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Free Guide with Every Enquiry 7 Toilet Hire Secrets Ho w t o Have a Perfec t To ilet Hire Experienc e.

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Luxury Toilet Hire Made Easy Our luxury to ilets are just that, pure luxury and are perfect fo r weddings, spectacular events o r if a plain o ld chemical to ilet wo n’t do . They co me in a range o f different sizes with different amo unts o f to ilets in them and co me with anything fro m mirro rs to dvd playing TVs, it’s just ho w luxury yo u want to go ! Our luxury mo bile to ilets co me with a selfco ntained effluent tank, a self-co ntained water tank so all they need is to be plugged in so the lights will turn o n and o ff yo u go !

If yo u want to hire o ne o f o ur luxury po rtable to ilets then call us o n 0 84 4 288 7 25 9 o r fill o ut o ur easy 1-minute fo rm to day and yo u'll get a quo te and advice fro m o ur fully qualified and highly experienced Luxury To ilet Hire team.

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Customer Testimonial " have been a massive help in supplying portable toilets for our sites across the UK. They’re prompt and efficient – a great company to work with.”" Mike Lake Southdowne Contracts Ltd 1st April 2010 Me m be rs o f ...

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Rent ing A Luxury Toilet Has Never Been Easier

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If yo u need luxury t o ile t hire , then yo u want to deal with a crew that is passio nate abo ut: giving yo u the best advice being o n time pro viding yo u with great value

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(PRWEB UK) 16 May 2013 Cheshire- based hire company, PAL Hire May 17 at 12:48am

being friendly and appro achable We are that crew!

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To pTo m lo o ks after the to ilet facilities fo r events all o ver the UK. Our luxury lo o s are have been delivered to celeb parties, high pro file o utdo o r events, TV pro ductio n co mpanies and ro yal fetes – yes, o ur luxury to ilet trailers have mo st pro bably held the ‘Ro yal We’! Even a certain red haired Radio 2 DJ had o rdered a luxury mo bile to ilet o ff us – pro ving we’re the to ilet hire co mpany to the stars! To ilets fro m To pto m can be hired lo ng o r sho rt term (usually fo r an event like a festival, garden party, fete, whatever!) So , what do yo u do next? No t much, really. Fill o ut the fo rm abo ve no w, o r give us a bell o n this number 0 84 4 288 7 25 9 to get immediate to ilet hire advice. Oh and befo re I go , I just need to tell yo u that we’re an ISO:9 0 0 1 registered co mpany and part o f the PAL Hire Gro up, established since 20 0 3. This means that we’re reco gnised internatio nally as having the highest quality systems. It also means that we supply no t just to ilet hire, but also generato rs, fencing, heaters, lighting, skips – everything to make yo ur life easier.

If yo u did NOT find what yo u were lo o king fo r to day, I’d really like to hear fro m yo u also – it will help us impro ve o ur service fo r o thers. Just email me using the co ntact fo rm here. Thank yo u! Mark Attwo o d Fo under P.S. Do n’t fo rget yo u can fo llo w us o n Twitter, Yo uTube and read o ur To ilet Blo g (o r sho uld that be Bo g?)

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