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Dear Soon-t o-be Healt hy f riend, Do healt h issues run in your f amily? Are you sick and t ired of being sick and t ired? We are all living proof t hat , even t hough t oday’s medicine has advanced, serious illnesses are more common t han ever. Environment al changes along wit h unhealt hy nut rient st ripped f oods, have int roduced many t oxins and t heir side ef f ect s t o our bodies. While t oday’s

medicine has made it possible f or us t o live wit h many of t hese illnesses, t he qualit y and lengt h of your lif e will be dramat ically impact ed. Prevent ion and or Reversal is Possible! Prevention is always better than trying to be cured. Did you know t hat T he Key t o bet t er healt h is t o f lush all t he impurit ies, t oxins, and heavy met als along wit h parasit es out of your body? Even just a simple Colon Cleansing can help you be very healt hy, so keep reading so you can learn how t o det ox your body! Do you know how and/or what it t akes t o f lush out all of t he t oxins and sludge f rom your body? and, Did you know t hat Exercise and Healt hy eat ing habit s, alone, are not enough t o ward of f illnesses and imbalances wit hin your body? If you t hink t hat just by changing your eat ing habit s and st art ing t o eat “healt hy” everyt hing will f ix it self , t hen you are in f or a surprise!

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As we age, t he t oxins t hat have already ent ered our body Int ensif y. Your f ilt ering organs such as your skin, kidney’s and liver NEED YOUR HELP, t o rid t hemselves of t hese harmf ul Toxins and Parasit es! Wit hout YOUR HELP, t oxins WILL build up result ing in illnesses, t hus speeding up t he aging process! T he only way t hat you can help is t hrough det oxif icat ion.

Your f ood is f ull of chemicals and junk f rom being over processed t o enhance shelf lif e. Even so called f resh produce is not what it used t o be. Long st ory short : Food has radically changed in t he last f if t y years, and not f or t he bet t er. T his is one of many f act ors t hat have result ed in t he decline of our healt h. T he good news is, t hat if det oxif icat ion is done t he right way, t hen you will begin t o not ice t he benef it s of det oxing wit hin just a f ew short days! In f act , here are some of t he cases t hat can easily be resolved wit h a good det oxif icat ion plan and wit h t he right knowledge:

Acid Ref lux Disease (GERD)

Flat ulence Psoriasis Allergies and Hay

St omach Ache Irregularit y

Bad Breat h


Const ipat ion

Bad Body Odor


Hard St ools


Sciat ica Joint Pain


Bloat ing Enlarged Abdomen

Art hrit is

Irrit able Bowel Syndrome

Prot ruding Belly (Excess

Migraine Headaches


St ored Fat ) Insomnia

Crohn’s Disease Abdominal

Excess Weight Rest less sleep

Pain Obesit y

Low Energy

Inf lammat ory Bowel Diseases (IBDs)

Skin Condit ions

Spast ic Colon

It chy, f lakey skin or scalp

Loss of Ment al Clarit y and

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Concent rat ion

Inf lamed Skin “Brain Fog�

Colit is Dermat it is

Forget f ulness

Ileit is Excess Gas Eczema

Fat igue

Hormone imbalance Food Allergies

If you or a loved one suf f ers f rom one or more of t he problems list ed above, t hen list en up, I have t he perf ect solut ion f or your problems! My solut ion consist s of t hree easy st eps t hat anyone can do and t hat can be learned in just a f ew hours. You owe it t o yourself t o see t his import ant lif e changing inf ormat ion! Bet t er healt h and vit alit y can be yours!

noi tuloSpetS-ysE a 3 eh T 1. Educat e Yourself About Proper And Saf e Detoxif ication 2. Find T he Perf ect Detoxif ication Solution For Your Problem 3. Support T he Organs of Eliminat ion

w N ”o th gR i eA ru oYekiL ts uJ ,nia Pe ht lee FoTdeU s I“ I am sure by now you are wondering who I am and why you should list en t o me. My name is Richie St ubblef ield, and I am middle aged. I am not claiming t o be a doct or or a self -proclaimed specialist . I’m just a regular person who went t hrough t he horrors of having toxins, tapeworms, extra body f at , and not having enough energy t o do anyt hing import ant during t he day and being in pain all t he t ime. I f elt it all, and it wasn’t pret t y! And while I was looking f or a solut ion f or my problem I learned a lot about det oxif icat ion. I learned what works and what doesn’t and I also learned how to keep the body saf e while detoxing . And I didn’t just learn t hese t hings f rom my own experience, I also learned about det oxing by t alking and giving advice t o ot her people who needed t o det ox t heir body and live pain-f ree as well. So now I t hink of myself as a guru in t he f ield of det oxif icat ion and I want t o help everyone who is suf f ering.

