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by Jeff Wallace and Theresa Cardamone

Set quite literally, at a fairy tale castle, making it unique among the many splendid

sites visited during the course of the European show season, 2015 Elran Arabian Cup show organizers, Mr. and Mrs. Everars – van den Broek, went out of their way to create a truly welcoming environment for everyone. Their hospitality extended to

hosting a beautiful event at their new facility nearby. Visitors followed a candlelit red carpet from the street to another world, with a presentation of horses representing contemporary Arabian beauty, and a fantastic dinner to top off the night. At the show

grounds, finely appointed VIP areas and elegant table service added to the glamour of the main event. The exhibitors responded by bringing entries of exceptional quality. 102 |HARABIAN alter | ARABIAN HORSE HORSE TIMES TIMES

Elran Cup

Stealing away the collective breath of the crowd was the Gold Junior Champion Filly and overall Best in Show, Rewayah Athbah, a filly of deer-like grace and perfect breed type, beautifully shown by Tom Schoukens for owner and breeder Athbah Stud. Sired by EKS Alihandro, son to the dazzling World Champion Marwan Al Shaqab, and out of the WH Justice mare Fedora RG, this bay beauty has a self-awareness that dominates her presence. She is as captivating in motion as she is in a casual pose, and will likely be earning her fair share of additional titles in the future. Gold Junior Champion Colt AJ Azzam (AJ Mardan x Ysadora, by Marwan Al Shaqab) continued his winning ways, adding the Elran Arabian Cup to earlier 2015 championships including Wels International Gold Champion Yearling Colt and Best in Show. Bred and owned by Ajman Stud, AJ Azzam has a perfect body with exquisite breed type and beautiful carriage. L Farahdibah, is a grey beauty sired by WH Justice and out of the Ibn Halim daughter Feemi. Beautifully presented by Raphael Curti, she brought home the

Gold Senior Champion Mare award for owner Ronen Braver. L Farahdibah is a lovely mare, with femininity and power in equal supply. The Silver Champion in the class, the burnished chestnut Rohara Rebecca, has two close-up crosses to *Padron through her sire Magnum Psyche and her dam Somewhere Mi Love, a *Padron daughter. Gold Champion Senior Stallion Aja Angelo thinks a lot of himself, and with good reason. Also sired by WH Justice, Aja Angelo is out of the Ruger AMW mare Aja Aaisha. The impressive showing by WH Justice as the sire or grandsire of three gold champions at this show alone is a testament to his pre-potent power. Aja Angelo also represents a magnificent Aja Arabians female line that has produced many international champions. As the last class was called and the final ribbons and trophies awarded, everyone had that familiar, bittersweet feeling that comes with the end of a great experience. Fortunately, with it also comes the comfort of knowing that 2016 will bring another visit to the fairy tale experience that is the Elran Arabian Cup. Volume 46, No. 3 | Halter 103

Hosts of the show, the Mr & Mrs. Everars - van den Broek family.


Elran Cup

Gold Champion Senior Stallion AJA ANGELO (WH Justice x Aja Aaisha) owned by Albaydaa Stud/Al Mai Stud.

Gold Champion Senior Mare L FARAHDIBA (WH Justice x Feemi) owned by Ronen Braver. Volume 46, No. 3 | Halter 105

Gold Champion Junior Colt AJ AZZAM (AJ Mardan x Ysadora) owned by Ajman Stud

Gold Champion Junior Filly REWAYAH ATHBAH (EKS Alihandro x Fedora RG) owned by Athbah Stud

Gold Champion Foal A WISE GUY OF KOSSACK (Bystival Kossack x A Lady Of Kossack) owned by Ferrer Shah Farms. 106 Halter | ARABIAN HORSE TIMES

Elran Cup

Champion Gelding GIACOMO (EKS Alihandro x MA Bint Azadik) owned by Athbah Stud

Champion Liberty AR SINAN AZIM (AR Sivamayall x Chantal’s Aziza) owned by A. Teygeler/F. De Bruin

Crowd Favorite REWAYAH ATHBAH (EKS Alihandro x Fedora RG) owned by Athbah Stud Volume 46, No. 3 | Halter 107

Judges, l-r: Janet Court (GB); Janice McCrea-Wight, (USA); Claudia Darius (DE) and Jaroslav Lacina (CZ).


Elran Cup

2015 ELRAN ARABIAN CUP July 18-19, 2015 Castle Alden Biesen, Bilzen, Belgium

Senior Stallions Championship Gold: AJA ANGELO (WH Justice x Aja Aaisha), B: Aja Arabians (GB), O: Albaydaa Stud/Al Mai Stud (EG)

Junior Fillies Championship Gold: REWAYAH ATHBAH (EKS Alihandro x Fedora RG), B/O: Athbah Stud (KSA)

Silver: RFI FARID (RFI Maktub x RFI Fayara El Shiraz), B: Rodrigo Foz Forte (BR), O: Ghanem Al Hawajer Holding (BE)

Silver: NESJ EL DAIKHIMA (Ajman Moniscione x Nesj El Khimala), B: Mr. & Mrs. Everars van den Broek (BE), O: Sheikha Fatima Bint Hazza Bin Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan (AE)

Bronze: MAHDER AL JAMAL (Nader Al Jamal x Mahity El Jamal), B/O: Jean Mattens (BE)

Bronze: AJ ADAB (AJ Mardan x Anette Moniscione), B/O: Ammar Bin Humaid Al Nuaimi (AE)

Junior Colts Championship

Foals Championship

Gold: AJ AZZAM (AJ Mardan x Ysadora), B/O: Ajman Stud (AE) Silver: AL BAHHAR JFD (Solaz J x C Marcs April Rose), B/O: Jalal Mrei & Halawa (IL) Bronze: TAJ AL FAYYAD (Fayad Al Fayyad x S.S. Layali), B: Fahed Hamad Al Enezi (KW), O: Mosleh Hamad Al Enezi (KW)

Senior Mares Championship Gold: L FARAHDIBA (WH Justice x Feemi), B: Loenhult Arabstuteri (SE), O: Ronen Braver (IL) Silver: ROHARA REBECCA (Magnum Psyche x Somewhere Mi Love), B: Marion Woelbing (US), O: Naples Arabians (SE) Bronze: BASMAH AA (Laheeb x Al Baraqai A), B: Ariela Arabians (IL), O: Al Baydaa Farm (EG)

Gold: A WISE GUY OF KOSSACK (Bystival Kossack x A Lady Of Kossack), B: Kossack Stud (NL), O: Ferrer Shah Farms (IR) Silver: EL NAAYLAH AO (Makisa Adaggio x El Khidyaraah AO), B/O: Maaike Seerden (BE) Bronze: FORELOCK’S VIVA LA DIVA (FS Reflection x Valeta F), B/O: Forelock’s Arabians (NL)

Geldings Champion: GIACOMO (EKS Alihandro x MA Bint Azadik), B/O: Athbah Stud (KSA)

Liberty Champion: AR SINAN AZIM (AR Sivamayall x Chantal’s Aziza), B: I. Lopez Y Van Breemen (NL), O: A. Teygeler/F. De Bruin (NL)

Crowd Favorite REWAYAH ATHBAH (EKS Alihandro x Fedora RG), B/O: Athbah Stud (KSA) ■

Volume 46, No. 3 | Halter 109

2015 Elran Cup Show  
2015 Elran Cup Show