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RAMADAN RECIPE BOOK With Chef Andrea Guidi

Chef Andrea Guidi An Italian national, has over 7 years of culinary and pastry experience working in fine dining restaurants at 4 and 5-star hotels in Italy, France and US. He also carries the experience of working in different 1 and 2-star Michelin restaurants. It is his first time to work in the Middle East; Chef Andrea is enthusiastic of his role at hotel Warwick Doha, and glad to work hand in hand with the culinary and food & beverage teams of Carisma to deliver the best Italian cuisine.

Mediterranean Salad


Risotto Ai Peperoni


Spaghetti aglio Olio E Peproncino


Zuppa Pavese

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(Bell pepper risotto)

Lamb and Chocolate Spezzatino Tuna Alla Mugnaia Pollo Alla Diavola Banana and Gianduia Chocolate Tarte

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Ingredients (4 people)


Rocca leaves 125g Red cherry tomato 200g Capers 60g Black olives whole 50g Buffalo mozzarella 350g Olive oil 60g Balsamic vinegar 10g Salt 5g Black pepper 5g

Wash the Rocca leaves and the cherry tomatoes, then mix with all the ingredients. To season, add oil, vinegar, salt and black pepper.


RISOTTO AI PEPERONI (Bell pepper risotto)

Method Stew the chopped onion with oil and butter. Add the rice and toast it. Add the diced red bell pepper. Pour some vegetable stock and cook for 15 minutes.

Ingredients (4 people) Risotto rice 320g Red bell pepper 1 Red onion 40g Olive oil 30g Salt 5g Black pepper 5g Parmesan cheese 30g Taleggio cheese 50g Full fat milk 30g Butter 60g


In the meantime, melt the taleggio cheese with the cream and keep hot. When the rice is cooked, remove from the fire and add grated parmesan and butter. Put the rice in the dish and pour on the top the taleggio creamy sauce.




Spaghetti pasta 480g Olive oil 60g Garlic fresh 10g Dry chili 15g Salt 5g Black pepper 5g Parsley 10g

Boil the spaghetti in salted water. In the meantime pepare the sauce. Heat the chopped garlic in oil with dried red chili seeds. Add he cherry tomatoes and cook slowly for 2 minutes. When the pasta is ready, add it in the sauce and serve immediately.



ZUPPA PAVESE Ingredients (4 people)


Egg 4 pcs Red onion 50g Green zucchini 150g Carrots 200g Celery 100g Red bell pepper 50g Green bell pepper 50g Yellow bell pepper 50g Salt 5g Pepper 5g Potato 50g

Stew the chopped onions, carrots and celery in oil. Add salt and pepper, then the diced potatoes, zucchini and bell pepper. Cover the vegetables by pouring vegetable stock and water. Cook for 45 minutes. When the soup is ready, prepare the poached eggs boiling them in water and white vinegar. Serve the soup in a bowl with a poached egg in the soup.



LAMB AND CHOCOLATE SPEZZATINO Ingredients (4 people) Lamb leg boneless 750g Carrots 200g Onion 60g Celery 120g Dark chocolate 80g Tomato paste 50g Olive oil 60g Salt 5g Black pepper 5g

Method Stew the diced onions, carrots and celery in oil. Add the diced boneless lamb and roasted a little on high fire. Put salt and pepper, then the tomato paste and some water. Melt the chocolate and pour on it and cook slowly for 4 hours. Serve the lamb spezzatino with crispy bread and roasted potatoes.





Ingredients (4 people)


Red tuna loin 720g Red onion 50g Capers 50g Black olives slice 100g Peeled tomato 400g Fresh potato 250g Rosemary 10g Salt 5g Black pepper 5g Olive oil 80g

Make a tomato sauce. Cook slowly, in a little bit of oil, the cherry tomatoes, then add black olives, capers, salt and pepper. In the meanwhile, pan fry the tuna in a pan. Serve it with the sauce and roasted potatoes.


POLLO ALLA DIAVOLA Ingredients (4 people)


Chicken breast 1 whole chicken Olive oil 40g Rosemary 12 g Salt 5g Black pepper 5g Lemon juice 20g Cherry tomato red 150g Rocca leaves 125g

Marinate the chicken in paprika, chili, oil, lemon juice and rosemary for one day.


Open the whole chicken and put it on a hot grill. Press the chicken with a heavy pan and finish the cooking. Prepare the salad and serve it with the chicken and BBQ sauce.


BANANA AND GIANDUIA Ingredients (4 people)


Banana 600g Whipping cream 500g White sugar 70g Gelatin sheet 5 sheets Dark chocolate 150g Hazelnut powder 70g Full fat milk 125ml

Blend the fresh banana with the lemon juice, add sugar. Soak the gelatine, melt it in a little bit of cream and pour it in the banana. Whip the cream and add it. In the meanwhile, melt the chocolate with a little of cream and hazelnut powder. Make a circles of chocolate and put on the top the banana pudding.





White flour 250g White sugar 225g Butter 125g Egg 7 Dark chocolate 100g Whipping cream100g

Mix the flour, sugar, butter and 5 egg yolks to make a biscuit dough. Roll the dough thin 5mm then put it in a cake mold. Bake at 180 degrees for 15 minutes. In the meanwhile, boil the cream and pour it on the chocolate. Whisk very well and add two whole eggs. Pour the sauce on the baked cake and bake it again until the chocolate will be solid. Serve the cake with a berries sauce.



Ramadanrecipe book final spread  
Ramadanrecipe book final spread