m o erd ny S lw B oelbat irrI foesC e a tsW roe h T“ I began t o not ice t hat I had issues wit h my st omach by t he t ime I had reached my t eenage years. Not knowing t hat I needed t o det ox, t he problems just got worse as t ime went on. Because of my st omach problems I was losing job af t er job. Employers did not want t o pay me t o be sick in t he rest room const ant ly. I had developed IBS (Irrit able Bowel Syndrome) and t he pain and embarrassment t hat comes along wit h t hat . To be honest t here were t imes t hat I did not reach t he rest room in t ime. T he crazy t hing is, when I f irst went t o t he doct ors, most of t hem did not even believe in IBS. T hey t est ed me out f or everyt hing else, including Chrone’s Disease and many ot hers ailment s. I’ve had more Upper and Lower GI’s t han most people have had in t heir ent ire lif e, just in t he span of 4 years. T he doct ors I went t o were supposedly specialist s, t hey were baf f led by how t o best help me, since I did not respond t o any of t heir dozens of medicat ions or t est s. T hey really did not believe IBS was real. T he last t wo I went t o, t he f irst of t hose t wo was a Int ernal Medicine Specialist , he said t hat t here was NO T EST FOR IBS, And t hat is what he believed I had. (Up t o t his point , I had not heard anyt hing about IBS) T he Int ernal Medicine Specialist ref erred me t o a Gast roent erologist who conf irmed, I had IBS and it was t he worst case he had ever seen. But even he could not help. I had lost all hope. I f igured I had t o live wit h t he condit ion. T hen, one day a f ew years lat er, I received a call f rom a good f riend of mine about a det ox program t hat people had really good result s wit h f or all kinds of issues. I decided t o t ry t his det ox program and it made such a huge dif f erence in my lif e when not hing else seemed t o be working.

Wit h t hat det ox program all t he problems went away and I can live a normal lif e, t hanks t o det oxing. And now, 5 years lat er, t his is st ill t he only t hing t hat helps me, of course I have t o keep det oxing. If I am having st omach problems and I do not det ox, I am st ill af raid t o leave my house So, be sure, I regularly det ox! When I do, it last s f or weeks or somet imes several mont hs! (Yes on a single det ox!!) So I know almost everyt hing t here is know about det oxing. I’ve been doing it regularly now f or over 5 years and I have never st opped learning all I can about Det oxing. And now I want t o help you do t he same! If you mast er t hese three simple steps you’ll be well on your way t o get t ing your body cleansed in as lit t le 7 days or even f ast er! Usually you will f eel so much bet t er just a f ew short days int o a good det ox program!

”yd B oO Y U R m orFsg nih Tg nits u gsD i“ I’m af raid I have some bad news f or you… Have you been consuming any of t he f ollowing f oods? sugar sweet s chips cola

energy drinks f at s oils cigaret t es alcohol pharmaceut ical drugs Fast Foods Cooked Foods Microwaved Foods Non-Organic Foods

If your answer is yes, t hen chances are you’re on your way t o developing (or you’ve already developed) t errible mucoid plaques, t ape worms and ot her t oxins t hat will gladly grow inside your body as long as you keep f eeding t hem. I dare you t o search on Google f or “tape worms ” and “mucoid plaque “. Once you see how awf ul and disgust ing t hese t hings look you’ll t hink t wice every t ime you put unhealt hy f ood in your mout h! And if you’ve consumed some of t he it ems ment ioned above, you’re in great danger and you need t o t ake act ion as soon as possible t o get t hem out !

