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La Granadella Beach – A Piece Of Paradise


Po sted o n July 8 , 20 12 by Mo rten Javea Vacatio n

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Coming to Spain as a tourist from the North is usually motivated by the sandy beaches and guaranteed sunshine all through the long and warm summer season. We have previously looked at a lot of the Beaches of Jávea , that are among the best in Europe! The Spanish Newspaper has just recently awarded La Granadella beach in Jávea the 4th best beach in Spain, attributing it as a small but magical cove with a beauty beyond description, similar blinding reviews have been filling up the pages of Traveladvisor and other reputable guides to the best beaches in the world. Granadella beach you might ask? I thought the Arenal Beach was the main attraction of Jávea?

La Granadella Beach – A Piece O f Paradis e Summer in Jávea – Q uick Guide To Perfect Holidays Spanis h Food – A Pleas ure of Jávea Beach Holidays Jávea Touris m – Safer, Prettier and Eas ier Nightclubs In Jávea – Cos ta Blanca Nightlife

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It is. The Arenal beach is the sandy beach with shallow waters to swim in, filled with happy tourists enjoying the many family friendly facilities and plenty of surrounding bars and restaurants. However, in terms of pure beauty and unique experiences La Granadella beach is outside comparison. The Arenal Beach is an excellent spot for classic beach holidays in Spain and a magnet for tourists from around the world. La Granadella beach is tiny, pebbled and much more tranquil, away from busy buzz of the Arenal. However, La Granadella is your vacation destination of choice on the Costa Blanca if you want a breathtaking breakaway in a peaceful piece of paradise with sparkling clean water, surrounded by mountains leading up to ancient ruins and into undisturbed mountainous wilderness,

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Blue Flag Beach Red Cross Life Guard Cover Sun loungers, Shades, Toilets and Water-sports rentals In terms of facilities you do find most things you need at Granadella cove. There are just a few but very nice restaurants with outdoor seating overlooking the glorious beach, the mountains and the sea. A small bar with basic outlet of necessities and other conveniences.

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Using La Granadella beach as a base for your holidays is ideal if you want tranquil times by the sea, walks up in the undisturbed mountains to explore the ruins and beautiful views, the diving at Granadella is among the most interesting on the Costa Blanca and the caves makes for exciting adventures. If those types of holiday activities appeal to you, indeed La Granadella is a much more perfect choice of destination than the Arenal Beach area – however the beach at La Granadella is pebbled, not sand, but its tiny pleasant pebbles rather than rocky and makes for a nice place to chill out in gorgeous surroundings. You won´t find a wild night life, sandcastles are difficult to build in the pebbled stones and the choice of restaurants and bars are limited.

Finca Montgó Jávea / Xàbia on Jávea Touris m – Safer, Prettier and Eas ier La Granadella Beach – A Piece O f Paradis e – Javea Vacation on Beaches of Javea, Spain Finca Montgó Jávea / Xàbia on Live Webcam Javea Deejay TheGrump on Nightclubs In Javea David Lewis on Nightclubs In Javea

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The Arenal Beach of Jávea will cater excellently to the majority of tourists visiting Costa Blanca, but the connoisseurs desiring unequaled beauty will agree with that La Granadella beach is indeed among the very best beaches in Spain.

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Summer in Jávea – Quick Guide To Perfect Holidays Po sted o n July 7, 20 12 by Mo rten Javea Vacatio n

Fed up with the rain in Germany, England or Sweden? Put an end to the gray clouds and book a holiday in Jávea for the summer. The beaches are ready and waiting for you, the sun

jave a be ach javea mode rn plaz a de s ign jave a s pain nightlife cala blanca de nia http://www jave avacation com


is shining from a clear blue sky and the temperatures are well above 30degrees. Relaxing on the beach can be pure bliss in Spain. The hot sand and warm waters of the Mediterranean form the perfect surroundings for a pleasurable stay in Spain with your family.

