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Menton JUNE

13 -14,


Mediterranean And Arab Countries Arabian Horse Championships by Jeff Wallace

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On the 13th and 14th of June, the eyes of the Arabian horse

community will turn to the stunningly beautiful city of Menton,

perched on the spectacular southern coast of France. Over the course of nearly a quarter century, this idyllic site has become synonymous with excellence, as breeders from throughout Europe and

the Middle East send their finest horses to compete for the coveted

Mediterranean and Arab Countries Arabian Horse Championships. 74 | ARABIAN HORSE TIMES


An international judging panel will select six champions by gender and age group in addition to the coveted specialty awards, including Best Breeder and Best Owner. The result of earning such a prize is to be recognized as a dominant force amongst the leading Arabian enterprises in the world. Menton has earned its position as one of the premiere venues for exhibiting Arabian horses by embracing changes in the pulse of the business, and providing a welcoming atmosphere for all. This year, a new trophy will be given to the mare whose produce score the highest total points during the run of the show: Best Dam in Show. In truth, there should be an additional special award for Best Madame in Show ‌ the honor going to none other than Madame Christianne Chazel. It is Madame Chazel who organized the first Menton show in 1991 and it is to her that all thanks for its successful run should be directed. It is due to her rare gift of being able to relate to people from many different cultures, that breeders and owners choose to bring their top entries to Menton every year. And she has forged relationships with Middle Eastern breeders by including them in discussions about the establishment of events that showcase the horses of the desert countries. Madame Chezal has followed a formula of her own making, duplicating her success in Paris as the organizer of the Arabian World Championship Horse Show at the Salon du Cheval. Which stallion will emerge as a Gold Champion this year? What mare will take home that inaugural Best Dam award? Which yearlings will blow everyone away with their beauty and promise? There is only one way to find out. Take advantage of the economy of the moment and book a flight to the south of France. Next stop, Menton! â–

Madame Christianne Chazel Volume 45, No. 12 | 75

2015 Menton Preview  
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