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By Barnabas - Camping describes a range of activities such as climbing, mountain tracking, swimming, fishing etc. Survivalist campers usually set off with little more than their hiking boots, whereas recreational vehicle travelers arrive equipped with their outdoor camping equipment like electricity, camping stoves, patio furniture, regatta clothing etc. Let’s know discuss about different forms of camping: Mobile Camping: This form of tent camping is also known as backpacking. Backpacking campers use lightweight camping equipment that can be carried long distances on foot. They usually hike across the land, camping at remote spots, often selecting campsites at will if resource protection rules allow. Learn More About Coleman Camping Equipment Canoe Camping: This form of camping is usually common in North America .It is similar to backpacking with the only difference being that canoe is used as a mode of transportation to carry weight in place of a backpack.

Bicycle touring or motorcycle camping: The bicycle or motorcycle is used to carry the camping gear and as the primary means of transportation, allowing greater distances to be covered than backpacking although less capacity for storage.

Winter Camping: It simply means camping outside during the winter - often at the places where there is snow on the ground. Adventure Camping: Camping by people who indulge into activities like adventure racing or mountain racing during the day time and camp in a minimalist way at night is known as adventure camping. Such campers usually carry basic items of camping like sleeping bags, lightweight gelert tents, small camping stoves etc with them. Camping is now recognized as a key part of the leisure activity around the world. The right equipment with right planning goes a long way in the camping experience. You have lot to see and enjoy than worrying for the camping gears in the middle of nowhere.

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