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1892 / Born in Vienna, Austria 1910 / Reads Friedrich Nietzsche and Rainer Maria Rilke. 1911 / -1915-1917-1918 Studies architecture at the Technical University where he influenced by Otto Wagner and adolf loos (art nouveau ) , He graduates in 1918 . 1914 / Discovers Wright’s wasmuth folios 1914-1917 Reads writing of Wilhelm Wundt (philosophy) 1921 / Appointed city architect of Luckenwalde , Germany . Conceives a master plan of the city , which includes the landscaping . 1921-1932 / Hired as assistant architect by Eric Mendelssohn (early modernist architects) and works on the mossehause . 1923 / Emigrates to the united states . And working first in New York

1924 / Employed as draftsman in Chicago and visit the work of wright and arrives at Wright’s Taliesin East 1925 / moves to Los Angeles and works with Schindler’s on Wright's and independent projects. Begins Rush city Reformed , a visionary metropolis , and start private practice 1925-1950 / Diatom Series . 1927 / designed Jardinette Apartments with schindler. Publishes write the first book (How Does America Build). 1929 / 1)American representative at the congers Internationaux d’Architecture modern (CIAM) on Brussels . 2)Lovell Health House 1930 / visit modern building in japan 2) lectures at the metal Workers Union designed by Erich Mendelssohn with mies van der rohe. 1932 / participate in the “modern Architecture” exhibition where his work featured with that of Mies van der rohe , Jacobus Oud , Walter Gropius , Le corbusier , among others . 1934 / Beard house wins Gold Medal of the “Better Homes in America” competition

Architect Richard Neutra coined the term biorealism to describe what he considered to be the inherent and inseparable relationship between man and nature. With the institute for survival through design, he sought to bring these two into greater harmony. In fact, his many residential commissions, professional buildings, and housing estates ingeniously figure natural elements into their formation; water-covered rooftops become upper-level reflecting pools and floor-toceiling sliding glass walls transform static living spaces into scenic panoramas. These considerations, however, are not artificially introduced as to imitate nature, but rather as a means of connecting the inside to the outside world.

1 Projects Lovell health House Dr. Philip Lovell said "How can we design a residence that would enhance the health and well-being of its inhabitants?" Designed a steel skeleton Was the first residential building in the USA to have a steel Structure . Was heavily influenced by the interest of the steel industry to showcase its products. Neutra achieved the most economical method of supporting the glass and allowing a certain amount of window washing from inside. The construction of a full-scale swimming pool with diving board suspended above grade—long before mass pool industry was born—must have been revolutionary in its time.

Entrance level 1. Entrance Terrace 2. Entry 3.Living Room 4.Sleeping Porch 5.Study 6.Bathroom

East Elevation

First Floor Plan 1. Living Room 2. Library 3.Dining Room 4. Porch 5. Kitchen 6. Guest room

Ground Floor Plan 1. Porch 2. Pool 3.Laundry Room

South Elevation

2 Projects

Kaufman House

Kaufmann Desert House Commentary "The  Kaufmann house, Palm Springs, 1946, moved in the direction of the pavilion, which is Neutra's last development in domestic architecture. Horizontal planes resting on horizontal planes hover over transparent walls. The material loses its importancemagnificent as the dryjoint stone walls are in themselvesand the gist of the house is the weightless space enclosed. The victory over the front door is almost complete; it is reached by slow stages, like the Mexican house whose entrance on the street leads through a garden to an unemphasized door."

Ground Floor Plan

1. Living Room 2. Dining room 3.Kitchen 4.Bedroom 5.Utility 6.Dressing Room 7.Guest Bedroom

8.Bathroom 9.Storage 10. Car Shelter 11. Swimming Pool 12.Gallery 13.Patic

3 Projects

1964 . Taylor House

4 Projects 1946- 1948

. Case Study House

5 Projects 1941 – 1942 . Channel Heights Community

6 Projects

1966 . Bucerius House

7 Projects 1933


Mosk House

1 furniture Neutra’s furniture Design

1942 "Boomerang" chair

Camel table from the Cytron House Year: 1961

dining chairs

2 furniture Neutra’s furniture Design

Richard Neutra Marx Lamp

Richard Neutra Boomerang Chair

Camel Table



www_houseind_com-includegetimage_phpn=neutra_history.mht ______________ 2- Wikipedia ______________ 3- NEUTRA BOOK for Barbara Lamprecht

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