C n a C eo s u n ric tifH a o M iD x n w tL e ryT a “ o

O R d a e n … Y o u ,p ”H l e You don’t have t o live wit h an unhealt hy or an overweight body anymore. T he advice given in my course will set you f ree f rom t he negat ive energy t hat is st ored in your body and wit h t he help of my course you’ll learn: How t o t urn your body into a “health oasis” How t o lose weight quicker t han wit h any ot her diet or workout rout ine How t o f eel t he kind of energy going through your body t hat you used t o f eel as a t eenager How t o det ox saf ely without any risks T he Best Way To Approach a Det oxing Program To Get T he BEST Results! and much, much more… I’ve spent years going t o doct ors, t alking t o prof essionals, and doing incredible amount s of research t o live my lif e pain f ree. But now, my course and my years and years of research will be at your disposal as well, allowing you t o lead a rich, f ulf illing lif e wit hout t he needless pain of having an unhealt hy body. If you are ready t o begin healing your body and st art enjoying a healt hier lif e wit h more energy and f eeling great – t hen click the button below t o gain inst ant access t o my revolut ionary Det oxing Guru course f or only $47!

yO lnyad oT

721$ 74$

My Detoxing Guru course is a revolut ionary st ep-by-st ep cleanse solut ion t hat will leave you f eeling light er, more ref reshed and more energet ic t han you’ve probably ever been in your ent ire lif e!

:ot evah regnol on l l ’uoY

spend hundreds of dollars visit ing nut rit ionist s f ollow f ad diets that only make things worse once you get out of t hem go t hrough lif e without energy and dead-tired hoping t o go back t o sleep as soon as possible because all you can t hink of is how t ired you are suck in your gut whenever you get out on t he st reet because you’re ashamed of your own body and the ugly belly f at wear large clot hes t o hide your body f at Miss out on lif e. Bef ore det oxing I had t o st ay close t o home. I missed out on f amily t rips, camping, et c… t hose are moment s I will never get back!

Try t o imagine t his… do you remember how you f elt when you were a teenager? Well, my “Det oxing Guru” course will awaken t hat f eeling once again. You won’t believe t he amazing result s you can get wit h good guidance and good advice. But wait , t hat ’s not all!

tG eu oY ses u n B o taeG rR E Fw o T

neE v ssecorPn oitacif ixotD e ru oYek M aoT reisE a

1#su B noeeF r

!gnd R iaefodaetsnIW hcta

Get t he f ull Det oxing Guru eBook in VIDEO f ormat f or a LIMIT ED T IME ONLY. Inst ead of rif ling t hrough t he eBook, you can have it easier by simply wat ching a det ailed clip of t he cont ent s, t echniques and t ips. T he f ull eBook has been broken down int o 18 Videos online f or st reaming. You get HD qualit y f or each video! Toget her wit h t he eBook, t he video is available f or an addit ional $29.95 FREE Since it st reams right int o your PC or lapt op, t he lack of DVD and label purchases is a great savings f or me t hat I event ually pass on t o YOU. However, I only can do t his f or a VERY limit ed t ime f or each person t hen, t his one-of -a-kind of f er expires. (I allow T his of f er t o exist f or only 20 minut es f rom t he f irst t ime anyone visit s t his

websit e.)

But wait ! T hat is not all I am going t o give you! Wat ch t he Videos Of f line! I will provide you wit h t he download video right s f or just $9.95 FREE, so you can st ill wat ch even when you are not connected to the internet. T his is a VERY LIMIT ED T IME OFFER only! So click t he order but t on if you want t o save on your Det oxing Guru purchase, t oday! Here is what you will get f or just $47 if you order soon(bef ore I t ake away t he bonus of f ers and raise t he price): T he eBook Course broke down on 18 dif f erent videos f or t hose t hat hat e reading! Over 2 hours of video in t ot al! Wat ch t hem online‌ Download t hem and wat ch t hem anyt ime even when not online! Limited T ime Of f er!

Limited T ime Of f er! A $39.90 Value! (St reaming: $29.95, Download: $9.95) Okay, Wait a Minut e. I want t o give you one more bonus, how about Audio? If you order t his package right now, I will give you t he Full Course on MP3. T hat is 18 MP3 Files, nearly 2 hours of audio , which is t he same audio t hat is on t he Movies above. I split t hem of f t he video so you can add t hem t o a CD and list en t o my course on t he go in your car, or wherever you want , even put t hem on your iPod or f avorit e MP3 Player. I also put t hem ont o 1 single MP3, so you can list en t o it all on one f ile! This is not going to be offered anywhere else. If you do not get it here, right now, you may never be able t o get it all again.