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Beach Holidays in Spain – What to look for ? Spain is ready to fulfill the dream of a beach holiday for you and your family. Traveling to Spain can be done relatively cheaply using package deals or budget airlines from most of Europe, however be a bit cautious with the cheap deals to undisclosed hotels in big sea side resorts – you often get what you pay for.

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Heres a few tips and tricks for an enjoyable family holiday in Spain: Nightclubs In Javea (4 votes )

Find a nice family friendly resort such as Jávea, Moraira or Altea (our focus here is on Javea)

Javea) Find a suitable holiday rental in Jávea using FB Groups or price comparison sites

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Get the exact location of your Jávea accommodation to ensure vicinity to the beach Cheap Airport transfers can be booked with Alsa or Beniconnect to Jávea Booking a summer trip to Spain does not need to hideously expensive, but you do have

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avoid the pitfalls of discount products to avoid disappointments. Tailoring your own vacation in Jávea can be great fun and achieve exactly the type of beach holiday you are after without costing a fortune. It takes a bit of extra time to research the areas you prefer, ask around on facebook groups for Jávea accommodation options and specific activities of your preference. Book the flights and airport transfers yourself to get the best deals.

The Costa Blanca Beaches – Quality Matters in Spain The beaches in Jávea have the Blue Flag and life guards securing the safety of your family. You basically just need to stroll to the beach, put out the beach towels and lay down for a relaxing day in the sun, everything else is taken care of in a pleasant way. Basic features of the Jávea Arenal Beach area: Blue Flag Beach with full lifeguard monitoring

Free sun loungers, shades and playground facilities Shallow bay with family friendly low waters for all ages to swim and enjoy Tourist Information center right on the beach Spanish is a plus but not a necessity Free parking right by the beach Crime is extremely low and a bit of common sense keeps your belongings safe The surroundings are in place for perfect holidays, but of course it is up to you to make the most of them. There are plenty of activities to enjoy in the beach area ranging from salsa and zumba on the beach over Spanish fiestas and guided tours in the nature of Spain to live music and beach cinemas. Do not cheat yourself from a little stroll to the Jรกvea chirinquitos, the beach bars, either. Nothing is more pleasant than a drink and some lunch with your feet almost literally in the sea.

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Spanish Food – A Pleasure of Jávea Beach Holidays Po sted o n July 6 , 20 12 by Mo rten Javea Vacatio n

Be careful in the fierce Spanish sun. It is easy to get sunburned or dehydrated. Luckily, suncream helps avoid looking like a fried lobster and a full range of restaurants and bars by the Arenal Beach are ready with refreshments and delicious meals. On the Arenal Beach strip itself there are more than 50 restaurants each delivering their own special take on cuisine from countries such as Spain, Italy, Austria/Germany, Thailand, India, China, Indonesia and many more.

Spanish Food – Tapas and Paella Spain is famous for its Mediterranean cuisine with huge paella pans of goodies to share being the most popular dish. Locally the Paella Valenciano is the dish of choice with a generous supply of fresh seafood ingredients.

The tapas bars are plentiful and generally of extremely high quality with heaps of interesting choices on their menus. The idea of tapas is to sit down a little gang of people or as a family, order a couple of different tapas dishes each and have them all delivered on the table for sharing freely among everyone. This way you can taste several delicious mini meals without settling on just one item on the menu and the choices of others might help challenge you to try things you would have never ordered yourself. Paella is another social meal concept. Normally you order a paella as a minimum of 2 people, though some places do a small tapa de paella. One big paella pan is brought to the table and if the place is traditionally minded, everyone round the table eats directly from the paella pan. The restaurants in the tourist areas have typically adjusted the paella service to include individual plates to be filled from the pan.

