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FEBRUARY 12-22, 2015 The Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show has history and will be celebrating its 60th Anniversary this year. It is prestigious and celebrated as one of the top horse shows in the world. This reputation stems from a show commission that is anything but lax, and from the sensational group of horses and horsemen that participate, to the non-horse and horse community of Scottsdale who attend, making this show an elaborate and exciting ‘must-do’ event. Beyond all this, there are always new things to look forward to at the Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show. So, as the 2015 show quickly approaches, what does the show commission have planned for this year? Taking place February 12-22, one of the new components of the 2015 show is a new and improved high point program. No longer necessary to enter or pay a fee to take part in the new program, it is categorized by junior exhibitors, adult amateur exhibitors, and overall horse points. These are further broken down by age and class division, offering many category possibilities for exhibitors. Considering further the prize benefits available, the prize money total reaches well over an incredible $1,500,000 this year. Nearly $600,000 of this colossal total comprises the prize winnings for the 2015 Scottsdale Signature Stallion classes, an impressive amount and incredible opportunity for the elite group of stallions in the Signature program. The rest of the prize money comes from the divisions of halter, performance, dressage stakes, freestyle liberty, the Gambler’s Choice class, youth scholarship classes, and the prominent reining classes of the show.

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Quick Facts For The 2015 Scottsdale Show: Event: 11 Days Attendance Expected: ~ 309,000 Horses Entered in Competition: Over 2,200 Shopping Expo: ~ 300 Commercial Exhibitors Website Exposure: ~ 74,670 visits/month Economic Impact to City of Scottsdale: Over $57,879,005

(200 study - Rich Wetzel, Tourism Development Consultant)

Live Feed Exposure: 754,010 page views (2014 show)



2015 S cottSdale P review Beyond this, Scottsdale focuses a great deal on charity work. Executive Director of the Arabian Horse Association of Arizona, Taryl O’Shea, shares, “We have two main charities for the show: March of Dimes and Cox Charities. We also have many smaller charities that will receive between $5,000 and $10,000.” Scottsdale is a show that brings in more than 300,000 people and 2,200 horses into WestWorld each year. Numbers like these rightfully call for incredible shopping opportunities, countless events and exhibitions every day, and the chance to see the most beautiful and talented Arabian horses in the world. Special events include: Behind the Scenes Barn Tours, an Ice Cream Social that takes place on February 14, at 1pm, a presentation about the ‘Essential Elements of Horsemanship’ by Lee Smith, a Wells Fargo Reining Demonstration, ‘Sport Horse Basics’ from Phillip Kast, a dog costume contest and race, and so many more worthwhile events. The 2015 Scottsdale ‘Schedule of Events’ is a must-have so no events are missed! Throughout the week, many distinguished farms will present their top stallions and sale horses both at WestWorld and offsite at their respective Scottsdale farms. A few unique events include the AHT Readers’ Choice Awards on Monday, February 16, the Scottsdale Signature Stallion Auction held on Wednesday, February 18, at 6pm, and International halter classes. Another distinctive feature of the show has to do with the astonishing level of competition the reining division has. One of the most competitive Arabian reining horse shows in the country, Scottsdale has much to offer for this unique and growing sport. Taking home the championship in the alwayspopular Celebrity Slide reining exhibition or in any of the exceptional reining classes rouses a great deal of prestige and respect. There is no

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2015 S cottSdale P review denying that Scottsdale certainly delivers in the reining department. In the Reining Futurity Classic, $150,000 in prize money is up for grabs for purebreds and Half-Arabians. Other opportunities include the Limited Futurity and the Non-Pro Futurity, the Non-Pro Derby, which is offering over $45,000 in prize money, and lastly, the Short Stirrup class is back for kids 10 and under. In between classes, seminars, and parties, premier shopping from over 300 vendors and an international cuisine court can be found. In terms of what types of shopping is available, Commercial Exhibitor Coordinator Reita Lathrop shares, “The shopping expo has a variety of shopping to fit everyone’s budget, from high-end custom made diamond jewelry, furs, fine art, household items, clothing, custom saddles, and show apparel, to t-shirts and coffee mugs. Everyone can go home with something!” These aspects of the show are sure to impress the adults attending, and there are plenty of youth events to keep the kids entertained as well. The Youth Exhibitor Party occurs on Sunday, February 16 at 6pm, where, “all the youth Arabian exhibitors and friends are invited to join in on the fun and excitement that this event has to offer,” says O’Shea. “Another youth and public event is PaintA-Pony. March of Dimes will run this event, which is sponsored by John and Sharon Ames. The first 400 kids will get to paint a ceramic pony at the show for free.” The 2015 Scottsdale show aims to impress, draw in new people, and inspire all to appreciate the community of the Arabian horse. From barn tours, educational seminars from experts, meeting beautiful Arabian horses, youth events, gala parties, more than 300 vendor booths, and lastly, incredible competitions, Scottsdale will not disappoint. ■

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2015 Scottsdale Preview  
2015 Scottsdale Preview