2#su B noeeF r

aot terceSm etaitU lT eh:gniciu Jw P roe !efL i tnab rV id nayhtH lae

Here’s what you’ll discover inside: How t o underst and the power of home-made juice compared t o bot t led juice… 3 lit t le known, yet simple ways t o take advantage of the power of juice… 3 proven st eps t o understanding how juice can detoxif y and cleanse your body…

2 simple keys (t hat are right in f ront of your eyes) t o using juice to loose weight… 3 things you should never do when it comes t o juicing… 6 t ime t est ed and proven st rat egies t o lower your blood pressure wit h t he power of juice… 7 everyday but of t en overlooked t ips and t ricks f or using juice to alleviate diabetes… Learn the exact steps to do a 10 day Total Body Reset ! Something you won’t learn in any other juicing eBook like this one! T his eBook “Power Juicing: T he Ult imat e Secret t o a Healt hy and Vibrant Lif e!” is writ t en in plain, easy t o underst and English (T his means t hat you won’t f ind any super complicat ed t echnical jargon here) – It ’s writ t en t o be dead-easy to read and understand , and it ’s laid out so you can easily f ollow it .

Init ially I planned on selling t he course f or $297 + shipping as a physical course and when I t old my email subscribers about t his idea t hey complained saying t hat t he course will t ake t oo long t o arrive in t he mail so t hat is when I decided t o t urn everyt hing int o a digit al product and make it inst ant ly available. T his way not only will you get access t o t he course inst ant ly, but I’ll also be able t o cut down t he cost s dramat ically f or t he exact same st uf f just because I have no

f ulf illment , st orage and print ing expenses. So t oday you can grab my course f or a much lower price of only $47. Click t he but t on below t o grab your copy right away! And keep in mind t hat I might raise t he price up t o $197 very soon. T his is a limit ed market ing experiment t hat I’m running and I don’t know how much longer it ’ll run. It might even end bef ore you get t o click t he “Add To Cart ” but t on. So t ake act ion now bef ore it ’s t oo lat e!

yO lnyad oT

721$ 74$

dekA ss n oitsQ e uN o ,kcB ayM e n oru oYO r st lusR eesm o irP I If you’re st ill not sure if my det oxing course is right f or you, t hen I want t o make t his of f er a no-risk of f er and promise you your money back. I will give you 60 f ull days t o t ry out t he course and t he met hods out lined in it and if you don’t get result s or you t hink it ’s not f or you – just let me know and I will ref und every cent of your purchase wit hout asking any quest ions. In f act , since your t ransact ion will be complet ed by ClickBank, a 3 rd part y payment solut ion, t here’s absolut ely no risk t hat you won’t get your money back. All you need t o do is t ell t hem you want a ref und and in less t han 48 hours your money will be sent back t o you. So you have not hing t o lose and absolut ely everyt hing t o gain!

W H sn G T e o Y g ’rd io h te a u y t’

Detoxing Guru Blueprint Course – Learn how t o t ake cont rol of your healt h and your lif e wit h t he help of a proven det oxing guru Bonus # 1-A: Full Course on Video: 18 HD Videos Break down t he eBook t o make it EASY t o cover! Bonus # 1-B: Full Course on MP3 Audio : 18 MP3 Files Break down t he eBook t o make it EASY t o cover anywhere even wit hout a comput er or t v!! Plus 1 MP3 File wit h whole audio program!

Bonus # 2: Power Juicing: T he Ultimate Secret to a Healthy and Vibrant Lif e! – Underst and and t ake advant age of homemade healt hy juices t hat can help you det ox even f ast er 60 Day Unconditional Money Back Guarantee – “Test Drive” t he ent ire det oxing course f or a f ull t wo mont hs complet ely RISK FREE!

yO lnyad oT

721$ !74$

… ”txN eD ooTu oY tW na I W ta hs’erH e“ Click the “Add To Cart” button below and you will immediat ely be t aken t o a secure page t o complet e your purchase. T hen you will have inst ant access t o t his awesome course!