Vegetarian Food in Spain – Jåvea is Vegetarian Friendly Vegetarians in Javea have a relatively easy time finding excellent meals compared to most places in Spain. Particularly in the Arenal part of Jåvea most restaurants have multiple menu options for vegetarians and a general willingness to go off-menu to deliver exactly what your taste buds fancy. On the Arenal alone several Indian restaurants are ready with a wide range of vegetarian

options, the Michelin Guide listed The Great Indian being a prime example. The Monsoon Thai restaurant has tofu options of all their meals. Superb Italian restaurants Pepas Pizzeria and the food artists of Lungo Mare both have pizzas, pastas and several other vegetarian items on the menu. Even the main steakhouse on the Arenal, Acqua, has a huge impressive bbq style dish with fried vegetables. Most Spanish restaurants in the area will do a vegetarian paella and/or several kinds of tapas without meat such as patatas bravas, onion rings, cheese bowls and omelets.

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Jåvea Tourism – Safer, Prettier and Easier

Po sted o n July 5, 20 12 by Mo rten Javea Vacatio n

Jávea is loved as a tourist destination by many. The town is perhaps the most family friendly holiday spot on all of the Costa Blanca and every summer the inviting beaches are filled with visiting tourists from all over the world. However, certain things can still be improved in terms of making visitors feel welcome, encourage them to explore and enjoy the Jávea area and assist them with any problems that may arise during their stay. The Jávea council and tourist organizations have made a renewed effort to push improvements in all of the tourism sector in Javea – here are a few current and upcoming results: Improvements To The Arenal Beach Experience and Safety The main tourist attraction of Jávea obviously is the sandy Arenal beach, that forms the center of the busy tourist resort part of Xabia. Naturally the importance of delivering a clean, safe and pleasant environment for visitors to Jávea main tourist area can´t be overemphasized. The Arenal beach has been awarded the Blue Flag as usual and the family friendly shallow bay is guarded by the Red Cross life guards. Yet, the effort has been strengthened yet again this year to ensure that even families with young toddlers can have a safe and enjoyable time on the Xábia beaches.

Jávea is far from plagued by crime, street hustlers or other menaces sometimes ruining the experience at beach resorts. In fact it is perfectly safe to walk the streets alone at night in Jávea. However, to heighten safety further for tourists and give better coverage to the small cove beaches of Javea , extra police has been assigned all through the summer season to patrol on foot and in boats keeping an eye on the area from the sea. Among other smaller improvements are new fresh palms being planted on the beach. There are no more smelly rubbish bins and dumpsters are found by the beach area. The rubbish is now all underground with just small nice looking bins above ground. A bigger renovation of the Arenal beach with a more charming promenade is planned for just after the tourist season – to avoid building work disturbing the treasured visitors during their summer holidays in Spain. Come back to Jávea for a vacation in 2013 and you will be able to experience all the improvements to the Arenal beach and its surroundings.

New Arenal Beach Tourist Information Center A new tourism information center has been setup right by the Arenal beach. To find it you simply follow the beach strip towards the canal / Parador Hotel and at the end the tourist information services are ready to help you in several languages. The Arenal Beach tourism information center supplements the existing facilities in town with easy access for the thousands upon thousands of tourists having the Arenal Beach as their main base during their stay in Jávea. If you need help or ideas for your holiday the tourism information center is open all day and capable of servicing you in several languages. Do not be afraid to drop in and see what is on offer, to ask your questions or have a little chat about the events in Jávea area – it has been put in place for you to use it!

The Miradors Of Jávea – Experience The Beauty of Javeas Nature If you spend your entire holiday sunbathing on the beaches of Jávea you are missing out on the stunning beauty of the nature surrounding you. Jávea have no less than 15 so-called Miradors for you to enjoy. These Miradors are essentially viewing points of particularly exceptional beauty. You can find the exact location of each Mirador on the city maps posted all over town or ask for a detailed map at the tourist info center. The nature surrounding each Mirador simply has to be seen and enjoyed. Recently an effort has been made to improve the facilities at the Miradors with extra benches, railings and tidying up of the areas having been done. An entirely new Mirador – Caleta Del Port – has been established this year with spectacular views over the sea and the port of Jávea. The Caleta Del Port mirador is literally found right above the Port area of town with a short little stroll up to the visual wonders. Each Mirador sports unique views of places like Granadella beach, Cap Negre and several others, every single one is worth a visit. Grab your family for a picnic in the nature of Jávea with one or more of the Miradors as your base.

