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Kookaburra Park Eco-Village Living in harmony with nature

What is an Eco-Village  

An Eco-Village is a form of Sustainable Development. The concept allows for individual freehold ownership of your lot while owning the surrounding land in common with the rest of the lot owners. Thus owners retain their individualism by owning their freehold lot as well as belonging to a community of like minded people.

What does Kookaburra Park look like? 

Kookaburra Park is made up of 124 freehold lots set on 485 acres of interesting subtropical bushland. That leaves approximately 360 acres of common land for the enjoyment of all lot holders. The common land includes lakes, roads, open grassland and forested bushland.

How is the common land managed? 

 

To formalise the ownership of the common land Kookaburra Park utilises the Body Corporate and Community Management Act 1997 Qld. This Act determines how the common land is managed. Every lot owner pays a levy each year to maintain and improve the common land. At present the levy is $230.00 per lot per year. This levy is used to slash the common land along the road sides, maintain the water system, for rubbish collection, recycling and to see to minor repairs. Money is also put aside each year to pay for major spending in the future on things like resurfacing of the roads and improvement projects such as new playgrounds. The local Council also charges its minimum rate of $320.00 p/a.

Are there any restrictions? 

You can build anything you like at Kookaburra Park, as long as it meets Council requirements. It is recommended that you look at utilising some of the ecofriendly techniques available on the market today. One of the major differences at Kookaburra Park is that there is a by-law that restricts the keeping of dogs and cats. It has been found that because of this by-law the wildlife at Kookaburra Park has increased. Other reasons for having this by-law are that; 

It has been shown that keeping of dogs in urban and semi-urban areas can create uneasiness between neighbours and It eases the concerns of the neighbours on either side of the Park that dogs will not gather in packs and harass their cattle.

Apart from dogs and cats residents are allowed to keep other animals. These may be chooks, guinea pigs, birds, goats & pigs etc.

Services at Kookaburra Park    

  

Underground Power Utility Water Phone Electricity Sealed Driveways Parkland with Lakes Rubbish Removal / Recycling

Who lives at Kookaburra Park?   

Young Families Retired Couples Single Families Lots of Birds and Kangaroos

Where is Kookaburra Park? 

 

Kookaburra Park is 2.5 km from the small township of Gin Gin on the Bruce Highway. The Park is 48 km from the major regional centre of Bundaberg. From Brisbane, Kookaburra Park is a short 3.5 hour drive north or 360 km. A buss services runs from Gin Gin and Bundaberg both north and south. Bundaberg also has a high speed rail link to Brisbane and Rockhampton with the Tilt Train it also has a well serviced airport.

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