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The Magic Of Poland A PREVIEW by Theresa Cardamone with Jeff Wallace

For decades, breeders have returned home after visiting the Polish

State Stud farms bedazzled by what they have experienced there. “It’s an indefinable magic,” or “the whole trip was magical,” are typical,

awestruck reactions. It is that special something that permeates

the atmosphere, something that fills the heart the way air fills the lungs. It is the partnership and connection between man and horse that is different here. It is the magic of a bond forged in freedom.


The Magic Of POland

Just as the lives of Bedouin tribesmen depended upon their desert horses, so did the lives of the Polish cavalry depend upon their Arabians. Time and again, the battles of the World Wars swept across the Polish countryside, sending freedom fighters into hiding beneath the straw at Janów, and the horses into headlong f light in an effort to survive. There is a reverence and feeling that in Poland, it is man and horse … together. On Friday, August 14th, the eyes of the world will once again focus on Poland as the famous clock tower at Janów Podlaski tolls the opening of the 2015 Polish National Championship Show and Pride of Poland auction. For the next three days, visitors to the national show will be charmed by local dancers in native garb, music and celebrations … all in honor of the Arabian horse. The Pride of Poland sale follows the championships on Sunday, August 16th.

For those who think that the auction is the grand finale of the week, think again. Over two days, dedicated horsemen will be treated to the spectacular breeding parades at Janów, Michalów and Bialka State Studs. It is magic to stand in front of a living matriarchal pedigree; five generations or more standing right in front of you. It is magic to see the validation and the promise that exists within the breeding herds. It is last year’s gold champion mare with a striking foal at foot that holds the promise of tomorrow. It is the exquisite grand dams of yesteryear, which won world, international and national titles in Paris, Aachen, Verona, the U.S. and so many other places. Yes, there is magic in Poland. And the good news is, the magic is there in never-ending supply. ■

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2015 Poland Nationals Preview  
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