Cinema On The Beach – Evening Sun and Classic Movies The Javea beach cinema, Cine Vora La Mar, has returned for the 2012 tourist season with an actual cinema right on the main Arenal Beach showing mainly classic movies. The idea of a cinema on the beach is incredibly appealing, just imagine chilling out with a great movie on the beach as night falls over the Costa Blanca with the Mediterranean as backdrop to the big screen. Sadly, the beach cinema is mainly aimed at Spanish tourists in Jávea, or perhaps slightly misunderstood in its execution if intended for English or German speaking visitors, as the movies are all dubbed into Spanish with English subtitles. It still might be worth catching a film for the beach cinema experience but having Willem Dafoe, Scarlett Johanson and Matt Damon speak Spanish will most likely deter most foreign tourists. The Jávea beach cinema shows a new film every Tuesday evening at 10pm starting now and with the last one showing on the 28th of August. The titles are among others I Dont Know How She Does It, John Carter, We Bought A Zoo and Super8 … but all dubbed into Spanish (Castellano).

The Roads To Jávea – Faster Routes To Paradise Congestion on the roads leading into Jávea has been a problem during the summer months for numerous years. Finally work has been initiated to improve the situation with new asphalt, extra lanes and enhanced signposting. The work has started and in several places the new lanes are already open but more is to come to easy the roads to paradise. Easier access for cars (and bulls) to Xabia but with prettier views to behold whilst driving too. The various roundabouts leading into Jávea has been generously decorated with plants from local garden centers and artworks from artists in the Xabia area. All of it vastly bettering the vital first impressions delivered to tourists coming by car to Jávea.

Summer Holidays In Javea – Dont Miss Out! Visiting Javea for your summer breakaway in Spain has become even safer, the area is even prettier and the getting around is easier than ever before. Perfection rarely exists but Jávea strives to deliver the best possible experiences for tourists of all nationalities with enhanced and easily accessible help in the new information centers, more options to explore the gorgeous nature of the Jávea nature, even better police and sea rescue coverage and several other improvements to the tourism facilities, the decoration and atmosphere of the entire area and the ease of access. Book your holiday in Jávea for 2012 – you will most definitely desire to be back in 2013 to encounter even more impressive progress in Jávea – all aimed at giving you and your family a dream vacation in Spain.

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Nightclubs In Jávea – Costa Blanca Nightlife Po sted o n July 4, 20 12 by Mo rten Javea Vacatio n

Fancy a wild night out in Jávea ? Your every desire is catered for in the vibrant nightlife of Javea that spans plenty of bars, cervezerias and some of the most happening night clubs on the Costa Blanca. We previously had a look at Achill Javea, Socco, Platino, La Locura, La Hacienda and Penelope in our guide to Jávea Night Clubs – Part 1 But of course, there are plenty more excellent night clubs in Jávea to serve you drinks, look for romance and get your dancing moves going. Kandhala – Eastern Style Beach Disco The first impression when catching a look at the Arenal Beach night club Kandhala is that it might be a trendy café decorated with Arabic or eastern inspiration. That is entirely true as Kandhala serves as a cafe and tapas bar during the day to tourists on the main beach of Jávea. However, when night falls over the Costa Blanca Kandhala kicks off with spectacular Latin parties, live DJs and entertainment till dawn. Kandhala is found on the first row of bars by the Arenal Beach and as such feature brilliant sea views and the ability to head outside with your dance partners to catch a breath on the


