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About us Aquobex is the UK’s leading specialist manufacturer of flood protection products with in-house expertise in design to accommodate the entire gambit of flood protection. This includes the use of property level measures to help keep floodwater out or to allow a property to recover faster. Over the last 15 years, business, infrastructure, home or communities have relied our products to protect their critical assets, sites and houses without the need for complex and costly construction works and without the delay incurred in doing so.

The Floodtite barrier features a U-shaped back frame design fitted around a door or window opening, with the ability to be painted to match the surrounding wall colouring. As a lightweight structure, the flood barrier is easily deployed and screwed into place using 6 handles. Providing the same protection as a permanent flood defence, but with the distinct advantage of being removable when not in use, the Floodtite barrier can be installed by any competent local builder. We recommend to always affix the barrier to the wall and floor and not to the door frame. This barrier is designed for 600mm single panels water heights, with available in widths from 840mm to 1500mm.



With a patented adjustment system, Floodgate does not require any permanent fittings to a property, and with no need for preparation, is extremely quick to deploy. When the temporary defence is not in use, no sign of flood protection is left behind, eliminating the possibility of damage to a property through the assembly. This fully removable flood protection simply screws into place using an integral scissors jack that expands the unit into the gap of a doorway. When fitting to doors that are not recessed, vertical timber frames are required on either side for the floodgate to expand into. The floodgate is available in a height of 680mm, with single panel barriers available in widths from 660mm to 1700mm. Wider widths can be accommodated by installing mid-section stanchions that allow up to three panels to be used in a system. In addition, airbrick covers are available in single and double sizes.



Stopping the water at the boundary it is better than stopping it at the door and our Flood Divert Gates allows that perfectly as it give time to pump any water away that may be around before it even reaches your door. Not only are Flood Divert Gates very aesthetically pleasing they are made to last and to mitigate the devastation a flood may cause. All of our timber gates are high quality that will give years of service if looked after correctly. They work as general gates day to day, when they are required to be flood resilient there are clamps on the inside that need to be positioned, this takes only a matter of seconds to do on each clamp and requires no tools.



DamEasy provides a demountable flood defence barrier for residential and commercial properties that creates a watertight seal around the door reveal when installed. The main advantages are that is simple and quick to install and does not require any tools, fixtures or fittings. Depending on the location of application, the operating environment can vary from a treated urban water leak, through sewerage infected river or lake water, waters with industrial chemical pollution, or even sea water. As an adjustable panel dimensions can be varied from 780mm widths to 1,100mm heights. Multiple barriers can be installed to extend to wider openings. The extended panel is surrounded by a rubber seal that can be manually inflated to complete the sealing action.



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Trusted Products Complementary to our FloodGuard range  

Trusted Products Complementary to our FloodGuard range  

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