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BENTLEY Tungsten Wedding Band with Black Carbo n Fiber and Black Diamo nd Setting - 8 mm

BELLONA Black 4mm Flat Tungsten Carbide Wedding Band

ALTHALOS Palladium Inlaid Do med Tungsten Ring - 6 mm & 8 mm

BELLISSIMA Ladies White Tungsten Wedding Band with Beveled Edges 4 mm

$ 5 4 9 .9 5 $ 329 .9 5

$ 17 9 .9 5 $ 9 9 .9 5

$ 7 5 0 .0 0 $ 5 9 9 .9 5

$ 29 9 .9 5 $ 19 9 .9 5

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PLATINA Do med White Tungsten Wedding Band - 4 mm $ 27 9 .9 5 $ 19 9 .9 5 Cho o se Optio ns


ADDINGTON 10mm Domed White Tungsten Wedding Band with Polished Finish $309.95 $229.95 Choose Options



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ARLINGTON Do med White Tungsten Ring fo r Men - 2mm - 12mm

ATHERTON 12mm Do med Wide White Tungsten Wedding Band fo r Men 12mm

$ 289 .9 5 $ 19 5 .9 5

$ 319 .9 5 $ 239 .9 5

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AUGUSTA Ladies Domed Black Tungsten Ring with Brushed Finish 4mm $179.95 $129.95 Choose Options


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ATHERTON 12mm Domed Wide White Tungsten Wedding Band for Men 12mm $319.95 $239.95 Choose Options


ASTON Black Brushed Center Tungsten Wedding Ring with Polished Beveled Edges 6mm & 8mm $24 9.95 $139.95 Choose Options

CALGARY 8 mm Tungsten Carbide Ring with a Rectangular Faceted Knife Edge

BUCKINGHAM Do med Blue Diamo nd Tungsten Ring - 6 mm & 8 mm

BROOKLYN Raised Etched Finish Tungsten Ring - 6 mm & 8 mm

BRISBANE Do med Black Diamo nd Tungsten Ring 6 mm & 8 mm

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$ 16 9 .9 5 $ 4 9 .9 5

$ 5 0 0 .0 0 $ 35 9 .9 5

$ 15 9 .9 5 $ 7 9 .9 5

$ 5 0 0 .0 0 $ 35 9 .9 5

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Popular Products BUCKINGHAM Domed Blue Diamond Tungsten Ring - 6mm & 8 mm $500.00 $359.95

BRIDGEPORT Flat Satin Finish Tungsten Carbide Ring - 6 mm 10 mm

BOSTON Celtic Laser Engraved Tungsten Wedding Band - 10 mm

$ 189 .9 5 $ 119 .9 5

$ 219 .9 5 $ 16 9 .9 5

Choose Options PINK 4 mm Beveled Tungsten Wedding Band with Pink Carbon Fiber $199.95 $139.95

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Cho o se Optio ns features an eye-catching assortment of durable top quality tungsten wedding bands for men and women. Covering everything from classic ring designs to fresh and modern styles, you will find a tungsten wedding ring to accommodate every personal taste. We have even tungsten diamond bands. Additionally, you can tailor-make a tungsten band to fit your specifications. Tungsten carbide bands are manufactured using the toughest metal on the planet, simultaneously incredibly solid and extremely stylish introducing the ideal wedding band! Please be aware that each of our tungsten wedding bands are created from tungsten carbide. Across the website often you will find some wedding ring designs labeled "tungsten rings" and also "tungsten bands". It is not to mean that specific ring is not made from tungsten carbide. Tungsten is, short-term for tungsten carbide, a lot like Coke is short-term for Coca Cola so we use ring as opposed to wedding band at times since it is shorter.

Choose Options WORCESTER Tungsten Ring with Grooved Black Ceramic Inlay - 10 mm $289.95 $14 9.95 Choose Options GLENDALE Domed Black Ceramic Ring with Tungsten Edges and White Diamond - 8 mm $500.00 $339.95 Choose Options

We only stock the top quality jewelry class tungsten carbide wedding bands produced by American designers, such as - Thorsten Rings, which has manufacturer guaranteed life time warranty. We do not offer wedding bands that are made from tungsten only. A ring created solely from tungsten is virtually impossible, because tungsten on its own is only a metallic powder. Tungsten rings for women and men are generally categorised as tungsten carbide rings or tungsten rings in short. Our fantastic tungsten jewelry makes use of nickel as the binding element and has zero cobalt. Tungsten carbide rings are quite flexible. They are often used as casual jewelry, engagement wedding bands or rings.

BRIDGEPORT Flat Satin Finish Tungsten Carbide Ring - 6mm 10mm $189.95 $119.95 Choose Options

Important Facts To Know About The Tungsten Wedding Rings Displayed by 100% scratch resistant 100% cobalt-free Do not bend off form Crafted with nickel binder Protected directly by the manufacturer's lifetime warranty against scratches and breakages Hypoallergenic A Brief Comment Relating To Men's Wedding Bands and Women's Wedding Rings Siz es Women's and men's wedding rings work with the exact same sizing system. Contrary to shoe sizes, if a man is wearing a size 6 ring and so does a woman, therefore it means they've got exactly the same size ring finger. Additionally, wedding rings today can be unisex, very much like sunglasses. You will find on our website we have a few categories of men's wedding bands and wedding rings for women. The intent behind these categories is to enable our customers through grouping together selected styles and widths of wedding rings which interest both women or men to help finding their perfect wedding band easier. It doesn't mean a particular design can just be worn by a woman or man. When looking at your wedding band, the only thing which factors is if you like it, and, perhaps your sweetheart too!

Women Tungsten Weedding Rings All of our Womens Tungsten Rings were created to be thin and light, an excellent option for today's contemporary woman. These tungsten wedding rings for women are made to include the durability of tungsten yet still be stylish for her. Today couples can pick a set of identical tungsten wedding bands to flawlessly symbolize the devotion and oneness of their union which will continue forever. No other wedding ring can combine practicality with elegance as tungsten. Black Tungsten Wedding Bands Sleek, sexy and classy, all of our black tungsten rings are proven to be stunningly charming. Smashing the popular style of well known tungsten carbide bands, black tungsten bands positions you as unique. Our black tungsten wedding bands are made to symbolize your individual and ingenious style while keeping the durability and strength of tungsten. If you'd like to stand out from the masses, get a matching pair of black tungsten carbide bands. What is the quality of diamonds applied to your tungsten wedding bands? It is commonly recognized that diamonds smaller than 0.25 carat set in to rings have a color of H or G, meaning they are almost colorless and simply with a naked eye you would not be able to make a difference between near colorless and colorless diamond stones. The clarity usually used is SI grade - "Slightly Included". The clarity level means that any impurities diamonds might have can not be noticed with the human eye alone and that magnification must be used in order for you to see the impurities. This is the market standard for diamond stones set in to bands or proposal rings.


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