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‫‪Assignment‬‬ ‫‪2‬‬

‫‪Guild House‬‬ ‫‪Comparative AR 321‬‬ ‫عمل الطالب ‪ /‬سليمان عبدالواسع بن شيهون‬ ‫الرقم الجامعي ‪1010373 /‬‬ ‫بإشراف ‪:‬‬

‫الدك تور ‪ /‬فاروق مفتي‬ ‫المهندس ‪ /‬احمد فالته‬

Guild House Venturi and Rauch 1960-64

Sometimes called the father of Post-Modern art, Robert Venturi challenged the prevailing modernism dictum and Mies's that less is more. (For Venturi, less was a bore .

This apartment building for low-income elderly housing was one of the first important works by Robert Venturi and his partner then, John Rauch. (In 1967 his wife Denise Scott Brown joined the firm, since called Venturi Scott Brown.) Like an ordinary structure, this front respects the street line of the city's grid, although the building is recessed on both sides. Like an ordinary structure in this neighborhood, it has a rather cheap-looking facade of red brick. Many of the windows are conventional double-hung metal windows. Thus, in many ways this building is ordinary--some say even ugly.



assignment 2  


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