Moli Blanc – Dancing In The Old Windmill One of the oldest night clubs is Moli Blanc. It was closed for years but returned in 2011 with a freshly renovated style and plenty of spectacular parties. Built in and around an old windmill the Moli Blanc has an entirely unique and impressively classy layout. Walking into Moli Blanc feels like entering a fashion show with hard pumped dance vibes to lead the way. The Moli Blanc night club is made up of several areas for dancing, chilling and partying. Live DJs entertain the typically rather vast crowds flocking to the old windmill for a dose of weekend nostalgia spiced up with the latest dance tracks. Watch out for the special events at Moli Blanc. There are splendid stage shows, theme parties and performances continuously through the summer. Moli Blanc is located on the main road between the Javea old town and the Arenal Beach, near the Solmar Car Rental, Liedl and Iceland Supermarkets. If its open, you cant miss the explosion of colors, congregations of happy Javeans waiting to get dancing as well as the pounding dance beats streaming from the old windwill!

Atalaya Javea – High Class Ibiza Style The Jávea night life obviously wouldnt be complete without a proper Ibiza style night club. Atalaya is it! The open space club overlooks the Mediterranean and the Arenal beach from a position in between La Locura and Achill, a few steps up from the Aqua Steakhouse. Atalaya has it all when it comes to decoration in a modern style with great attention paid to smart lighting, impressive little details everywhere and . Little sofa corners for gangs of friends to chill out, dance floors and even a small pool running through the middle of the club (a pool that yours truly of course promptly fell into on his first visit – since then they have kindly put up fencing around it). With the marvelous location raised above the sea, a busy calendar of parties and events, decorations of the highest class and a real Ibiza atmosphere Atalaya is in hard competition with neighboring Achill for being the most happening and pleasant night club in Javea.The obvious suggestion would be to show off your premium dance moves in both – they will most definitely both cater for a fun night out.

La Llum – Night Club in Jávea Old Town The landmark of Jávea old town, the San Bartolome church, has a rather exciting neighbour. Right by the church square you will find the trendy Jávea night club La Llum. La Llum is decorated like a high class club in a classic style and always sports a magnificent friendly atmosphere. The club has a variety of DJs and live music events on the calendar, primarily during weekends. Remember, La Llum is not one of the tourist bars. The vast majority of the happy party people you encounter at La Llum in Jávea are local Spanish youth having a fun night out at the classiest place in town. Its well worth your time to try it out as well!

Not Partied Out Yet? Have a look at Jávea Night Clubs – Part 1 for more recommendations for great places to go in the Costa Blanca nightlife …

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Days Out From Jávea – Terra Mitica Theme Park Po sted o n July 3, 20 12 by Mo rten Javea Vacatio n

Fancy a day out with your family and kids during your holiday in Jávea ? The options are plentiful but one popular choice is the Terra Mitica Theme Park. Based on the five greatest empires of the ancient world, Terra Mitica theme park is a playground of Egypt, Rome, Greece, Mediterranean Islands and Iberia. Just because this is a day you have reserved for your kids, does not mean you don’t have to join the fun. There

are grown-up rides as there are kids’ rides. There are actually 15 rides for kids that resemble the grown-up ones. It is claimed that the park has the most daring rides in the whole of Europe. And since there are too many of them, you can’t possibly try them all in one day. You can buy a season ticket so when you want to go back the next time, you can pay the entrance fee at a discounted price. What’s more, you only need to pay once and you can try all the ride’s inside.

Let’s take a look at what each of these historical empires has to offer: Egypt: The Great Pyramids and the Nile River are the first attractions you’ll see as you enter the park. And if you’re ready to take the action, the Nile Waterfalls is all set to trigger the excitement in you. Warning: this is not for the faint hearted! This is because you’re going to be forward dropped twenty meters then a back drop that can scare you to death.

