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L.V. TECHNOLOGY Public Company Limited Annual Report 2011

Nature of Business of the Company

Company are applied for use in companies in the industry involving the classification process in the course of the production e.g. the cement industry and mining industry. The investment in this associate company is aimed at enhancing the customers’ base and market to the South Asia region. As far as the management of LNVT is concerned, the Company has appointed Mr. Hans Jorgen Nielsen to represent the Company in this associate company’s Board of Directors, in which the above-named person has assumed the post of non-executive director. LNVT has handled its own management in accordance with the Memorandum of Understanding concluded with the Company. Under this MOU, LNVT has been authorised to use the Company’s technologies for servicing customers in South Asia. In this regard, the Company is entitled to licence fees in return for technological assistance to, and the production of equipment for, LNVT.

2.2) LV Europe S.A. Registered Capital : Euro 280,000 In 2003, The Company has invested in LV Europe S.A. in France which is operated similar businesses as those of the other companies. The investment placed in this European firm is indeed an endeavour to expand the Company’s customer base and markets to the European region, thereby promoting greater convenience and expediency in serving and accessing target customers. In this connection, LV Europe S.A. started its operation in January 2004 and has carried out businesses on the basis of management terms and provisions set out in the Memorandum of Understanding similar to those applicable to the investment in LNVT. 2.3) BLVT, LLC Registered Capital : US $ 300 In 2005, The Company has injected investment in BLVT, LLC in the United States of America for carrying out businesses similar to those operated by LNVT and LV Europe S.A. with the prime intention to expand the coverage of its customers’ base and market to the United States of America and Canada and also in an endeavour to enable the Company to service and reach target customers with greater speediness and expediency. Mr. Hans Jorgen Nielsen has been appointed a non-executive director in BLVT, LLC so as to represent LVT in this associate company. BLVT will manage its own businesses in accordance with provisions of the Operating Agreement made with LVT.


LVT : Annual Report 2011  
LVT : Annual Report 2011  

Annual Report 2011