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From The Mines To Precious Opal Rough opals are uncut stone direct f rom the opal mines. Rough opal are uncut and unshaped gemstones, which are sold af ter cleaning, to either opal cutters who are using them f or a hobby, or f or serious processional cutters who on-sell the completed stones to jewelers and opal manuf acturers. Australian opal mines are the source of most of the worlds production of opals, being over 90% of the supplies. Opal rough can come in all colors and shades. Broadly speaking, white and crystal opal rough comes f rom the Coober Pedy f ields in South Australia, black opal comes f rom Lightning Ridge in NSW, and boulder opal comes f rom Queensland.

Feeding the Opal Jewelry manuf acturing demand For successf ul gemstone jewelry production, it’s necessary to have a regular supply of stones and this can be a problem with rough opals at present. In the case of gemstones such as sapphires, diamonds, rubies, etc, this is not such a big problem because there are usually good supplies of these stones

available f rom distributors in standard mm sizes and colors so that most designs can be catered f or. However in the case of opals, because each opal is dif f erent and the colors are so varied that, at times it’s dif f icult to do multiples of a particular design. T his applies mostly to black and boulder opals. In the case of white or crystal opal, the supplies are more consistent and the colors similar so that an opal manuf acturer can set up a production line, using standard castings.

Variations of Rough Opals Quality of rough opal varies f rom one parcel to another. T his is the challenge that is met by the opal cutter. Parcel of white rough opals and crystal opal rough f rom S.A.

Mine Run – Uncut rough opals sourced directly f rom the mine. Cutting process requires more than beginner knowledge and is harder with such opals because the color is of ten not obvious and mistakes can be made in the buying process unless you have a lot of experience. Off Cuts – Of f cuts are rough opals that remain af ter the miner has removed lucrative opal components f rom the stone. T his type of rough opal is what is lef t over af ter the top quality gems have been sold. You might think that you are getting someone else’s rejects but this is of ten not the case because it could be that the cutter has a particular high grade market and he makes his money out of the tops tones. What is lef t can still be really good opal and not so expensive. If the opal miner or opal cutter does not have a current market f or this material, you can pick up a bargain that will suit your needs. Rubs – T hese are cleaned and shaped rough opals that have the color exposed and most of the rubbish removed. T his is a less risky way of buying rough and is also very economical to send through the post. T here is no point in paying f reight f or material that is no good to cut unless you are using it to practice, which of course is a good idea if you are just learning. Choosing Rough Opals Buying rough opals can be risky and is open to quite a lot of interf erence f rom shady dealers. Some opals are OK as long as they are in water, but as soon as they are removed they can crack and f all to pieces. ‘Hydroplane’ opal can be very risky. It mostly comes f rom other parts of the world but there are some f ields in Australia that produces them as well. Australia has a good reputation f or producing stable opal although there are some f ields that can give trouble, so if you are buying rough opals, try to deal with opal people who have a good reputation and will look af ter you in case you lose money. Where the Opals come from Watch a video with an opal miner underground at Lightning Ridge here

Peter with Jim a Lightning Ridge opal miner


Opal Who lesale o n August 12, 20 10 at 11:0 2 am said:

I really like rough opals and want to thank you f or your cool article here. T hanks Opal Wholesale Reply ↓

admin o n August 12, 20 10 at 11:39 am said:

T hanks Marty. Do you have a copy of the ‘opal bloke’ CD ? It gives you over 30 years of experience in dealing with rough opal as well as a heap of other stuf f . you can get it f or f ree with $120 worth of rough opal. Easy to double your money on that. T he details are somewhere on the site where it discusses rough opal. best wishes Marty, Peter Reply ↓

YESHALEM ABEW o n May 15 , 20 11 at 3:5 4 pm said:

I am f rom Adis Abeba Ethiopia exporting welo delanta opal to dif f erent part of the world f or three years but as I see your experience is very big,so what I need is please share your golden experience to me and like me f rom less developed countries with big undiscovered resources. T hank you Yeshalem Reply ↓

admin o n Oct o be r 1, 20 11 at 8:0 5 am said:

Yeshalem, i have tried cutting wello opal many times and it always cracks af ter a while. some say they have tried some that remains stable. if you like you can send me a f ew pieces f or testing so that i can comment on it at this f orum. the other problem is, how do you value it? the last samples i received were f ull of cracks and only good f or specimens. i need samples that will cut complete stones to test it properly. Reply ↓

maureen yvo nne clarke o n Se pt e m be r 30 , 20 11 at 9 :27 pm said:

why mustn’t I allow my opls to get wet? Reply ↓

admin o n Oct o be r 1, 20 11 at 8:0 3 am said:

Maureen: T his is an example of the type of misinf ormation that is promoted about opal. Just click here f or inf ormation about opal care . T here’s no problem putting opal in water. the only thing you have to be caref ul of is if you have an opal triplet, which is an opal with a clear crystal cap to protect it. if you constantly put stones like this in hot and detergent water, it can lif t the cap of f . So if you like, take a picture of your opal and submit it on this f orum. i will take a look at it and let you know what you have and what to do to take care of it. but in the meantime, please read the inf ormation in the link provided. Reply ↓

Tina Hart o n March 3, 20 12 at 5 :24 pm said:

could you give me some advice on where to buy f rom the mines direct so i can get uncut boulder opal? i am not a dealer. but i am interested in opals. i used to make jewelry and would like to try my hand at it. I s there mines tha will ship you small quantities f ro hobby? or do you have to f ind a miner that sells his own stones? Reply ↓

o palmine o n March 4 , 20 12 at 11:31 am said:

Tina, yes, we can help you. We are opal miners as well as processors and we distribute rough opal throughout the world. However, keep in mind that it’s almost impossible to deal with rough boulder opal unless it has at least been broken down into manageable pieces and pref erably cleaned up so you know what you are getting. If you buy it by the kilo, you could end up with no color at all, and a big bill f or the f reight. At times we can supply mine run material at your own risk but usually we sell what we call ‘rubs’. Here is a recent example which has now sold: T he wholesale price of this parcel was $6000. You just have to let me know an approximate budget and i can suggest something. If you do your own setting, keep in mind that you can also get unset stones. Send me an email to to discuss it f urther. Best wishes Tina, Peter Reply ↓

o palmine o n March 8, 20 12 at 7 :19 am said:

Tina, please email me direct. regarding rough opal supplies . we are mining boulder opal at present and will have some stock to of f er. best wishes, Peter

Reply ↓

do c ho ck o n March 8, 20 12 at 8:4 1 am said:

love your web site peter, great opal images and inf ormation Reply ↓

o palmine o n March 8, 20 12 at 8:4 4 am said:

thankyou f or the nice comments doc, we try our best to please Reply ↓

o palmine o n March 8, 20 12 at 10 :28 am said:

Doc, thats a great name! I heard you are a computer diongnostician if there is such a word. Doctor of the Poot (computer) thanks f or your nice comments. Reply ↓

Wali mo hammed o n Se pt e m be r 27 , 20 12 at 6 :12 pm said:

I have rough opal f rom coober pedy , Please send me details, sizes quality quantity, and prices T hanks

Wali Reply ↓

Peter o n De ce m be r 7 , 20 12 at 9 :4 7 pm said:

give me a ring if you are on the gold coast sometime. peter Reply ↓

asho kkumar o n No ve m be r 4 , 20 12 at 9 :4 3 am said:

i want to whiete rough opal in reang of 10$15 peroz if you suppaly me you repaly me ashok Reply ↓

Peter o n No ve m be r 4 , 20 12 at 11:12 am said:

Ashok, $15 per oz you wont get much opal color. mainly just a little. I will send you an email. Peter Reply ↓

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