Rome: If you wish for a fear-filled ride, be taken 70 meters in the air and be dropped at 120km/hour at the Flight of the Phoenix. So much for its name, you bet. For your kids is the story of Fire and the Phoenix featured in the ride called Magnus Colossus, the park’s own version of Tentaculus. Greece: Scream at the top of your lungs at Synkope, a giant red wheel that spins and swings 70 people. You can also explore Ancient Greece with your children on a horseback. The Temple of Kinetos is not hard to miss in this part of the park. Mediterranean Islands: If water rides are what attracts you most, the Mediterranean is where you should be. You battle with sea currents as you try to rescue Ulysses in the Rapids of Argos.

Iberia: Your Crazy Cars have turned to giant cows, sheep and bulls! If you want to experience the nastiest locomotive, say “Choo! Choo!” to El Tren Bravo. If you and your children are not adrenaline junkies, there are more calm rides, like the gentle cruise from Alexandria to Iberia that gives you a fantastic view of all the rides in the park. But the rides are not the only fun part in Terra Mitica theme park. You can enjoy one or a couple of the 35 shows every day. There’s the circus, myths and legends of the Mediterranean told, and the great pirates of the oceans. Discount Vouchers For Terra Mitica in Javea Rebate vouchers for tickets to Terra Mitica can be found at several places in Jávea. Take note that multiple different discount schemes exist simultaneously – so its all about choosing the cheapest option for your specific family. Signing up for the Iceland Supermarkets loyalty card earns you a 50% rebate on the entrance for the entire family, McDonalds in Jávea provide discounts when you buy a meal that allows a kid in for every adult entrance purchased and all the BP Garages in the area stock standard discount vouchers for Terra Mitica allowing entry for 8euros for adults and 6euros for kids.

Terra Mitica – A Perfect Trip For Families With Kids You love your kids so much that you want them to make the most out of their childhood. You want them to plunge into different oceans of excitement. You want them to see the whole world and experience every possible adventure the world has created. So, now that the sun is greeting you a bright summer and the school holidays are almost here, don’t deny them the thrilling and fun experience of Terra Mitica Theme Park on the hillside in Benidorm, Spain. If you feel like a trip out from Jávea with your kids and fancy funny things to do in Spain that does not involve the beaches or bars, the Terra Mitica amusement park is one of the greatest options on the Costa Blanca. Basically, this is how you define a fun-packed summer vacation!

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Campeones Campeones – Spain Won Euro2012 Po sted o n July 1, 20 12 by Mo rten Javea Vacatio n

Campeones Campeones …. the chant is heard all over Javéa in the hours after the Spanish 40 victory over Italy in the Euro 2012 final. As is tradition in the football crazy country of Spain, every bar and restaurant had big screens up for the final 90minutes of the European challenge and yet again Espana came out victorious.

In Jávea victories for Spain are always celebrated thoroughly all over town. Parades of cars covered in Spanish flags drive round town sounding their horns, the roundabouts get occupied by euphoric fans and football lovers of all nationalities stream into the streets from bodegas, cervezerias and beach bars to join in the spontaneous street


Spain Won Euro2012 … trashing Italy soundly 4-0. It goes without saying that the streets of Jávea are currently a chaos of jubilant Spanish football fans!

Viva Espana! Por os ellos oe … Campeones Campeones … Do you ever get tired of a good old fashioned football party? …and indeed, the EURO2012 victory party for the Campeones Espanoles just kept on going in the beach bars, the restaurants, the night clubs and out in the streets of Jávea.

Italian supporters were few and far between in Javea on this night of fiesta and joy – but even those less ecstatic about the results couldn’t help but join the Spanish celebrations. As always, football parties in Spain and certainly in Jávea were full of euphoria. Uncompromising happiness over the excellent performance of the Spanish team in the EURO2012 spread into the streets with hordes of peoples singing and dancing, flags and fireworks.

