion Senior Stallion and 5 Years Stallion 2nd place BAAHIR EL MARWAN (Marwan Al Shaqab x HB Bessolea), shown by Andrew Sellman for owner The Baahir Group, USA.

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1. Gold Supreme Champion Senior Mare and 6-8 Years Mare winner NAJDAH AL ZOBAIR (Marwan Al Shaqab x JFN Bint Ludhan), shown by Michael Byatt for owner Sheikh Abdullah Bin Mohammed Al Thani, UAE. 2. Silver Supreme Champion Senior Mare and 4 Years Mare winner GAZALA HBV (Gazal Al Shaqab x Tiaraa Rose), shown by Sandro Pinha for owner Arabian Soul Partners Ltd, VEN. 3. Bronze Supreme Champion Senior Mare and 6-8 Years Mare 2nd place FALCONS LOVE NOTE BHF (Falcon BHF x BHF Shahs Luvsong), shown by Keith Krichke for owner Robert & Dixie North Family Trust, USA.

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World Cup

1. 1. Gold Supreme Champion Junior Stallion and Junior Stallion of 2010 winner OM EL SANADEED (Om El Shahmaan x Om El Jinaah), shown by Michael Byatt for owner Al Shahania Stud, QAT. 2. Silver Supreme Champion Junior Stallion and Junior Colt of 2011 (A) winner EXCALIBUR EA (Shanghai EA x Essence Of Marwan EA), shown by Ted Carson for owner Haras Las Rasas, URY.



3. Bronze Supreme Champion Junior Stallion and Junior Stallion of 2010 2nd place RD DYNAMO (Bey Ambition x TF Falconsimprint), shown by Claudio Machado for owners Murray and Shirley Popplewell, CAN.

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tut to a r abi /aht | 39




1. Gold Supreme Champion Junior Mare and Junior Filly of 2011 (B) winner BADIAA AL SHAHANIA (Marwan Al Shaqab x Majalis), shown by Michael Byatt for owner Al Shahania Stud, QAT. 2. Silver Supreme Champion Junior Mare and Junior Mare of 2010 2nd place MYSTICA ANTASIA (WH Justice x LL Albufera), shown by Sandro Pinha for owner Awaad Mubarak, KWT. 3. Bronze Supreme Champion Junior Mare and Junior Filly of 2011 (B) 2nd place OM EL SORAYA (Om El Bellissimo x Om El Sariyana), shown by Andrew Sellman for owner Aljassimya Farm, USA.

40 | tut to a r abi /aht

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World Cup

1. 1. Gold Supreme Champion Yearling Colt, Junior Colt of 2012 (C) winner and Legacy Yearling Colt 2nd place PRUSSIA MI (ABHA Qatar x Parada), shown by Michael Byatt for owner HRH Prince Abdullah Bin Fahad Al Saud, KSA. 2. Silver Supreme Champion Yearling Colt and Junior Colt of 2012 (C) 2nd place A JERICHO (A Jakarta x Destiny VF), shown by Pawel Kozikowski for owner Norma-Jean Abel, CAN.



3. Bronze Supreme Champion Yearling Colt and Junior Colt of 2012 (B) winner TITAN AS (El Nabila B x Om El Beladeena), shown by Sandro Pinha for owner Arabian Soul Partners Ltd, VEN.

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1. Gold Supreme Champion Yearling Filly and Junior Filly of 2012 (E) 2nd place AJ MANAYER (Vitorio TO x Anna Marie BHF), shown by Pawel Kozikowski for owner Ajman Stud, UAE. 2. Silver Supreme Champion Yearling Filly and Junior Filly of 2012 (E) winner MERA ALSAYED (RHR Marcedes x Bonne Chance TBA), shown by Sandro Pinha for owner Al Sayed Stud, KSA. 3. Bronze Supreme Champion Yearling Filly and Junior Filly of 2012 (C) winner RHR CASHMERE (OFW Magic Wan x Nostalggia), shown by Michael Byatt for owner Al Shahania Stud, QAT.

