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About us Aquobex is the UK’s leading specialist manufacturer of flood protection products with in-house expertise in design to accommodate the entire gambit of flood protection. This includes the use of property level measures to help keep floodwater out or to allow a property to recover faster. Over the last 15 years, business, infrastructure, home or communities have relied our products to protect their critical assets, sites and houses without the need for complex and costly construction works and without the delay incurred in doing so.


FEATURES & BENEFITS • Flood Proof Kitchens that look good in a residential environment • Carcasses are made from durable water proof materials • Doors and drawers of your choice • Many uses in retail, hospitality and commercial sectors • Simply wash down, disinfect and leave to dry in a matter of days


Provided by the best-in-class waterproof kitchen company in Europe our Aquosilient range of products is made to with stand flood waters for many, many years to come. To simplify the design and offer the maximum choice to the consumer the initial products will just provide flood proof carcasses. These will withstand all flood depths and flows and will not require replacement; just cleaning and (natural) drying. The kitchens offer a choice of a BioComposite Panel or a WCB (Waterproof Construction Board) for the carcass. There is no MDF in any of our flood proof kitchens. The WCB is the middle board and is perfectly sound whilst the MDF is starting to fall apart after absorbing lots of water. The consumer is able to choose any style of doors and drawers as well as any worktop design or material. The solutions don’t just stop at kitchens, they can be made into display units for uses in retail, hospitality and commercial sectors, such as workrooms, laboratories, surgeries and many other applications.



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