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Successful International Festival In JĂĄvea Po sted o n July 1, 20 12 by Mo rten Javea Vacatio n

The 2012 edition of Xabia Internacional Festival can only be declared a huge success. The weather was perfect delivering 3 days of festival bathed in sunshine. All 3 days saw huge crowds stream to the festival to try the international cuisine from 21 countries, enjoy the varied performances of flamenco, salsa, rock and dancing on stage or simply chill out in the company of friends.

As always it was entirely impossible to try out all the different cuisines available at the festival with more than 20 nationalities serving several dishes each. Yours truly had the pleasure of tasting Uruguayan asado, grotesquely giant Colombian hot dogs contained french fries and whole eggs, Greek salads with spicy meat and a rather yummy Bulgarian salad dish with some special type of bacon wrapped sausages ‌

But the options we´re endless .. and its already time to count down to next years influx of new challenges for the taste buds. However, it is worth pointing out that many of the nationalities represented do indeed have local restaurants, where you can go and catch some of the dishes you missed at the festival this year.

As has become a bit of a tradition at the International Festival in Jávea, the last big event on stage was Strikland. The Costa Blanca party band led by singer Adam King delivered a set full of 70s soul hits and funky vibes under the evening skies of Jávea as the 2012 version of the festival came to a close in a high spirit. Here you can see more photos from the Jávea International Festival 2012 A final stroll through the festival as the last exotic meals we´re dished up Saturday night as the Javea International Festival 2012 was coming to a close. Perhaps the biggest edition of the festival so far with big and happy crowds eating, dancing and having fun for three straight days.

Strikland entertaining the crowd with a set of 70s funk and soul as the night fell in Jรกvea. Strikland with singer Adam King leading the party was the headliner of the Saturday night at the International Festival in Javea 2012:

Vamos 2013, hopefully next years International Festival in Javea will be back even bigger, stronger and with even more nationalities presenting their delicious cuisines.

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Jávea Holidays – What To Do In July ? Po sted o n June 30 , 20 12 by Mo rten Javea Vacatio n

The temperature is HOT! The beaches are filling up and the sea is easily warm enough for a swim. There is plenty of good reason to take your family on a holiday to Jรกvea to enjoy the beaches, have some ice cream and tapas at the local Spanish restaurants to cool down and spend the warm summer evenings enjoying the Mediterranean from one of the Javea beach bar, chiringuitos.

Summer Activities with Kids in Javea A summer holiday on the beach in Javea is bliss. The beaches have the Blue Flag, they are family friendly and equipped with plenty of extras to keep the kids happy and entertained. However, if you want additional activities for your kids, theres plenty of options to give them an active vacation with the opportunity to meet new friends of their own age, have fun and learn new skills in the process. A kids summer football school is running all through July and August. The sailing clubs have special courses for kids. Lancora tennis offers social events and tennis coaching for the youngsters. Those with a creative mind can attend fun summer camps with painting, drama

and film classes. See our recommendations for special summer activities for kids in Jávea with detailed descriptions and contact info for the events and summer camps for kids.

Javea Celebrates 400 Years as a town In 1612 Jávea was officially made a “villa” and as such recognized as a Spanish town. July kicks off with celebrations of the 400 Years anniversary in Javea old town by the San Bartolome church. The celebrations are an obvious opportunity to leave the beach and head up to the main church square in old town. Enjoy celebrations, concerts and explore the traditional Spanish village atmosphere in the spiderweb of narrow streets full of tapas bars and excellent little restaurants. The Xabia historic center can be further explored on the 5th of July for the Night Of Shopping when all the charming little specialist stores, fashion shops and bodegas stay open past midnight – the Old Town will be full of activities and buzz all evening. Head up there, do some shopping, have a nice meal and enjoy the vibe!

The Moors and Christians Fiesta in Javea One of the biggest events on the fiesta calendar in Javea is the celebration of Moors and Christians on the Port, Duanes al Mar. The 2012 Moros y Cristianos in Xabia starts on July 14th with a range of spectacular events on the Javea port. The main parades and enactment of the classic battles between the Christians and Moors are on July 21th and 22th, all of the fiesta takes place on the Javea Port.