Remember, your t ransact ion is 100% secure using ClickBank and is t ransmit t ed using t he lat est SSL encrypt ion t echnology t o ensure your privacy and securit y. T his process only t akes a f ew minut es and you’ll be able t o st art learning t he 3 easy st eps t o det ox and get t hat healt hy mind and body t hat you deserve. And remember, if you don’t like it f or any reason just ask f or a ref und and you get every penny back and I’ll personally t ake t he loss. I am willing t o t ake t hat risk because I believe everyone has t he right t o be healt hy, f ind t he right inf ormat ion and be saf e. Go ahead and click on “Add To Cart” now, bef ore the of f er closes and you miss out on the f irst incredible bonus, and you will get instant access to the membership account. I want my Det oxing Guru course t o be wit hin reach t o anyone who want s t o live a healt hier and bet t er lif e… So inst ead of charging $127 f or it , which is it s real value, I’m only going t o charge $4 7 f or the complete course. So it ’s a win-win f or bot h of us. You save money and I save money on product ion cost s t o get it ready f or shipment and f ulf illment . Invest ing in your f ut ure is priceless. Give yourself and your loved ones t he gif t of bet t er healt h, t his cost is much lower t hen my planned price because I do not have t he ext ra expenses of shipping, print ing, et c. Just t he overhead of running t he websit e and cust omer service, et c. So you get great savings by it being a digit al download! You benef it f rom t hat as well as saving t he hundreds of hours it would t ake f or you t o get t his inf ormat ion yourself and keeping yourself f rom reading all of t he bad inf ormat ion t hat will send you down t he wrong pat h! Learn f rom my mist akes, t rials and errors. I only put relevant , good inf ormat ion t hat will keep you saf e while you det ox t he right way. In f act , I get asked a lot , “How Do You Det ox?“, so t his course will help you answer t hat quest ion and give you a LOT more inf ormat ion. You are get t ing a great value. I am going t o be raising t he price t o $127.00 very soon. PLUS: Unannounced Bonus. I am not

You are get t ing a great value. I am going t o be raising t he price t o $127.00 very soon. PLUS: Unannounced Bonus. I am not going t o announce t his, I just want t o give you a hint . I f ound a det ox program t hat is amazing. I will send you t he inf ormat ion on t hat awesome Det ox t hat I t oo am using t o det ox so easy, t hat you will laugh. It works so well t hat it is t he only det ox I do now and it works wonders. Wit h it I can do a sof t mild det ox and a f ull det ox. It will det ox your liver, lungs, kidneys and colon. On t hat not e, don’t list en t o det ox programs t hat say one det ox is as good as anot her. I read on a det ox sales page recent ly t hat one is as good as t he ot her because everyt hing is linked t oget her. T hat is hog-wash. If you do not det ox right, you can remove t he sludge and junk f rom one part of your body and it can kill you if you don’t get it out of your body, it could f lush it t o anot her where it cannot be washed away. Make sure you do t he right det ox program and f ollow the directions in my course . It can pot ent ially save your lif e. Wit h t hat said t he unannounced bonus t hat I am going t o share wit h you is a det ox t hat is saf e and very easy t o do. So easy, t hat I LOVE IT !!! I will send you a bonus wit h it t oo, one t hat t he company has not yet adopt ed! Somet hing I st umbled upon t hat makes it even bet t er! So you will only get it wit h my course! It is not even in my course because I want it t o be an unannounced bonus. It is st ill unannounced because: 1. I won’t t ell you what it is here and 2. I may remove it f rom my area at any t ime, even if it is st ill here. (I will remove it f rom t here, bef ore I do here) Get it while I am of f ering it . If you are reading t his sect ion t hen it is st ill t here. Click the “Add To Cart” button below now t o get st art ed!

yO lnyad oT

721$ 74$

To a healt hier lif e,

P.S. If you were to do your own research online it would take you hundreds of hours to get the inf ormation that I have prepared f or you in my guide. P.P.S. Don’t f orget that this guide includes methods that took more than 5 years to discover by talking to a lot of people who had problems like constipation, hemorrhoids, irritable bowel syndrome, spastic colon, bad breath, bad body odor, excess weight, ecz ema, arthritis, low energy, loss of mental clarity and concentration and many other symptoms.

Cl i ckB a n k i s th e r e ta i l e r o f th i s p r o d u ct. CLICKB ANK ® i s a r e g i s te r e d tr a d e m a r k o f Cl i ck S a l e s , In c., a De l a wa r e co r p o r a ti o n l o ca te d a t 9 1 7 S . Lu s k S tr e e t, S u i te 2 0 0 , B o i s e Id a h o , 8 370 6 , US A a n d u s e d b y p e r m i s s i o n . Cl i ckB a n k' s r o l e a s r e ta i l e r d o e s n o t co n s ti tu te a n e n d o r s e m e n t, a p p r o va l o r r e vi e w o f th i s p r o d u ct o r a n y cl a i m , s ta te m e n t o r o p i n i o n u s e d i n p r o m o ti o n o f th i s p r o d u ct.

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