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World Cup

1. 1. Gold Champion Stallion/ Colt ATH and Stallion 3 & 4 Year-Old ATH 2nd place AL SHAHEED NA (Ever After NA x JA Psilk N Lace), shown by Kenny McDonald for owner Al Shaheed Stud, USA. 2. Silver Champion Stallion/Colt ATH and 1 & 2 Year-Old Colt ATH winner BRAVO SWF ( Jagger SWF x Focus Starlet), shown by Michael Bills for owner Stonewall Farm Arabians LLC, USA. 3. Bronze Champion Stallion/ Colt ATH and Stallion 3 & 4 Year-Old ATH winner VICTORIOUS LD (DA Valentino x Queen Adiamonds), shown by Austin Garrett for owners Les and Diane Van Dyke, USA.



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1. Gold Champion Mare/Filly ATH and 5 Years & Older Mare ATH winner WC CIAO BELLA (Xceptshahn x JE Ali Selene), shown by Michael Bills for owner Holly Woods Dillin, USA. 2. Silver Champion Mare/Filly ATH and 1 & 2 Year-Old Filly ATH winner VICTORIA WP (PCF Vision x Psyches Psecret), shown by A.J. Marino for owner Arturo Ortega Olive, MEX. 2.

3. Bronze Champion Mare/Filly ATH and 1 & 2 Year-Old Filly ATH 2nd place CLARISSA FF (CraveFF x Caro Lynn DPA), shown by Kenny McDonald for owner Matt Sheard, USA.


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World Cup

Freestyle Liberty Champion ONE LAST ROMANCE (El Nabila B x GR Tara Lee), shown by Gil Valdez for owner Romance Arabians, USA.

AHBA Futurity 2 Year Colt Champion IDENTITY PA (Magnum Chall HVP x Miss Amerika), shown by Dean Wikel, owner of owner Pegasus Arabians, USA.

AHBA Futurity 2 Year Filly Champion BELLA LUNA PA (Masquerade PA x Fadila PCF), shown by Michael Bills for owner Pegasus Arabians, USA.

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AHBA Futurity 1 Year Colt Champion A JERICHO (A Jakarta x Destiny VF), shown by Jocelyn Hazlewood for owner Norma-JeanAbel, CAN.

AHBA Futurity 1 Year Filly Champion ALTIMA USA (Rahere x RA Khansuela), shown by Adam Rickert for owner John Blincoe, USA.

AHBA Legacy Yearling Colt Champion OCTAVIUS NA (Ever After NA x Psylk Obsession), shown by owner Michael Bills, USA.

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World Cup

AHBA Legacy Yearling Filly Champion RD CAPELLA (Bey Ambition x Madiera El Marwan), shown by Abdul Aziz Al Tamimi for owners Murray and Shirley Popplewell, CAN. â–

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Scottsdale Champion! A-Jericho A -Jakar t a x D es tiny VF

2013 ScottSdale champion Signature Yearling colt

tel :

602-509-8228 or 541-865-9302

w w w. d e o r fa r m S a r a b i a n S . co m 48 | TuT To A r Abi /AHT

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Las Vegas Champion!

2013 ABWC Silver Supreme ChAmpion YeArling Colt with Pawel Kozikowski

2013 ABWC gold ChAmpion FuturitY YeArling Colt with Jocelyn Hazlewood

Owned by THe Abel FAmily • l AcOmbe, AlberTA, cAnAdA TrAined by: TArA bOreseK

U.S. Nationals Contender Y e a r l i n g C o lt s w i t h D av i D B o g g s

A-Jericho a-Jakar t a x D es tiny vF

owneD BY the aBel FamilY • laComBe, alBerta, CanaDa traineD BY: tara Boresek tel:

602-509-8228 or 541-865-9302

w w w. d e o r fa r m s a r a b i a n s . co m

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