Hippie Market on Montgo Back in 60´s era of flower power and eternal love there was a hippie camp on Montgo, Javea. The Montgo restaurant La Hacienda brings back the Summer Of Love with a weekly hippie market every Thursday from 7pm till late. The first La Hacienda Hippie Market is on July 12. The hippie market itself features plenty of homemade crafts, hippie clothes, artists presenting their paintings and creative creations along with stalls full of old second hand records, decorative bits and pieces and much more. The hippie market caters to the empty tummy with delicious Mediterranean cuisine and special deals for the market days on drinks and food. Theres live music on the La Hacienda stage and plenty of opportunity to enjoy the hippie love of 68´ during these weekly hippie market events! The event is set around the fantastic restaurant, café and night club areas of La Hacienda on Montgo, Javea/Denia. Drive up to Montgo, turn towards Cabo de San Antonio (the Lighthouse) and you wont be able to miss the Hippie Market and La Hacienda on the way.

Get in Shape – Fitness Activities By The Beach Want to work on your fitness during your beach vacation in Jávea? Youre in luck of course as there are plenty of zumba, pilates, flamenco and salsa activities to participate in at places like Lancora Tennis, Chirinquito Moskito and Jaspas Bar.

Basically, you wont find a day without the opportunity to join in some form of fitness activity to work off those extra kilos from the mad paella munching – just check the local bars and venues mentioned for dates and times.

Other Activities in Javea in July The Javea area is blessed with beaches and a nature that just begs to be explored, but during the hot summer months you might also fancy some nice relaxing music performed live. The beach bar Mintt and restaurant Mira on the Arenal Beach of Javea both have jazz concerts promising pleasant afternoons and evenings. The Saladar hotel right by the beach has a variety of activities and performances for everyone to attend all through the summer. Venues such as the expat favorites An Shebeen and Quo Vadis have weekly live music every weekend throughout July featuring mainly party bands and cover acts. Penelope in Javea old town have a full program of primarily original Spanish acts lined up.

Don´t be shy. Get out there and make the most of your summer holiday in Jávea. July is buzzing with activity on the Costa Blanca and Jávea leads the way with fiestas, live music, activities for families with kids and plenty more!

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Internacional Festival Xabia 2012 is Open Po sted o n June 29 , 20 12 by Mo rten Javea Vacatio n

The International festival 2012 in Jávea has officially opened. Exotic food is being served by more than 21 nationalities represented. Flamenco concerts

and traditional dances are being performed on stage. The entire town of Jávea has come together to celebrate the numerous cultures living within its borders Check the full program for Xabia Internacional Festival

The opening day of the festival saw a huge crowd populating the square on Avenida Augusta in Jávea as soon as the doors to this years event was opened. Several nationalities we´re still busy finalizing the decorations of their stalls, preparing their homemade dishes and firing up their bbqs when tourists, expats and Spaniards alike started streaming into the festival area. You can see a photo gallery from the Javea International Festival – Opening Day here.

This year the International Festival runs from Thursday to Saturday, both days included. A stroll round the many stalls from exotic places such as Uruguay, Philippines, Indonesia and Venezuela revealed a fresh influx of tasty dishes on the menus. However fear not, if you´re headed to the festival in hope of treating yourself to long term popular classics such as German bbq ribs, English hamburgers (a traditional English dish?) or the French desserts from heaven, you won´t be disappointed.

Grab your kids, extended family and friends for a fun day out at the International Festival. Challenge your taste buds with Uruguayan asado or spicy Colombian vegetarian dishes, enjoy the open air live music from stage and feel the vibe of all the cultures coming together and each stall taking pride in presenting the best their home country has to offer! Photos: Javea International Festival – Opening Day Program: Javea International Festival 2012

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