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By Bruno - When I was 14, I went to work as a volunteer in a school for hearing impaired children. It was an oral/aural school, but most of the children had such severe hearing loss, and were so under-amplified, that they had virtually no communication. I decided there and then that I would work to do what I could to overcome their problems, though at the time I had no idea how. Forty years later, I am still in the field of audiology. I have had the satisfaction of having trained many audiologists. I have been involved in a lot of research, working with leaders in the field around the world, including in the area of cochlear implants. Using several different commercial models, I have also been able to put terrific technology into the hands—and ears—of many people who can benefit with improvements to their wellbeing. Learn More About Aural Rehabilitation My goal is still to provide better hearing to as many people as possible, and thereby to avoid downstream problems, such as mental health, isolation, paranoia, and depression.

Yet in Australia we have about three million people with potentially aidable hearing loss who are not being treated. To make a serious dent in that figure, we need to change the practices we have used in the past. Blamey & Saunders Hearing has come up with one new approach which will make a significant difference. As one opinion leader reported to to the Senate's Community Affairs References Committee in 2009, "The one-on-one model of—you have a hearing loss so you see your ENT or your GP, and you get referred to an audiologist, and you have one-on-one service—is not tenable if we are going to significantly increase the number of people [receiving] services."

Blamey & Saunders Hearing has risen to the challenge, and Peter, myself and our talented technology teams have spent the past 11 years developing a low cost, high quality, hearing aid system in Australia, in a way that can be accessed easily by the thousands of people who might benefit from it—using an online proprietary system and DIY set up, called IHearYouÔ. In this way people with limited access to services can purchase and set up their own hearing aids.

So… What’s Next ? To Learn More About Aural Rehabilitation, Click Here:

Aural rehabilitation  

Information on reimbursement related to audiologic/aural rehabilitation (AR) for both audiologists and speech-language pathologists.

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