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Brazilian National Championships NOVEMBER

19 -23,


by Theresa Cardamone

As the chill of winter begins to take hold in the Northern Hemisphere, Arabian aficionados are happy to flock to the other side of the world to attend the annual Brazilian Arabian National Championship events. A five-day affair, the Brazilian Nationals showcases the finest Arabians Brazil has to offer, competing in a wide range of disciplines. Halter, performance, dressage, cross-country, and Arabian racing will be featured. 116 | A R A BI A N HOR SE T I MES

Brazilian nationals

Of interest to many exhibitors is the fact that a new judging system will be used to score halter classes this year. According to longtime Brazilian breeder and owner Paulo Jamil Saliba of Rach Stud, “Last year, they used the European scoring system, but the majority of breeders and exhibitors voted for the return of the familiar comparative system, again with five judges, excluding the highest and the lowest scores, following the American system. Overall, the European system was not a comfortable fit, it just doesn’t look like Brazilian Nationals!” Saliba’s family has been instrumental in the development and recent resurgence of Arabian racing in Brazil and he serves as the Racing Director of ABCCA, the national racing association. There are two stakes races planned at the Jockey Club of São Paulo during the Nationals. “Yes, like the last two years, we will run two important races, the Grand Prix Nacional do Cavalo Árabe, for males and females, and the Grand Prix Arabian Ladies, of course, just for mares,” Saliba explains. Racing provides an exciting added dimension to the Nationals schedule. Brazilian breeders produce a significant percentage of all purebred Arabians foaled each year. Brazilian-bred horses have found new homes in the most significant breeding programs all over the world. Brazilians have developed a variety of the disciplines in which they can enjoy their versatile horses. And they have a National Championship event where each of those disciplines is showcased to its best advantage. There in November, the 2015 Brazilian National Champions will be revealed to an eager, global audience. ■

Champion race horse All Pol Rach (Polonez x After The Rapture, by Aristo Kossack) and Paulo Saliba.

Volume 46, No. 5 | 117

2015 Brazil Nationals Preview  
2015 Brazil Nationals Preview