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6. Related parties

For the purposes of these financial statements, parties are considered to be related to the Group if the Group has the ability, directly or indirectly, to control or joint control the party or exercise significant influence over the party in making financial and operating decisions, or vice versa, or where the Group and the party are subject to common control or common significant influence. Related parties may be individuals or other entities. Relationships with related parties were as follows: Name of entities

Country of incorporation/nationality Nature of relationships

Khun Chuan Tangmatitham


Mancon Company Limited


Samukkee Cement Ltd.


Subnorasing Co., Ltd.


Dura Floor Corporation Co., Ltd.


Sinnsuk Properties Co., Ltd. Haadyai Nakarin Co., Ltd. Thai Advance Panel Technology Co., Ltd. Supalai Northeast Co., Ltd. Key management personnel

Thailand Thailand Thailand

Related company, 0.44% shareholding Persons having authority and responsibility for planning, directing and controlling the activities of the entity, directly or indirectly, including any director of the Group. (whether executive or otherwise) Pricing policies Market price Cost Market price Declared dividend payment

Significant transactions for the years ended 31 December with related parties were as follows: Year ended 31 December

Subsidiary Rental and service income Dividends income Purchase land Associate Rental and service revenue Key management personnel Key management personnel compensation Short-term employee benefits Post-employment benefits


Thailand Thailand

The pricing policies for particular types of transactions are explained further below: Transactions Purchase construction materials Purchase land servitude Rental and service revenue Dividend income

Major shareholders, 10.43% shareholding, and a director of the Company/Group Subsidiary, 95.50% shareholding, some common directors Associate, 40.64% shareholding, some common directors Associate, 36.07% shareholding, some common directors Related company,13.55% shareholding and Mancon Company Limited hold 1.71% shareholding Related company, 15% shareholding Related company, 6.03% shareholding Related company, 4.65% shareholding

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Consolidated Separate financial statements financial statements 2013 2012 2013 2012 (in thousand Baht) -


32 3,820 -

32 3,820 3,116





43,604 2,828

37,967 2,469

41,887 2,795

36,505 2,436

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Annual Report 2013