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I was unsuccessful in contacting ‘Mediafreaks’ or Aldric Chang, however, Chang has given many interviews and written many articles which answered many of the questions I intend to ask. Here are some of the responses which caught my eye: The Benifits of using Animation: - Demonstrate how your product works without having to set it up or lug it about - Create an upmarket feel of the product or service and justify a premium price - Make a product or service more attractive, sexier and dynamic looking, and enhance its perceived value - Give a boring system a visual boost through exciting graphics and animation - Dramatize boring information and data - Make anything look cutting edge and state of the art - Create something that can never be achieved through live shots How animation can be used to enhance: - Show how your product or service can be applied to a problem - Show the internal components of a complex product - Bring the client on a tour of a facility or property using 3D animation - Show how a product interacts with its customers - Show how a very complex system works through animated sequences and

diagrams - Showcase a product or facility that has not yet been built - Show several consecutive operations of a system or assembly line - Show various negative scenarios that can be resolved through the use of your product or service - Zoom into a microscopic detail of a product or its component - Show each stage of a planned development clearly - Show how something like a medical device interacts with the human body (Source: How animation can help sell products and services)

The reason I found this information important is because, it is often assumed that 3D animation is only for films and TV, whereas it can actually be used to enhance a product or service being sold by any type of company. It will enhance their business as 3D animation is appealing to many audiences.