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By Blase - Commonly known as the CAT, the common entrance test is one of the most prestigious examinations to be conducted for management programs in India. It boasts of being the most ferociously contested examinations all over the globe, with lakhs of aspirants vying for the few thousand seats available across the seven Indian Institutes of Management. Throughout its history, the CAT has maintained its hard reputation of being on of the toughest examinations to crack. The CAT aspirants often start preparation at least a couple of years before the examination and go to various coaching centers. Learn More About Common Entrance Test The CAT is conducted by the Indian Institute of Management group of institutions, headed by the IIM Ahmedabad. It is conducted across more than 100 cities throughout the length and breadth of the country. The seven IIMs together offer around thousand and seven hundred seats for competition.

Only the elite few in terms of knowledge, speed and logical analytic thinking power get admission in these institutions. With the fag end of the decade drawing near, the demand for a prestigious degree in MBA has escalated, thanks to

the financial meltdown and the sub prime crisis across the world which has been attributed to the gross fiscal mismanagement of the administrators in important positions.

The CAT tests students in three sections, Quantitative ability, Data Interpretation and Verbal reasoning with equal weightage given to all of the sections. Many IIM's have their own cut off defined for clearing these examinations and issue call letter for the next round based on the score obtained by these aspirants in relation to the cut off defined. The first round of written tests are followed by group discussions and personal interviews. The IIM's take utmost care to see to that they give admission only to the truly deserving, ones they will egg on en route to a successful career in the finance and management lines.

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